Why loneliness at work is something we should be talking about

Do you ever feel really lonely at work? When I was working in New York in the early noughties, a book came out that stuck in my head. It was called Bowling Alone by the Harvard political scientist Robert Putnam. The book’s poignant title came from an observation about declining community connections: In the 1950s people used […]

Delta Rising

The Colorado River Delta, Viewed from Above, Is One of the Most Life-Affirming, Awe-inspiring Sights I have Seen. “There is not a fragment in all nature, for every relative fragment of one thing is a full harmonious unit in itself.” — John Muir, A Thousand Mile Walk to the Gulf (1916) What is a human […]

The world doesn’t appear the same to every animal — or every human

Sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch – you know them as the five traditional senses. They are meant to protect us from danger. They help us find food and potentially even a mate. They create order in the happenings of the world around us, and if we are properly tuned in, they reveal some of […]

Birx: Using Science and Data, The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Not Over

See source for video interview with Dr. Birx. President Joe Biden spoke recently on the television show 60 Minutes at the Detroit Autoshow. When asked if the pandemic is over, Mr. Biden replied, “The pandemic is over. We still have a problem with Covid[-19]. We are still doing a lot of work on it. But the pandemic […]

‘Extraordinary’: Gupta amazed by biologist’s ‘ghost’ heart

Dr. Doris Taylor is developing a groundbreaking way to engineer personalized hearts using a patient’s own stem cells. CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta has more.

(Podcast) Straight Talk with Hank Paulson Episode 71: Evan Medeiros

Evan Medeiros (Professor and Penner Chair in Asian Studies (China), Georgetown University) joins Hank on Straight Talk to discuss US-China relations and balancing the world powers’ intensifying competition with economic interdependence. He shares insights on the rapid decoupling between the West and Russia and potential impacts on the US-China relationship, expectations for China’s 20th Party […]

Democrats’ midterm reality check

After Democrats’ surge in political momentum over the summer, signs indicate the midterm environment is tilting back in the GOP’s direction. Why it matters: Republicans aren’t likely to ride a historic red wave to power. But they’re well-positioned to comfortably win back the House, and are on surer footing than just weeks ago to net the […]

(Podcast) Making Sense of Our World

Welcome to Season 5 of Chasing Life, where we’ll explore the five traditional senses – sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell — and beyond. To kick off the season, Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks to award winning science journalist Ed Yong about his new book “An Immense World, How Animal Senses Reveal the Hidden Realms Around […]

Leading Your Frontline To Love Your Customers

By Chip Bell “We’re on break!” the warehouse attendant barked in response to my repeated, “Excuse me?” I was at the pickup counter waiting for a lawn mower part. It was my third encounter with harsh apathy that morning. The first was the woman at the coffee shop who gave me a curt, “What’s good […]

What is costing Democrats votes in every community: Newt Gingrich

(Fox News) – Newt Gingrich: Republicans are back on offense.

Long, slow decline of the US military’s all-volunteer force puts America in danger

(Fox News) – Obesity, drug use, health problems, crime and academic issues jeopardize US military recruitment

Newt’s World – Episode 460: Are We a Nation of Victims?

Newt talks with Vivek Ramaswamy about his new book, Nation of Victims: Identity Politics, the Death of Merit, and the Path Back to Excellence. Hardship is now equated with victimhood.  The pursuit of excellence and exceptionalism are at the heart of American identity, and the disappearance of these ideals in our country leaves a deep moral and […]

Key lessons Powell can take from the Volker Fed

Former FDIC chair Sheila Bair provides insight on the Federal Reserve’s agenda on ‘Making Money.’

A Shared Moment With a Mother Bear and Her Cub

Behind the Frame of ‘Golden Bond’ I call this moment ‘Golden Bond.’ It’s about the connection between a mother and her cub in the golden twilight of a midsummer evening on a beautiful river somewhere in Alaska. Simplicity itself. Simplicity in nature is often the most beautiful simplicity of all. What is simple always interests […]

Shark Tank investor Kevin O’Leary says it ‘makes no sense whatsoever’ to avoid Chinese stocks and investors shouldn’t ignore the world’s fastest growing economy

Investors shouldn’t avoid Chinese stocks, Shark Tank investor Kevin O’Leary said. “To have no allocation in the Chinese market makes no sense whatsoever,” he told CNBC. O’Leary added that he owns Chinese stocks himself, including e-commerce giant Alibaba. Passing up on Chinese stocks “makes no sense whatsoever” as the country remains one of the world’s […]

Why Infectious Disease Outbreaks Are Becoming So Common

SARS-CoV-2. Monkeypox. Polio. Marburg. These viruses are no longer familiar just to public-health experts, but household names around the world, thanks to their recent incursions into human populations. People have always confronted pathogens of all sorts, but the attacks are becoming more commonplace, and more intense, than they ever have before. “We are going through an era of […]

Climate action: an “oasis of diplomacy” for US/China, says Energy Secretary Granholm

Despite a recent chill in ties over Taiwan, President Biden is eager to reengage Beijing on things like clean hydrogen, US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm tells Ian Bremmer on GZERO World.

Canada Goose Joins Forces With Annie Leibovitz for FW22 Campaign

For its Fall/Winter 2022 campaign, Canada Goose teamed up with renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz to capture its all-female cast and put their stories at the forefront. Set in the highlands of Northern Scotland, FW22 seeks to highlight the brand’s “Live in the open” ethos through a showcase of its new outerwear offering. With an increased focus on womenswear, the campaign spotlights […]

The Wrong Way to View the Xi-Putin Meeting

All eyes will be on the China-Russia strategic partnership, but the Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s Central Asian members have greater confidence and bargaining power than ever before—and Beijing knows it. This week, Chinese President Xi Jinping makes his first trip abroad since the 2020 outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Xi will make a state visit to Kazakhstan and […]

(Podcast) Straight Talk with Hank Paulson Episode 70: Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger (Chairman of Kissinger Associates, Inc. and 56th Secretary of State) joins Hank on Straight Talk to discuss how coming to America after fleeing Nazi Germany shaped his worldview, getting his start in politics, and working with the world’s most consequential leaders—something he delves into in his latest book. He shares insights into US-China […]

Ukraine’s Army Is Winning But Its Economy Is Losing

The US has been generous with military and financial aid, the Europeans less so. But both must step up the effort to keep Kyiv fighting. My first visit to Kyiv since the Russian invasion in February coincided with a major Ukrainian military success in the east of the country, where Kupyansk and Izyum were liberated […]

Chevron CEO: ‘Painful’ energy crisis could push Europe into recession

Chevron Chairman and CEO Mike Wirth speaks with CNN anchor Poppy Harlow about Europe’s energy “vulnerability” and responds to calls for an export ban on US oil.

Ukraine Can Win the War Against Russia: Esper

Former US Defense Secretary Mark Esper says the US needs to keep providing Ukraine with weapons to fight off Russian forces. He says the US should give Ukraine fighter jets and help train their pilots and soldiers. He’s on “Balance of Power.”

Preparing for Future Viral Outbreaks in a Global Community

Ambassador Deborah Birx, MD, believes not enough is doing to prepare for future pandemics. What are her recommendations? Find out in this final installment of her interview with Infection Control Today. See source for video. After SARS-CoV-2, researchers are concerned about preparing for the next viral outbreak and where the virus will come from. Infectious […]

Supercharging US Clean Energy & Achieving Net Zero 2050 Globally | GZERO World with Ian Bremmer

(GZERO Media) – US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm says new legislation will drive a switch to clean energy.

Ukraine gains; Russia to escalate

  Ian Bremmer’s Quick Take: Hi everybody. Ian Bremmer here, backstage of all things, but have a few moments and wanted to give you a Quick Take on what is going on in the world. Want to get to Russia, Ukraine. I mean, of course, over the weekend, massive amount of news after the Queen’s death […]

Op-Ed: Americans Flocked to Churches After 9/11, Then Something Big Changed

Twenty-one years have passed since the modern version of the “date which will live in infamy,” Sept. 11, 2001. Just like its predecessor, Pearl Harbor, it is a day that we must never forget. But what makes 9/11 so very different from Pearl Harbor is that the target was not a military installation of strategic […]

How to change the way productivity is valued

How productive are you at work? Early on in my career, when I was a consultant in New York City, I made a vow: I would never work in a profession or culture that required detailed timesheets. I thrived on deadlines but tracking my time in 30-minute — even 10-minute — units seemed like an odd […]

Kevin O’Leary says these are the best assets to own as inflation stays white hot

(Yahoo) – Investment mogul and Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary still believes in holding stocks in a rising interest rate environment.

Study finds hospitalization from omicron 10.5 times higher among unvaccinated

(WCCO) – Dr. Michael Osterholm, an epidemiologist with the University of Minnesota’s CIDRAP center, has also stressed the importance while speaking with News Talk 830 WCCO’s Chad Hartman last week.

A US Military Vet Reckons with America’s Failures in Afghanistan | Elliot Ackerman | GZERO World

(GZERO Media) – The US could have done a better job getting out of Afghanistan, Elliot Ackerman says.

Underwater Feeding Frenzy – Poetry in Motion

Behind the Frame of ‘Orca Ballet” “Dance less in motion and more in spirit; awaken the dreamer within.” — Shah Asad Rizvi We were working in northern, Norway, 71° degrees north, in Andenes fjord, in Lofoten, with beautiful, towering granite mountain tops coming out of the sea, covered in ice and snow. It was January, […]

Shannon Bream previews her first show as ‘Fox News Sunday’ anchor

‘The Five’ panelists speak with new ‘Fox News Sunday’ anchor Shannon Bream ahead of her first show on September 11.

Annie Leibovitz Remembers Photographing Queen Elizabeth II

Annie Leibovitz was invited to photograph Queen Elizabeth II twice, in 2007 and in 2016. She was the first American photographer to be asked by the royal family to do so, and considered it an honor. As Leibovitz wrote in her 2008 book At Work, “It was ok for me to be reverent. The British are conflicted about […]

Seema Verma Joins Carrum Health Corporate Advisory Board

Former CMS Administrator Joins Carrum Health to Help National Employers Reign in Rising Healthcare Costs SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Carrum Health, the first digital health company connecting employers and employees to Centers of Excellence (COEs) through a technology-powered value-based care platform, today announced the appointment of Seema Verma to its Corporate Advisory Board. As a national health […]

News anchor suffers ‘beginnings of a stroke’ live on TV

An Oklahoma news anchor suffered the beginnings of a stroke while reporting on live TV. She lost partial vision in one eye and soon after struggled to speak. CNN’s Sanjay Gupta reports.

Henry Kissinger: Leadership in a World of Change

Dr. Henry Kissinger’s “Leadership: Six Studies in World Strategy” is a book that every citizen can learn from and that every leader should study again and again. by Newt Gingrich Every once in a while, a book comes along that has so much knowledge and wisdom that every American should read it and every potential leader should […]

Russia may cut off Europe’s gas; sanctions will hold

Ian Bremmer shares his insights on global politics this week on World In :60. Will Russia cutting gas sanctions to Europe lead to the EU lifting sanctions? I don’t see it. I’ve got to tell you, I do think that Russia will cut all of the gas to Europe by winter. It’s where their leverage […]

How crisis can help us fix broken systems: from Ukraine to COVID

The world is full of big challenges. But from crisis, there’s also opportunity. On this episode, Ian Bremmer examines how fixing today’s problems diminishes tomorrow’s risks. Then, a look inside Shanghai’s COVID lockdown.

Kevin O’Leary on his best ‘Shark Tank’ investments ever: ‘75% of my returns have come from companies run by women’

Over 13 years of making deals on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” Kevin O’Leary says he’s noticed a common thread among the companies that have brought him the best investment returns. They’re mostly owned or run by women. “This is real data: 75% of my returns have come from companies run by women,” O’Leary tells CNBC Make It. The trend […]

If Canadian banks abide by the rules they should be allowed to buy U.S. players: Sheila Bair

Sheila Bair, former chair of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Senior Fellow of the Center for Financial Stability, joins BNN Bloomberg’s to discuss her take on the Fed’s tightening cycle.

Gaslighting Makes for Bad Public Policy | Opinion

Some stories are told best in black and white, like the brilliant 1944 film Gaslight starring Ingrid Bergman, whose husband tries to convince her that she is mentally ill so he can steal from her more easily. It’s a plotline that Americans need to be familiar with, because gaslighting is the preeminent strategy of the Biden […]

(Podcast) Straight Talk with Hank Paulson Episode 69: Neel Kashkari

Neel Kashkari joins Hank on Straight Talk to discuss how studying engineering was fundamental to his career trajectory, public service and working at the Treasury, education, and crisis management. He shares insights into current economic concerns, including inflation and secular stagflation, and how lessons learned from managing other crises can be applied to addressing climate […]

Schools shouldn’t fly BLM flags

Its divisive programme is the enemy of black prosperity After more than two years of disruption, American schoolchildren are finally returning to something approaching normal education — in-person, and without masks or social distancing or other “non-pharmaceutical interventions”. But many of these children are returning transformed. Last week, data from the National Assessment of Educational Progress showed […]

‘Much worse than the 1970s’: Historian Niall Ferguson has a warning for investors

Top historian Niall Ferguson warned Friday that the world is sleepwalking into an era of political and economic upheaval akin to the 1970s — only worse.

America is facing an unprecedented worker shortage. Here are 3 things we can do to fix it

Bipartisan JOBS Act, Medicaid work requirements and fewer licensing rules would help ease worker shortage America is in the midst of the worst worker shortage in recent memory. Many have heard the stories of employers offering bonuses and higher salaries in a desperate effort to fill openings.  Many have experienced delays at restaurants or stores that […]

Who Keeps You Safe From Cyberattacks? | Jen Easterly Full Interview | GZERO World

(GZERO Media) – CISA’s Jen Easterly is optimistic about the state of America’s cyber defenses.

‘Why shouldn’t it be as bad as the 1970s?’ Historian Niall Ferguson warns the world is sleepwalking into an era of political and economic upheaval akin to the 1970s — only worse.

(Morning Star) – “The ingredients of the 1970s are already in place,” Ferguson, Milbank Family Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, told CNBC’s Steve Sedgwick.

Pence aide Marc Short on “The Takeout”

Marc Short, a top aide to former Vice President Mike Pence, joins Major Garrett for this week’s episode of “The Takeout” to discuss the FBI search of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, GOP strategy for the midterms and the fallout from the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.


If you follow me on social media, you will not be surprised to find out that walruses are one of my favorite animals on this great Earth. They have Intelligence beyond comparison in pinnipeds and are survivors of an unimaginably icy world. They are highly social and display a gentle, serene temperament to go with […]

Overtime : Mark Esper, Donna Brazile, Adam Corolla | Real Time with Bill Maher | Episode 601

Overtime: Mark Esper, Donna Brazile, Adam Corolla | Real Time with Bill Maher | Episode 601

Mitch Lowe

Mitch Lowe is a top business and entertainment keynote speaker, former President of Redbox, and founding executive of Netflix. As VP of Business Development and Strategic Alliances for Netflix’s first five years, and as a member of its core executive team Mitch led many of the partnerships that drove new subscribers to join Netflix, such […]

Life Expectancy Is Falling. Here’s How to Change That.

By WWSG Exclusive Thought Leader: Dave A. Chokshi Dr. Chokshi is a Bellevue Hospital physician and visiting fellow at the New York Health Foundation. He previously served as the health commissioner of New York City. Life expectancy in the United States continued to decline in 2021, according to data released by the federal government. Is there a […]

Don’t lose sight of monkeypox containment

Although case counts might be dropping, the public-health community must focus on containing the epidemic completely. Some glimmers of hope are emerging in the global fight against the monkeypox epidemic. Weekly case counts are trending down: 6,000 were reported from 15 to 21 August, an improvement over the 7,500 reported from 8 to 14 August. […]

Data Governance, Asian Alternatives: How India and Korea Are Creating New Models and Policies

Many observers posit that a stark contest between democracy and autocracy will shape the governance of technology and data. But two Asian democracies, India and Korea, are carving out distinctive paths on data policy, not just following Western or Chinese models. Deepening concerns about digital authoritarianism have led many observers to posit that a stark […]

Why a ‘big’​ purpose isn’t always better

Do you ever wonder why you do the work you do? For me, this question seems to rise a few days into a holiday — when the rest and retreat of being away helps the mental chatter of daily commitments ebb away. I start asking what matters most to me, including the work I’m doing. […]

Nearly Three Years of COVID-19: What Was Learned?

(CMM) – According to Dr. Deborah Birx, M.D., asking questions is paramount in continuing to deal properly with the virus.

The Rising Cost of Republicans’ Investment in Trump

Republican leaders and donors are suddenly making worried noises about their political chances. Five months ago, their party looked likely to take both the U.S. House and the Senate in 2022. Republicans appeared ready to consolidate their leads over Democrats in the numbers of governorships and state legislatures held. Best of all, they seemed to have quietly sidelined […]

The U.S. is not out of the woods against omicron subvariants, says Dr. Scott Gottlieb

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner and CNBC contributor, joins CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ to discuss forthcoming Covid-19 booster shots to target virus variants, and more.

Pakistan underwater: Blame climate change

Ian Bremmer’s Quick Take: Hi everybody, Ian Bremmer here, and we’re closing down the summer, so this will be your last Quick Take before I head back to New York City. And I thought I would talk a little bit about these disastrous, calamitous floods that are happening in Pakistan right now. Pakistan can’t catch a […]

Ian Explains: Hackers, Innovation, Malice & Cybercrime | GZERO World

(GRZEO Media) – The annual cost of global cybercrime has nearly tripled since 2005.

Newt Gingrich: FBI raid part of plan to indict Trump before politically hostile DC jury

(Fox News) – The Wray-led FBI has ‘no interest’ in precedent or the law, former speaker says

Podcast: How the US underestimated the Taliban – and who’s paying for it one year later

Listen: The anniversary of the end of America’s war in Afghanistan is a reminder of what many see as a staggering US defeat. It was also a victory for a long-time US adversary, the Taliban, who remain in control as the country faces a humanitarian crisis and a crumbling economy. Their brutal rule has also led […]

Podcast: How the US underestimated the Taliban – and who’s paying for it one year later

The anniversary of the end of America’s war in Afghanistan is a reminder of what many see as a staggering US defeat. It was also a victory for a long-time US adversary, the Taliban, who remain in control as the country faces a humanitarian crisis and a crumbling economy. Their brutal rule has also led to worsening conditions for women and girls in the country. Ian Bremmer speaks to former Marine and author Elliot Ackerman on the GZERO World podcast about his view of the war and his new book “The Fifth Act: America’s End in Afghanistan.”

Student loan relief plan is well-intentioned but full of problems

Sheila Bair is former FDIC chair and senior fellow, Center for Financial Stability. President Biden has finally made a decision about student debt cancellation, going significantly beyond the $10,000 in forgiveness that he embraced as a presidential candidate. Of the 43 million borrowers eligible for his plan, 27 million Pell grant recipients will qualify for […]

Penguins Hiding in Plane Sight, and Other Tales

The 9th Chapter of My “Ask Me Anything” Series There are not many places in the world where your flight may be delayed by penguins on the runway, but in Antarctica, the wilderness still remains wild and free. I always suppress a grin when I see this image, as it seems like the emperor penguins […]

School is in session. Should you worry about your kid catching monkeypox? Leana Wen explains.

Monkeypox cases are increasing across America and around the world, with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reporting over 15,000 confirmed stateside cases as of August 23. The Biden Administration is accelerating vaccine distribution efforts and ramping up community outreach, including through community partnerships and education of clinicians and patients. In the meantime, students are coming back […]

The FDA is at a crossroads for reducing tobacco-related disease and death

(STAT) – The U.S. is at a crossroads for tobacco use, the country’s leading cause of preventable death, at nearly half a million deaths a year.

Balance of Power: Does Loan Forgiveness Make Economic Sense? (Radio)

Sheila Bair, Senior Fellow at the Center for Financial Stability and former Chair of the FDIC discusses the economic implications of President Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan. She speaks with Bloomberg’s David Westin. See source for audio.

Why quiet quitting may be bad for your career #Shorts

‘Quiet quitting’ describes the experience of doing your job without going above and beyond — and according to Kevin O’Leary, it’s a bad idea.

What a New Iran Nuclear Deal Could Look Like

(TIME) – After over 16 months of fitful negotiations, the United States and Iran are reportedly inching closer to striking a deal to restore the 2015 nuclear agreement. But are they?

Eight Ways Dr. Fauci, Deborah Birx Want To Reform the CDC

Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx have made suggestions about how the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) must be reformed. Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and President Joe Biden’s chief medical advisor, and Birx, former president Donald Trump’s coronavirus response coordinator, spoke after the CDC director, Rochelle Walensky, announced plans to change […]

Russia gears up to escalate against Ukraine, 6 months into invasion

Ian Bremmer’s Quick Take: Hi, everybody, Ian Bremmer here. A little bit rainy on a Monday. I want to kick you off. Talk about the world and we’re going back to Russia/Ukraine. Not just because it’s in the headlines again, but also because the potential for significant escalation further escalation is unfortunately increasingly real. Over the […]


The 82-Guest Viking Osiris Debuts as Egypt Marks 100th Anniversary of the Discovery of King Tutankhamun’s Tomb LOS ANGELES, Aug. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Viking® (www.viking.com) today named its newest river ship, the Viking Osiris, with a celebration in Luxor, Egypt. As part of the intimate event, the company’s first ceremonial godfather, George Herbert, the 8th Earl of Carnarvon, offered a blessing of […]

Kevin O’Leary says these are the best assets to own as inflation stays white hot

Inflation remains hot. In July, U.S. consumer prices spiked 8.5% from a year earlier — down from 9.1% in June but still near a multi-decade high. The Fed has already raised interest rates multiple times this year to slow that worrisome trend. It’s uncertain how the economy will handle higher interest rates, and stocks are getting […]

Deborah Birx weighs in on CDC reform

The CDC needs to start opening itself up to working with the private sector and more transparently communicating how it makes recommendations, Deborah Birx, former President Trump’s coronavirus response coordinator said on CBS News’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday. Why it matters: Her comments came in the aftermath of CDC director Rochelle Walensky’s plans to reform the agency. What she’s […]

Student loans: ‘Borrowers aren’t ready’ to resume payments, former FDIC chair says

The expiration of the forbearance pause on federal student loans is fast approaching on August 31 — an impending economic hardship for many borrowers, according to one expert. “Borrowers aren’t ready and servicers aren’t ready,” Sheila Bair, former FDIC chair and former president of Washington College, recently told Yahoo Finance Live (video above). “Borrowers haven’t had […]

58% of Americans believe the best days are behind us, according to poll

Axios senior political correspondent Josh Kraushaar joined ‘America’s Newsroom’ to discuss key issues ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

Full transcript: Dr. Deborah Birx on “Face the Nation,” Aug. 21, 2022

The following is the full transcript of an interview with Dr. Deborah Birx, former President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 response coordinator, that aired Sunday, Aug. 21, 2022, on “Face the Nation.” MARGARET BRENNAN: Good morning, Dr. Birx. FORMER WHITE HOUSE CORONAVIRUS RESPONSE COORDINATOR DR. DEBORAH BIRX: Good morning, Margaret. Great to be with you. MARGARET BRENNAN: […]

Josh Kraushaar

Josh Kraushaar’s succinct and timely political journalism has been a trusted source for the public for well over a decade, spanning four U.S. administrations and dozens of midterm elections. Of Kraushaar, Axios’ editor-in-chief said, “His sharp analysis will play a vital role in getting audiences smarter about the issues that matter.”

Marc Short rejects calls to ‘defund the FBI’ following Mar-a-Lago raid

During an interview on “Mornings with Maria,” Thursday, former chief of staff to Vice President Mike Pence provides analysis of the Department of Justice’s role in the FBI’s “unprecedented” raid of former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, concurring with Mike Pence’s assertion that lashing out against FBI is a misjudgment. MARC SHORT: With roughly $80 billion, this new […]

Former CDC director says it will take ‘years’ to shift away from academic culture that tarnished the agency

The CDC announced a restructuring in its agency amid ongoing criticism of COVID-19 response Former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Robert Redfield told Fox News on Thursday that while he supports a planned “reset,” it will likely take “years” to eradicate the academic culture that has tarnished the CDC. CDC director Dr. […]

Monkeypox: Birx Says We Are Not Ready for a New Pandemic

Ambassador Deborah Birx, MD, told Infection Control Today® exclusively, “Every mistake that we made with COVID-19 in January and February of 2020, repeated in real time with monkeypox.” See source for video. How infectious disease is handled in the United States is different than it is in the United Kingdom. With this fact in mind, […]

Marcus Lemonis

Marcus Lemonis, America’s favorite entrepreneur, CEO & TV personality, will inspire and enlighten the attendees at your next event. Marcus speaks on such a wide range of topics like business, life, and home – so his presentation can be catered specifically to your group. Whether it’s in person or virtual, Marcus will take your event […]

The infidels will not be silenced

Like Salman Rushdie, I choose freedom Thirty-three years ago, when I was a teenager in Nairobi, I was a book burner. The year was 1989, the year of the fatwa against Salman Rushdie, and I was seduced by the rising tide of Islamism. I greeted the fatwa with glee. I rarely burnt actual books: we were too poor to […]

(Podcast) Cheney to deliver pointed address marking “the beginning of the battle” to confront Trump

Aides of Republican Rep. Liz Cheney say she intends to make the case that she is at “the beginning of the battle” against former President Trump when she speaks to her supporters tonight. The aides also say she’s planning to call on both parties to join her fight to protect democracy and the rule of […]

Birx: Every New Infection, Loss Should be Considered a Failure of US Medical Infrastructure

Ambassador Deborah Birx said in an exclusive interview with ICT® that there are “extraordinary structural barriers in the US to access” medical care. Individuals may have insurance, but they cannot access care. See source for video. To better prepare for future COVID-19 variants and other pandemics, the United States needs to better take care of […]

Trump Is Back on the Ballot

That’s a problem for Republicans. Put two things together. The first is the surge of Republican support for Donald Trump since the FBI searched his Mar-a-Lago residence. The second is this summer’s flow of good news for the Democrats as the 2022 midterms approach. Democratic candidates are leading in Senate races in Arizona, Georgia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. As Politico observes, all-party primaries in […]

(Podcast) You’re Never Too Old to Play

It’s easy to understand the importance of play during childhood but research shows that play is important at every age. In this episode, Dr. Sanjay Gupta speaks with play expert Dr. Stuart Brown, who has studied play for decades, and argues joyful activity is just as important as proper nutrition and a good night’s sleep. […]

There is no “Biden Doctrine”

A year after Kabul, his vision is blurred by chaos I keep thinking of the people falling from the sky. The images are seared into my mind: Our Afghan allies, the people we were callously leaving to their fates after 20 years, clinging to an American plane taking off from Kabul Airport, only to drop […]

(Podcast) How to Successfully Onboard New Workers in a Hybrid Workplace

Many clients are saying that onboarding new workers has taken on a new challenge in regards to communicating culture and providing relevant training. Hybrid workplace provides new opportunities for onboarding such as leveraging collaboration tools and having clear communication strategies. Listen in on this quick episode on how to onboard new workers successfully in a […]

(Podcast) The Power of Gratitude with Gina Hamadey

In this energizing and heart-opening episode, Nataly talks about how her recent trip to Peru reinvigorated her gratitude practice in surprising ways. She then speaks with Gina Hamadey, the author of I Want to Thank You, a book about her experience of writing a gratitude note a day for a year. – What you’ll learn: […]

China’s Demographics Spell Decline Not Domination

American mortality is up while fertility and immigration are down. Unlike China’s baby bust, however, at least one of these is fixable. Demography isn’t destiny. If population size was history’s major determinant, China might have conquered Europe in the 15th century, and Britain certainly would not have conquered India in the 18th. Little countries are […]

Pole Position

Greenland has become one of the first arenas for the new game of climate geopolitics. At a conference in Reykjavik in October 2017, Yu Yong, deputy director of the state-controlled Polar Research Institute of China, approached the Greenlandic delegation with a surprising question: Would they be willing to let China establish a scientific research station […]

My Close Call While Ice Diving, Part 2

The icebreaker is 400 feet long, weighs 15,000 tons, and its bow thruster is blasting foamy, iceberg-sized air pockets under the sea ice. I am being pushed further and further under the ice. My line has gone slack, and I don’t know why. I am about 150 feet out on my line, my air is down […]

Manchin, Sinema and 2024

By helping Democrats pass a landmark $750 billion climate, tax and health care bill, Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona have complicated their own re-election fortunes for 2024. Why it matters: While Democrats have a credible chance to hold onto a narrow Senate majority this year, they’re staring at a rough political […]

GOP’s New Mexico bet

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ campaign stop in New Mexico on Sunday is worth watching for two reasons: The state is one of the GOP’s best opportunities to flip a Democratic governorship. And the Republican nominee has gotten this far without help from Donald Trump. Why it matters: New Mexico has the largest share of Hispanic voters […]

Google Just Launched Simplicity Sprints. Here’s Your DIY Version

In late July, Google announced its first Simplicity Sprint, which aims for “better results in less time.” According to CEO Sundar Pichai, Simplicity Sprints will engage employees about working with increased clarity and efficiency; identifying which speed bumps could be removed for better, faster results; and how to take an entrepreneurial approach to eliminating waste. Most […]

My Close Call While Ice Diving

Every picture tells two stories, the one in front of the lens and the one behind the camera. The one behind the camera is not always so obvious, but it can be just as dramatic — and telling. This is a story of adventure and misadventure, a story of how I got into serious trouble […]

Former Defense Secretary Mark Esper talks Trump, U.S. tensions with China and Iran

Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper spoke exclusively with CBS News’ Catherine Herridge after it was announced that the warrant to search Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home would be unsealed. Esper discussed the former president’s handling of classified information and U.S. relations with China and Iran.

