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Foreign Policy & National Security Are Based Upon Campaign Promises

Congressman Allen B. West

(original source Townhall)

“I am truly honored to be presenting my very first piece for the readers ofTownhall.com as a contributor. I started as a Townhall.com reader myself while on assignment as a civilian-military advisor to the Afghanistan National Army, 2005-2007, after having spent 22 years on active duty service to our Republic in the U.S. It is against that background that I wish to share my thoughts.

America finds itself in what may perhaps be the worst global security situation since the prelude to World War II – and that is not hyperbole. We are at a point where our allies feel abandoned and our enemies feel emboldened. I believe that this degraded situation emanates from one single mistake over the past six years – basing foreign policy and national security on election campaign promises.”

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