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What is Asylum?

Congressman Allen B. West

By Allen West (original source CNS News)

“There are some who still deny that we have a crisis on our southern border. That is delusional. There are those who tend to assert that the numbers of people seeking illegal entry into the United States is negligible. Some have even attempted to make light of the situation, such as a former U.S. President. I believe it is time to cast aside emotions and ideological agendas and look at the situation with illegal immigration in America objectively.

First, we must decide whether we are indeed a sovereign nation, with recognizable borders and abide by a rule of law. There are only two responses to this inquiry: yes, or no. Those who do not believe that America is a sovereign nation and prefer open borders affirmatively answer the previously stated question. If that is their position, then there is no need for a debate or discussion with them. These are people that firmly believe that anyone can just relocate anywhere that they want, regardless of standing law. As a matter of fact, these individuals do not believe in the rule of law when it comes to this issue. Hence why these individuals do not believe that there should be a law enforcement agency responsible for upholding and enforcing the laws that we have.”

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