Leslie Sbrocco

Leslie Sbrocco is known for her entertaining approach to wine and food, as well as inspiring others to live a life of passion. Voted as one of the Top 100 most influential people in the American wine business, Sbrocco’s engaging personality, humor, and ability to connect with the audience – whether on screen or on […]

Aarón Sánchez

Award-winning chef Aarón Sánchez is one of the world’s most admired and distinguished Latin chefs, passionate about preserving his family’s legacy through food and encouraging diversity in the kitchen. Sánchez launched the Aarón Sánchez Scholarship Fund in 2016, which is an initiative empowering aspiring chefs from the Latin community to follow their dreams and attend […]

(Podcast) Josh Kraushaar: If Only You’d Been Warned

Arizona Republicans doubled down on the crazy, voters in very red Kansas turned out in huge numbers to protect abortion rights, and Democrats played with fire in Michigan. Josh Kraushaar joins Charlie Sykes today.

Josh Kraushaar: If Only You’d Been Warned – The Bulwark Podcast

Arizona Republicans doubled down on the crazy, voters in very red Kansas turned out in huge numbers to protect abortion rights, and Democrats played with fire in Michigan. Josh Kraushaar joins Charlie Sykes today.

Romie Mushtaq

Dr. Romie is a board-certified physician, award-winning wellness speaker, and the founder of “brainSHIFT at Work.” She brings together over 20 years of authority in neurology, integrative medicine, and mindfulness to not just deliver programs, but create cultural change. She is on a mission to transform mental health and wellness in the workplace and currently […]

August election results suggest GOP’s “red wave” may be subsiding

Three August elections that pitted Republicans against Democrats on the same ballot on Tuesday are providing fresh indications that Democrats have gained political momentum over the summer. What’s happening: In the Minnesota 1st District special election on Tuesday, Republican Brad Finstad only defeated Democrat Jeff Ettinger by four points in a district that former President Trump carried by […]

Erica Dhawan Joins Financial Times’ Podcast: Working It

This is an audio transcript of the Working It podcast episode — How to break up with your employer Erica Dhawan There are a lot of extreme leaving stories in terms of bad behaviour, whether it’s taking confidential information home or turning to the internet to derail a company for what they’ve done or poor […]

Stuck With Trump

He’ll compel loyalty no matter what the FBI finds. If Republicans kowtow, they might as well hand him the 2024 nomination now. You might think that the FBI search at Mar-a-Lago yesterday would provide a welcome opportunity for a Trump-weary Republican Party. This would be an entirely postpresidential scandal for Donald Trump. Unlike his two […]

Stuck With Trump

(The Atlantic) – He’ll compel loyalty no matter what the FBI finds. If Republicans kowtow, they might as well hand him the 2024 nomination now.

‘Blue Zones’ author ranks Charlottesville, Va., No. 3 on his list of 25 happiest U.S. cities. Here’s why.

(Washington Post) – Dan Buettner, whose book detailed the lifestyle habits of the world’s longest-lived and healthiest people and who has now teamed up with researchers from National Geographic and Gallup to develop the national well-being index and rankings, explained happiness has to be measured holistically and over time.

(Podcast) Climate Anxiety is Real

Climate change has long been an existential threat, but for many young people, government inaction and increasing natural disasters are now taking a mental toll. Psychologists describe this phenomenon as climate anxiety, or ecological grief. On this episode, Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks to climate researcher Britt Wray, and climate activist and writer adrienne maree brown, […]

(Podcast) What Are the Perks Workers Want in the Workplace?

In this episode I refer to a recent Fast Company survey that outlines the actual perks workers are looking for in today’s workplace.  We continue to see articles and news items on the great resignation and the key driver of people leaving their jobs is lack of flexibility and autonomy.

(Podcast) What death can teach us about living well with Rana Adwish, MD

This special episode kicks off with a classical piano performance by Nataly’s daughter Mia! (If you need some soul fuel, you will not want to miss it!) – Nataly then talks with Rana Awdish, MD, FCCP, who is the author of In Shock, a critically-acclaimed, bestselling memoir based on her own illness. Rana is a […]

Celebrity candidates threaten GOP’s hopes of a Senate majority

(AXIOS) – Inexperienced Republican candidates are threatening to cost Mitch McConnell a long-anticipated Senate majority in this year’s midterms.

Four Days of Being Fed Penguins

Antarctica is truly the last great continent. Always so full of grandeur, legend, mystery, and mind-bending beauty, being in her presence is my addiction. During a National Geographic assignment in South Georgia, Antarctica, I encountered a beautiful leopard seal who loved to blow bubbles in my face. My guess is she was challenging the other […]

(Podcast) – Doug “DJ” Sandler – Speaker, Trainer, Best Selling Author, Top Ranked Podcast Host of The Nice Guys on Business Podcast. Learn how to create a “CULTURE OF NICE”

(The High performance Podcast) – Doug points out that praise for a job well done is a much more powerful motivator for employees than criticism of their mistakes. So, as a small business owner, he describes how he likes to make a habit of catching his team members in the process of doing something right and finding opportunities to praise them for their performance.

What is the Federal Reserve getting wrong right now?

(FOX) – Financial experts Sheila Bair and Kenny Polcari give their take on how the Federal Reserve is responding to record-high inflation on ‘Making Money with Charles Payne.’

Paulson and Geithner Are Among Ex-Treasury Chiefs Backing Inflation Act

A bipartisan group of five former Treasury secretaries endorsed the tax, climate and spending bill that Democrats hope will salvage key parts of President Joe Biden’s economic agenda. The group, which includes former secretaries Henry Paulson, who served under George W. Bush, and Timothy Geithner, under Barack Obama, added their voices to debate of the […]

Esri scientist dives to the deepest point in the ocean

Esri’s Dawn Wright successfully dove Challenger Deep at 10,909 meters, nearly 7 miles, with Explorer Victor Vescovo. The expedition to the deepest point on Earth will collect images and data advancing marine science and conservation. Dawn Wright, chief scientist at Esri, successfully completed a descent to the bottom of the Challenger Deep, the deepest known point in […]

“We Have Never Seen This in Economic History,” Kevin O’Leary

On today’s episode, Daniela Cambone speaks with Kevin O’Leary, widely known as “Mr. Wonderful,” about inflation

Kevin O’Leary on inflation: ‘We just print too much money’

As the question continues to loom if we’re in a vicious recession, is there an opportunity for investors to look into certain sectors. With inflation already affecting families and everyone fearing the worst, here’s my two cents on what I think investors should be doing.

Osterholm updates on monkeypox vaccine dearth, who should be vaccinated

(CBS) – Dr. Michael Osterholm, the director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, joined CBS Mornings on Wednesday to discuss where the cases are occurring and the issues with supplying vaccines.

Kevin Atlas

In his speeches, Kevin uses his own inspirational journey as a jumping off point to examine the challenges faced by others. His triumphs help audiences see their own problems in a new light. He shares his story to help change attitudes and perspectives of youth, corporate, faith-based, and international audiences. Kevin’s engaging manner, easy confidence, […]

(Podcast) Living in a Dream World

(Chasing Life) – Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks to neuroscientist and dream expert, Sidarta Ribeiro, about the importance of dreaming, what goes on in our bodies while we’re dreaming, and how to take control of our dream world.

Gingrich, last House speaker to visit Taiwan, downplays China threats

(Washington Post) – China’s threats are largely “bluff,” Gingrich said.

How China could retaliate after Pelosi’s Taiwan trip

(GZERO) – Ian Bremmer shares his insights on global politics this week on World In :60.

China threats are real, not propaganda: Pillsbury

(FOX) – Former CIA station chief Dan Hoffman and author Michael Pillsbury joined ‘America’s Newsroom’ to discuss Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan and the implications of her trip.

Michael Pillsbury: The Chinese think that the ‘One China’ policy is going to be modified

(FOX) – Michael Pillsbury talks China’s threats towards Taiwan.

Ready to Bet on Success? Follow Molly Bloom’s Playbook

(NCSL) – Author and entrepreneur Molly Bloom on reinvention: “One thing I know is when you don’t like the way a story is going, you can rewrite it.”

Bremmer: Would be surprised if there’s any Russian gas flowing to Europe by this winter

(CNBC) – Ian Bremmer, founder and president of Eurasia Group and GZERO Media, discusses the major global flashpoints in Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine and Europe’s resolve, as well as growing tensions between the U.S. and China over Taiwan.

Why Social Media Is Broken & How to Fix It | Frances Haugen | GZERO World with Ian Bremmer

(GZERO) – Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen says social media companies can change for the better.

“Why I love being a Viking godmother”

Lady Fiona Carnarvon manages affairs at Highclere Castle, recognised worldwide as Downton Abbey. She’s a writer, broadcaster and godmother to two Viking cruise ships.

(Podcast) – The Paradigm Shift Episode 71 With David Meltzer Featuring Dr. Steven Gundry

(Craig Siegel Podcast) – Dr. Gundry illustrates the misconceptions about the ketogenic diet and the difference between brown white and beige fats.

Reflecting on Shinzo Abe and how his legacy will impact Japan’s future

(GZERO) – Japan was rattled by the shocking assassination of former Prime Minister Shinzo. Ian Bremmer speaks to longtime Abe adviser Tomohiko Taniguchi about Abe’s foreign policy legacy.

Left loses momentum

(AXIOS) – An Axios analysis shows the moderate candidate won 14 of 22 congressional primaries this year, when a progressive candidate challenged a more moderate candidate in seats Dems can win. That’s almost two-thirds of the time.

Tensions with China escalate as Pelosi visits Asia

(FOX) – Hudson Institute Chinese strategy director Michael Pillsbury weighs in on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend,’ warning that ‘we’re getting into a dangerous period.’

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: While monkeypox cases rise, why are we waiting for the cavalry to rescue us?

(CNN) – There is no doubt we are capable, and we are prepared. The question is will we use all those remarkable resources and respond, or we will wait and suffer until the cavalry has to rescue us once again?

Charlie Hurt: Americans are going to pay the price for this

(FOX) – ‘The Big Sunday Show’ panelists react to findings from the Joint Committee on Taxation’s claiming that the Manchin-Schumer reconciliation bill would raise taxes.

Monkeypox Is About to Become the Next Public Health Failure

(New York Times) – But it wasn’t until late June that the C‌enters for Disease Control and Prevention expanded testing for monkeypox to large commercial labs like Quest Diagnostics and Labcorp for more capacity and access.

(Podcast) Straight Talk with Hank Paulson Episode 68: Jim Coulter

Hank welcomes Jim Coulter (Executive Chairman and Director, TPG) to Straight Talk to discuss private equity performance, the evolution of the finance industry and his career, leading on climate and social impact investing, and lessons from the global financial crisis. He shares his principles for successful business leadership and how his early job running his […]

The Four Mysteries of Pelosi’s Troublesome Taiwan Trip

(Bloomberg) – Tensions over the island haven’t been this high since 1996, and a visit by the House speaker could push China to the brink.

(Podcast) – John “RAMER” Ramstead – Navy Combat Fighter Pilot / Fortune 500 Manager / Serial Entrepreneur who had a near death experience and changed his life forever on this important lesson to know Thyself before anything else!

(The High Performance Zone) – John contrasts the command and control and servant leadership models and explains how to create a culture of excellence and integrity through training people to have the knowledge, experience, and tools to do their jobs effectively.

An Air of Gentle Romanticism

(Born Wild) – Graced with streaks, splashes, and countless shades of gray, a gray whale’s scarring and natural pigmentation make the perfect ocean camouflage.

David Culver

David Culver’s acclaimed and awarded reporting has been an essential source of information for the public about life in China during the COVID-19 pandemic. Culver’s first-hand experience is unmatched and his anecdotal speaking style will suit engagements of all kinds.

Trump Just Told Us His Master Plan

(The Atlantic) – If he gets in next time, he won’t be dislodged by any means.

NASA Announces Astronaut Shane Kimbrough to Retire

(NASA) – NASA’s Shane Kimbrough is retiring after 22 years, including 18 years as an astronaut. His last day with the agency is Sunday, July 31.

Putin’s Big Chill in Europe

(The Atlantic) – Russia threatens to punish support for Ukraine by cutting the gas supply. The West must not be blackmailed.

Paul Long

Paul Long is a speaker, author, podcaster and master of shenanigans. He has developed a concept called Fundamism, simply defined as the FUNdamentals of a F.U.N. and optimistic lifestyle. When implemented, Paul’s philosophy has been proven to reduce attrition, attract great talent, improve customer experience and drive employee engagement. Paul is not only great in […]

(Podcast) Chasing Life – Learning to Live After Loss

(Chasing Life) – Time heals all wounds, so the saying goes. But that’s not always the case.

(Podcast) What Workers Want From Their Managers/Leaders/Employers

In this episode I share results from a HubSpot survey that ranked what workers want from their managers/leaders and employers. The results may surprise you.

(Podcast) – Rafael Mangual on Crime in America

(Ayaan Hirsi Ali Podcast) – How do we remind Americans of the inherent good of America?

Pain from inflation is more broad-based than recession, says former FDIC Chair Sheila Bair

Sheila Bair, former chair of the FDIC and founding member of the Volcker Alliance, joins CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ ahead of the Federal Reserve’s meeting to break down her expectations for inflation, a potential recession, and more.

Monkeypox concern level is a 10 out of 10, HHS Secretary says

CNN’s Poppy Harlow presses US Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra over his concern level of the monkeypox outbreak and why the Biden administration has yet to declare a public health emergency.

Saudi Arabia’s repressive power politics

(GZERO) – On GZERO World, Ian Bremmer speaks to Haykel, a Saudi expert, who discusses how MBS consolidated power and more.

Why scrapping the corporation tax rise is a no-brainer

(Cap X) – Economic policymaking is about tradeoffs.

They believe Taiwan belongs to China: Michael Pillsbury

(FOX) – Hudson Institute Director on Chinese Strategy Michael Pillsbury discusses how the Chinese are warning against Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan on ‘Fox Business Tonight.’

Pence to offer roadmap for conservatives in DC speech ahead of Trump’s return to the nation’s capital

(CNN) – What remains unclear is whether Pence’s approach to winning friends within the Republican tent is helping him influence the direction of the party whose base voters remain in the thrall of Trump.

Pence’s former chief of staff Marc Short appears before January 6 grand jury

(CNN) — Marc Short, the former chief of staff to Vice President Mike Pence, confirmed Monday that he testified last week in front of a grand jury investigating the January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol in Washington, DC.

Ex-Trump defense chief: Pelosi should go to Taiwan if she wants

(CNN) – Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper joins CNN to discuss Chinese espionage in the United States as well as a potential trip to Taiwan by US Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Former CDC chief pushes back on Fauci over aversion to lab leak theory

(FOX) – Former Trump CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield joins ‘The Story’ to discuss why there’s little evidence to suggest a naturally-evolving COVID-19 contagion.

Former CDC director rejects COVID natural-occurrence theory pushed by Fauci

(FOX) – Redfield said he supports objective analysis of COVID’s origin.

Former Conservative PM Stephen Harper endorses Pierre Poilievre for party leader

(The Globe and Mail) – Former Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper has endorsed Pierre Poilievre to be the party’s next leader.

Stephen Harper says Pierre Poilievre has the best chance to win the next federal election

(CBC) – The former prime minister has never endorsed a candidate during a leadership race

How to Live With Covid When You Are Tired of Living With Covid

(New York Times) – The BA.5 surge is a reminder that we need to take precautions to avoid illness, slow the relentless cycle of new variants and minimize the disruption to our daily lives.

(Podcast) Tips to Feel Less Overwhelmed

Tune into this episode to learn some super-tangible tips about how to handle stress and overwhelm. – What you’ll learn: Learn to say “no” so you have more time and space Recognize what is at the root of your overwhelm Reduce uncertainty, which is causing your brain to feel more stressed and anxious – And […]

Fireside Chat on the Future of Taiwan with Mark Esper

(The Aspen institute) – Fireside chat with Mark Esper.

Planting trees is not a panacea — we need to save existing forests

Stopping deforestation is complicated but more important than making pledges that have mixed results. A new trend in addressing rising carbon emissions is sweeping the world — tree planting. China recently pledged to plant and conserve 70bn trees by 2030; the EU has committed to planting 3bn by then; Canada has a 2bn plan; and […]

Marc Randolph

Marc Randolph is a veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneur, advisor, and investor. As co-founder and first CEO of Netflix, he laid much of the groundwork for a service that’s grown to over 200 million subscribers, and fundamentally altered how the world experiences media.

Victor Vescovo

Victor is the first person to ever explore the deepest points in all five of the world’s oceans. This is truly groundbreaking—more people have walked on the surface of the moon than have been to the bottom of even a single ocean. Victor’s incredible talks reveal the challenges of designing and building the most advanced […]

New price transparency regulations for hospitals, insurers empower patients

(STAT) – For too long, we have been left in the dark when it comes to the cost of medical treatments and procedures.

Finding Myself In Photography

(Born Wild) – Antarctica is my favorite place on the planet for many reasons: it has a staggering impact on regulating systems that stretch around the globe, is home to some of the most remarkable species ever to have existed, and is the only continent dedicated to peace and science.

Goldman Sachs CEO: Public safety is the fabric of our existence

(CNN) – Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon said in an interview with CNN’s Poppy Harlow that people need to “prepare for an environment … of higher inflation.”

Molly Bloom

Molly Bloom is a top inspirational keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and bestselling author of Molly’s Game. Her memoir was adapted into an award-winning film by Aaron Sorkin. Bloom has appeared on numerous shows and in media outlets such as Ellen, Vice, The Los Angeles Times, NPR, Vulture, and has been asked to speak at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women.  Molly was also in the […]

Damon West

Damon West, M.S. Criminal Justice, is a college professor, internationally known keynote speaker and best-selling author of The Coffee Bean: A simple Lesson to Create Positive Change. His first book and autobiography, The Change Agent: How a Former College QB Sentenced to Life in Prison Transformed His World, was published just three years after his release […]

Johnny Crowder

Johnny Crowder is a 29-year-old mental health advocate, million-plus views TEDx speaker, Billboard charting band leader,  and Founder & CEO of Cope Notes, a science and text-based mental health platform that provides daily support to health care providers, employers and individuals in nearly 100 countries around the world. Contact WWSG to host Johnny for a speaking engagement.

The First Tide of Spring

Taking a deep breath, I plunge into the crystalline waters of the Pacific Ocean, and for a moment, I am immersed in a sea of bubbles, slowly sinking into an exhilarating bath of blue champagne. See source for photos. The empty expanse of water seems devoid of life at first; the only movement comes from […]

Acting AG Rosen stepping down as Trump administration ends

(Reuters) – Rosen, 62, a former deputy transportation secretary under President Donald Trump who was sworn in as deputy attorney general in May 2019, took the reins of the Justice Department after Bill Barr announced he would step down on Dec. 23.

(Podcast) The Power of Emotional Fitness – A Masterclass

If you want to break free from daily burnout, struggle less and thrive more in work and life, this episode is for you! – Nataly gives a powerful, energizing, and truly inspiring talk about her own journey from burnout to emotional fitness, shares 3 life-changing lessons she learned and the 5 emotional fitness skills to […]

The Adaptation Advantage

China is mobilizing to adapt and thrive in a rapidly warming world. If it succeeds, the geopolitical consequences will be profound. Is America ready? On an August day last year, Xi Jinping visited Saihanba National Forest Park to inspect the trees and flowers.  Spanning nearly 200,000 acres northwest of Beijing, the old imperial hunting ground […]

Nobody Knows How Long Inflation Will Last. That’s Life.

Large social networks are what separate human beings from all other animals. They are also why we live “on the edge of chaos.”

Welcome, Dr. Kevin Pho! – KevinMD.com, Social media’s leading physician voice

(Jillian Rigert) – Dr. Pho is a board-certified internal medicine physician, a national media commentator, co-author of the book, Establishing, Managing, and Protecting Your Online Reputation: A Social Media Guide for Physicians and Medical Practices, and an acclaimed keynote speaker.

(Podcast) – Historical lessons to improve health care today

(Kevin Pho Podcast) – Medical advances can often stir up ethical issues, which ripple into two courts: the court of law and the court of public opinion.

6 affordable summer wines for beaching and barbecuing

(Today) – Bring these wallet-friendly wines — from dry pinks to succulent reds — to any summer soiree.

Risk Roundup

  How do you decide to take on risk? Alex and Fitz discuss their five takeaways from talking to climbers, alpinists and experts for this season on risk.

Using inquiry-based stress reduction to treat medical malpractice stress syndrome

(Kevin Pho Podcast) – We tell ourselves that our anxiety is a small price to pay for all this success. Sometimes it takes a life-changing event to see that the truths we hold so close are not helping us. We are successful despite our anxiety, not because of it.

Our Health Workers Are Still in Crisis. Something Must Change.

(Aspen Ideas) – After two devastating years fighting the pandemic, how do we rebuild and support stronger health care and public health workforces? Dave Chokshi, who helped lead New York City’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, shares his thoughts with Aspen Ideas: Health.

The great realignment

(AXIOS) – Shifts in the demographics of the two parties’ supporters — taking place before our eyes — are arguably the biggest political story of our time.

The Future is Blue – Born Wild

(Born Wild) – The ocean is a precious global resource. Having a real, positive impact on our oceans will require hard work and innovation, but the potential rewards, for business and the planet alike, may well be incalculable.

(Podcast) Straight Talk with Hank Paulson Episode 67: Sara Menker

(Straight Talk) – Sara Menker (Founder and CEO, Gro Intelligence) joins Hank on Straight Talk.

(Podcast) Straight Talk with Hank Paulson – Sarah Menker

(Straight Talk with hank Paulson) – Sara Menker (Founder and CEO, Gro Intelligence) joins Hank on Straight Talk to discuss the impact growing up in Africa had on her, global food security and climate change, and founding Gro Intelligence to address the fundamental flaws in our food system.

‘This is a stay-tuned moment’: Dr. Michael Osterholm on omicron uptick

(Becker’s Hospital Review) – Dr. Osterholm said there have been cases of reinfection between different omicron subvariants — adding that he thinks the current situation is a “stay-tuned moment.”

Preparing for the next pandemic: A conversation with Deborah Birx

(Devex) – Deborah Birx on preparations for the next pandemic.

How Robert Herjavec’s summer stacking boxes shaped his future in business

(Financial Post) – Long before Shark Tank and Dragons’ Den, investor and entrepreneur Robert Herjavec was an aimless teenager considering if and when he should pursue higher education. In the meantime, Herjavec’s father — a blue-collar Croatian immigrant who worked long hard hours at Toronto grocery store Dominion — pulled a string to get his son a summer job. Here’s what stacking boxes taught the chief executive of Cyderes about his future in business. As told to Rosemary Counter.

Former FDIC Chair on Crypto, The Fed, and Student Debt

Robert Brokamp talks with former FDIC chair Sheila Bair about how students can get smarter about debt and one “stressful” economic problem catching her attention.

PBA helps Olympian Johnny Quinn drive a bus for the first time

If you can drive a bobsled, you can drive a bus. At least that appears to be the case with Olympian Johnny Quinn. When the American bobsledder said yes to an invitation to deliver the keynote to the Pennsylvania Bus Association (PBA), he didn’t realize he would have the opportunity to fulfill a dream of getting behind the […]

The power of *not* doing things

(ReThink With Rachel) –  When guilt comes up, it’s giving us an important message. It’s a guide to when our actions and choices are misaligned with our values: how we want to be working and living.

Chef Aarón Sánchez talks elevating the Green Goddess Dressing with Herdez Avocado Hot Sauce and more – Interview

(Guilty Eats) – Luckily for us, we not only got a chance to check out Sanchez’s recipe, we also got an opportunity to speak to him about his work, his passion for food, social media trends, and even his guilty eat.

Shinzo Abe Made the World Better

The assassinated Japanese leader was the visionary architect of a vital security alliance in the Indo-Pacific region. The Japan That Can Say No was the title of a once-famous book by a once-rising Japanese politician. Shinzo Abe, the former Japanese prime minister who was assassinated earlier today, bequeaths a much prouder legacy: a Japan that can—and […]

Capturing “The Moment” in the Wild

(Born Wild) – The best camera is always the one you can afford, which includes your smartphone. The lenses and sensors in today’s devices are excellent, so everything you need to shoot wide-angle, night photography, and more might already be at your fingertips for no extra cost.

How to Hold a Charismatic Charlatan to Account

Boris Johnson’s party ditched its dysfunctional leader, yet the GOP remains in thrall to the much more dangerous Donald Trump. The head of government is caught in a series of scandals. The scandals are not necessarily so important in themselves. Many of them involve purely personal misconduct. But if exposed, they would shock public opinion […]

Your questions about covid-19, answered by Dr. Leana Wen

(Washington Post) – Public health expert Leana S. Wen answers reader questions about covid-19 every week in her newsletter, The Checkup With Dr. Wen, and in occasional Q&As with readers.

‘Torched’ Podcast Returns for Second Season With Host Molly Bloom

(Variety) – “I’m absolutely honored to keep telling stories from these athletes who have made so many sacrifices to achieve greatness,” says Bloom.

Rachel Botsman

Her TED talks have been viewed more than five million times and audiences consistently rate her as the top keynote speaker at global events and conferences. By forming an immediate — and lasting — connection with those in the room, Rachel’s presentations resonate long after the final word. To host her for a speaking engagement, contact WWSG.

Is it time for a national public health system?

(Washington Post) – A blue-ribbon commission assembled by the Commonwealth Fund has issued a report with a rather provocative conclusion: The United States needs a national public health system.

Our universities need a revolution

Legacy institutions have lost the campus wars What is the point of university? It used to be, when Harvard was founded in 1636, “to advance learning and perpetuate it to posterity”. But in recent years the university has taken on an altogether narrower character. Learning is no longer enough. Activism is demanded. Yale and Harvard […]

FDA asks vaccine makers to create Covid boosters targeting omicron subvariants

(CNBC Television) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner and CNBC contributor, joins CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ to break down the FDA’s request to vaccine makers for an updated Covid-19 vaccine and more.

Leana Wen

Dr. Leana Wen is an emergency physician, CNN medical analyst, and op-ed columnist for The Washington Post, where she writes a weekly column and anchors the newsletter, “The Checkup with Dr. Wen.” Dr. Wen has been a trusted voice in health care throughout the pandemic’s turbulence and in regards to other pressing national health issues.

A Millionaire Explorer Just Found the World’s Deepest Shipwreck

(The Inertia) – The wreck was discovered by Victor Vescovo, a millionaire explorer who is, to say the least, an interesting man.

Explorer Victor Vescovo Discovers World’s Deepest Wreck – A US Navy Warship –At 6,895 Meters

(Forbes) – Vescovo has completed some incredible expeditions during his life, including being the first person to visit the deepest points of all Earth’s five oceans, but as a retired naval officer, this mission was particularly close to his heart. We spoke to the explorer about the importance of the discovery and the challenges of deep sea diving.

More Pipes, Less Putin

(Project Syndicate) – For most of the twentieth century, Middle East energy meant oil from the Arabian peninsula. But recent natural-gas discoveries have changed the map.

Synesthesia 101: Definition, Causes + A Simple Test To Find Out If You Have It

(Mind Body Green) – Synesthesia is a neurological phenomenon in which information meant to stimulate one of your senses stimulates several of your senses, explains neurologist Romila “Romie” Mushtaq, M.D., ABIHM.

Johnny Quinn

Olympic bobsledder Johnny Quinn is a highly sought-after speaker for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Known for his thought-provoking and action-packed speeches, Johnny has been featured on every major news network as well as written about in TIME, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal. Johnny’s speeches are supercharged with powerful and relatable content. Give your audience the gift of an engaging and entertaining speaker!

Damon West tackles tough topics in new book

“The Locker Room” discusses difficult issues faced by coaches and athletes in today’s society. A local motivational speaker is continuing his national success with a new book discussing difficult issues faced by coaches and athletes in today’s society. Damon West tackles tough topics in his new book “The Locker Room,” which focuses on the power […]

Ocean Explorers Find Navy Ship Off Philippines, Marking Deepest Shipwreck Ever Surveyed

(WSJ) – Submersible pilot Victor Vescovo and sonar specialist Jeremie Morizet found the destroyer escort USS Samuel B. Roberts, known as the “Sammy B,” off the coast of the Philippines’s Samar Island on June 22.

