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William Shatner: Why Star Trek Lives Long And Prospers

William Shatner

(Hollywood Outbreak) – The Star Trek franchise is still going strong after nearly being in existence for almost decades. Since the original series launched in 1966. Since then, the franchise has spawned six television series, and with rumors circulating of another series in the offing.

With the thirteenth Star Trek movie in production and another installment already greenlit there is thankfully no end in sight for this deeply beloved universe.

There are many reasons why audiences all over the world can’t get enough of the much loved sci-fi franchise. We caught up with the one and only the great William Shatner AKA Captain James T. Kirk who gave us the various reasons why the franchise has such longevity. ToShatner, diehard Trekkers who continue to engage in Star Trek’s evolving narrative are partaking in a “mythological ceremony.”

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