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What Is the Future of Liberty in America?

Congressman Allen B. West

By Allen West (original source CNS News)

“We now have a new majority in the U.S. House of Representatives. Already we are seeing a very distinct direction in which this majority will legislate. A fair question that should be posed, and assessed, is what the future of liberty in America is … if we are indeed trending towards progressive socialism. Back in February 2009, the cover of Newsweek magazine touted, “We Are All Socialists Now.” I would beg to differ, but we should consider: how is it that an ideology that is completely antithetical to everything America represents can find a home on these shores?

How many have come to America to flee the tyranny of wealth redistribution, nationalizing of economic production, social egalitarianism, and the expansion of the welfare nanny-state of dependency? America has been, and we pray it always shall be, the beacon that guides the individual ships of distress to a safe harbor when equality of opportunity rules the day. Instead, we are facing a scourge that disregards the individual for the collective and rules by way of equality of outcomes.”

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