Chris Gardner

Chris Gardner’s autobiography was the inspiration behind the the critically acclaimed, iconic film The Persuit of Happyness. Chris can motivate and enlighten all kinds of audiences with his candid, heartfelt story and practicable methods for success.

(Podcast) FELONY & FAITH | Damon West’s Road to RECOVERY

(Ed Mylett Podcast) – 13 years ago to the day that we recorded this interview, my guest was sentenced to life in prison! Yes, life in prison for my guest Damon West.

A Rescue Package for Joe Biden

(The Atlantic) – His presidency is beset with huge challenges, many of his own making. Here are five pillars of wisdom to help him meet them.

Big Oil, Carbon Offsets, and Net Zero

(Born Wild) – The Flawed Story of Burn Now, Pay Later

(Podcast) What Drives Your Road Rage?

(Cashing Life) – All that time spent in the driver’s seat could actually take a toll on your mind and body.

(Podcast) – Kmele Foster on Importance of Positive Role Models

(Ayaan Hirsi Ali Podcast) – What happened to the American man?

Thanks to the FDA, Biden’s cancer moonshot could succeed

(Washington Post) – President Biden’s cancer “moonshot” received a big boost from the Food and Drug Administration, thanks to its aggressive actions aimed at curtailing smoking.

Roe Is the New Prohibition

(The Atlantic) – The pro-life movement needs to know that such culture wars result not in outright victory for one side but in reaction and compromise.

How Depoliticizing the US Health Response Will Save Lives | GZERO World with Ian Bremmer

(GZERO) – We have to make sure every country in the world can stop health threats.

Netflix cofounder helps direct startups amid tech turmoil

(Economic Times) – Rather than retire and live on his Netflix fortune when he left the company in 2003, Randolph decided to counsel early-stage startups and their founders.

How expectations impact outcomes

Think about the power of this principle: Your expectations — your belief about another person (or yourself) — can impact an outcome.

Primal Screams of Generational Hurt

(Born Wild) – The Story of the War Between First Nations Climate Campaigners and Big Oil

(Podcast) – Pursuit of Excellence with Gabby Reece

(Craig Siegel Podcast) – I sits down with legendary former professional Volleyball player, Fierce competitor, model, brilliant entrepreneur, reporter, world class Keynote speaker, New York Times best selling author, podcast host of her hit show, inspirational health and fitness pioneer, and she was Nike’s first female spokeswoman, please welcome the dynamic, gorgeous, gritty, tough as nails, multifaceted and abundant Gabby Reece.

Former Pence chief of staff on “Face the Nation”

(Face the Nation) – Marc Short discusses Jan. 6 and Roe v Wade.

Transcript: Former Pence chief of staff Marc Short on “Face the Nation,” June 26, 2022

(Face the Nation) – “There were a lot of incredible things that happened around that day.”

Former Pence chief of staff discusses Jan. 6 and Roe v Wade

(Face the Nation) – Short was with Pence on Jan. 6, 2021, when the Secret Service whisked the vice president, his family and staff out of the Senate and to a secure location after a mob of Trump’s supporters breached the U.S. Capitol.

SCOTUS Is Losing Legitimacy | Roe v Wade Reversal a Bad Outcome | Quick Take | GZERO Media

(GZERO) – 66% of Americans do not want to see Roe v. Wade overturned.

How AI Will Change Jobs | Mike Walsh | Futurist Keynote Speaker

(Mike Walsh) – Speaking at the 40th Annual Payroll Congress 2022, futurist Mike Walsh and Bob Lockett (Chief Diversity and Talent Officer at ADP) discuss what lies ahead for leaders of every organization.

Fifth Hearing on Investigation of January 6 Attack on the U.S. Capitol

(C-Span) – Sharing their stories before the committee were former Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, former Acting Deputy Attorney General Richard Donoghue, and former U.S. Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Counsel Steven Engel.

John O’Leary

John O’Leary is a radiant example of thriving through adversity. In his presentations, John uses illustrates obstacles and triumphs to illuminate the ways in which the audience can not only survive, but thrive. Contact WWSG to host him for a speaking engagement.

Jeffrey Rosen: The acting attorney general was pivotal in holding off Trump’s effort to install a loyalist atop the Justice Department.

(New York Times) – Jeffrey A. Rosen, who served as acting attorney general in the closing month of the Trump administration, pushed back against President Donald J. Trump’s efforts to use the Justice Department to pursue baseless claims of election fraud.

(Podcast) Embracing Discomfort with Michael Easter

(Live Inspired Podcast) – Investigative health journalist Michael Easter joins John O’Leary on the Live Inspired Podcast to discuss embracing discomfort.

Future of Work

The global pandemic of 2020 shifted lifestyles in more ways than we could imagine. In the relation to work, large companies gave up their leases, employees in data-based jobs found better work/life balance by working remotely, and “the great resignation” disrupted every single industry. Worldwide Speakers Group offers thought leaders who can make sense of […]

Olga Koroleva

An entrepreneur and professional mountaineer, Olga Koroleva’s triumphs are limitless, both in the boardroom and on the mountain. Koroleva is the founder and CEO of Capital Brain, a company that harnesses the power of AI to streamline real estate acquisitions, asset management, and investment sales. An adventurer by nature, she has also completed over 40 expeditions, summiting the highest, the deadliest, and the hardest mountains on the planet. The lessons and similarities she has gleaned over the course of her career deliver an exciting and insightful presentation to audiences of all kinds.

(Podcast) – The EdUp Experience – 455: Demystifying Student Aid – with Sheila Bair, Senior Advisor to…

(The EdUp Experience) – What is Student Debt Smarter & how can it help prospective students & their families demystify the student aid process?

Dave Chappelle’s Not Kidding

(The Atlantic) – The comedian’s proposal to defer having his name on his high school’s theater might seem conciliatory. But it’s a big bet on what he believes.

Elaine Chao’s next act

(Politico) – West Wing Playbook has learned that former Secretary of Transportation ELAINE CHAO is set to join the board of the Smithsonian’s Asian Pacific American Center.

Ken Burns says new doc on teen mental health will ‘save lives’

(TODAY) – Filmmaker Ken Burns and student activist Anna Conheeny join TODAY to talk about the new documentary “Hiding in Plain Sight” that focuses on the teenage mental health crisis. “This is a film that is going to save lives,” Burns says.

The President Who Did Everything Right and Got No Thanks

(The Atlantic) – The perplexing part of Colombia’s electoral choice of a former leftist guerrilla over a right-wing populist is how unheralded the success of the outgoing moderate was.

We All Struggle Sometimes

(John O’Leary Blog) – A kind word goes a long way. Just ask Lily. Or her new friend, John.

(Podcast) We All Struggle Sometimes

(Live Inspired Podcast) – John O’Leary shares how a kind word from a new friend helped shift his perspective on today’s Monday Moments segment.

(Podcast) How to Uncover Your Calling?

(The Awesome Human Podcast) – If you feel unsure about your calling or purpose in life, this episode will help!

The Diplomatic Deadlock

With U.S.-China tensions exacerbating the climate crisis, a new category of great power rivalry is emerging — not a Cold War but a Warming War. The Chinese delegation “rat-f––ed” the negotiations, fumed Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, after yet another day of gridlock.  It was a Friday afternoon in December 2009, and the COP-15 climate […]

Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph, on lessons from the streamer’s origin story

(BGR) – Randolph has written a book about his role in the Netflix origin story, the paperback version of which was just released this month.

Why “comfortable” cultures are a bad idea

The role of a leader is to protect their team from harm — but not from discomfort of the right kind of disagreements.

Farewell Wild River

For over 20 years, the ploy to dam the tributaries of the Amazon has been bounced around and finally the idea of damming the Amazon’s tributaries as a solution to Brazil’s energy challenges has won. The walls will go up and the character of this vital ecosystem will be changed forever. See source for photos. […]

Bearing Witness to Grace and Beauty

(Born Wild) – The Story of a Whale, Her Calf and a Pristine Photograph, Part Two

(Podcast) Trust Expert David Horsager

(Live Inspired Podcast) – If you’re looking to grow as a leader, today’s conversation is for you.

Poppy Harlow

A renowned and highly respected media personality, Poppy Harlow is on the front lines of breaking news each day. Her fifteen-plus year career as a journalist has spanned networks and disciplines, with her longest-running and highest-awarded position as an anchor for CNN. Poppy’s specialty of knowledge on the economy and business sectors make her the […]

The Situation Room with Marc Short + Americans brace for economic fallout as Fed hikes interest rates

(CNN) – Pence’s former chief of staff Marc Short joins to discuss the January 6th select committee’s plans to zero in on Trump’s pressure to have Pence to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

Marc Short on CNN: January 6 Testimony

(CNN) – Marc Short discusses Jan. 6 testimony.

Why Reagan Matters Now

(Gingrich 360) – President Reagan still matters now because he showed Americans that both parties can work together for a collective goal. The current prices of gas, food, and overall cost of living must not become the new normal.

The new war on Islamism

The West has been terrorised into silence Art and Islam often seem like oil and water. Other times, they behave like matches and gasoline. It is hard to believe that more than 30 years have passed since Ayatollah Khomeini issued his fatwa against Salman Rushdie for The Satanic Verses — longer ago than the fall of the […]

How big of a wave can House Republicans expect?

(National Journal) – If Republicans net 35 seats, they’d hold their biggest House majority since 1929. If they win 29 seats, they’d match the number of seats held after the 2010 midterms.

(Podcast) – How To Let Go When You’re The Founding CEO – That Will Never Work

(That Will Never Work) – Recycling is one part of solving the problem… the other is having consumer products last longer so we don’t create as much garbage to begin with. That’s the thinking of this week’s guest Chris Burrage, founder of San Francisco based Proclamation Goods.

(Podcast) Conversation is More Than Nodding Your Head

(Chasing Life) – Dr. Sanjay Gupta speaks to conversation expert and journalist Celeste Headlee about the power of listening and then heads to the hospital where some of the most difficult conversations happen every day.

Angels Come in Many Forms

(John O’Leary Blog) – Let’s not miss that chance today. In our own ways, let’s choose to make a difference like Dot.

How to have difficult conversations: ‘The Locker Room’ discusses discrimination, cancel culture

See video here. Damon West, a Professor of Criminal Justice at The University of Houston Downtown, and a nationally known keynote speaker, appeared on KPRC 2+ Monday to discuss his new book, THE LOCKER ROOM: How Great Teams Heal Hurt, Overcome Adversity and Build Unity. West co-authored the book with motivational speaker and character development […]

(Podcast) How to find your unicorn space with Eve Rodsky

(The Awesome Human Podcast) – If you want to spark your inner creativity and bust through guilt or fear around exploring it, this episode is for you!

Capitol riot was “un-American,” says former defense secretary as January 6 hearings continue

(CBS News) – Former Defense Secretary Mark Esper joined CBS News to discuss the ongoing January 6 hearings and his new book, “A Sacred Oath: Memoirs of a Secretary of Defense During Extraordinary Times.”

Sick Stablecoins Can’t Infect Financial Markets

(WSJ) – Terra’s collapse worries Janet Yellen. But as with tulip mania, a handful of investors took the losses.

Robert Herjavec returns to ‘Dragon’s Den’ for brand new season

(The Morning Show) – Robert Herjavec is returning to his roots a decade after he left ‘Dragons’ Den’. The Canadian business tycoon explains what he considers the perfect pitch and offers insight on the current state of the stock market and housing prices.

Yellen’s humility on inflation is refreshing: Former FDIC chair

(Yahoo Times) – In today’s society, finger pointing has replaced accountability. Instead of owning up to our shortcomings, we increasingly want to blame others.

A simple new tool to combat the student debt crisis

Sheila Bair, former FDIC chair, serves as a senior adviser to the Peter G. Peterson Foundation for Student Debt Smarter. Several years ago, after spending most of my career as a financial regulator, I became president of a small liberal arts college. One of my goals in accepting that position was to pioneer ways to […]

Kevin McCarthy, Have You No Sense of Decency?

If, after the latest January 6 hearing, House Republicans persist in their policy of pro-Trump cover-up, American democracy is in dire peril. By David Frum In the last few minutes of today’s January 6 committee hearing, Representative Liz Cheney presented evidence of possible witness intimidation. Several witnesses, she reported, had received messages from shadowy persons purportedly close […]

Eric Termuende

Eric Termuende is helping leaders build incredible teams and tomorrow’s greatest places to work. His one-degree shift methodology enables leaders to build trust, remove friction, and create a culture of experimentation. Eric has delivered over 400 keynotes to organizations! Contact Worldwide Speakers Group to host Eric at your next conference.

Dwyane Wade says his children going to school amid US gun violence ‘doesn’t allow me to sleep at night’

(CNN) – “My kids going to school right now doesn’t allow me to sleep at night very well because of guns,” Wade told CNN’s Poppy Harlow at the Time 100 Summit.

(Podcast) – COVID Meterology

(The Osterholm Update) – COVID Meteorology with Dr. Michael Osterholm

Richard Newman

Richard Newman is the Founder of Body Talk. Over the past 22 years his team have trained over 120,000 business leaders around the world to improve their communication and impact, including one client who gained over $1.5 billion in new business in just one year using the strategies that Richard teaches. Contact WWSG to host Richard for a speaking engagement!

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: The damage to the human body caused by firearms

(CNN) – With guns front and center in the news these past couple of weeks, I wanted to share what I have learned over the years about what bullets do to the human body and the challenge it is for surgeons to repair the damage.

I’m not hopeful Congress can pass good economic policies, former White House advisor says

(CNBC International TV) – Harry Broadman, partner and managing director at the Berkeley Research Group and former chief of staff of the White House’s Council of Economic Advisers, discusses the outlook for inflation and the U.S. economy.

Finding Art in Nature’s Simple Beauty: The Story of a Humpback Whale, Her Calf and a Photograph, Part One

(Born Wild) – Together, we can create a sustainable future, harmonious with wildlife.

Mary Louise Kelly

Mary Louise Kelly is co-host of All Things Considered, NPR’s flagship evening newsmagazine. She has reported from around the world, including North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Russia, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Mary Louise’s memoir, It.Goes.So.Fast, is forthcoming in 2023 from Henry Holt & Company. To host her at your upcoming event, contact Worldwide Speakers Group.

Axios Hires Josh Kraushaar as Senior Politics Reporter

Kraushaar will contribute to Axios Sneak Peek newsletter 1 big thing: Axios has hired Josh Kraushaar as a senior politics reporter and contributor to the Axios Sneak Peek newsletter. Kraushaar will lead a deep-dive Sunday column for the weekly politics newsletter. Why it matters: Kraushaar’s hire will strengthen and add value to Axios’ already seasoned politics team. With midterms […]

(Podcast) Sometimes it’s Healthy to Break the Rules

(Chasing Life) – Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks with Dr. Charles Limb about his study on musical improvisation and its impact on the brain.

Power Players: Beth Paretta

(Sports Business Journal) – Paretta has a long history in the automotive world, working at Aston Martin, Fiat Chrysler and Volkswagen in roles across finance, marketing and operations.

Just Love People

(John O’Leary Blog) – Choose to be kind to the one in front of you. Choose to invest in relationships for the long term.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb on promising new cancer drug data: ‘The future is here’

(CNBC) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb joins CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ to discuss the top drug trial data coming out of the American Society of Clinical Oncology conference in Chicago.

Industry Voices—Medicare decision on Alzheimer’s drug stifles innovation and harms patients

(Fierce Healthcare) – Removing bureaucratic obstacles to innovation that discourage investment would be a commonsense move to help patients access medicine that can improve their health and wellness.

(Podcast) How to Say “NO”

(The Awesome Human Podcast) – If you have trouble saying “no” and setting boundaries, this episode is for you!

Neuroplasticity: What It Is, Why It Matters & How To Exercise Your Brain

(Mind Body Green) – To fully understand the definition of neuroplasticity, it might help to break down the actual term. Consider this: The word neuro means “brain, nerve, or nervous system.” Meanwhile, the word plasticity means “the ability to bend or be pressed into any shape.”

Punishing Pennsylvania, Liberating Virginia

(Gingrich 360) – Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf and Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin are moving their states in opposite directions.

Newt Gingrich blasts Pennsylvania Democrats’ entry in ‘green’ energy initiative

(Fox News) – State Republicans including the GOP gubernatorial nominee are pushing back

How Texas can stop mass shootings

Psychiatric disorders should be cured not celebrated A child smearing her friend’s blood on herself in an attempt to play dead. Agonised parents waiting to learn if their children had survived. The death of teacher Irma Garcia’s husband immediately after she was shot and killed, leaving their four children orphaned. It has been more than a week since […]

Osterholm says waning immunity and future variants could bring another wave of COVID-19

(Audacy) – Dr. Michael Osterholm joined News Talk 830 WCCO’s Chad Hartman to discuss the state of the pandemic and shared that while vaccinated people still test positive, they are not experiencing severe illness.

W.H.O. Warns Monkeypox Could Have Been Spreading Undetected

(Breitbart) – The sudden spike in Monkeypox cases suggests that the virus has been spreading undetected.

Mandates are used because we don’t want to explain the science | Dr. Deborah Birx | National Report

(Newsman TV) – Dr. Deborah Birx explains why COVID mandates don’t encourage people to assess their individual risk level to COVID and make smart decisions regarding their health.

Downton Abbey castle once ‘a retreat and a haven’ for Queen Elizabeth II

(CTV News) – Queen Elizabeth II was once a guest at the elegant Highclere Castle that served as the backdrop of the hit television series Downton Abbey.

Extreme Oceans with Cristina Mittermeier

(BBC Earth) – Cristina Mittermeier is a marine biologist, activist and multi-award-winning photographer who has dedicated her life to ocean conservation.

Europe’s oil sanctions and a shifting Russian war narrative to come

(GZERO) – Ian’s quick take – A shifting war narrative

Help wanted: Congress should answer the call

(Seattle Times) – How do we solve the disconnect between the needs of employers and the desire of people seeking better careers?

“NATO Shouldn’t Take Military Option Off The Table” Ex-Trump Aide Mark Esper On Putin’s Ukraine War

(CRUX) – Former US Defence Secretary, Mark Esper, said that Putin’s war in Ukraine has exposed the Russian military.

3 Steps For Smashing Barriers To Innovation

(Forbes) – Overcoming Barriers to Innovation is structured to open up dialogue about why people aren’t innovating so you can identify the sources of their resistance — and solve for them.

(Podcast) – Straight Talk with Hank Paulson: Jeremy Grantham

(Straight Talk with Hank Paulson) – Jeremy Grantham

CALLISTA & NEWT GINGRICH: Memorial Day — Remembering those who sacrificed for our freedom

(The North State Journal) – On this Memorial Day, we honor and remember military service members who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving the United States of America.

Monkeypox – how does it spread and what are the symptoms?

(CNN) – The Monkeypox virus is a less-severe cousin of the Smallpox virus. Dr Sanjay Gupta says it has been spreading among younger people as they are less likely to have been inoculated against Smallpox, which was eradicated in 1977.

Rich Lowry: Kemp and Pence are Republican heroes

(The Salt Lake Tribune) – It is not often that politicians do the right thing and infuriate the most influential figure in their party and the most committed element of their political base and live to tell the tale.

In Defense of Trump with Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper

(Reagan Foundation) – Roger and Secretary Esper discuss how the Pentagon addressed growing threats like terrorism, China, and a global pandemic.

A Close Call with a Polar Bear

(Born Wild) – The Story of an Unwanted Polar Bear Encounter, Part Two

Chef Aarón Sánchez’s New Cooking Show ‘El Sabor De Aarón’ Celebrates Latino Cuisine

(We Are Mitu) – Exclusively on Hogar de HGTV Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. EST, the show is all about showcasing what makes Latin American cuisine so special — and puts a spotlight on amazing Latino chefs that deserve much more recognition.

FreightWaves Classics/Leaders: Chao broke barriers leading federal departments

(FreightWaves) – Elaine Chao is among the very few Americans who has been appointed to two cabinet positions – U. S. Secretary of Labor (by President George W. Bush) and U. S. Secretary of Transportation (by President Donald Trump).

My family lives the American dream, but too many Asian Americans still face violence and hate

(New York Post) – Like so many others, my family immigrated to America in search of a better future.

Ian Bremmer: Forcibly Decoupling Russia – Unusual Topic at WEF | Global Stage | GZERO Media

(GZERO) – 2022 is the World Economic Forum most driven by geopolitics Ian Bremmer has attended.

What Will Be The Outcome Of Russia-Ukraine War? Ian Bremmer & Martin Wolf Respond

(India Today) – Davos Brainstorming 2022 with Rahul Kanwal: Speaking to India Today’s Rahul Kanwal, Author and Political Scientist Ian Bremmer said that Europe does feel an existential threat on the basis of this invasion.

Ian Bremmer: Putin Wouldn’t Have Invaded If He Knew What US and Allies Would Do

(Bloomberg) – Ian Bremmer, President of the Eurasia Group and author of The Power of Crisis discusses the state of US, China relations and the global impact of the Russia, Ukraine war.

We need veterans protecting schools: Lt. Col. West

(FOX) – Lt. Col. Allen West discusses the mass shooting of 19 children and two adults at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

U.S. needs cultural shift on guns: David Frum

(CBC) – David Frum, a former White House speechwriter tells Power & Politics that the abundance of guns in the U.S. is so ‘extreme’ it calls for a big cultural shift.

Patients deserve immediate access to FDA-approved innovations — not bureaucratic restrictions

(The Hill) – Innovation is the lifeblood that has made America the most economically successful nation in the modern era.

Kevin Brown

Motivational speaker and author Kevin Brown is passionate about helping people and organizations embrace a simple philosophy that separates world-class organizations and high-performance people from everybody else – he calls it The HERO Effect®. Through his books and presentations, Kevin entertains, inspires, and challenges people to show up every day and make a positive difference at work and in life!

(Podcast) The Healing Power of Poop

(CNN) – In this episode, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta explores the mysteries of this new world within us with microbiologist Brett Finlay.

Ian Bremmer: Hope as Major Crises Intersect

(GV Wire) – To fix our broken international political system, we need a crisis.

The Trump Presidency That Could Have Been

(Gingrich 360) – Imagine how much more President Donald Trump and his team could have accomplished if they had not had to spend so much of their time and energy preparing for depositions and defending themselves against lies and false charges.

America’s Hands Are Full of Blood

(The Atlantic) – Amid our pain and grief, we must face a bitter truth.

Why Biden Is Right to End Ambiguity on Taiwan

(The Atlantic) – It was no gaffe when the president said the U.S. would defend the island against China, but good policy.

Tech Leaders Can Do More to Avoid Unintended Consequences

(Wired) – It’s difficult to predict the negative impacts of an idea or invention, but certain frameworks can help entrepreneurs see a little bit further.

(Podcast) Go to the Beach, Doctor’s Orders

(Chasing Life) – Sanjay Gupta talks with environmental psychologist Mathew White about the science behind water and why we all need more Blue Space in our lives.

(Podcast) The Healing Power of Poop

(Chasing Life) – We’re accompanied by billions of microorganisms. Not only that, when it comes to our health, they’re in charge.

‘Shark Tank’ star Robert Herjavec: Stock market will drop 30% before reaching a bottom

(Fox Business) – The market is rife with ‘fear, uncertainty and doubt,’ according to Herjavec

(Video) “Crisis-rich” WEF 2022: on ending war in Ukraine & redistributing wealth

(GZERO) – This is certainly the most crisis rich environment that you’ve ever seen in a World Economic Forum.

Ian Bremmer On NATO Expansion and the Opportunity for American Unity | Amanpour and Company

In “The Power of Crisis: How Three Threats – and Our Response – Will Change the World,” Bremmer looks at how we can better prepare for the global challenges ahead, as he explains to Walter Isaacson.

Pence rallies alongside Kemp on eve of Georgia’s G.O.P. primary for governor.

(NY Times) – Both Republicans peppered their speeches with repeated jabs at Stacey Abrams, the likely Democratic nominee for governor.

(Podcast) Mark Esper & Why The U.S. Navy Is In Crisis

(The Ben Domenech Podcast) – This week, Ben sits down with former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper to discuss his new book, A Sacred Oath: Memoirs of a Secretary of Defense During Extraordinary Times.

Virus Expert Just Issued This “Wild” COVID Warning

(ETNT) – Here’s what to expect next with COVID-19 and new variants.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb: Monkeypox could be disruptive in areas where it’s spreading

(CNBC) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner and CNBC contributor, joins CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ to break down the risk monkeypox poses to the U.S. and explains how the virus could disrupt daily life.

Looking For A New Revenue Stream? Take This Shortcut

(Forbes) – Whether you’re an established brand or a start-up, identifying new market opportunities on a regular basis is key to driving growth.

Patients Deserve Immediate Access to FDA-Approved Innovations — Not Bureaucratic Restrictions

(USC Schaeffer) – Innovation is the lifeblood that has made America the most economically successful nation in the modern era.

Endangered Species Day: A Polar Obsession

(Born Wild) – The Story of An Unwanted Polar Bear Encounter, Part One

(Podcast) Ep 104 Osterholm Update COVID 19: Tougher than Rocket Science

In “Tougher than Rocket Science,” Dr. Osterholm and Chris Dall discuss the state of the pandemic in the U.S. and around the world, the approval of booster doses for 5-11 year olds in the U.S., and the duration of infectiousness from SARS-CoV-2.

America, China, Russia and the Avalanche of History

(Bloomberg) – The world doesn’t move in cycles or with a grand design. Echoes of the 1970s remind us that one disaster often begets others.

Dr. Robert Redfield, AM LLC Senior Medical Advisor, and Fmr Director at CDC, visits SoCal Students

“You need more than the power of science, you need people that have the commitment to implement it, to have an impact on the human condition…and the future is in the hands of young people right now” – Dr. Robert R Redfield, AM LLC Senior Medical Advisor and Former Director of the CDC

Ahead of Another Potential COVID Surge, Former CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield Speaks to High School Students About the Importance of Public Health

Senior Medical Advisor Dr.Robert Redfield visited San Bernardino City Unified School District to speak to ‘Health Career Pathways’ students about the importance of careers in science and health, his long career in medicine and research, including as Director of CDC, and lessons learned from COVID-19.

Behind the Scenes of Vanity Fair’s 2022 Star Wars Cover Shoot

(PetaPixel) – Vanity Fair regularly produces a Star Wars-themed magazine that is headlined by photos taken by Annie Leibovitz. That tradition continues, and the magazine’s latest issue features four characters, both new and old.

The Good That Ted Cruz’s Win Can Do

(The Atlantic) – The Supreme Court’s ruling in his favor exposes how broken our campaign-finance law now is.

Esper Paints Chaotic Picture of Trump Administration’s Middle East Policy

(The Dispatch) – The former defense secretary’s new book details Trump’s Afghanistan deal with the Taliban and the strike that killed Qassem Suleimani.

(Podcast) The Surrealism of Life as Secretary of Defense in the Trump Regime

(Keen On) – Esper is the recipient of multiple civilian and military awards, and currently sits on several public policy and business boards.

(Podcast) Mark Esper on ‘A Sacred Oath’

(The Dispatch) – Joining this week’s Dispatch Podcast with Sarah is former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper.

Buffalo and the myth of racist America

Democrats want to create another George Floyd moment What connects the tragedies of May 25, 2020, and May 14, 2022? The straightforward answer, at least according to many in the media and on the Left, is systemic racism. On May 25, 2020, a black man was murdered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, by a white police officer. The […]

(Transcript) Michael Osterholm: Covid-19 keeps firing 210-mph curveballs at us

(CNN) – Transcript of a conversation with Dr. Michael Osterholm.

Fentanyl Overdose Rates Are Rising Fast

(WSJ) – The drug will continue killing Americans until Biden decides to get control of the border.

The Pandemic’s Most Important Lesson: A Call for Bold Change

(UHF) – Now, even as we contend with new variants, with aftershocks, with our own traumas and burnout—we must continue to pursue that seismic change.

New Ian Bremmer book unpacks globe’s “biggest risk of all”

(Axios) – Only a global response can limit the damage,” Bremmer says.

(Podcast) Practicing Gratitude Pays Off

(Chasing Life) – It turns out a simple “thank you” really can go a long way.

Lisa Bodell, Kris Beevers and Jim Caroll to Keynote NS1’s INS1GHTS2022

(Globe Newswire) – Virtual summit will include technical and leadership session tracks, interactive Q&A, and exclusive access to INS1GHTS2022 Community Chat


(PR Newswire) – “Many of our guests were introduced to both Viking and Highclere Castle while watching Downton Abbey, and over the years we have continued a close friendship with the Carnarvon family as they have welcomed our guests into their home. We are very grateful that Lady Carnarvon has honored us by serving as godmother of our newest ocean ship.”

(Podcast) – Does it Take Money to Make Money? – That Will Never Work

(That Will Never Work) – Listen in as Marc dissects predicaments faced by every early-stage entrepreneur… and gives tips on how to find your business sweet spot.

(Podcast) Practicing Gratitude Pays Off

(Chasing Life) – It turns out a simple “thank you” really can go a long way.

Ian Bremmer: Power of the “Goldilocks Crisis”

(GZERO) – As painful as world crises are, there ends up being a very significant silver lining to them.

Mark Esper on US Military, China, Russia, NATO

(Bloomberg) – Former US Defense Secretary Mark Esper says we need to modernize the US military, we must prepare for how to deal with China, and is glad NATO is coming together.

Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper on the ethical dilemmas of working for Trump

(NPR) – As secretary of defense for President Trump, Mark Esper was privy to a lot of the inner workings of the administration. In his new book, A Sacred Oath, he brings readers into the room with him.

Protecting Big Banks Won’t Enhance Competition

The FDIC’s focus on midsize bank mergers is both misguided and unnecessary.

Dr. James S. C. Chao and Secretary Elaine Chao Are Grand Marshals of The First Asian Pacific American Heritage Parade in New York City

On Sunday, May 15, 2022, well known and much respected philanthropist Dr. James S. C. Chao, and Secretary Elaine Chao, the first Asian American woman ever appointed to the President’s cabinet are Grand Marshals to lead the first ever Asian Pacific American (APA) Heritage Parade in New York City.

Full transcript of “Face the Nation” on May 15, 2022

(Face the Nation) – “It’s definitely a risk. If I were running a big company, I would be very prepared for it. If I was a consumer, I would be prepared for it. But it’s not baked in the cake.”

(Podcast) Ian Rowe on the Power of Agency

(The Ayaan Hirsi Ali Podcast) – Ayaan speaks with Ian Rowe about the power of personal agency and how to build it.

Statement from Secretary Chao in Honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) are an essential part of the American story.

Why former VP Mike Pence is returning to Michigan on Tuesday

(Detroit News) – Former Vice President Mike Pence will return to Michigan on Tuesday in hopes of boosting a petition effort to establish tax credits and a scholarship program that could help students attend private schools.

Esper says January 6 committee “needs to get to the bottom of the truth”

(Face The Nation) – Former Defense Secretary Mark Esper says the committee “needs to get to the bottom of the truth of what happened on January 6, the events leading up to it, and understand it, so there’s a degree of accountability.”

Deceptively Beautiful With A Hint Of Hope

(Born Wild) – The Story of the Colorado River Delta

Sanjay Gupta reflects on 1 million Covid-19 deaths in the US

(CNN) – As Americans reflect on the estimated one million people who have died from Covid-19, Dr. Sanjay Gupta highlights the faces and stories of those remembered.

NFL Players Association director calls for police accountability in DSU graduation speech

(Delaware Online) – NFL Players Association director calls for police accountability in DSU graduation speech.

Stephen Harper and Felipe Calderon headline a posse of speakers at VRIC 2022

(BNN Bloomberg) – It seems the only thing certain about the outlook for the global investment landscape is uncertainty.

Dr. Deborah Birx Will Keynote Inaugural GBAC Symposium

(Facility Executive) – Dr. Deborah Birx, world-renowned medical physician, infectious disease expert, and diplomat, will be the keynote speaker at the GBAC Symposium on Air Considerations, August 16-17, at the Hyatt Regency Chicago.

Leaving locked down Shanghai for a ‘whole new world’ outside China

(CNN) – “Oh, and just so you’re not too shocked, once we land you’ll hardly notice anyone wearing these anymore.”

Viking Takes Delivery Of Newest Ocean Cruise Ship

(Cruise Radio) – “Lady Carnarvon has honored us by serving as godmother to the Viking Mars, and we look forward to welcoming guests on board this beautiful new sister ship in the coming weeks.”

I do not see China’s way out of Covid right now, says Dr. Scott Gottlieb

(CNBC) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner and CNBC contributor, joins CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ to break down China’s pandemic response.

CNN’s Erica Hill to Elizabeth Warren: Why Are Democrats ‘Without a Plan’Amid Roe Leak

(Mediate) – CNN Newsroom co-anchor Erica Hill asked Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) why Democrats seem “so flatfooted” in the aftermath of a Supreme Court draft decision that would overturn the landmark abortion case Roe v. Wade.

The desperation of Biden’s Disinformation Board

There are dangers to using censorship as a political tool In 1918, Woodrow Wilson’s Democratic administration passed a piece of legislation it hoped would accelerate the end of the First World War. The new law didn’t directly concern the military — nor was it a revolutionary act of foreign policy. Rather, its target was ordinary […]

Domestic Conflicts Cripple U.S, Superpower Claims, Says Chamber Speaker

(Brietbart) -Abortion debates and other diverse domestic political conflicts are damaging the nation’s superpower status and reputation worldwide, consultant Ian Bremmer told the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday.

Lieutenant Colonel Allen West (USA, Ret) Answers the Call to Serve NRA Members

(Ammoland) – “In the military, we have a saying, it is that Warriors move to the sound of the guns. It is with sincere humility that I have consented to my nomination to be Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association.”

POLITICS Mike Pence’s political action group launches Spanish-language ad buy, as GOP continues early outreach to Latino voters

(CBS News) – Former Vice President Mike Pence’s political action group has released a new national ad in Spanish, a sign that the Republican Party is continuing to ramp up its early outreach to Latino voters on a variety of issues.

Simple Habits Changes Can Prevent Dementia, Expert Says | Health

(Play Crazy Game) – Forgetfulness, difficulty thinking and performing everyday tasks are normal characteristics of aging, right? According to American physician Sanjay Gupta, head of neurosurgery at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, United States, the answer to this question is “no”.

Winning Senate will be a ‘challenge’ for GOP depending on candidate electability l ABCNL

(ABC News) – ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks to former Trump legislative affairs director Marc Short about what GOP primaries say about Trump’s influence, and how inflation and culture wars will impact midterms.

Mark Esper was asked if Trump was a threat to democracy. Here’s what he said.

(CNN Politics) – Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper was asked a very simple question by Fox’s Bret Baier on Monday: “Do you think Donald Trump was a threat to democracy?”

Former CMS Chief Verma: Focus on SNF Ownership a ‘Colossal Waste of Time,’ More Holistic Approach Needed to Drive Quality

(Skilled Nursing News) – “We’re not sitting here trying to figure out who owns home health or who owns dialysis facilities or who owns providers. We’re kind of going through this exercise just in nursing homes because somehow we think that that’s going to increase quality of care”

Dixie State University Honors Graduates at 111th Commencement Ceremony

(Mesquite Local News) – Dixie State University recently celebrated the achievements of the institution’s largest-ever graduating class of 2,684 degree candidates at the university’s 111th Commencement Ceremony.

The J. D. Vance I Knew

(The Atlantic) – His abilities, I never underestimated. What he was willing to do for political advancement, I did.

Former Defense Secretary Mark Esper discusses revelations about former President Trump

(CBS) – Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper joins “CBS Mornings” to discuss the revelations he makes in his new memoir “A Sacred Oath”

Gingrich: In the end, Russia is not going to win

(Fox) – Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich on Russian President Vladimir Putin rallying Russia on World War II victory anniversary.

(Video & Transcript) Putins keeps his war cards close

(GZERO) – It is, of course, May 9th, and that means Victory Day. It’s when the Soviets were celebrating their defeat of the Nazis in World War II. The Russians of course, continued that after 1991, when the Soviet Union collapsed.

Allen West Accepts Draft Campaign Bid to Lead National Rifle Association

(The Texan) – Allen West says he will consent to the nomination of a draft campaign to lead the National Rifle Association.

Former US ambassadors weigh in on bilateral ties

(China Daily) – He noted that the two countries’ economies are intertwined and said many US jobs depend on selling goods to China, from agricultural products to Boeing aircraft.

(Podcast): Rethinking Intentions – Amy Cuddy

(Rethink Moments) – This week’s Rethink Moment is the TED Talk on power posing that became a viral sensation – and made Amy Cuddy a threat to the academic community.

‘It will take generations to change’: In conversation with Harry Broadman, former World Bank lead for Russia

(Investment Monitor) – Harry Broadman, an expert on the Russian economy, tells Sebastian Shehadi why Russia failed to liberalise after the fall of the Soviet Union.

The impact of the Trump tax cuts revealed

(Fox Business) – Kevin Hassett and Tyler Goodspeed provide insight on the former president’s tax cuts on ‘Kudlow.’

What J.D. Vance’s decisive win says about the GOP’s evolution

(National Journal) – Like-minded Republicans like Sen. Josh Hawley are claiming a victory in Ohio by the party’s populist faction. But they will have challenges expanding their appeal beyond reliably red states.

Orcas: A Mother’s Bond

(Born Wild) – The Story of Mistreatment of a Matriarchal Species

How to Read 30 Books in One Year

Reading a book can certainly be a struggle when TV shows, movies, and social media compete for our time and attention. Reading the right book(s) can make you smarter, help improve your decision making and be a great source of entertainment. As I study people who are successful in business and life, I look for […]

Trump has often complained about ‘ugly’ US Navy ships, says former defense chief Mark Esper

(Ammoland) – In his book “A Sacred Oath,” Esper writes that Trump preferred the “clean” lines of Russian and Italian ships.

The 2017 Tax Reform Delivered as Promised

(Wall Street Journal | Opinion) – Our predictions about the law’s effects on business investment, wages and tax revenue were correct.

Another redemption campaign

(Star Tribune) – In a new book, Birx describes decisions being made for political rather than medical reasons and bureaucratic morass that stifled data-gathering.

Historian Niall Ferguson details ‘Cold War II’ — which ‘began some time ago’

(Yahoo Finance) – The world is currently embroiled in “Cold War II” — and has been for a while — and the path ahead is lined with the geopolitics of nuclear weapons, says Niall ferguson.

Hegseth: It feels like Trump is on the ballot in 2022

(Fox News) – Fox News contributor and opinion editor of The Washington Times Charlie Hurt breaks down the key races to watch with Pete Hegseth on “Fox & Friends Weekend.”

Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper: The 60 Minutes Interview

(60 Minutes) – In his new memoir, “A Sacred Oath,” Esper writes that he had to press President Trump to send aid to Ukraine, and also walked the president back from ideas such as shooting protesters and missile strikes in Mexico.

Stephen Harper: Why it’s time to stop negotiating with Iran

(Tortonto Sun) – In the shadow of Russia’s appalling war against its peaceful neighbour, misguided efforts to revive the U.S.-Iran nuclear deal have continued.

Newt Gingrich: People have ‘no idea’ how badly food prices will rise over the year

(Fox News) – Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich warned about staggering food prices worldwide on the “The Ingraham Angle” Thursday, saying people have “no idea” how bad the situation could become

NRA’s LaPierre Could Face Challenge From Texas GOP’s Allen West

(BNN Bloomberg) – The National Rifle Association’s embattled leader Wayne LaPierre may face a leadership challenge from Allen West, a former congressman and ex-chairman of the Texas Republican Party.

Pence: Leaked abortion draft opinion helps some ’22 hopefuls

(Local 10) – Former Vice President Mike Pence applauded the essence of a leaked draft opinion suggesting that the U.S. Supreme Court could be poised to overturn the landmark case that legalized abortion nationwide, predicting that the decision could have favorable impacts for anti-abortion candidates in midterm elections across the country.

No Doubt, NPP Is Freest And Most Democratic Society In Africa – Prime Minister Harper

(News Ghana) – Mr Stephen Harper, 22nd Prime Minister of Canada, says the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is arguably the freest and most democratic society in Africa.

Allen West: The rights of the individual come from the creator God | ‘American Agenda’

(Newsmax TV) – Former Florida Congressman Lt. Col. Allen West reflects on the importance of the National Day of Prayer – Via Newsmax’s ‘American Agenda.’

COVID-19 subvariant XE: What to know

(Fox News) – ‘So far there is not enough evidence to draw conclusions about transmissibility, severity or vaccine effectiveness’

CBS EVENING NEWS Esper: Stephen Miller called for a “quarter-million troops” to respond to migrant caravan

(CBS News) – Former Defense Secretary Mark Esper says he personally killed a “ridiculous” plan from White House adviser Stephen Miller to deploy 250,000 troops to the southern border as a migrant caravan approached.

Trump Proposed Launching Missiles Into Mexico to ‘Destroy the Drug Labs,’ Esper Says

(NY Times) – It is one of the moments in his upcoming memoir that the former defense secretary described as leaving him all but speechless.

The New Cold War Could Soon Heat Up

(Foreign Affairs) – Why Russia and the West Might Escalate the Fight Over Ukraine

(Transcript) Lessons from the pandemic: the mistakes that led to uncontrolled spread

(Niskanen Center) – Brink Lindsey speaks with Dr. Scott Gottlieb, senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, former FDA chair, and author of Uncontrolled Spread.

You Need To Collide Your Idea With The RIGHT Customer

(Marc Randolph) – How to collide your idea with the right audience.

British nobility brings “Downton Abbey” to Newport

(WUN) – The Preservation Society To Host Highclere Castle’s Lady Carnarvon

Govt commended for exemplary leadership in good governance

(Graphic) – A former Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, has commended the government for its leadership in good governance and economic progress on the African continent.

Roe v. Wade Is Inevitably Going Away

(Gingrich360) –
The current uproar over the leaked draft from the U.S. Supreme Court deliberations over abortion – and the rage of the pro-abortion Left over the likelihood that the conservative justices will now repeal Roe v. Wade – is, in some ways, a lot of noise about the inevitable.

Newt Gingrich: ‘Spiral of inflation keeps going up’

(Fox Business) – Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich provides insight into how Biden’s economic policies are impacting Americans


(WVUA 23 News) – Former White House Coronavirus Response Task Force Coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx spoke with CBS’ Margaret Brennan over the weekend about the new data

Lessons From the Pandemic: A Discussion With Sanjay Gupta, MD

(Everyday Health) – What has the COVID-19 pandemic era taught us? What lessons still need to be learned?

Biden’s approval rating underwater on every issue but one

(Fox Business) – The Hill editor-in-chief Bob Cusack and Washington Times opinion editor Charles Hurt discuss Biden’s job performance as a new Fox News poll shows his latest standing among voters, and the impact of the Roe v. Wade draft opinion leak on the 2022 midterms.

TriCounty Area Chamber toasts 95 years at Annual Dinner

Keynote speaker was former U.S. Olympian and NFL player Johnny Quinn The TriCounty Area Chamber of Commerce hosted its Annual Dinner on April 27 at RiverCrest Golf Club and Preserve, in Phoenixville. The keynote speaker, former U.S. Olympian and NFL player, Johnny Quinn, told his story of disappointment, perseverance, and success. He left the group […]

Osterholm says the main challenge right now is solving long COVID

(Audacy) – News Talk 830 WCCO host Chad Hartman recently had a fight with COVID-19, and now that he is on the mend, he discussed his symptoms and concerns over long COVID with Osterholm.

Scott Gottlieb Covers the Bases: COVID-19, the CDC, Aduhelm, Biosimilars and Rebates: 2022 Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit

(Managed Healthcare Executive) – The former FDA commissioner and Asembia keynote speaker was sanguine about the future course of the COVID-19 pandemic and biosimilars. He is concerned, though, that the CMS Aduhelm coverage decision set a bad precedent.

Gottlieb, Fein Discuss COVID-19, Accelerated Approvals, and Drug Pricing at Asembia 2022

(AJMC) – Scott Gottlieb, MD, and Adam Fein, PhD, discussed potential fallout of the FDA Aduhelm approval and lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Biden Just Walked Into a Student-Debt Trap

(The Atlantic) – Not for the first time, the president has made himself hostage to his party’s activist wing.

(Radio) ‘They Figured A Way Forward’, Dr. Deborah Birx Applauds The Schools That Opened In The Fall Of 2020 Despite COVID Fears

(Guy Benson Show) – Dr. Deborah Birx discusses her new book and the lessons learned throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Niall Ferguson’s take on the current state of Russia and Ukraine, the possibility of Putin provoking NATO, and the stability within Russia and China

(Yahoo! Finance) – Niall Ferguson’s take on the current state of Russia and Ukraine, the possibility of Putin provoking NATO, and the stability within Russia and China.

CNN contributor dismisses concerns that the overturning of Roe means other rights are on the line

(CNN) – Erica Hill asks, “Do you see this as perhaps leading to other rights tied to privacy now being perhaps up for grabs, whether that’s contraception or same-sex marriage?”

A Bridge Too Far, the Demise of the Democrats

(Town Hall) – A Bridge Too Far

Dave Chokshi

Dr. Dave A. Chokshi has held successive senior leadership roles that span the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. A Rhodes Scholar and White House Fellow, he is nationally recognized as a transformational leader, a clinical innovator, a policy expert, and a fierce advocate for a stronger and more equitable health system.

Authoritarian Russia’s Lies and the Risk of Escalation Against NATO | Quick Take | GZERO Media

(GZERO) – Even the good news out of Ukraine has a dark lining at this point.

Annie Leibovitz Channels ‘Coastal Grandmother’ Style at the Met Gala 2022

(Vogue) – Annie Leibovitz Channels ‘Coastal Grandmother’ Style at the Met Gala 2022

Mount Sinai launches post-Covid care center for long-haulers

(CNN) – CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports on the struggle long hauler Covid patients are facing and a first of its kind post-Covid care center launched by Mount Sinai.

Crypto and the Dollar Are Partners, Not Rivals

(Bloomberg) – The disruptions of Covid and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have shown the strength of the Western system and the weakness of China’s.

Most people are bearish because they have forgotten the 1970s, says Stanford’s Niall Ferguson

(CNBC) – Niall Ferguson, Stanford University Hoover Institute senior fellow, joins ‘Power Lunch’ to discuss how current macroeconomic conditions play out, what the best moves are for the Federal Reserve to curb inflation and more.

Real Downton Abbey owners’ new partnership embracing creative projects like ‘Friends at Highclere’

(Hampshire Live) – Lord and Lady Carnarvon have forged a new partnership to protect the historic house.

(Podcast): Rethinking Success – David Chang

(Rethink Moments) – In this episode of Rethink Moments, Rachel is joined by David Chang – acclaimed chef, Netflix host, bestselling author, and leader of a global restaurant business.

Ex-Trump Advisor Birx Warns Of Summer Covid ‘Surge’

(Forbes) – Birx said coronavirus surges in other countries—including South Africa—tend to come every four to six months, suggesting that people’s natural immunity from prior Covid-19 infections may wane over that period.

Former VP Pence Chief Of Staff: Biden Canceling Student Loan Debt

(Daily Wire) – Former vice presidential chief of staff Marc Short said that the Biden administration’s move to cancel student loan debt was “asinine.”

Face The Nation: Kinzinger, Burton, Birx

(Face The Nation) – Deborah Birx, former president Donald Trump’s COVID-19 response coordinator.

Transcript: Dr. Deborah Birx on “Face the Nation,” May 1, 2022

(CBS News) – The following is a transcript of an interview with Dr. Deborah Birx, former President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 response coordinator, that aired Sunday, May 1, 2022, on “Face the Nation.”

When doing less is more

(Community College Daily) – Futurist Lisa Bodell said companies may consider rewarding employees for helping to weed out inefficiencies that lead to more meaningful work.

(Podcast) Jason Hill on Race in America

(The Ayaan Hirsi Ali Podcast) – Ayaan speaks with Jason Hill about free speech, immigration, and the power of individual agency.

Virus Expert Just Issued This “Concerning” COVID Warning

(Eat This) – Here’s why we’re not out of the woods yet.

Olga Koroleva succeeds in 40th expedition

(Nepal News) – Before leaving for Annapurna, she had made it public that she was planning to retire from climbing eight-thousanders.

New Drone Video Shows Russian Military Vehicles And Forces On Bucha Street Strewn With Civilian Bodies

(CNN) – New drone video obtained exclusively by CNN shows Russian military vehicles and forces on a Bucha street near civilian bodies.

Deborah Birx: Members of Trump’s coronavirus task force had a resignation pact

(USA Today) – Birx spoke with Ashton before the Tuesday release of her new book, “Silent Invasion.”

The China Initiative Wasn’t Racist

(The American Conservative) – Woke lobbying made the DOJ end a successful program aimed at our biggest counterintelligence threat.

Putin heads a ‘fascistic’ government, says former PM Stephen Harper

(National Post) – “This is the 1930s all over again,” said Harper

Pence heading back to New Hampshire in May

(The Hill) – Former Vice President Mike Pence is set to visit New Hampshire next month, marking another trip to the early presidential primary state.

China does not have a Covid endgame, says Dr. Scott Gottlieb

(CNBC) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner and CNBC contributor, joins CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ to discuss China’s pandemic response

(Podcast) Chasing Life – The Role of Race and Ethnicity in Medicine

(Chasing Life) – The Role of Race and Ethnicity in Medicine


Emma Lewisham: Hope is the Beauty of Circular & Carbon Positive In this bonus episode of the Jane Goodall Hopecast, Dr. Goodall is joined by Emma Lewisham, the co-founder and CEO of her own circular, climate positive and transparent beauty line. Emma believes strongly in responsible sourcing and sustainable packaging and has a zero-tolerance policy for […]

(Podcast) WGLT’s The Leadoff – Tuesday 4/26/22

(WGLT) – Ray LaHood joins the podcast.

Dr. Birx describes what it was like working in Trump’s White House

(CNN Health) – Dr. Birx describes what it was like working in Trump’s White House

Dr. Deborah Birx speaks exclusively about her time on Trump’s COVID-19 task force

(ABC News) – Detailed in her new book “Silent Invasion,” Birx shared with ABC News’ Dr. Jennifer Ashton behind-the-scene insights into her experience as coordinator on Donald Trump’s coronavirus task focus.

In new book, Birx describes how data failures, bureaucracy and politics hindered Covid-19 response

(kake) – “We need to stop just observing the problem and begin addressing the problem.”

A Perfect Storm of Food Insecurity: A Problem for All of Us | GZERO World with Ian Bremmer

(GZERO) – The Ukraine war and Russian sanctions are causing a global food crisis.

Former Congressman Ray LaHood argues a return to civility can make lawmakers more productive

(WGLT) – LaHood says social media allows for statements to be made without having to look someone in the face and he says legitimate media outlets need to help provide facts to brace against misinformation campaigns.

A crucial point missing from the nation’s mask debate: Dr. Osterholm

(Hospital Review) – This discussion should be more nuanced and focus on the quality of masking, epidemiologist Michael Osterholm, PhD, said in an April 24 interview with ABC News.

David Frum: In My Opinion, Ron DeSantis Did Not Want This Fight

(MSNBC) – David Frum joins Morning Joe to discuss the move.

Former White House COVID-19 coordinator publishes book on the pandemic l GMA

(Good Morning America) – Dr. Deborah Birx’s new book, “Silent Invasion: The Untold Story of the Trump Administration, Covid-19, and Preventing the Next Pandemic Before It’s Too Late,” touches on her tenure in the White House.

Why one of Miguel Cabrera’s 3,002 career hits sticks out to Phillies manager Joe Girardi

(The Philadelphia Inquirer) – Girardi managed Cabrera with the Marlins and once saw the young star come up with an unorthodox hit.

Phillies Notebook: Manager Joe Girardi hoping consistency breeds production from his lineup

(Daily Times) – Manager Joe Girardi hoping consistency breeds production from his lineup

‘This Week’ Transcript 4-24-22: Member of Ukrainian Parliament Yevheniia Kravchuk, Dr. Michael Osterholm & Lt. Gen. Doug Lute

(ABC News) – Member of Ukrainian Parliament Yevheniia Kravchuk, Dr. Michael Osterholm & Lt. Gen. Doug Lute

(Podcast) – Straight Talk with Hank Paulson – Sally Jewell

(Straight Talk) – Hank Paulson with Sally Jewell

ABC News Exclusive: Dr. Birx speaks to Trump disinfectant moment, says colleagues had resignation pact

(ABC) – White House COVID response coordinator reveals details before book release.

The Secret To Productive Problem-Solving? Your Colleagues

(Forbes) – I focus on simplifying the path to meaningful work and innovation.

(Podcast): Rethinking Misogyny – Julia Gillard

(Rethink Moments) – In this episode of Rethink Moments, Rachel is joined by former Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, to unpack how society views female leaders

Gottlieb sees ‘transition year’ for COVID

(The Hill) – Gottlieb sees ‘transition year’ for COVID

US shouldn’t reward Putin ‘with acquiescence and weakness’: Former GOP lawmaker

(Fox News) – Allen West calls on the US to live up to the Budapest Memorandum

Former Vice President Mike Pence speaks at Story County GOP dinner

(KCCI) – Former Vice President Mike Pence spent his Saturday in Iowa speaking at the annual Lincoln Highway Dinner in Ames.

Osterholm calls decision striking down mask mandate on mass transit ‘a real challenge’

(ABC News) – “This is not going to be the last of the need for public health measures.”

Face The Nation: Gottlieb, Warren, Lagarde

(Face the Nation) – The latest on vaccines for children with Dr. Scott Gottlieb.

Transcript: Dr. Scott Gottlieb on “Face the Nation,” April 24, 2022

(CBS) – The following is a transcript of an interview with Dr. Scott Gottlieb that aired Sunday, April 24, 2022, on “Face the Nation.”

Is global economic inequality getting worse?

(GZERO) – Yes, said the majority of respondents in a recent GZERO poll.

Explorer: The Last Tepui

(National Geographic) – The Disney+ Earth Day special “Explorer: The Last Tepui,” from National Geographic, follows elite climber Alex Honnold (“Free Solo”) and a world-class climbing team led by National Geographic Explorer and climber Mark Synnott on a grueling mission deep in the Amazon jungle as they attempt a first-ascent climb up a 1000 foot sheer cliff.

Dr Deo Onda and Victor Vescovo make first dives to Emden Deep

(Caladan Oceanic) – Dr Deo Florence Onda, Oceanographer, dives with Victor Vescovo to the third-deepest spot on Earth, Emden Deep in the Philippine Trench. Dr Deo becomes the deepest-diving Filipino and, with Victor, the first to dive to the bottom of the Philippine Trench.

(Podcast) The Charter ‘has contributed to the disenchantment with politicians and politics,’ says David Frum

(The Hub) – In this excerpt of the latest episode of Frum Dialogues, David Frum explains why as a young man he was skeptical that Canada needed a Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Biden is undermining our military by focusing on wokeness

(Newsmax) – Lt. Col. Allen West (Ret.) sounds the alarm on the US military focusing on wokeness rather than combat readiness under the Biden Administration.

Book Review: Deborah Birx’s Excruciating Story of Donald Trump’s Covid Response

(New York Times) – “Silent Invasion,” an insider’s look at the Trump administration’s pandemic policies, is earnest and exhaustive, our reviewer says.

Why I don’t want to die anymore | Johnny Crowder | TEDxWestshore

(Ted Talks) – This talk represents the speaker’s personal views and experiences with suicidal ideation

An American majority, not a Republican majority: Part one

(Washington Post) – This is the first of four columns outlining the potential for a dramatic shift in the American political and governmental system.

Russia Escalates in Donbas in Push To Take Eastern Ukraine

(GZERO) – Russian troops are moving into the Donbas but Ukraine has a lot of military capability.

AAF to induct 8 individuals including Annie Leibovitz into Advertising Hall of Fame

(Shoot Magazine) – Leibovitz will be awarded the President’s Award for Lifetime Contributions to Advertising by Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief, Vogue.

Dr. Gupta reacts to ‘abrupt’ end of mask mandate for travelers

(CNN) – CNN’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta discusses the ruling from a federal judge in Florida which resulted in several airlines and Amtrak lifting their mask mandates for travelers.

(Podcast) Why Are Doctors Prescribing Nature?

(Chasing Life) – Most of us love the sensation of the sun on our skin or the sound of the ocean, but nature doesn’t just feel good; it’s also good for us!

New CDC team: A ‘Weather Service’ to forecast what’s next in pandemic

(Washington Post) – “We think of ourselves like the National Weather Service, but for infectious diseases,” said Caitlin Rivers, an epidemiologist and associate director for science at the initiative, run by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Newt Gingrich: Elon Musk a ‘genuine threat’ to ‘corrupt’ Big Tech

(Fox) – Fox News contributor predicts Musk will own Twitter and make it a place the left will ‘hate’

(Video) Risks of Russia losing: Putin, Ukraine, and potential for escalation

(GZERO) – Watching as we near “Victory Day”, May 9th, which is going to be anything but for Putin.

Why Republicans Are Boycotting the Presidential Debates

(The Atlantic) – Only those conversant with the pro-Trump right’s myths and legends will be able to decipher the Republican National Committee’s latest decision.

Climate crisis is both the challenge and the opportunity

(Global Times) – The focus with the Paulson Prize for Sustainability is to discover the turning points, the opportunities, and the scalable ideas that make our world stronger and more resilient with sustainable solutions as we transform to a low carbon economy.

China’s ‘Zero Covid’ Has Become Xi’s Nemesis

(Bloomberg) – Beijing oversold its surveillance-based system of disease control and underestimated the shape-shifting virus. The result is an economic mess — though probably not a political crisis.

(Podcast) Evidence of atrocities increasing across Ukraine

(Anderson Coper 360º) – Given Bucha, and Borodianka, the leveling of Mariupol, attacks on hospitals, and use of anti-personnel weapons on civilians, it is not hard to make a case that Russian tactics in Ukraine amount to war crimes.

Dan Cnossen

With captivating stories from his time in SEAL training, his numerous military deployments, and his pursuit of athletic excellence at the Paralympic Games, Dan will leaves audiences both in awe of one man’s will and inspired to take on the challenges in their own lives.

Matt Doherty

Matt Doherty is a respected business consultant and leadership development expert. He played and coached basketball at University of North Carolina, starting on the 1982 National Championship team with NBA great Michael Jordan and continuing on to coach the team later in life. He led the Tar Heels to the 2001 regular season ACC Championship […]

China’s year of unpredictability

(GZERO) – Russia’s war in Ukraine has put China in an awkward spot: they condemn the invasion, but not the invader.

Does The U.S. Have The World On Its Side In Ukraine?

(CNBC) – The Eurasia Group’s Ian Bremmer joins Morning Joe for a discussion on recent remarks from Putin that Russia cannot be isolated from the rest of the world.

Annie Leibovitz photographs Rhianna for her seventh VOGUE cover

(VOGUE) – Annie Leibovitz photographs Rhianna for her seventh VOGUE cover.

(Podcast) – Straight Talk with Hank Paulson – Carter Roberts

(Straight Talk) – Hank Paulson with Carter Roberts

(Video) China’s discontent & the Russia distraction

(GZERO) – Russia’s war in Ukraine has put China in an awkward spot: they condemn the invasion, but not the invader.

Pressure builds as Shanghai, a city of 25 million, remains locked inside

(CNN) – “This is not sustainable” is a common refrain.

(Podcast) How Language Lights Up the Brain

(Chasing Life) – Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks to Professor John Schwieter about what’s happening in the brain when we learn a new language and the potential health benefits of being bilingual.

China isn’t budging on zero-COVID

(GZERO) – In China, the zero-COVID policy means that they’ve got still major lockdowns.

China is not using Covid lockdowns to build immunity: Dr. Scott Gottlieb

(CNBC) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner and CNBC contributor, joins CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ to discuss China’s response to a spike in Covid-19 infections in Shanghai.

Dr. Redfield: China’s failed ‘zero-COVID’ policy proves lockdowns don’t work

(FOX) – Shanghai has reported more than 73,000 positive infections since March.

What Ukraine Needs Now

(The Atlantic) – Even at this maximum moment of global sympathy, international assistance to Ukraine is falling far short of its needs.

CNN Correspondent Warns Covid Lockdown In Shanghai This Year Will Be Worse Than In Wuhan In 2020

(Mediaite) – CNN correspondent David Culver warned on Monday that the coronavirus lockdown in Shanghai this year will be worse than the one in Wuhan in 2020.

New documentary gives a revealing look at the life of skateboarding champion Tony Hawk

(CBS) – The new HBO documentary “Tony Hawk: Until the Wheels Fall Off” has no shortage of thrills. But it also shows a more vulnerable side of the legendary skateboarding champ.

British nobility comes to Delray Beach for a good cause

(CBS) – Lady Carnarvon brought life back to Highclere Castle through people, by bringing tours, special events and more.

This isn’t a war between good and evil

Mythical struggles are the tool of the despot The images emerging from Bucha are haunting. Dead civilians line the streets, many with their hands bound behind their backs. They are the victims of systematic executions, left to rot before the Russians decided to retreat. Reports of such atrocities always strike a chord across Western Europe and North America. […]

Ukraine Shows Why Taiwan Needs More Air Defense

(War on the Rocks) – Taiwan faces formidable geographic and technological disadvantages in the face of a looming military threat from the mainland.

Authoritarians having a moment

(GZERO) – After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, much of the world may be running away from Vladimir Putin right now — but they’re not running toward the US, Ian Bremmer explains on GZERO World.

Former US Ambassador Gary Locke speaks at UWL about the war in Ukraine

(UWL) – In Locke and Gow’s discussion, they first discussed international relations between the United States and China as well as ties to Russia and Ukraine.

Concerns grow over China’s support for Russia despite its war in Ukraine

(CBS) – Former U.S. Ambassador to China Gary Locke, who is now interim president of Bellevue College, spoke with CBS News anchors Meg Oliver and Tanya Rivero about China’s efforts to drum up sympathy for Russia.

CDC Can Do Better: Five Former Directors on Room for Improvement

(MedPage Today) – Redfield: “I was shocked to see how under-resourced the agency was”

Pence offers a second contract with America

In trying to help Republicans win back a congressional majority in the fall, Pence may be helping himself for a White House run in 2024.

Osterholm says the CDC needs a detailed review of COVID protocols as some measures just wasted money

(Audacity) – Dr. Osterholm joins the Chad Hartman radio show.

The collateral damage from China vs Covid-19

(Business Live) – The decision by Chinese officials to hide the truth about the coronavirus and the dangers it posed ensured its spread around the world.

Zelenskyy and Ukraine’s freedom fighters are an inspiration, deserve more of the world’s support

(Foc) – President Zelenskyy has shown us that one person can make a huge difference in a country’s battle for survival.

National Omicron BA.2 Wave Unlikely To Hit US, Says Former FDA Commissioner

(International Business Times) – Gottlieb also suggested that this did not mean a fresh wave of infections is over the horizon.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb believes omicron BA.2 subvariant unlikely to cause ‘national wave’ in U.S.

(CNBC) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb believes the U.S. this spring will avoid a “national wave” of infection related to the more contagious.

Russian war crimes push West to escalate sanctions and Ukraine support

(GZERO) – With evidence of Russian war crimes in Ukraine mounting, how will the West respond?

(Podcast) The Power of Music

(Chasing Life) – Why do we have such strong emotional connections to music? Well, the answer lies in our brains.

Authoritarians Gone Wild | What Putin Got “Desperately Wrong” | GZERO World with Ian Bremmer

(GZERO) – Authoritarians like Putin believe they are triumphing over democracy.

Photographer deep dives into seas, environmentalism

(NWI Times) – Nicklen urged people frustrated about issues like climate change to get involved.

Russia has pushed Finland towards full NATO membership: former Finnish PM Alexander Stubb

(GZERO) – Ten years from now, Stubb anticipates a Russia that will be as isolated as North Korea is today.

2024 prelude: Mike Pence’s moves prepare former VP for likely White House run

(Fox) – Pence will visit the state’s capital city to speak during the April 30 commencement at Columbia International University.

Seven Worst-Case Scenarios From the War in Ukraine

(Bloomberg) – Most conflicts end quickly, but this one looks increasingly like it won’t. The repercussions could range from global stagflation to World War III.

(Podcast) 393: Dr. Dave Ashok Chokshi

(Person Place Thing) – “We have gotten vaccinated not just to protect ourselves but to protect our communities.”

Former Defense Secretary Mark Esper: Why Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Is Failing

(American Optimist) – Esper dissects Russia’s military weaknesses and explains how its invasion of Ukraine may ultimately strengthen NATO and change China’s calculations with regard to Taiwan.

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Congress should warn the market when it plans to scale down Covid funding, says Dr. Scott Gottlieb

(CNBC) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner and CNBC contributor, joins CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ to discuss the nation’s ongoing pandemic response and more.

Marc Short Joins Mornings with Maria on Fox Business

(Fox) – Marc Short joins Mornings with Maria to discuss oil and the Administration’s agenda.

(Podcast) Russia’s War – China’s Lesson? Ambassador Robert O’Brien | THE TANYA ACKER SHOW

(The Tanya Acker Show) – Tanya talks to the former National Security Advisor about Russia’s war on Ukraine; the U.S. response; and the potential implications for China and Taiwan.

Have concerns about another Covid booster? Here’s what a doctor says

(CNN) – The FDA has authorized a second Covid-19 booster for some individuals. CNN medical analyst and emergency room physician Dr. Leana Wen discusses who does and doesn’t need an extra dose.

Advancing American Freedom Launches “Freedom Agenda”

(Advancing America Freedom) – Mike Pence announces his Freedom Agenda.

The Freedom Agenda

(Advancing American Freedom) – Former Vice President releases his freedom agenda.

Billionaire tax: ‘There are more efficient ways’ to make the rich pay more, economist says

(Yahoo! Finance) – Tyler Goodspeed joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss President Biden’s proposed billionaire tax, interest rate hikes, deficit reduction, and inflation.

What Trump Is Hiding

(The Atlantic) – Seven hours and 37 minutes of missing phone records on January 6 suggest consciousness of guilt.

The Real Ginni Thomas Problem Is Trump

(The Atlantic) – The calls to overturn the 2020 election results were coming from inside the White House.

Photographers including Annie Leibovitz launch campaign to change the meaning of ‘all-inclusive’ break to ‘all are welcome’, with striking images of minority groups on holiday

(Daily Mail) – The campaign wants to ‘improve the representation of all people who travel in marketing materials’ 

(Podcast) Escaping the Grip of Social Anxiety

(Chasing Life) – Sanjay Gupta talks to clinical psychologist Ellen Hendriksen about what’s really going on in our brains when we experience social anxiety and how we can shift that self-doubt into something positive.

Shanghai will have a hard time containing Covid infections, says Dr. Scott Gottlieb

(CNBC) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner and CNBC contributor, joins CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ to discuss China’s zero-Covid policy and more.

(Podcast) – How to close gaps in social determinants of health

(Kevin Pho Podcast) – I suspect that many people view such data as interesting—but not exactly surprising. We have always known that sometimes there is little we can do medically to help a person until we have attended to their so-called social determinants of health (SDOH).

Do we need a Trans Olympics?

(UnHerd) – (Opinion) Lia Thomas should not compete against women.

Ian Explains: Putin at War With the West | GZERO World

(GZERO) – Vladimir Putin sees the response to Ukraine as the West being at war with Russia.

We’re failing people with opioid use disorder

(Kevin Pho Podcast) – Now is the time to harness the same energy for the opioid crisis.

Europe’s empty promises to Ukraine

(UnHerd) – It’s time to show what ‘burden sharing’ means.

A Nation Worth Fighting For

(The Atlantic) – Ukraine claims something more than sympathy from the democratic world. It claims membership.

Putin Misunderstands History. So, Unfortunately, Does the U.S.

(Bloomberg) – Biden is making a colossal mistake in thinking he can bleed Russia dry, topple Putin and signal to China to keep its hands off Taiwan.

(Podcast) China’s Ukraine Balancing Act

(China Global) – Dr. Evan Feigenbaum joins.

Putin’s Army Failing in Ukraine, Ex-U.S. Defense Chief Says

(Bloomberg) – Russia has failed to achieve any of its major objectives in Ukraine, former U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Tuesday.

Marc Short joins Fox News to discuss the Biden Admin’s attack on energy independence

(FOX) – Marc Short joins Fox News to discuss the Biden Admin’s attack on energy independence.


Mailbag: From Tanzania to Germany, Jane Answers Hopecaster Messages About How Anyone with Passion and Empathy Can Make a Difference In this mailbag episode of the Hopecast, Dr. Goodall is joined by Guy Kawasaki, author, speaker, entrepreneur, chief evangelist of Canva, and the creator of Guy Kawasaki’s ‘Remarkable People’ podcast, as they hear from Hopecasters […]

5 Habits Of Highly Successful Innovators

Transcending industry, geography and upbringing, here are the five core beliefs shared by hundreds of the world’s most successful innovators. n our turbulent business climate, we all seek new pathways to growth and success. Yes, winning can be elusive in these times of dizzying speed and ruthless competition. Companies like Tesla, Amazon, Netflix and JetBlue […]

Ethnic Russians in Ukraine: A look back

(GZERO) – Ian Bremmer reflects on his PhD work on Russians in Ukraine after the USSR collapsed.

Russia’s war on Ukraine will create a new kind of Cold War

(Nikkei Asia) – New diplomatic infrastructure will take years to build.

War hell: Biden wears a helmet, takes bike ride at the beach

(Washington Post) – Luckily, Lincoln did not have to contend with the brave warriors of Twitter, or we would still be fighting the Civil War.

(Podcast) It’s Time to Stop Doom Scrolling

(Chasing Life) – CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta speaks to social media researcher Prof. Dar Meshi about what social media is doing to our brains, and why we need to set healthy boundaries around our social media use.

Charles Hurt

Charlie Hurt’s determined, assertive approach to examining and reporting on U.S. politics is unrivaled. He is a prominent voice of American conservatism following more than two decades of reporting on politics for various top media resources. His podcast, Politically Unstable launched in 2019 and offers succinct recaps of what is going on in the government […]

Time to Defeat Putin in Ukraine

(Gingrich 360) – President Biden could go to Brussels to announce a strategy for defeating Putin in Ukraine.

Putin Past the Point of No Return | Finland’s Fmr PM Alexander Stubb | GZERO World with Ian Bremmer

(GZERO) – Ian interviews Stubb, former Finnish PM who sayd Putin has backed himself into a corner & won’t back down on Ukraine.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb: New BA.2 Covid variant not likely to cause a major surge in U.S.

(CNBC) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner and CNBC contributor, joins CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ to discuss whether the U.S. could soon see another surge in Covid-19 cases.

Steve Hilton: Xi Jinping picked the wrong side with Michael Pillsbury

(FOX) – Hudson Institute senior fellow Michael Pillsbury weighs in on China’s push for global supremacy on ‘The Next Revolution.’

Pence distances himself from Trump as he eyes 2024 campaign

(Washington Post) – Pence is beginning to distance himself from Trump as he takes increasingly overt steps toward a White House bid of his own.

How Vladimir Putin weaponises refugees

(UnHerd) – Immigrants have become a tool of war.

(Podcast) – Family medicine and the fight for the soul of health care

(Kevin Pho Podcast) – Family doctors everywhere are searching out more sustainable career paths for themselves, leading to so much career variety that the very label family doctor starts losing its preferred connotation

(Podcast) Rick Green and Lt. Colonel Allen West: Biblical Citizenship Through Understanding the American Constitution

(Lauren Green’s Lighthouse Faith) – Being a good citizen is everyone’s civic responsibility.

Gottlieb expects “some increase” in COVID-19 cases from BA.2 variant

(Face the Nation) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb says he doesn’t think “we’re going to see a big wave of infection” from the BA.2 variant, “but we’re going to see some uptick from where we are right now.”

Transcript: Dr. Scott Gottlieb on “Face the Nation,” March 20, 2022

(Face the Nation) – The following is a transcript of an interview with Dr. Scott Gottlieb that aired Sunday, March 20, 2022, on “Face the Nation.”

1066, 1914, 1989, 2022? We have seen very few years in history that have been truly pivotal…

(Daily Mail) – This could be one – but ONLY if the West gets better leadership, argues Niall Ferguson.

Newt Gingrich: This is an invitation to war

(Fox Business) – Former speaker of the House gives his take on a new Iran deal allowing Russia to build a controversial nuclear plant on ‘Kudlow.’

Eric Rosengren

As a 35-year veteran of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Eric Rosengren is one of modern times’ most knowledgeable experts on financial markets and institutions. He served on the Fed’s Open Market Committee during some of the most turbulent periods in the past 50 years, including the Great Financial Crisis and the Pandemic. An […]

Gingrich: How whacked out do you have to be?

(Fox) – Newt Gingrich tells Laura Ingraham the Left has always been prepared to smother anybody who disagrees with them.

China has a high price for brokering Russia-Ukraine peace deal: Pillsbury

(Fox) – WWSG exclusive thought leader Michael Pillsbury says a peace deal is necessary.

(Interview) Effective, Efficient Public Service | Seema Verma, Former Administrator, CMS

(Her Story) – Verma’s tenure at CMS, and noted difficulties and opportunities related to lowering the costs of healthcare at a national scale.

Joe Girardi on vaccinated Phillies: Players ‘have to do what they feel is right’

(Inquirer) – Unvaccinated foreign visitors aren’t allowed to enter Canada and the Phillies play the Blue Jays in Toronto on July 12-13.

‘The virus isn’t done with us’

(Politico) – We’ve reached another one of those unsettling, too-good-to-be-true moments in the pandemic.

Eastern European Leaders Visit Kyiv In Unprecedented Show of Support

(GZERO) – The PMs of Poland, Slovenia, the Czech Republic visit Zelensky in Kyiv, while it’s being bombed.

Zelensky Knows How to Talk to the West | Quick Take | GZERO Media

(GZERO) – Zelensky’s ability to directly engage with the masses and Congress is astonishingly strong.


Jenna Johnson: Hope is Companies Leading Solutions and Lifting Up Voices for Change  In this episode of the Hopecast, Dr. Jane Goodall speaks with Jenna Johnson, Head of Patagonia Inc. Through her work at Patagonia, Jenna brings environmental stewardship to the company’s technical innovation. She is also an avid rock climbing and trail sports enthusiast. […]

Dr. Gottlieb says China is ‘very vulnerable’ to omicron subvariant spread despite ‘zero-Covid policy’

(CNBC) – Low levels of immunity are complicating China’s efforts to limit spread during its surge in cases of the new Covid omicron BA.2 subvariant, Dr. Scott Gottlieb told CNBC on Monday.

New front in attack on Trump

(Washington Times) – Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt joins Andy Parks with a look back at how the loudest voices in political conversation are the most out of touch with regular voters.

The U.S. Subsidy That Empowers Putin

(The Atlantic) – Ending America’s foolish subsidies for ethanol could aid Ukraine.

Extended interview: Dr. Dave Chokshi reflects on guiding New York City through the pandemic as health commissioner

(CBS New York) – The city’s top health official is stepping down Monday after guiding New York City through most of the pandemic. Dr. Dave Chokshi was named city health commissioner in August 2020. He spoke with CBS2’s Jessica Moore.

New York’s Vaccine Mandates Saved Lives, Departing Health Boss Says

(New York Times) – Dr. Dave Chokshi led the city through the pandemic and is proud of its aggressive measures to combat the virus.

(Podcast) Hybrid Workplace Can Create Siloes and Biases – We Need To Be Aware and Accountable

(NextNow) – Cheryl Cran talks about some patterns in challenges in hybrid workplace such as an increase in silos if we are not careful.

CITIZEN by CNN: How America Works

(CNN) – CNN’s Poppy Harlow interviews the Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh about how COVID-19 has impacted the nature of work.

CITIZEN by CNN: How America Works

(CNN) – CNN’s Poppy Harlow interviews the Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh about how COVID-19 has impacted the nature of work.

(Podcast) 11 Months in Space

(Chasing Life) – When astronaut Christina Koch embarked on her 11-month spaceflight, she knew it would be a record-breaking mission; what she didn’t know is that she would return to Earth just at the start of a global pandemic.

U.S. could see Covid uptick over next couple weeks: Dr. Scott Gottlieb

(CNBC) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner and CNBC contributor, joins CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ two years into the pandemic to discuss lessons learned and the latest Covid-19 headlines.

China’s Place in the War in Ukraine | Quick Take | GZERO Media

(GZERO) – If Ukraine impacts the China & the US/Europe relationship, it would change the global order.

Will the Ukraine War Succeed Where COVID Failed? | GZERO Media

(GZERO) – Russia’s war will strengthen trans-Atlantic cooperation beyond security – including global health.

From Hubris To Humility, How To Avoid Future Covid-19 Mistakes And Get To The “Next Normal”

(Forbes) – Osterholm’s common sense epidemiological world view, that is, that simple solutions and planning can yield large benefits, is clear in the report.

Czar Vladimir Putin is divorced from reality: Niall Ferguson

(Nikkei Asia) – Xi will ponder whether China could handle sanctions over Taiwan, historian Niall Ferguson says.

Jessica Alba

While superstar Jessica Alba needs no introduction, it’s important to point out that beyond her accomplishments on-screen, Ms. Alba has an honest and true desire to improve the lives of others–both through her extensive charity service and with her company, Honest, which specializes in safe products for home and personal care. Jessica Alba exemplifies leading […]

President’s plans for nursing homes don’t meet the moment

(Modern Healthcare) – The pandemic has placed a bright spotlight on the challenges nursing homes face—both for-profit and not-for-profit—and the need for solutions.

Former U.S. official on student loans: Borrowers need clarity before payment pause ends

(Yahoo Finance) – I am a longstanding critic of the current student loan program because of its fundamental misalignment of incentives, putting all the risks on students and taxpayers, with little accountability for colleges to make sure loans are affordable and students actually receive a meaningful education that will help them secure good incomes and jobs.

Former Vice President Pence becomes most senior global leader to visit Hebron

(JNS) – “Great honor for Karen Pence and I to travel to Hebron today to visit the Tomb of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs at the Cave of Machpelah that Abraham bought to bury Sarah nearly 4,000 years ago,” Pence tweeted, adding that Abraham is revered by three “great world religions.”

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Is America ready to take the next step in its Covid-19 recovery?

(CNN) – We must realize that America’s health is dependent on the health of all the other patients on the planet: When any one of us is at risk, we are all at risk.

Former U.S. official on student loans: Borrowers need clarity before payment pause ends

(Yahoo Finance) – In announcing the extension to May 1, the president and his administration strongly communicated that payment obligations would resume and that borrowers needed to prepare.

Niall Ferguson says the Ukrainian resistance cannot ‘last that much longer’ against Russia’s attacks

(CNBC) – Niall Ferguson of the Hoover Institution says the media has encouraged a mistaken assumption that the Ukrainians can hold out.

(Podcast) China’s Ukraine conundrum, with Evan Feigenbaum

(Sinica) – Evan offers a very compelling analysis of the difficult position that Beijing now finds itself in after Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Biden dispatches ‘The Joker’ to Europe

(Washington Times) – Kamala Harris tries ‘nimble and swift’

Former Vice President Pence visits Ukraine-Poland border and meets with Ukrainian refugees

(CNN) – Former Vice President Mike Pence visited the Ukraine-Poland border on Thursday, meeting with refugees from Ukraine escaping the Russian invasion of their country.

China’s Smart Move Would Be to Push Putin to Peace

(Bloomberg) – The EU and U.S. should make clear to Beijing that Russian recklessness is undermining its global objectives.

Op-Ed: NYC Health Commissioner Dr. Chokshi says Covid pandemic has left U.S. with new epidemic of loneliness

(CNBC) – Our programs must start upstream to prevent loneliness and to grow and sustain a wider sense of belonging in all of our communities

Pakistan Suffered From Global Role; Should Focus Domestically, Says Former Top Diplomat | GZERO

(GZERO) – “Our first role should be to our own people,” Pakistan’s former Foreign Minister Hina Khar.

Don’t Bet on Russia Backing Down | Quick Take | GZERO Media

(GZERO) – Putin is hellbent on removing Zelensky from power and capturing Kyiv.

Drew Brees

Drew Brees is the legendary former quarterback for the New Orleans Saints of the National Football League. He is a 2009 Super Bowl champion and MVP, holding the NFL record for most passing yards of all time and the most consecutive games with a touchdown pass. Beyond his accomplishments on the field, Drew founded The […]

The Food War

(The Atlantic) – The food shock of 2022 is not a good-news story. But our “bad” is less bad than ever before.

US Ban on Russian Oil Imports Not Coordinated With NATO Allies | World In :60 | GZERO Media

(GZERO) – The Europeans are not willing or able to go as far as the US on a Russian oil ban.

(Podcast) Your Work is Not Your Life

(Chasing Life) – CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta speaks to author Rahaf Harfoush about being a recovering workaholic, and how we should all rethink our relationship to our jobs.

Laila Ali

Laila Ali is a world-class athlete, fitness & wellness advocate, TV host, home chef, founder of the Laila Ali Lifestyle Brand, and mother of two. The youngest daughter of late beloved global icon and humanitarian, Muhammad Ali, she is a two-time hall of famer and four-time undefeated boxing world champion, whose stellar record includes 24 […]

Dick Vermeil

One of the most distinguished coaching careers in National Football League history officially concluded when Dick Vermeil announced his retirement from professional football in 2006. Vermeil spent 15 seasons as an NFL head coach and was a member of the league’s coaching fraternity for 19 seasons.  In addition, Vermeil has had a prestigious career as […]

Brutus in South Carolina

(Washington Times) – Chicken hawks and turncoats crow for another oil war.

(Podcast) The Future of Remote Work – Cheryl Cran Interviews Liam Martin

(NextNow) – Liam Martin shares his keen insights on the future workplace and why remote is here to stay.

Gary Locke on China’s Stance in Ukraine

(Bloomberg) – Former U.S. Secretary of Commerce and ambassador to China, Gary Locke, discusses China’s stance on Russia-Ukraine war. He speaks with David Westin on Bloomberg’s “Balance of Power.”

Former VP Mike Pence to speak at UVA

(NBC) – Former Vice President Mike Pence will be speaking at the University of Virginia next month.

Releasing strategic petroleum reserve is a joke: Fmr. White House chief of staff Mulvaney

(CNBC) – Former U.S. Congresswoman Donna Edwards and Mick Mulvaney, former acting White House chief of staff, join CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ to discuss inflation, higher energy prices and more.

This war is going to drag on for weeks, if not months, says fmr. Sec. of Defense Esper

(CNBC) – Mark Esper joins ‘Closing Bell’ to discuss Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and what it means to the balance of power in Europe going forward.

(Audio & Transcript) The battle for Ukraine could test the limits of closer ties between China and Russia

(NPR) – China, though, is watching carefully. NPR’s Beijing correspondent, Emily Feng, reports.

New Cold War: Russia Has “Permanently” Broken Relations With EU & US

(GZERO) – Putin would have been radically better off if he had never invaded Ukraine.

A Dangerous Dance: Evan Feigenbaum on China’s Role in Ukraine

(The Octavian Report) – “Everyone presumes that China is the senior partner and Russia is the junior. That’s intuitive. But Beijing is now carrying a hell of a lot of freight for Moscow.”

Examining the Future of Homecare

(Home Care Mag) – Seema Verma speaks.

This Is No Time for Protectionism

(The Atlantic) – In his State of the Union address, President Biden embraced one of Trump’s worst ideas.

Fmr. Pence COS On Jan. 6 Committee’s Claim Trump, Allies In “Criminal Conspiracy”

(MSNBC) – Former Chief of Staff to Vice President MIke Pence Marc Short discusses the January 6. committee’s claims that Former President Trump and campaign members were involved in a criminal conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election.

Putin’s goal is to prevent Ukraine making a ‘success of democracy’, says Niall Ferguson

(ABC) – Why is Vladimir Putin so hellbent on pulling Ukraine back into the Russian empire by force? Ferguson explains.

Biden’s political Mardi Gras

(Washington Times) – Lies like the devil, warps history, resurrects Trump.

Retired General John Kelly on whether Russia has enough resources to take Kyiv

(CBS) – Former White House chief of staff and former Homeland Security secretary Gen. John Kelly speaks with CBS News about whether Moscow has the resources to take Kyiv.

I don’t know why we don’t throw every sanction we can at Russia, says Mark Esper

Mark Esper, former defense secretary under Trump and author of “A Sacred Oath” joins ‘Closing Bell’ to discuss the endgame for war in Ukraine, his position on what’s acceptable in terms of a withdrawal and whether he sees opportunity for a diplomatic resolution to war in Ukraine.

Historian Ferguson on Russia’s Ukraine Attack, China-Taiwan

(Bloomberg) – Historian Niall Ferguson discusses Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and its implications for China’s stance on Taiwan. He speaks with Haidi Stroud-Watts and Shery Ahn on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Australia.”

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy is a ‘legend’ Former Trump national security adviser

(FOX) – Former Trump national security adviser Robert O’Brien tells ‘The Story with Martha MacCallum’ that Ukrainian president Zelenskyy is a true ‘patriot,’ compared to Putin who’s invading his country.

Former Navy secretary: The addiction to fossil fuels empowers Putin

(The Hill) – Major economies in the West need fossil fuels piped in from the East, so Putin has the leverage — and the money — to undermine the security and economic independence of our allies.

An Indo-Pacific Economic Framework

(CEIP) – Even though the U.S. economic role in Asia is growing in absolute terms, it is receding in relative terms, which means that, to lead, Washington should be leaning harder on the other traditional pillar of its economic leadership, which was to be a rule writer and standard setter.

(Testimony Transcript) An Indo-Pacific Economic Framework

(CEIP) – Even though the U.S. economic role in Asia is growing in absolute terms, it is receding in relative terms, which means that, to lead, Washington should be leaning harder on the other traditional pillar of its economic leadership, which was to be a rule writer and standard setter.

Michelle Poler

Michelle Poler is the Founder of Hello Fears, a social movement empowering millions to step outside of the comfort zone and tap into their full potential. Her humorous and inspiring speaking style has been captivating audiences across the globe. Through authentic storytelling, engaging visuals, and sharing her 100 Days Without Fear experience, Michelle will show […]


 This episode of the Hopecast features a conversation between two “one and only” icons: Dr. Jane Goodall and celebrated author, inventor, and environmentalist Margaret Atwood brought together through an interview for Harper’s Bazaar’s March issue and for Women’s History Month. Margaret has written over 50 books of various genres including The Handmaid’s Tale, a renowned dystopian novel that […]

(Podcast) The Health Benefits of Pets

(Chasing Life) – How do pets impact our bodies and brains?

US officials worry the worst is yet to come for Kyiv

(CNN) – Former Defense Secretary under Donald Trump, Mark Esper, discusses what’s at stake for the world as fighting escalates in Ukraine.

Is Your Company Losing Customers? This Could Be The Reason

(Forbes) – From stronger consumer loyalty to better employee retention, simplifying how your company operates today is key to remaining relevant in the future.

Ian Bremmer on What Investors Should Know About Ukraine and Russia

(The Reformed Broker) – Ian Bremmer, President of Eurasia group and GZERO Media talks about the current conflict in Eastern Europe and what the implications will be for the global economy and your portfolio.

Can Putin Recover From This?

(The Atlantic) – The Fed and the European Central Bank move hard, fast, and together.

Joe Biden Has Only Days to Avoid Becoming Jimmy Carter

(Bloomberg) – Rampant inflation, foreign policy fiascoes and failed sanctions — is America back in a national malaise?

Ian Explains: Putin’s NATO Miscalculation | GZERO Media

(GZERO) – Russia’s invasion of Ukraine comes with an unintended consequence: NATO unity.


(Jane Goodall Hopecast) – Join Dr. Goodall as she speaks with author, botanist, decorated professor, and enrolled member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, Robin Wall Kimmerer.

Why Is Putin at War Again? Because He Keeps Winning.

(NY Times) – There is no world leader today with a better track record when it comes to using military power than President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia.

China Faces Irreconcilable Choices on Ukraine

(CEIP) – Beijing’s strategy has been more supple in the past, so its evolution suggests that it has dramatically leaned toward Moscow.

(Podcast) U.S. Warns Ukraine Full-Scale Russian Invasion Is Imminent

(Anderson Cooper 360) – Steve Hall is the former CIA Chief of Russia. He joins AC360 to discuss what Putin’s rationale could be for invading Ukraine.

War in Europe: Russia Invades Ukraine

(GZERO) – The Ukrainian government will surely fall, likely flee, and end up in exile.

(Podcast) Robert O’Brien: ‘Unclear’ if U.S. can confront two great power wars

(JI) – The former national security advisor joined JI’s Limited Liability Podcast.

Time to end secret data laboratories—starting with the CDC

(FOX) – Do public health officials understand why people don’t trust them?

The Future Of Digital Transformation | Mike Walsh | Futurist Keynote Speaker

(Mike Walsh) – TGRT is one of the leading news channels in Turkey and Asligul is a well-known TV journalist with a reputation for her exclusive interviews with internationally-acclaimed figures in different fields from business, politics and science to arts, culture and sports.

How to Beat Putin With Natural Gas

(WSJ) – America and its allies can wean Europe off its dependence on energy imported from Russia.

Mike Pence blasts the Biden admin’s weak actions to deter Russian aggression

(FOX) – Former vice president reacts to the latest developments on the Russia-Ukraine crisis on ‘Hannity.’

Ex-Trump adviser calls on U.S. to prepare for Ukrainian government in exile

(Axios) – O’Brien believes helping Ukraine defend itself is in the U.S. interest and won’t detract from U.S. efforts to address China’s aggression in the Indo-Pacific.

Expect the world’s ungoverned places to export instability

(Nikkei) – Outside actors prove increasingly reluctant to intervene.

The Coming Energy Shock

(The Atlantic) – Beyond the imminent threat of violence, Russia is poised to upend the global energy market.

We deserve better than these weaklings

(Unherd) – Western leaders are crippled by Covid illiberalism.

(Podcast) Putin Orders Russian Forces Into Two Breakaway Regions In Ukraine

(Anderson Cooper 360) – The U.S. expects Russian troops to move into the Donbas region as soon as Monday evening or Tuesday for what Putin called a “peacekeeping” mission.

Why “Cheap Money” Is Worrying Billionaire US Investor Ray Dalio

(GZERO) – Who benefits from a weak dollar? China’s yuan, which Dalio says will become “digital gold.”

(Podcast) You’re Not Alone

(Chasing Life) – Public health experts have been warning for years about a looming “loneliness epidemic” in the United States, with serious potential impacts on our mental and physical health.

Russian Troops into Donbas: Beginning of a New Cold War? | Quick Take | GZERO Media

(GZERO) – Diplomacy has failed between the US, its allies & the Russians.

Smart Upgrades to America’s Advanced Fighter Jet Are Key to Continued Air Supremacy

(Real Clear Defense) – Air supremacy will be one of the most important aspects that will define future warfare.

Time to end secret data laboratories—starting with the CDC

(FOX) – The American people are waking up to the fact that too many public health leaders have not always been straight with them.

What Putin Really Wants

(Quillette) – What is Vladimir Putin trying to get out of the current crisis? The restoration of Russian status on the world stage, and a return to the days when Russia had a powerful voice in European affairs.

Clarence Page: Why Black voting rights matter

(GZERO) – Clarence Page discusses the past and future of the struggle for Black voting rights in America.

Investors Are Often the First Casualties of War

(Bloomberg) – From Waterloo to the Ukraine crisis, fears of conflict have moved interest rates, boosted commodities prices and won (and lost) people fortunes.

How to Grow as a Person (And Why It Sucks) | Johnny Crowder | TEDxEustis

(TED Talks) – In this energetic and inspiring talk, recorded at TEDxEustis 2020, Johnny Crowder details the difficulties and pitfalls of trying to grow as a person. Utilizing his personal story, Crowder reveals the ways your human brain can short circuit your attempts to improve and shares the methods and tools you can use to sustain desired changes and grow as a person.

Ambitions and Emotions Run Hot in ‘The Founders,’ a History of PayPal

Jimmy Soni’s book tells the story of how an ensemble of entrepreneurs, including Elon Musk and Peter Thiel, helped the online payment system prevail.

Is the US in decline while China’s power grows?

(GZERO) – Who said last year that the biggest source of chaos in the present-day world is the US?

A test to determine COVID immunity could reshape US policy

(The Hill) – We need to shift the focus to a greater understanding of how protected we are from it and other variants that may emerge. 

Putin seems in ‘losing column’ over Ukraine standoff, says former U.S. Defense Sec. Mark Esper

(CNBC) – Mark Esper joins CNBC “Squawk on the Street” to discuss the potential invasion of Ukraine from Russian forces, and how the Biden Administration and NATO could deter further Russian aggression.

Americans Are Still Living With a 2020 Attitude Toward COVID-19 Risk. It’s Time for That to Change

(TIME) – We’ve gradually found a way to coexist with this virus. Now we need a glide path to what normal becomes and a new math to guide how we adapt to COVID-19 even if we never fully defeat it.

Durham probe + Mrs. Greene goes to Washington

(Washington Times) – Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt gives his take on the explosive allegations in the Durham probe.

Caught by Surprise

(Maptia) – In one of the most astonishing underwater hunts I have ever seen, I witnessed the intelligent and calculated behaviour of sailfish working in unison to control bait balls thousands strong, wielding their giant dorsal fins and powerful bills to great effect in the hunt.

Crypto fans ignore its ups and downs

(GZERO) – Crypto fans insist the tech is anonymous, secure, and unhackable. Critics say it’s a Ponzi scheme.

Does China’s Rise Have To Mean America’s Decline? | GZERO World with Ian Bremmer

(GZERO) – Chinese on the rise, while America is declining? Does this mean investors should bet on China?

America needs a confirmed leader at FDA — now

(The Hill) – The FDA is vital to their solutions; more than a year into a new administration, it is long past time to have confirmed leadership at the FDA.

Allen West campaigns as ‘real Republican’ for Texas Governor

(ABC) – “The number one issue is the border. And also safety and security,” said West, a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel.

(Podcast) The Mystery of the Teenage Brain

(Chasing Life Podcast) – Dr. Sanjay Gupta dives into the neuroscience of the teen brain to figure out how teens make decisions and weigh risks.

(Podcast) – Defining Fulfillment

(The Defining Fulfillment Podcast) – True fulfillment is created from within and defining it is the first step in experiencing the happiness you desire in life.

The Truth About The Downton Abbey Castle

(The List) – The cost of running such a castle doesn’t come cheap, with the Countess of Carnarvon telling The Telegraph that it costs about £1 million (roughly $1.3 million) a year just to keep Highclere Castle running.

Russia-Ukraine: Diplomacy is still on the table

(GZERO) – Ian Bremmer’s Quick Take: Diplomacy is still happening, but both sides are still far apart.

Memoir by Mark Esper — a former secretary of defense, Army — is due in May, after Pentagon drops its challenge

(The Virginian Pilot) – Mark Esper’s memoir of his time as Donald Trump’s Army secretary and fifth defense secretary — ending in his firing by tweet after the 2020 election — is on for May.

Former CMS Chief Verma: VBID Demo Meant to Fix Hospice Inconsistencies

(Hospice News) – “When it came to hospice, I think the issue there was looking at the data – and the volatility in the data,” Verma said. “We weren’t seeing consistency across the board.”

Dr. Scott Gottlieb breaks down Pfizer’s delayed Covid vaccine for young children

(CNBC) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb joins ‘Squawk Box’ to explain why Pfizer and the FDA delayed the company’s application for its Covid-19 vaccine in young children.

Trump Covid Advisor Dr. Deborah Birx Says Book Will ‘Expose’ Early Pandemic Missteps

(Forbes) – Dr. Deborah Birx, the onetime face of the Trump Administration’s pandemic response, has written a memoir she says documents “the full extent” of what she experienced during the onset of the coronavirus pandemic amid the former president’s term and will “expose the true cost of mistakes.”

Former FDA Scott Gottlieb head urges CDC to change indoor mask guidance

(NY Post) – The CDC should amend its guidance to recommend lifting mask guidance in areas experiencing low rates of the virus, the FDA’s former head said Sunday.

Gottlieb says new data prompted FDA to delay decision on vaccine for young kids

(Face the Nation) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb says the FDA moved to delay a decision on vaccines for kids under 5 due to new data about the efficacy of the shots.

Transcript: Dr. Scott Gottlieb on “Face the Nation,” February 13, 2022

(Face the Nation) – The CDC is setting a national standard and there’s still parts of the country that have a lot of Omicron infection, not every part of the country is through this wave of the epidemic.

Canada’s Trucker Blockades Are a Warning

(The Atlantic) – If a crackdown on protesters goes bad, the negative consequences may not be confined to the country.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta examines actor and comedian Bob Saget’s autopsy report and says the report reveals

(CNN) – Dr. Sanjay Gupta examines actor and comedian Bob Saget’s autopsy report and says the report reveals what seems to be signs of a significant blow to the head.

Joe Grogan on Biden Administration’s Pandemic and Mental Health Policies

(Washington Journal) – Joe Grogan, former director of the White House Domestic Policy Council under President Trump, talked about the Biden administration’s pandemic and mental health policies.

‘The Founders’ Review: Making the Future Click

A mixture of ambition, rivalry, smarts and luck made PayPal an early Silicon Valley success story.

Dr. Gupta explains what to do if you sustain a serious head injury

(CNN) – CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains how to identify symptoms of a serious head injury and what action should be taken after Bob Saget’s family reveals the comedian died from the result of head trauma.

Osterholm: COVID conditions better, but virus ‘not done with us’

(Minnesota Now) – What are we going to do better next time than we’ve done for omicron, which has literally broken many of our health care systems around the country.

To end Tennessee school closures, federal government aid just isn’t enough

(Tennesseean) – Leaders must work to keep school children in the classroom as a public health matter. Test-to-Stay is a COVID era tool that helps schools stay open.

Trump’s 2024 strategy could echo the disputed US election of 1876

(GZERO) – For Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Clarence Page, new voting laws in some Republican-led states could help Donald Trump do in 2024 what he failed to do in 2020.

Allen West’s goal: ‘Restore the state of Texas’

(Tyler Paper) – Republican candidate for governor Allen West visited Tyler on Tuesday where he discussed his plans for Texas.

Home-Based Care Can Help Turn Around CMS’ Investment Portfolio, Former Administrator Says

(Home Health Care News) – Speaking at the Home Care 100 conference Tuesday, she expressed enthusiasm for a new era of data-tracking and technology, as well as value-based care, Medicare Advantage and hospital at home.

(Podcast) This Is Your Brain on Love

(Chasing Live) – Love is in the air… but today we’re talking neurochemicals, not roses!

NFL Needs Collective Action, Transparency to Improve Diversity

(Sportico) – Brave people will step into this breach and demand change, and we will join them.

Black voter suppression in 2022

(GZERO) – Until the 1965 Voting Rights Act, Black people in America who wanted to vote faced impossible poll questions and literacy tests.

Beware AI’s negative impact on our world, warns former Google CEO Eric Schmidt

(GZERO) – Does Big Tech really understand AI? Ian Bremmer talks to former Google CEO Eric Schmidt & co-author of “The Age of AI: And Our Human Future,” who believes we need to control AI before it controls us.

Former Pentagon Chief Mark Esper Drops Lawsuit over Memoir

(The National Herald) – Esper’s lawyer, Mark S. Zaid, said in a statement on Friday that the Pentagon had reversed its stance on “the overwhelming majority” of material that officials had deemed classified and thus not for publication.

Transcript: Dr. Scott Gottlieb on “Face the Nation,” February 6, 2022

(CBS) – I still believe it was important to get baseline immunity in children ahead of the Omicron wave.

Omicron’s surge helped clarify the Pfizer vaccine’s efficacy in young children, a company board member says.

(NYT) – Dr. Gottlieb, who sits on the board of the vaccine maker Pfizer, said that he hopes key data expected on Friday will shed additional light on whether the federal government should grant emergency authorization for two doses of Pfizer-BioNTech’s vaccine for children in this age group.

After Crypto’s Cold Winter, Expect Springtime for Web 3.0

(Bloomberg) – Long-run financial history suggests that negative interest rates are not unusual and that DeFi is a bona fide revolution.

Pence’s Former Chief of Staff: Trump Had ‘Bad Advisers’

(National Review) – On Sunday, Short described his experience on January 6, 2021 when a mob of Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol as Congress met to certify the electoral votes.

The Humiliating Ohio Senate Race

(The Atlantic) – Bernie Moreno used to be the perfect Republican candidate. Then Donald Trump took over.

Private and public sectors must collaborate on tests, shots, to keep K-12 schools open

(USA Today) – Closed schools hurt not only students but also parents, our economy and health care. Increase COVID testing to help keep schools and workplaces open.

Regulators must act to rein in Wall Street risks as rates rise

(Financial Times) – The Fed needs to reverse course on regulatory easing to ensure financial stability when borrowing costs increase.

Trucker shortage is a national priority

(The Hill) – Millions of Americans were deeply moved by the efforts and sacrifice of the men and women behind the wheel.

(Podcast) – To the Moon with Astronaut Shane Kimbrough

The MXU Podcast) – NASA Astronaut Shane Kimbrough joins the guys to celebrate our 100th episode.

Ian Explains: Russia’s Moves Toward Ukraine | GZERO World with Ian Bremmer

(GZERO) – Putin believes Russians and Ukrainians are one people, but most Ukrainians disagree.

We need to do more than #StopAsianHate

(Washington Examiner) – I hope our country continues to increase our collective recognition of the contributions of this community.

Melissa Stockwell

Melissa Stockwell’s captivating personal story of overcoming grief and hardship leaves audiences simultaneously touched and motivated. Her keynote speeches inspire and remind attendees that there is always a silver lining and it’s never too late to grow and improve. “I am thankful daily for those that have helped me live a life of sport. It […]

Aduhelm Decision Shows Medicare is Making a Mistake in the Fight Against Alzheimer’s

(USC Schaeffer) – There is still time for CMS to reverse field and issue a final determination that rewards innovation and keeps hope alive for millions of people who are trying to avoid one of the nation’s most brutal, impoverishing diseases.

(Podcast) What Memories Are Made Of

(Chasing Life) – CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks to neurobiologist Michael Yassa about how memories are stored in the brain, why we forget, and what we’ve gotten wrong about how it’s supposed to work.

All Eyes on Russia Ahead of Putin-Xi Meeting | Quick Take | GZERO Media

(GZERO) – Ian Bremmer’s Quick Take: A Ukraine invasion won’t happen while Putin is in Beijing.

Will Putin Invade Ukraine? | Ukraine Expert Alina Polyakova | GZERO World with Ian Bremmer

(GZERO) – Putin has responded to Western diplomacy with demands that are impossible to meet.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb: Omicron immunity should protect against new BA.2 Covid variant

(CNBC) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner and CNBC contributor, joins CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ to discuss the new subvariant of the omicron Covid variant, known as BA.2.

Transcript: Dr. Scott Gottlieb on “Face the Nation,” January 30, 2022

(Face the Nation) – You know, the question is, does this change the decision space? I don’t think it does. I don’t think it really changes the narrative.

What the Pandemic Has Revealed About the US and China

(Bloomberg) – Authoritarian regimes tend to boast about themselves and denigrate their rivals. President Xi Jinping’s China is no exception.

Gottlieb says Omicron immunity should provide “backstop” against BA.2 variant

(Face the Nation) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb says the extent of Omicron infection in the U.S. should provide strong immunity against a new variant of Omicron known as BA.2.

The Enduring Lessons of the ‘Axis of Evil’ Speech

(The Atlantic) – Four core ideas from President George W. Bush’s most famous speech have survived as enduring foundations of U.S. security policy.

Fox News Abandons the GOP on Russia

(The Atlantic) – Russia-Ukraine is becoming a trial of strength between different parts of the conservative universe.

Tampa mental health service Cope Notes wins Startup of the Year prize

The startup took home the People’s Choice award at the national tech summit held this week in Tampa.

(Podcast) Speaker Newt Gingrich on the Politics of Yesterday and Today

(The Ayaan Hirsi Ali Podcast) – Ayaan speaks with Speaker Newt Gingrich about growing up in the 1950s and ’60s, and how life differs today.

Should Medicare Decide If You Can Get an Alzheimer’s Drug?

(WSJ) – The agency that oversees the program is operating outside its legal lane to deny coverage of an innovative new therapy.

When all else fails, go to war?

(Washington Times) – We saw what a disaster Biden was at ending the war in Afghanistan. Who on earth would trust him to start a new one?

A former FDA official on making the jump to health tech startups

(STAT) – Since stepping down from his post at the Food and Drug Administration last year, Anand Shah has gone from toiling on the country’s Covid-19 response to updating his LinkedIn with a flurry of new advisory roles at promising startups.

(Podcast) In Search of Lost Time

(Chasing Life) – In this episode, we hear from an experimental psychologist about why our time perception has felt so off in the pandemic, and a philosopher shares the secret to “mental time travel” … no time machines required!

(Podcast) Straight Talk with Hank Paulson: Ray Dalio

(Straight Talk With Hank Paulson) – Ray Dalio, Founder of Bridgewater Associates, joins Hank to discuss what motivated him to write his latest book where he looks at history to help predict the future and the three modern phenomena to watch: social dysfunction, polarization, and the rise of China.

Be More Worried About Artificial Intelligence

(GZERO) – Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt is all for free speech, but not for robots.

Russia Cares More About Ukraine Than the US Does

(GZERO) – Ian Bremmer’s Quick Take: Tensions are rising between the US/NATO & Russia over Ukraine.

CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta to receive William Allen White Foundation National Citation

(KU) – Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who has won multiple Emmy awards as chief medical correspondent for CNN and host of the CNN podcast “Chasing Life,” has been selected to receive the 2022 William Allen White Foundation National Citation.

Noted Tech Entrepreneurs Launch New Detroit-Area Venture Capital Firm

(Global Newswire) – Brothers Josh Linkner and Ethan Linkner launch Mudita Venture Partners, a venture fund investing in early-stage software companies.

Stephen Harper, activist investor? Why the former PM’s path after politics shouldn’t surprise anyone

(Saltwire) – Now 62, Harper is looking to make his mark in perhaps the biggest way since his near-decade as Canada’s leader.

(Interview) With many areas of the country past the peak of omicron, what comes next?

(NPR) – Many experts warn there will be more infections on the downslope of the omicron surge, but we’re on the path to the virus becoming endemic — and that should mean fewer interruptions to daily life.

Dr. Michael Osterholm says COVID’s Not Done with Us: Talks Omicron Surge, Future Variants and Building Better Vaccines

(Community Health Center) – Dr. Osterholm says the highly infectious omicron variant will continue to threaten hospital systems, schools and supply chains, warning the threat of future variants that may evade immunity is still a very real concern.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb: U.S. needs to be willing to ease Covid restrictions as conditions improve

(CNBC) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb joins CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ to discuss Covid-19 and the need for continued use of face masks and vaccine mandates.

Honoring Life in the Ice

(Only One) – The icy heartbeat of our planet is like nowhere else on Earth. Today, Antarctica is facing existential threats that will affect both the health of the global ocean and the stability of our climate, and therefore, all of us.

This 30-Day Challenge Can Help You Find the Next Chapter of Your Career

(Entrepreneur) – With the start of the new year, and nearly two years into the pandemic, many people are questioning their career paths. Here’s a new tool to help you figure out what’s next.

This 30-Day Challenge Can Help You Find the Next Chapter of Your Career

(Entrepreneur) – With the start of the new year, and nearly two years into the pandemic, many people are questioning their career paths. Here’s a new tool to help you figure out what’s next.

Sirius XM : Carly Fiorina gives her report card on year one of Joe Biden’s presidency

(Julie Mason Mornings) – “If you can get people to rally around smaller wins and get them done, it helps move people forward.”

Gottlieb doesn’t expect COVID-19 vaccine for kids under 5 before late March

(Face the Nation) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the former FDA commissioner, says the FDA and Pfizer are “looking very closely at the data that’s accrued to see if they can make a decision around this.”

Transcript: Dr. Scott Gottlieb on “Face the Nation,” January 23, 2022

(CBS) – The following is a transcript of an interview with Dr. Scott Gottlieb that aired Sunday, January 23, 2022, on “Face the Nation.”

Opinion | The Russia Sanctions That Could Actually Stop Putin

(Politico) – The only sanctions that stand a chance of deterring Putin are going to hurt us, too.

Opinion: Jan. 6 was a tragedy. Busting the filibuster would be, too.

(Washington Post) – In the year since that fateful day, states across the country have enacted measures to try to restore confidence in the integrity of our elections while ensuring access to voting for every American.

The Texas synagogue attack won’t be the last

(UnHerd) – But two conclusions can already be drawn — and both are deeply concerning. The first is that the attack should never have been allowed to happen; the second is that such acts of violence are likely to become more frequent.

Erica Hill

As a veteran of a cutthroat industry having held prestigious news anchor positions at multiple major media networks, Erica Hill knows her stuff. Erica currently serves as a lead anchor and national correspondent for CNN. She recently anchored HLN’s On the Story with Erica Hill, a daily, New York-based daytime news program.

Beneath the Thin Blue Line

(Maptia) – Above the horizon, we see beautiful beaches, rugged shorelines, and seemingly endless expanses of blue. Beneath the waves, however, lies a growing storm of concern and trouble, and for those who dare to look, the news is not good.

COVID at the Beijing Winter Olympics | GZERO World

(GZERO) – China may be able to sustain zero COVID for another year, but not much longer.

(Podcast) Resetting Expectations

(Chasing Life) – CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks to science writer David Robson about the ways our expectations can impact our lives, for better or for worse.

Get Vaxxed For Cash And Prizes | Vaccine Incentives Around the World | GZERO World

(GZERO) – Governments around the world are offering creative incentives for getting a jab.

COVID Immunity Gap Could Spell Disaster for China — Global Health Expert | GZERO World

(GZERO) – Chinese vaccines are not as effective against omicron as mRNA jabs.

China probably among the most vulnerable countries to Covid right now: Dr. Scott Gottlieb

(CNBC) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner and WWSG exclusive speaker, joins ‘Squawk Box’ to discuss the omicron Covid variant and China’s latest efforts to tap down a recent uptick in cases.

Omicron and the Undoing of China’s COVID Strategy | GZERO World with Ian Bremmer

(GZERO) – Xi Jinping’s zero-COVID approach faces its toughest test to date in China with omicron.

How to Lead “Mustangs”

(Forbes) – We all know what performance unleashed looks like up close.

Poppy Harlow Will Host a New CNN+ Series

(TV Newser) – This time, it’s CNN Newsroom anchor Poppy Harlow who is getting her own show on the platform.

“He’s the Shadow Front-Runner”: In 2024, Mike Pence is Gearing Up to Go Rogue

(Vanity Fair) – The former veep is loosening up in public appearances and earning brownie points with donors. Allies see a man who’s ready to launch a presidential bid—even if it means running against Donald Trump.

After Kazakhstan, how will Russia escalate in Ukraine?

(GZERO) – Dr. Bremmer addresses some excitement in Kazakhstan and important bilateral US-Russia negotiations coming up.

Governor-Elect Youngkin Announces Medical Advisory Team

Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin today announced his Medical Advisory Team led by Dr. Marty Makary, Nancy Agee, Kathy Gorman, Alan Levine, Dr. Bogdan Neughebaeur, and Anand Shah.

8 Obsessions Of Everyday Innovators

(Worth) – The following eight core mindsets are used by the world’s most prolific innovators—and by ordinary people, like you and me—to elevate creative output, topple pesky problems and seize new opportunities.

Dr. Gottlieb: Velocity Of Omicron Spread Putting Great Burden On Society

(MSNBC) – Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb joins Morning Joe how the latest omicron surge is impacting hospital staffs around the country and how omicron is and is not like the flu.

Why a US-China war is unlikely in 2022

(GZERO) – The US may not have its political house in order right now, but neither does China.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb: Looking to the CDC for Covid guidance was ‘a mistake’

(CNBC) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb joins CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ to break down the latest guidance from the CDC, demand for at-home Covid-19 tests and more.

Bo Thompson: Mick Mulvaney in Studio

(Bo Thompson Show) – Mick Mulvaney joins Bo Thompson in studio with remembrances of Bob Saget, his take on what kind of advice that President Trump is getting as his next rally approaches, etc.

Setting the Record Straight on Wealth Inequality

(National Review) – In recent years, growth-oriented policies have reduced inequality.

Setting the Record Straight on Wealth Inequality | Policy Stories

(PolicyEd) – Though many believe that wealth inequality is getting worse, the data point to a sharp decline in inequality in recent years.

Three Fed rate hikes won’t be enough to combat inflation, former White House economist says

(Fox Business) – Tyler Goodspeed argues the Fed is ‘behind the curve’.

Interview With Osterholm: Minnesota caught in ‘viral blizzard’; care systems strained

(MPR News) – As I shared with you a month ago, saying a ‘“viral blizzard is coming,” it’s here, and it’s going to get much worse before it gets better.

This has Democrats ‘shaking in their boots’: Mick Mulvaney

(FOX) – Former White House chief of staff says Democrats overpromised and under delivered on their promises to Americans on ‘Fox Business Tonight.’

‘More soul searching:’ Facebook’s former elections boss speaks out about the platform

(CNN) – Katie Harbath worked for 10 years inside Facebook, where she was most recently the company’s public policy director managing elections. On “Reliable Sources” Sunday, she spoke out about her old company and its role in democracy.

Transcript: Dr. Scott Gottlieb on “Face the Nation,” January 9, 2022

(Face the Nation) – The following is a transcript of an interview with former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb that aired Sunday, January 9, 2022, on “Face the Nation.”

Former CDC director: The nature of coronavirus is going to keep changing

(FOX) – The guidance is facing pushback, but one health expert says the move isn’t unprecedented.

On GPS: Will Russia invade Ukraine in 2022?

(CNN) – The Eurasia Group’s Ian Bremmer and the Hoover Institution’s Niall Ferguson debate the likelihood of escalated Russian military action in Ukraine this year.

Gottlieb says Omicron wave is set to hit Midwest next

(Face the Nation) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb says the Omicron variant appears to have peaked in several states in the mid-Atlantic.

Facebook’s Former Elections Boss Now Questions Social Media’s Impact on Politics

(Wall Street Journal) – Katie Harbath says she left Facebook disillusioned; now she pushes for more online guardrails.

Former CDC director: Schools are safest place for kids to be

(FOX) – Former CDC Director, Dr. Robert Redfield says schools are the safest place for kids to be.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta On Living With Covid, Building Up Cognitive Reserves

(MSNBC) – Dr. Sanjay Gupta joins Morning Joe to discuss living with Covid as an endemic disease and what it means for the planet. Dr. Gupta also discusses his new book ‘Keep Sharp: Build a Better Brain at Any Age.’

Life and Stress at the Ice Edge

(SeaLegacy) – After dozens of underwater encounters with one of Antarctica’s top predators I took the liberty of putting their range of behaviors into a box.

(Podcast) Smart Testing in the Omicron Surge

(CIDRAP) – Dr. Osterholm analyzes the data on the severity of the Omicron variant.

January 6th: One Year Later

(GZERO) – The critical crisis of the aftermath of January 6th is that it has sewn greater political division.

‘Pretty confusing’: Dr. Gupta weighs in on updated CDC guidance

(CNN) – Dr. Sanjay Gupta speaks with CNN’s New Day after the CDC updated their Covid-19 guidelines, which recommends people who test positive after isolating for five days should isolate for a full 10 days.

How to Disable Putin’s Energy Weapon

(The Atlantic) – Only by integrating Europe into a better network of energy security can NATO truly protect its members.

Photographer Paul Nicklen Shares the Behind-the-Scenes Stories of 5 Breathtaking Shots of Nature

(Katie Couric Media) – Get a look at the world’s wonders like you’ve never seen them before.

Zero COVID no longer works, and China will pay a price

(GZERO) – For Ian Bremmer, China has the strongest political governance of any major economy today.

Hero Welcomes Former FDA Deputy Commissioner Anand Shah to Its Board of Directors

(Press Release) – Shah joins the Board of Directors as Hero advances real-world evidence for drug development, commercialization, and post-market surveillance.

Ian Bremmer: Trump-Led Republican Party Winning In 2022 And 2024 “Will Be Seen As Illegitimate”

(CBS) – Eurasia Group’s president and founder, Ian Bremmer, joins “CBS Mornings” to discuss his annual list of top geopolitical risks the world faces this year. Risks include: China’s COVID-19 policy, U.S-Russia relations, the U.S midterm election and more.

4 trends that will define e-commerce in 2022

(TechCrunch) – If 2020 was the year of the e-commerce boom, 2021 was the year the industry hit major challenges.

One year since Jan. 6 insurrection; why Trump endorsed Viktor Orbán

(GZERO) – Ian Bremmer shares his insights on global politics this week on the January 6 Capitol Riot, Trump’s endorsement of Viktor Orbán, and Novak Djokovic.

Culture Architects Podcast EPISODE 01 | PART ONE : MATT DOHERTY

https://youtu.be/JuRZ2VXMWlM On the premiere episode of Culture Architects, David welcomes Matt Doherty.  Matt was a starter on the 1982 National Championship team at North Carolina where he was coached by the legendary Dean Smith. He then went on to spend 22 years as a college basketball coach, including head coaching stints at Notre Dame and North […]

2022 Top Risks: US & China domestic dysfunction (not US-China)

(GZERO) – The US is increasingly a factor in Eurasia Group’s annual list of the top 10 geopolitical risks.

Gottlieb says Omicron appears to be a “milder strain” of COVID-19, but pediatric danger remains

(CBS) – Former FDA commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb tells “Face the Nation” that while the Omicron variant appears to be a “milder form of the coronavirus,” which is good news for most Americans but dangers remain for kids.

Full transcript: Dr. Scott Gottlieb on “Face the Nation,” January 2, 2022

(CBS) – The following is the full transcript of an interview with former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb that aired Sunday, January 2, 2022, on “Face the Nation.”

Will California ever be safe?

(UnHerd) – The affluent look away while their cities burn.

As the year ends, rocker and CEO Johnny Crowder’s company thriving. He pines, however, to get back on the road with his band.

Johnny Crowder is a man used to living in two worlds. But as 2021 comes to a close and 2022 begins, those two worlds are going in different directions. Crowder is the rock star and CEO (not to be confused with a rock star CEO) who’s running the Tampa-based tech startup Cope Notes while simultaneously […]

Why it’s so important to shore up America’s transportation infrastructure

(Fox Business) – Parallel to progress on the bipartisan infrastructure bill, policymakers should also now support truckers with resolve rather than saddling them with harmful regulations to help America emerge from this crisis.

Annie Leibovitz: Intimidating and not. She talks about her new photo book ‘Wonderland,’ what celebrities are like and how magazines are less glossy.

(Chicago Tribune) – She discusses her two-plus decades of fashion work with a mix of pride, appreciation and self-consciousness.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Resolutions for making 2022 a better, healthier year

(CNN) – It’s almost the new year and along with it comes the admittedly aspirational tradition of setting New Year’s resolutions– ones that we hopefully can stick to and not abandon after Week 3, or even Day 3, of 2022.

(Podcast) The Four Ways That America Is Polarizing

(Plain English Podcast) – David Frum joins Derek to talk about rising and falling polarization by race, gender, education, and place—and what it tells us about America’s strange new politics.

BOMA New York Seminar – Living with Covid

(Real Estate Weekly) – One thing is for sure – it’s a new world – and we will need collective participation to mitigate viruses and ultimately realize our mutual goal of getting people back to the office, enthusiastically.

The Fish Thieves

In the cold waters of Norway’s northern fjords, we are witness to an orca ballet, and a remarkable feeding behaviour that few have ever seen. Later, as immense humpbacks shoot up from the depths of the fjord, we make an unexpected discovery.

Biden Won Big With a Bad Hand

(The Atlantic) – Relative to its strength in Congress, the Biden administration has proved outstandingly successful.

Former Vice President Mike Pence quietly visits tornado-torn Graves County; he ‘came to pray’

(Tribune) – Graves County Sheriff Jon Hayden shared on social media that a special visitor showed up Saturday to visit the tornado-torn area.

Global Democracy Is Doing Fine. US Democracy Is in Trouble.

(Bloomberg) – Foreign rivals hypocritically echo Americans’ own fears about racism and Trumpism, but the real malaise is bipartisan.

Poppy Harlow on Her New Children’s Book & What Some Millionaires Are Like in Person

(Bobby Bones Show) – Poppy Harlow on new book and millionaires.

Ahmed Rashid outlines the new political reality in Afghanistan

(GZERO) – Renowned author Ahmed Rashid shares insights on the Taliban and Afghanistan’s crisis.

Guest Commentary | A call for elected officials to help restore civility to Congress

(Gazette) – Late last month, Illinois Democrats and Gov. J.B. Pritzker enacted a new map defining the boundaries of central Illinois congressional districts for the next 10 years.

Gottlieb says there’s “no indication” that Omicron causes more severe illness

(CBS) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb says the Omicron variant “does appear to be a less severe illness,” partly because of existing immunity among the population.

Transcript: Dr. Scott Gottlieb on “Face the Nation,” December 19, 2021

(CBS) – There’s no indication that Omicron causes more severe illness, what we’ve seen in South Africa in particular is a decoupling between the cases and hospitalizations.

Science fiction’s curious ability to predict the future

(The Spectator) – To all these potential disasters it is impossible to attach more than made-up probabilities. So what can we do about them?

Was Modern America Built on Slavery?

(GZERO) – What if the institution of slavery itself was foundational to modern America?

How Did SARS-CoV-2 Become So Contagious among Humans So Quickly?

(National Review) – Covid-19 is not the first major viral outbreak that the world has dealt with in recent years — but none of those naturally-occurring viruses were so spectacularly effective at jumping from one human being to the next.

Abolish the Georgia State Income Tax

(Gingrich 360) – Georgia should join the parade toward eliminating the state income tax.

Former CDC director predicts gloomy COVID future: ‘We’re in for a rough couple of months’

(Fox) – Dr. Robert Redfield stresses the importance of ‘recurrent vaccination’.

(Podcast) Wildlife Photographer Paul Nicklen on a frozen moment with Narwhals in the Arctic

(Deeper Blue) – Wildlife Photographer Paul Nicklen on a frozen moment with Narwhals in the Arctic

Dr. Gottlieb: Coronavirus Will Be Like The Flu; We’ll Need Therapeutics, Vaccines Annually

(MSNBC) – Scott Gottlieb discusses breaking news from Pfizer that its antiviral Covid pill will protect against severe disease.

Ian Bremmer: Omicron Will Be Home for Christmas | Quick Take | GZERO Media

(GZERO) – The omicron variant will be dominant in the US within a few weeks. Here’s what we know.

The Russians aren’t planning to invade Ukraine: Eurasia Group’s Ian Bremmer

(CNBC) – Ian Bremmer, Eurasia Group, joins ‘Closing Bell’ to give his take on the market’s reaction to president Biden’s reaction to Russia.

How Biden’s Abandoning the US Border Endangers the US (Pt. 1) | Allen West

(The Rubin Report) – Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to Texas governor candidate Allen West about the Biden administration’s migrant crisis, etc.

Conservative group joins with GOP governors to press Dem senators to oppose BBB

(FOX) – The tour intends to pressure Democratic senators to oppose Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ spending bill

Dr. Osterholm: Covid ‘Will Find You If You Are Not Vaccinated’

(MSNBC) – “You cannot run out the game clock on this virus – it will find you if you are not vaccinated or have immunity from previous infection,” says Dr. Osterholm.

Is Your Company Anti-WFH? This May Be Why

(Forbes) – As a workplace simplification author and host of a popular virtual course on productivity, I’ve studied the growing divide between superficial productivity and actual productivity.

Transcript: Dr. Scott Gottlieb on “Face the Nation,” December 12, 2021

(CBS) – The following is a transcript of an interview with Dr. Scott Gottlieb that aired Sunday, December 12, 2021, on “Face the Nation.”

(Podcast) Newt’s World – Episode 344: Newt Gingrich on Beyond Biden

(Gingrich 360) – Lisa Boothe interviews Newt about the future of the Republican party and the future of the country after Joe Biden’s presidency.

(Podcast) Straight Talk With Hank Paulson Episode 52 – Larry Fink

(Straight Talk With Hank Paulson) – Hank welcomes Larry Fink (Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO of BlackRock) to Straight Talk to discuss carbon, private sector action on climate change and the need for governments to step up.

The infectious disease expert who warned us 800,000 Americans would die of Covid-19

(CNN) – Expert made eerily prescient prediction about Covid. See his new prediction.

(Podcast) Newt’s World – Episode 343: Facing Addiction in America

(Gingrich 360) – Newt talks with Ryan Hampton about the Purdue Pharma bankruptcy and the victims of the American overdose crisis.

Omicron variant could become dominant COVID variant within weeks: Former CDC director

(FOX) – Dr. Robert Redfield says the omicron variant appears to be more transmissible than previous COVID-19 strains due to less prominent symptoms and anticipates vaccine doses will continue to be needed until a more durable vaccine is available.

Is the COVID pandemic nearing an end? Experts weigh in on impact of omicron variant

(FOX) – “Even after the pandemic ends, COVID will still be with us,” Redfield says.

How Will the Taliban Handle ISIS & Other Terrorist Groups? | Author Ahmed Rashid

(GZERO) – Though the Taliban is now in control of Afghanistan, terrorist groups still operate freely.

Nikole Hannah-Jones Pushes Back Against “Disqualifying” 1619 Project Criticism

(GZERO) – NYT journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones rejects those who’ve tried to disqualify her and the 1619 project.

Russia’s Impending Invasion of Ukraine and What This Reveals About Russian Strategy

(Gingrich 360) – President Joe Biden’s talk with Russian President Vladimir Putin seems to have had no impact on Putin’s plans to threaten – and likely invade Ukraine.

Kevin Rudd: COVID Has Made Xi Jinping Zero-Risk

(GZERO) – Kevin Rudd believes China’s zero-COVID strategy will (probably) remain in place all of next year.

‘King of the Virus Hill’ Dr. Michael Osterholm on why he predicts Omicron will beat out Delta in weeks.

(NY Magazine) – Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, is eyeing Omicron.

Gupta: Clearly the Covid vaccine boosters made a difference

(CNN) – CNN medical experts Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Elizabeth Cohen and Dr. Leana Wen take a look at the data from new studies showing that the Covid-19 booster shots from Pfizer reduces infections and deaths by 90%.

Ray LaHood, Guest Columnist: A call for elected officials to help restore civility to Congress

(Effingham Daily News) – Late last month, statehouse Democrats and Gov. JB Pritzker enacted a new map defining the boundaries of central Illinois congressional districts for the next 10 years.

The West’s Nuclear Mistake

(The Atlantic) – No government that really regarded climate change as its top energy priority would close nuclear plants before the end of their useful lives.

Taliban 2.0: Afghanistan on the Brink (US AWOL) | Journalist Ahmed Rashid | GZERO World

(GZERO) – Don’t believe the “Taliban 2.0” hype, cautions Ahmed Rashid – they haven’t changed much.

‘That man never quit fighting’: Remembering Bob Dole’s service and impact on DC veterans

(WJLA) – Bob Dole, who overcame disabling war wounds to become a sharp-tongued Senate leader from Kansas, a Republican presidential candidate and then a symbol and celebrant of his dwindling generation of World War II veterans, has died.

(Podcast) Marc Short on The Axe Files with David Axelrod

(The Axe Files) – A longtime Republican operative, Marc Short served as both White House director of legislative affairs and chief of staff to Vice President Mike Pence during the Trump administration. He joined David to share his take on the administration, his relationship with Pence, the politicization of Covid-19, his first-hand account of the events that transpired on January 6th, and his thoughts on the role of the federal government.

Key Questions About the Omicron Variant | Quick Take | GZERO Media

(GZERO) – Nearly two years into the COVID pandemic, a new strain presents renewed risk to the world.

It Wasn’t A Hoax

(The Atlantic) – People with scant illusions about Trump are volunteering to help him execute one of his Big Lies.

Taiwan’s Opportunities in Emerging Industry Supply Chains

(Carnegie Endowment for International Peace) – The pandemic, structural changes, and geopolitical competition have all led to an acute supply chain crisis. Taiwan stands to benefit, but it needs policy changes and technology investments first.

The Shipping Container Shortage That’s Wreaking Havoc on the Global Supply Chain

(GZERO) – Buckle up for a vicious supply and demand cycle with no end in sight.

Inflation nation: What’s driving US prices higher?

(GZERO) – Ian Bremmer is joined by economist Larry Summers, who served as the Treasury Secretary under President Clinton and as the Director of the National Economic Council under Barack Obama.

The Supply Chain’s Missing Links

(GZERO) – What’s the relationship between the supply chain crunch and the highest levels of inflation in 30 years?

(Podcast) – The Voice In Your Head

(The Fundamism Podcast) – In this episode of the Fundamism Podcast, Paul Long discusses the impact that voice in your head can make and how to promote a more positive thought process.

Ian Explains: Why North Korea Isn’t Happy About South Korea’s Pop Culture Soft Power

(GZERO) – Kim Jong Un sees South Korea’s soft power as a growing threat to his rule over North Korea.

(Podcast) Biden-Xi Summit and the Future of U.S.-China Relations

Evan Feigenbaum debriefs the Biden-Xi summit with Doug and gives his take on the hottest issues between the United States and China, including climate, trade, and Taiwan.

Paretta Autosport Head Beth Paretta’s Drive to Boost the Number of Women in Motorsport

(Bostonia) – BU alum made history when she fielded the first female-majority team at the 2021 Indy 500

Biden-Xi Virtual Summit Shows Breakthroughs in US-China Relationship

(GZERO) – The Biden-Xi meeting was a change in trajectory in the relationship and clearly not cold war.

Heard on Campus: Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb at Penn State Behrend

(PSU.edu) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb led the U.S. Food and Drug Administration from 2017 to 2019.

Heard on Campus: Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb at Penn State Behrend

(PSU.edu) – “We know what we lacked. But we are no better prepared for the next pandemic. We have not yet even begun the discussion.”

Why Lael Brainard is best qualified to lead the Fed

(Yahoo! Finance) – Anyone can raise interest rates. The hard part is knowing when to do so and how to do so without triggering financial disruption. To meet that challenge, Brainard has far superior qualifications.

Real owner of ‘Downton Abbey’ shares some insights into famous home while visiting Omaha

(Omaha World Herald) – Lady Fiona Carnarvon, the eighth countess of Carnarvon, is visiting Omaha this week as a speaker for the Omaha Town Hall lecture series.

(Audio) U of M’s Michael Osterholm on why much is unknown about latest COVID-19 surge

(MPR News) – Minnesota is among the states leading the nation in COVID case numbers.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb: Covid will become ‘far less fearsome’ after delta wave

(CNBC) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner and CNBC contributor, joins ‘Squawk Box’ to discuss Germany’s soaring Covid-19 infections and the state of the pandemic in the U.S.

Gottlieb says messaging on COVID-19 boosters could be “one of the biggest missed opportunities in this pandemic”

(CBS) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb said Sunday that the mixed messaging by the federal government over who can and should receive a COVID-19 booster shot may end up being one of the most consequential missteps of the pandemic.

COP26 climate deal: Reasons for hope

(GZERO) – It may not be the most popular take, but Ian sees significant progress from COP26.

Sean Spicer’s advice for Republicans

(Washington Post) – Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer has a new book out, with a timely title: “Radical Nation: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s Dangerous Plan for America.”

The Korean Peninsula From K-Pop to Kim Jong-un

(GZERO) – South Korea is churning out one cultural hit after another. And North Korea is taking notice.

(Audio) Bo Thompson: Mick Mulvaney in Studio

(Bo Thompson) – Mick Mulvaney joins with his take on the new polling numbers put former President Trump far ahead of other likely GOP rivals in an Iowa caucus while President Biden’s approval numbers continue to plummet.

Transcript: Dr. Scott Gottlieb on “Face the Nation,” November 14, 2021

(CBS) – The following is a transcript of an interview with Dr. Scott Gottlieb that aired Sunday, November 14, 2021, on “Face the Nation.”

(Podcast) ASML, the Obscure Powerhouse in Chip Technology

(Bloomberg) – This year has brought fresh awareness to the complexity of the semiconductor supply chain. Chris Miller discusses.

Steve Bannon Knows Exactly What He’s Doing

(The Atlantic) – The fight over January 6 is about much more than the law.

In Bid for Governor’s Mansion, Allen West Will Have to Win Over the Texas GOP

(Dallas Observer) – In a seven-minute, slickly produced video, West announced his candidacy for Texas governor on July 4.

NPR’S BOOK OF THE DAY: Dr. Sanjay Gupta looks to a future living with COVID in ‘World War C’

(NPR) – We’ve all heard talk about “the new normal,” whatever that even is. Dr. Sanjay Gupta has his own ideas, and despite the harsh realities of nearly 3 years living through a pandemic, he remains optimistic.

How Dr. Sanjay Gupta is keeping his family safe from Covid-19 this holiday

(CNN) – Many families are coming together this holiday season for the first time in a long time. CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta shares these tips on how to protect your loved ones from getting Covid-19.

Annie Leibovitz Chronicles Her Last 20 Years in New Hauser & Wirth Exhibition

“Fashion plays a part in the scheme of everything, but photography always comes first for me.” – Annie Leibovitz

(Podcast) – Inside KevinMD: An In-depth Discussion with Icon and Founder Kevin Pho, MD

(BootstrapMD) – On this episode, we talk with Kevin Pho, MD an internist, author, and speaker who has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and who Medscape listed as one of the top 20 social media physician influencers in the world (I should know, I was on the committee!).

ISYE Graduate Shane Kimbrough Back on Earth After 199 Days in Space

(Georgia Tech) – Kimbrough spent six months in orbit during his third NASA mission.

Cristina Mittermeier’s photography is inspiring environmental action

(CNN Style) – Cristina Mittermeier’s photography is inspiring environmental action

Legislators can stop Facebook from dividing societies without breaking it up

(Business Live) – Ban on political advertising that would minimize the spread of political misinformation is one fix.

Sesame Street encouraging children to get COVID vaccine

To help children feel more comfortable about getting the coronavirus vaccine, the cast of Sesame Street held a town hall over the weekend about the ABCs of COVID vaccine.

I’m Helping to Start a New College Because Higher Ed Is Broken

(Bloombergs) – Institutions dedicated to the search for truth have ossified into havens for liberal intolerance and administrative overreach.

Nuclear Weapons: More Dangerous Than Ever? | GZERO World with Ian Bremmer

(GZERO) – World powers are engaging in a new kind of nuclear arms race: a technological one.

Gottlieb predicts “broad immunity” among children as more get COVID-19 vaccine

(CBS) – Gottlieb said the U.S. is close to the end of the “pandemic phase” of COVID-19 and is entering a more “endemic” phase.

Gottlieb predicts “broad immunity” among children as more get COVID-19 vaccine

(CBD) – Gottlieb said the U.S. is close to the end of the “pandemic phase” of COVID-19 and is entering a more “endemic” phase.

Transcript: Dr. Scott Gottlieb on “Face the Nation”, November 7, 2021

The following is a transcript of an interview with former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb that aired Sunday, November 7, 2021, on “Face the Nation.” MARGARET BRENNAN: Welcome back to FACE THE NATION. We go now to former FDA commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb, who is also on the board of Pfizer. Good morning to you. […]

Pence, at influential GOP confab, predicts Republicans will win 2024 presidential election

LAS VEGAS – Former Vice President Mike Pence this weekend vowed that “we’re going to win back this country in 2024.” But that’s the only hint Pence gave regarding a potential bid for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, as he headlined the Saturday evening session of the Republican Jewish Coalition’s annual leadership meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada. The former […]

Asia Can’t Decarbonize Without China’s Help

(The Wire China) – Asia cannot fully decarbonize without becoming even more financially interconnected with — and dependent on — China.

Surgeon General to Sanjay Gupta: I know the pain of having a child hospitalized | CITIZEN by CNN

(CNN) – CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta discusses the current state of the Covid-19 pandemic, including the mental and emotional toll its taken on children, with US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy at Citizen by CNN.

What the pandemic taught us about American preparedness

(PBS News Hour) – Judy Woodruff discusses with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, author of “World War C: Lessons from the Covid-19 Pandemic and How to Prepare for the Next One.”

Breaking Up with Your Bad Habits (Podcast)

(Chasing Life Podcast) – From doomscrolling to comfort food, bad habits are hard to break – so where do we begin?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali says wokeism has ‘remarkable similarities’ to White supremacy: ‘The rotten idea of our time’

(FOX) – Hoover Institute scholar: ‘If you think that White supremacy is the biggest domestic threat that we face… get a grip’

Surviving a warming planet

(GZERO) – Will the UN Climate Conference (COP26) produce lasting change or just more hot air?

U.S. needs to reverse J-curve slump

(Nikkei Asia) _ America has become both less open and less resilient in recent years.

Virus Expert Just Issued This Chilling Warning

(Yahoo!) – Dr. Michael Osterholm, an epidemiologist and director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, says we’re only in the “first quarter” of the pandemic.

Behrend Speaker Series to feature former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb

(PSU.edu) – Gottlieb will discuss vaccine hesitancy, the political wedge around masks and mandates and the steps that can best prepare the nation for the next pandemic when he visits Penn State Behrend on Nov. 11.

(Podcast) – Moderna: the digital biotech of the future | Between Worlds Podcast | Dave Johnson

(Mike Walsh Podcast) – It was the very software-like, digital nature of mRNA technology that inspired Moderna fashion themselves in the form of new type of digital biotech company with AI, algorithms, and automation at its core.

COP falling apart doesn’t mean we’re failing to respond to climate: Ian Bremmer

(GZERO) – Has global leadership checked out on climate crisis?

Former VP Mike Pence talks critical race theory, Ronald Reagan during Ashland appearance

(Ashland Times) – Mike Pence had the crowd applauding and cheering during a 30-minute speech Friday night at the 34th annual Ashbrook Memorial Dinner at Ashland University’s John C. Myers Convocation Center.

Youngkin vs. McAuliffe: Two Opposing Strategies

(Gingrich 360) – This election has become a referendum on what direction the nation desires moving forward.

Revenge of the Donald

(The Atlantic) – Nostalgia and resentment could be enough to catapult Trump back into the presidency.

Medical Device Regulation and Reimbursement: What the Pandemic Revealed

(USC.edu) – Millions of Americans rely on medical devices every day, including pacemakers for heart conditions, breathing machines for sleep apnea and continuous glucose monitors for diabetes management. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, diagnostics played a key role, and shortages of tests dramatically hindered America’s response.

Aid to Sudan suspended over military coup; China’s bid to join CPTPP

(GZERO) – Monday’s military takeover in Sudan has frozen international aid the people urgently need.

”Zuckerberg has squandered a lot of trust,” fmr. HP CEO says

(CNBC) – Former HP CEO and Carly Fiorina Enterprise’s Carly Fiorina, joins ‘Squawk on the Street’ to discuss all things Facebook.

Climate Promises Cost Nothing. Change Will Cost a Fortune.

(Bloomberg) – Glasgow translates as “dear green place.” At COP26, they’ll find that going green is dear indeed.

Former Facebook insider explains how site really operates

(The Mehdi Hasan Show) – Katie Harbath worked as a public policy director at Facebook for 10 years. She joins Mehdi to give an insider’s perspective on the “Facebook Papers” and rising concerns that Facebook knowingly let disinformation spread.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb: Covid vaccines likely won’t be required at most schools

(CNBC) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner and CNBC contributor, joins ‘Squawk Box’ to break down Covid-19 vaccinations for young children.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb says he’ll get his young kids Covid vaccinated as soon as they’re eligible

(CNBC) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb told CNBC on Monday he plans to get his young kids vaccinated against Covid “as soon as they’re eligible.”

Birx: Trump adviser squeezed out health officials to downplay seriousness of Covid-19

(Politico) – Scott Atlas had rapidly consolidated power on a platform that downplayed the seriousness of Covid to most Americans.

Former White House Coronavirus Coordinator Deborah Birx to Recommend Best Practices for AC Leaders at CIC 2021

(Yahoo!) – Dr. Birx and Amy Carenza will address infection prevention strategies, ventilation, and safer interior air and offer business leaders and attendees at the conference critical advice and information as we head into winter.

Big Tech: Global Sovereignty, Unintended Consequences

(GZERO) – Can Big Government still rein in Big Tech or has it already lost control?

How To Fix Facebook

(GZERO) – The only real threat to Facebook is whether or not people themselves start to opt out.

‘World War C’: A thorough examination of the COVID-19 pandemic

(Oakland Press) – In “World War C” Dr. Gupta examines COVID-19 and its effects around the world much like a competent physician gathers information about a sick patient.

Annie Leibovitz Announced At Chicago Humanities Festival In December

(Broadway World) – Annie Leibovitz, one of the most influential photographers of our time, will come to the Chicago Humanities Festival for an exclusive conversation.

Former CDC Director Gives Alarming Statistic on Fully Vaccinated COVID Deaths

(Town Hall) – Robert Redfield said that more than 40 percent of people who have recently died from Wuhan coronavirus in Maryland were fully vaccinated.

The Technopolar Moment

(Foreign Affairs) – How Digital Powers Will Reshape the Global Order

Big Tech’s big challenge to the global order

(GZERO) – Big Tech companies’ power extends into a digital space that governments struggle to understand.

Former FDA Chief Scott Gottlieb, MD, Calls for Research into UK Surge of New Delta Plus Variant, AY.4.2

(Health.com) – While not yet singled out as a concern in the US, the new Delta subtype prompted a reminder that the world needs ‘robust systems’ to identify up-and-coming threats.

Osterholm: 5th COVID wave ‘absolutely’ possible

(MPR News) – Michael Osterholm is the Minnesotan who is helping all of us understand what’s happening with the COVID-19 pandemic and is regularly called upon to share that insight nationally, as well.

Former Vice President Mike Pence joins ‘Kudlow’ with reaction to economic and judicial news

(FOX) – Former Vice President Mike Pence joins ‘Kudlow’ with reaction to economic and judicial news.

(Audio) BBC: The Climate Question | Putin and the planet

(BBC) – Has Russia’s leader changed his tune? The man who once joked about climate change now says Russia is taking action.

Former White House COVID response chief speaks at Purdue

(NWI Times) – Dr. Deborah Birx stressed the need for cooperation, a sense of community and continued research and learning in addressing this pandemic and future ones.

Watch Dr. Sanjay Gupta go one-on-one with podcaster Joe Rogan

(CNN) – Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains why he went one-on-one for over three hours with Joe Rogan on his podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

Gottlieb in Sioux City: Merck’s pill offers ‘profound treatment’ for COVID-19

SIOUX CITY — Merck’s new antiviral pill shown to reduce people’s COVID symptoms and increase their recovery is a “profound treatment” in the fight against the global virus, former FDA commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb said in Sioux City. Gottlieb, a frequent national voice in the COVID-19 pandemic discourse, spoke Tuesday at Morningside University’s annual Waitt Lecture […]

Ex-Vice President Pence joins Indiana horse ride for vets

(WOWO Radio) – Former Vice President Mike Pence climbed on horseback during an Indiana ride by a veterans group trying to reduce suicides among military veterans.

Dr. Oz Asks Sanjay Gupta What He Believes Is The Biggest Mistake The U.S. Made At The Start Of The Pandemic

(CBS) – Dr. Oz asks Sanjay Gupta what he believes is the biggest mistake the U.S. made at the start of the pandemic.

Gottlieb said “it’s certainly reasonable” to start seeing children ages 5-11 be fully vaccinated by Thanksgiving

(CBS) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the former FDA commissioner, said the CDC is likely to take a “cautious” approach in vaccinating kids.

How To Make America “Pandemic Proof”

(The Late Show) – Our friend Dr. Sanjay Gupta returns to The Late Show to preview his new book, “World War C,” and tells Stephen what steps we could take now to ward off the next pandemic.

Can Biden gain back the trust of US allies?

(GZERO) – Joe Biden told the world: America is back. Was it true?

Henry (Hank) Paulson to receive the 2021 Sutherland Leadership Award

Henry Paulson, 74th US Secretary of the Treasury & Founder of the Paulson Institute has been announced as the 2021 recipient of The Sutherland Leadership Award.

Planning for the Future: Dr. Scott Gottlieb on How We Can Prepare for More Pandemics

(NBC) – How can we better prepare for the next pandemic? It’s a question many have asked as we saw how unprepared our systems were to handle the coronavirus pandemic.

Planning for the Future: Dr. Scott Gottlieb on How We Can Prepare for More Pandemics

(NBC) – How can we better prepare for the next pandemic? It’s a question many have asked as we saw how unprepared our systems were to handle the coronavirus pandemic.

The J curve and why the US is becoming less stable

(Business Live) – As the world’s most powerful and influential nation becomes more polarised and dysfunctional there are implications for us all.

Former CMS Chief Seema Verma: Government Programs Must Keep Pace with Home-Based Care Innovation

(Health Care News) – “The shift to home-based care is a positive development,” Verma told Home Health Care News.

Dr. Gottlieb sees Covid’s ‘pandemic phase’ ending when antiviral pills, kids’ vaccines available

(CNBC) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb expects the coronavirus’ “pandemic phase” to be over in the U.S. once vaccines become available for young children and Merck’s antiviral pill is cleared by regulators.

Bitcoin “an option on digital gold,” Niall Ferguson says

(Advisor) – Speaking to the CFA Society Toronto, the historian was bullish on Bitcoin, cautious on inflation and worried about China.

Why the U.S. pandemic playbook was no match for COVID

(NPR) – The country urgently needs to upgrade its pandemic response capabilities to prevent future infectious calamities, argues former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb.

The Biggest Little Boy: A Christmas Story

(Publisher Weekly) – “The Biggest Little Boy”, By Poppy Harlow


(KIRKUS) – A Christmas Story

US-China trade war: ‘The Trump administration made a serious error’: Fmr Sec of Commerce Locke

(Yahoo! Finance) – Gary Locke joins Yahoo Finance’s Akiko Fujita and Jared Blikre to discuss expectations for U.S.-China trade relations.

Trust Me

(Chasing Life) – Dr. Sanjay Gupta speaks with trust expert Professor Karen Cook about the reasons why we trust, how we can foster it, and how we can restore it when it’s been lost.

New book shows how failure to implement quick, accurate testing compounded COVID’s spread

(PBS) – William Brangham talks to Dr. Scott Gottlieb about where the U.S. response failed and how it can do better next time.

(Audio) Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s new book tells us what we can learn from the COVID-19 pandemic

(NPR) – NPR’s Rachel Martin talks with Dr. Sanjay Gupta about his book World War C.

Ian Bremmer: Evaluating the Biden Administration

(GZERO) – How does Ian Bremmer rate the Biden administration’s performance so far?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: ‘Britain should take the lead of the English-speaking world’

(The Telegraph) – The author and activist says that, with America in moral confusion, Boris Johnson can become the new leader of the world order.

One week ahead of Trump Iowa rally, Pence announces return trip to key 2024 state

(FOX) – Former Vice President Mike Pence grabbed some attention from his former boss as he announced an upcoming return trip to the state whose caucuses for a half century have kicked off the nominating calendar in the race for the White House.

Democrats divided over massive spending bill as negotiations continue

(FOX) – Former White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney and former White House Legal Affairs Director Marc Short discussed the latest on the legislation.

Transcript: Dr. Scott Gottlieb on “Face the Nation”, October 3, 2021

(CBS) – The following is a transcript of an interview with former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb that aired Sunday, October 3, 2021, on “Face the Nation.”

I Rowed 1,000,000 Meters in 9 Months!

THE FACTS I burned a total of 67,094 calories. It took 175 rowing workouts. The cumulative time rowing was 2 days, 18 hours and 6 minutes. The longest I rowed in a workout was a half marathon (13.1 miles) on August 8th. I rowed 21,107 meters in 1 hour and 23 minutes. The shortest I […]

Faulkner University’s Annual Benefit Dinner featuring Mike Pence is sold out

(AL Reporter) – All proceeds from the dinner event will go to support the university, primarily scholarships.

Hyundai Partners with Annie Leibovitz to Showcase the “Journeys” of its Owners and Employees

Campaign Captures Portraits and Behind the Scenes Stories of Eight Hyundai Owners and 17 Employees

We’re Living Through One of the Most Explosive Extinction Episodes Ever

(NYT) – The second crisis has received much less attention and is less understood but still requires urgent attention by global policymakers. It is the collapse of biodiversity, the sum of all things living on the planet.

Gingrich calls on Americans to urge their congressmen to stop the spending bill

(FOX) – Gingrich reports, according to a poll by the American Majority Project, that one out of six Americans favor big government socialism.

Former OMB director Mick Mulvaney and Heidi Heitkamp discuss shutdown deal

(FOX) – Mick Mulvaney joins CNBC’s “Squawk Box” to discuss the Senate’s deal to avoid a government shutdown.

Why Am I So Angry?

(CNN) – Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks with Joan Jett and anger expert Brad Bushman about why we experience anger in the first place and how we can make our anger work for us instead of against us.

Trump May Not Have to Steal 2024

(The Atlantic) – The former president could still win fair and square if Biden lets these five problems spiral.

Biden’s legacy rests on pandemic leadership (not Afghanistan mistakes)

(GZERO) – Ian Bremmer shares his insights on global politics this week with a look at the US Senate hearing on Afghanistan, French President Macron’s popularity, and China’s hostage diplomacy.

Former White House Coronavirus Coordinator Joins Real Time Medical Systems

World-renowned infectious disease expert joins company’s Board to help drive advancements of infection prevention and control solutions for nursing facility residents.

Looking ahead to a post-Merkel Europe

(GZERO) – The EU will matter more in the post-Merkel era than individual European governments.

Gottlieb says process for booster approval underscores need to “move quickly” during pandemic

(CBS) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb says the “slow, deliberative process that creates conflict that’s visible to the public isn’t optimal in the setting of a public health emergency, where you need to move quickly, and you want to show that public health officials are unified.”

(Audio) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb: Certainly More Than Plausible COVID-19 Came Out Of A Lab

(FOX) – Scott Gottlieb joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show in a wide-ranging interview to discuss his new book, booster shots, masking kids and the Covid lab leak theory.

Up to 90% of Americans may have some form of Covid immunity after delta wave, Dr. Gottlieb says

(CBS) – Up to 90% of U.S. residents may have some form of immunity protection against Covid by the time the delta variant wave passes, according to Dr. Scott Gottlieb.

(Podcast) Dr. Scott Gottlieb, on Covid Vaccines for Kids, and His New Book “Uncontrolled Spread”

(A Second Opinion) – Dr. Gottlieb shares with us what he learned in writing this authoritative account, including everything that went wrong that left us excessively vulnerable to Covid-19…

Newt Gingrich: Biden’s border disaster – here’s why it will just keep getting worse

(FOX) – We could have a 50% increase in US population if the Biden border disaster continues long enough

Transcript: Dr. Scott Gottlieb on the COVID-19 booster rollout

(CBS) – The following is a transcript of an interview with former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb airing on CBSN on Sunday, September 26, 2021.

Paulson, Rubin, Geithner, Summers Urge Congress to Raise Debt Ceiling

(Bloomberg) – Six former Treasury secretaries appealed to congressional leaders to raise the statutory limit on U.S. debt in order to avoid a debilitating default on the U.S. government’s financial obligations.

Former CMS Administrator Seema Verma Joins WellSky® Board of Directors

Longtime health policy expert and consultant will add new dimension to WellSky’s mission of transforming healthcare across the continuum.

How did COVID affect climate, US-China relationship?

(GZERO) – António Guterres believes COVID generated more trust in science, especially on climate.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb on timeline for at-home Covid treatment, testing

(CNBC) – “Squawk Box” team discusses Gilead’s Remdesivir drug, Covid vaccines and treatments with Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner.

Annual peak Covid seasons are here to stay. The world of work will pay a big price

(CNBC) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb says between the annual flu season which already cost billions and the likelihood of an annual peak Covid season, the economy and workers will pay a steep price.

Dr. Michael Osterholm Joins Beacon Global Strategies as Senior Advisor

(Yahoo! Finance) – Dr. Michael Osterholm PhD, MPH, a world-renowned epidemiologist and Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, has joined the firm as Senior Advisor.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb to Fox News: We’re Moving to a Place ‘Where Masks Become Optional’

(FOX) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb presented a positive outlook on mask requirements — and how they may soon abate — during a Wednesday morning appearance on Fox News.

How to avert and prep for the next pandemic: Q&A with Dr. Scott Gottlieb

(CNN) – “I don’t think pandemics need to happen. I think emerging viruses will happen, but I don’t think that they need to turn into pandemics,” Gottlieb told CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta in his podcast, Chasing Life.

Dr. Gottlieb says CDC may soon offer greater clarity on who will be eligible for Covid boosters

(CNBC) – Gottlieb, a Pfizer board member, elaborated on the FDA and CDC’s booster approval process during an interview Tuesday on “The News with Shepard Smith.”

Former White House Coronavirus Coordinator, Dr. Deborah Birx, Joins Real Time Medical Systems

World-renowned infectious disease expert joins company’s Board of Advisors to help drive advancements of infection prevention and control solutions for nursing facility residents nationwide.

The O’Brien Factor

(American Conservative) – Out of power, Trump’s former national security advisor Robert C. O’Brien becomes a political player in his own right.

The US-EU honeymoon is over

(GZERO) – Why was France so incensed over the US defense pact with Australia & the UK?

Alice Stewart joins Pamela Brown on CNN to discuss Beto O’Rourke considering run for TX Gov.

(CNN) – Alice Stewart joins Pamela Brown on CNN to discuss Beto O’Rourke considering run for TX Gov.

Mike Pence named No. 1 on 2021 list of Israel’s ‘Top Christian Allies’

(Jerusalem Post) – The Israel Allies Foundation celebrated Christian pastors, politicians, organizational leaders and businessmen who love the Jewish state.

Former FDA Commissioner Gottlieb says U.S. intelligence agencies should investigate virus outbreaks

(CNBC) – Gottlieb told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” that the public has lost trust in U.S. health agencies and called for more funding for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Why the UK and US are united states again… at long last

(Daily Mail) – Critics said Joe Biden and Boris Johnson would be the death of the special relationship but Niall Ferguson says that submarine deal proves them wrong.

Liberty Law welcomes back former Pence chief of staff to first professionalism event of semester

(Liberty University) – On Thursday, the Liberty University School of Law in partnership with the Helms School of Government held its first professionalism event of the semester featuring Marc Short.

Extended transcript: Dr. Scott Gottlieb on “Face the Nation,” September 19, 2021

(CBS) – The following is an extended transcript of an interview with Dr. Scott Gottlieb that aired on Sunday, September 19, 2021, on “Face the Nation.”

Marc Short on Fox News Sunday September 19, 2021

(FOX) – Marc Short joins Chris Wallace.

Want to raise financially healthy kids? Here’s what to do — and mistakes to avoid

(CNBC) – You want your kids to have a healthy financial life, yet knowing how to help make that happen may leave you stumped.

Want to raise financially healthy kids? Here’s what to do — and mistakes to avoid

(CBS) – You want your kids to have a healthy financial life, yet knowing how to help make that happen may leave you stumped.

Intelligence agencies can help stop future pandemics. Here’s how.

(Washington Post) – The United States could have been better prepared for the coronavirus — and it could be better prepared for the next deadly pandemic.

Mick Mulvaney Joins The Bo Thompson Morning Show

(Bo Thompson Morning Show) – Mick Mulvaney joins.

UN Chief: Still time to avert climate “abyss”

(GZERO) – For UN Secretary-General António Guterres, the pandemic has made the world even more divided than it was before COVID.

The Water Coolers

What do you get when a comedy writer/actor marries a management consultant? As it turns out, you get a multi-award winning comedy act about work that has performed all over the world. Luckily, the ever-evolving world of work is a steady source of comedy. Leave it to The Water Coolers to bring the entertainment and […]

Lady Carnarvon publishes latest book about Highclere Castle, the setting for ITV series Downton Abbey

(Press Release) – Chatelaine of Highclere Castle Lady Carnarvon has a written a new book about life at the castle, and its history, entitled Seasons at Highclere.

American Gene Technologies Appoints Dr. Robert R. Redfield as Special Advisor to the CEO

(AGT) – American Gene Technologies announces the appointment of Dr. Robert R. Redfield as special advisor to AGT CEO Jeff Galvin.

Conservation Photographer Cristina Mittermeier on the State of Our Oceans and Using Art To Take Action [Podcast]

(Modern Met) – In the latest episode of the Top Artist podcast, we talk to Cristina about her incredible career and current work with Sea Legacy.

‘Uncontrolled Spread’ Review

(WSJ) – A former Food and Drug Administration commissioner surveys what went wrong with America’s response to the Covid pandemic.

Paul Teller

Washington Post had it right when they described Paul Teller as a “veteran conservative organizer.” Teller’s decades-long work on the Hill influence his powerful speeches, which burst with the insider perspective only Paul’s extensive resume could provide. His reputation as a charismatic and results-driven conservative leader shine through his speeches to both inform and inspire […]

China & US Economic Interdependence Hasn’t Lessened

(GZERO) – Ian Bremmer shares his insights on global politics this week with a look at the China-US economic relationship, North Korea’s missiles tests, and the New York Times’ investigation of the US drone strike in Afghanistan.

Alice Stewart joins Don Lemon on CNN to discuss CA recall

(CNN) – Alice Stewart joins Don Lemon on CNN to discuss CA recall.

The Republican Opportunity

(Gingrich 360) – Every Democratic senator and representative has already voted for the outline of Senator Bernie Sanders’ $3.5 trillion Big Government Socialist bill.

Sept. 11 and the Future of American History: Niall Ferguson

(Bloomberg) – These reflections are prompted by the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Former FDA commissioner: ‘We remain almost equally vulnerable to threat from the next pandemic’

(Washington Post) – Scott Gottlieb, 49, is the author of “Uncontrolled Spread: Why COVID-19 Crushed Us and How We Can Defeat the Next Pandemic.”

Former OMB director Mick Mulvaney on proposed tax hikes

(CNBC) – Mick Mulvaney, former OMB director and former White Hours chief of staff for President Trump, joins “Squawk Box” to discuss the proposed tax hikes and spending on Capitol Hill.

Dems looking to create dependency on US gov’t from ‘cradle to grave’: Short

(FOX) – Former Pence chief of staff Marc Short discusses the Democrats’ proposed corporate tax increases.

US most unequal, least vaccinated in G7

(GZERO) – The US is enormously wealthy and powerful, but the politics are deeply screwed up.

Gottlieb says vaccines could be approved for kids 5-11 by end of October

(CBS) – Pfizer has already filed its application with the FDA for approval of its booster, and Gottlieb predicted Johnson & Johnson will likely be next to do so.

Marc Short warns Joe Biden, Democrats looking to create ‘a welfare state’

(FOX) – House Democrats eye 26.5 percent tax increase amid rising inflation

What the Never Trumpers Want Now

(The Atlantic) – The former cultural core of the GOP is exiting the party. The Democrats should keep those voters in their corner. Here’s how to do it.

Alice Stewart joins Pamela Brown on CNN to discuss Democratic spending proposals

(CNN)- Alice Stewart joins Pamela Brown on CNN to discuss Democratic spending proposals.

Gottlieb says federal vaccine mandate could ‘discourage some vaccination’

(The Hill) – Former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb on Sunday said the new federal vaccine mandate announced by President Biden could “discourage some vaccination” in the near term.

Transcript: Dr. Scott Gottlieb on “Face the Nation,” September 12, 2021

(CNBC) – The following is a transcript of an interview with Dr. Scott Gottlieb that aired on Sunday, September 12, 2021, on “Face the Nation.”

An astronaut marks the 20th anniversary of 9/11 from space.

(NY Times) – An astronaut paid tribute from space on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb: U.S. won’t get vaccine adoption above 90% even with Biden vaccine mandate

(CNBC) – Discussing President Biden’s vaccine mandate and what it means for businesses and schools.

Pence returns to the arena — as a podcaster

(Politico) – The former vice president occupies a precarious position in the GOP’s post-Trump landscape.

Will Xi move on Taiwan? History warns he might: Niall Ferguson

(Nikkei Asia) – After Afghanistan, Chinese leader may conclude US won’t intervene, scholar says.

Brazil in for a rough year as Bolsonaro tests limits of democracy

(Business Day) – Is Brazil’s democracy at risk?

NBC News Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss Debuts New Series Thursday on Peacock

(NBC) – NBC News presidential historian Michael Beschloss is getting his own series on Peacock, Fireside History with Michael Beschloss.

20 years since 9/11 attacks

(GZERO) – It’s the 20th anniversary of 9/11 coming up real soon, and I thought I’d give you a few thoughts about it.

DECADES AFTER THE DISASTER: Ray LaHood shares his 9/11 experience

(WMBD) – Former Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood shared his experience when he was in the U.S. Capitol during the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in 2001.

How to build a stronger brain, according to Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s book ‘Keep Sharp’

(CNN) – Taking proactive steps to enhance your brain’s health and performance will serve you for many years to come.

Why Americans Favor Free Market Capitalism Over Big Government Socialism

(Gingrich 360) – Americans distrust big government and reject the idea that their efforts are subordinate to some bureaucrat’s need for their money.

Tyler Goodspeed

Dr. Goodspeed spearheaded the U.S. economic policy response to the worst macroeconomic shock to hit the U.S. economy since the Great Depression as Chairman of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers. As both an economist and historian, he offers a unique perspective on the economic climate, captivating and informing audiences globally.

Raising taxes will destroy jobs

(Washington Times) – Biden, radical Democrats push socialist economic plan

Dr. Scott Gottlieb: Next Covid variant of concern could come from delta lineage

(CNBC) – Discussing the new details that emerged about research being done on coronavirus at a Wuhan lab and the mu variant with Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner.

Clashes in Brazil as Bolsonaro’s support plummets

(GZERO) – President Bolsonaro, who is in the cellar, popularity wise, the lowest popularity he’s had since he’s been president.

Talking Pints with Nigel Farage and Sean Spicer

(GBNews) – GBNews published this video item, entitled “Talking Pints with Nigel Farage and Sean Spicer” – below is their description.

What Radical Islam And The Woke Have In Common

(PragerU) – You’d think that Islamist extremists and leftist radicals would have nothing in common. But noted human rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali has good reason to believe this is no longer the case.

WATCH: What Radical Islam And The Woke Have In Common

(Daily Wire) – Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a research fellow at the Hoover Institution and former Dutch politician, shares the similarities between radical Islam and the Woke ideology being promoted in the United States.

Celebrating Labor Day

(Gingrich 360) – The threat of a global pandemic reshaped work in ways we could not have imagined even a few years ago.

Dr. Gottlieb says Northeast has yet to see ‘true delta wave,’ expects another Covid case spike

(CNBC) – The Northeast will likely experience another jump in Covid cases tied to the highly transmissible delta variant, Dr. Scott Gottlieb predicted Friday.

(Podcast) Osterholm Update COVID-19: You Can’t Run Out the Game Clock

(CIDRAP) – Dr. Osterholm and host Chris Dall discuss the state of the pandemic in the US and abroad, evolving data on vaccines and their effectiveness, and schools in the age of Delta.

Shannon Bream

Shannon Bream has been hooked on television journalism since her first anchor position in Charlotte, NC. Now, in addition to anchoring her own show on Fox News, Shannon has authored two books and hosts a podcast sharing inspirational stories, personal anecdotes, and an insider’s perspective on actions and rulings from the high court. Throughout her career […]

Taliban, Afghan people face economic collapse, says former central bank chief

(GZERO) – The Taliban could soon run out of money to run Afghanistan.

Afghanistan ‘is not an opportunity for China, it’s a problem’: Ian Bremmer

(Yahoo!) – Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer said the U.S. withdrawal from the country creates more headaches than opportunities for Beijing long term.

Newt Gingrich: Biden’s ‘damage’ to US in Afghanistan disaster is unprecedented

(FOX) – The former House speaker returned to “The Ingraham Angle” on Tuesday night.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb says people who had Covid won’t be immune forever, should get vaccinated

(CNBC) – People who previously were infected with Covid should eventually get vaccinated against the disease, Dr. Scott Gottlieb told CNBC.

Osterholm on the fourth COVID-19 wave, schools reopening and vaccine safety

(MPR News) – Where are we headed next in the COVID-19 pandemic?

50 Years After Going Off Gold, the Dollar Must Go for Crypto: Niall Ferguson

(Bloomberg) – If we have learned nothing else from the past half-century, it is surely that the best way to win a race with totalitarian rivals is not to copy them, but to out-innovate them.

‘The one big lesson’ of the U.S. war in Afghanistan, according to Ian Bremmer

(Yahoo Finance) – As the last of the U.S. troops leave Afghanistan, one geopolitics expert thinks America’s longest war left us with one key lesson.

Fourth annual Pete Frates 3 Golf Classic a smashing success once again

(Salem News) – Any time a group of people gets together to celebrate the life of the late, great Pete Frates, you can expect an abundance of smiles, laughter and delightful trips down memory lane.

Pfizer director Dr. Scott Gottlieb says Covid vaccine for kids 5 to 11 could come by winter

(CNBC) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb expects U.S. drug regulators to clear the Pfizer Covid vaccine for emergency use in children ages 5 to 11 in late fall or early winter of this year.

Transcript: Dr. Scott Gottlieb on “Face the Nation,” August 29, 2021

(CBS) – The following is a transcript of an interview with former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb that aired on Sunday, August 29, 2021, on “Face the Nation.”

Osterholm: Schools should deploy air filters, ‘quality masking’ to mitigate spread of COVID-19

(ABC) – All across Minnesota, strong debate continues over COVID-19 safety protocols as classrooms start to open this year.

Gottlieb says COVID-19 vaccine could be approved for kids by early winter

(CBS) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the former FDA commissioner who sits on Pfizer’s board of directors, says the company should be ready to apply for approval for use among children as early as October.

Chris Miller

Professor Chris Miller’s expertise on international politics, economics, and technology inform his engaging speeches. Breaking down the motives behind international politics and economics in a thoughtful and concise manner, Miller provides audiences with fresh, alternative perspectives and leaves them wanting to know more.

The Need for a US National Clinical Trial Infrastructure in a Public Health Crisis

(JAMA) – In the absence of conclusive information, findings from speculative studies, observational data, and anecdotes were able to fill the ensuing information vacuum.

U.S. Army veteran Melissa Stockwell on her journey to Tokyo and what it means to serve on Team USA

(CBS) – Melissa Stockwell is the first female American soldier to ever lose a limb in active combat. Dana Jacobson recently met Stockwell at the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Museum in Colorado Springs.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali blasts White House response to Afghanistan: ‘Incompetence taken to cartoonish levels’

(FOX) – ‘What is really alarming is the people we elected to run our government are totally incompetent,’ the human rights activist said

Mike Pence blasts Biden’s ‘foreign policy humiliation’ in Afghanistan: They ‘set this disaster in motion’

(FOX) – Pence tells Brian Kilmeade Trump admin would have acted from position of ‘strength’

Former CMS head Seema Verma joins virtual mental health platform

(BHR) – As a member of LifeStance’s board, Ms. Verma will help the company expand its strategy to increase mental healthcare for patients across the U.S.

CNN’s Leana Wen: ‘Public health is now under attack in a way that it has not been before’

(Washington Post) – Leana Wen, 38, is a physician, a CNN medical analyst, a contributing columnist at The Washington Post, and a former Baltimore health commissioner.

Eyck Freymann

“Eyck Freymann sheds fresh light and understanding on the most important competition of this century. With One Belt One Road, the author has earned his place as one of the foremost experts on the economic strategies of the Chinese Communist Party. In this impeccably researched and well written book, Freymann corrects misunderstandings and provides coherent […]

CRISPR gene editing and the human race

(GZERO) – When it comes to editing humanity, where do we draw the line?

Covid cases in the South may have peaked, hard weeks for hospitals ahead: Dr. Gottlieb

(CNBC) – CNBC’s “Squawk Box” team discusses the FDA’s plan to approve the Pfizer vaccine with Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb says the delta variant-fueled Covid surge in the American South has peaked

(CNBC) – “I think it’s pretty clear right now the South has peaked,” Dr. Scott Gottlieb told CNBC on Monday.

Vikings play host to disease expert Michael Osterholm as some players remain unvaccinated

(Star Tribune) – The University of Minnesota infectious disease expert spoke to the team before practice. “Whether or not that changes anything, I don’t know,” coach Mike Zimmer said.

Transcript: Dr. Scott Gottlieb on “Face the Nation,” August 22, 2021

(CBS) – The following is a transcript of an interview with former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb that aired on Sunday, August 22, 2021, on “Face the Nation.”

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Simple steps for coexisting with the coronavirus

(CNN) – And that is how we dance with the coronavirus. It’s that simple and we already have the tools at our disposal.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb says vaccinated people cannot ‘throw caution to the wind’ due to delta variant

(CNBC) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb on Friday urged fellow vaccinated Americans to be on guard about the Covid delta variant.

Niall Ferguson on why the end of America’s empire won’t be peaceful

(The Economist)- As it leaves Afghanistan in chaos, America’s decline mirrors Britain’s a century ago. It may also invite wider conflict, warns a historian.

How Paralympian Melissa Stockwell Is Fighting Through to Compete After Breaking Back in Accident

(People) – A bronze medalist in 2016, the triathlete and war veteran has had only eight weeks to recover before her Aug. 28 event

Deborah Birx: Long-term care must prepare for, protect against, prevent COVID-19

(Senior Living) – Providers must rally together to protect residents in senior living communities and nursing homes from COVID-19, former White House Coronavirus Task Force Coordinator Deborah Birx, M.D., said Wednesday.

Ex-defense secretary: Trump’s push to get US troops out of Afghanistan possibly ‘undermined’ deal with Taliban

(CNN) – The agreement between the Taliban and the US has come under fresh scrutiny in recent days after Afghanistan’s civilian government in Kabul fell to Taliban fighters this weekend, almost two decades after they were driven from the city by US troops.

WATCH: How to keep kids safe from COVID-19 in school

(PBS) – Just as new COVID infections soar in many communities across the United States, millions of students are returning to school.

Dr. Leana Wen on how to safely send your child back to school this fall

(PBS) – “Know that risk is cumulative,” Wen said during the Aug. 18 conversation.

This is how US incompetence led to Afghanistan horror

(Business Day) – What is shocking, given the experience of national security and foreign policy team Joe Biden has assembled, was the sheer failure of the execution

As Pence blasts Biden on Afghanistan, former Pentagon chief Esper suggests Trump also played a role

(The Week) – Former Vice President Mike Pence and former Defense Secretary Mark Esper are offering slightly different views on President Biden’s exit from Afghanistan.

Mike Pence: Biden Broke Our Deal With the Taliban

(WSJ) – It’s a foreign-policy humiliation unlike anything our country has endured since the Iran hostage crisis.

Reaction podcast: Niall Ferguson and Iain Martin in conversation

(Reaction) – On the 6th of July 2021, Reaction hosted an event at the famous Garrick Theatre in London, with professor Niall Ferguson, one of the world’s leading historians.

America’s Child-Tax-Credit Bonanza

(Project Syndicate) – The monthly Child Tax Credit that went into effect in July represents a massive opportunity for businesses.

CNN’s Poppy Harlow Will Take Hiatus to Pursue Legal Studies (EXCLUSIVE)

(Variety) – “I’m here to stay for good as a journalist, but I wanted to learn more about the law,” Harlow explains in a recent interview.

The Korean Way With Data: How the World’s Most Wired Country Is Forging a Third Way

(Carnegie Endowment for International Peace) – What can and should be learned from innovative Korean policies and practices?

Pence convenes GOP donors, luminaries at Jackson Hole retreat

(Politico) – It’s the first such event the former vice president has held since leaving office in January.

Experts weigh in on Afghan government collapse, Taliban in Kabul

(CNBC) – CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ team discusses the fall of the Afghan government and the Taliban taking Kabul with Mick Mulvaney, former OMB director.

Newt Gingrich: Afghanistan a ‘major American defeat’ that will embolden China

(FOX) – China doesn’t care what the Taliban does to women — they just want Afghanistan’s minerals, Gingrich said.

Afghanistan: Four key failures

(GZERO) – The crisis in Afghanistan amid US withdrawal will have international significance for the US.

Dr. Gottlieb on when Covid vaccine may be available for school children

(CNBC) – Gottlieb discusses the record number of child coronavirus hospitalizations, the country’s return-to-school plans, Covid vaccines and the delta variant surge.

The 1 Thing That Could’ve Changed the War in Afghanistan

(The Atlantic) – Had Osama bin Laden been killed or captured in December 2001, justice would have been served in the way Americans like: fast, hard, and cheap.

The World Needs to Know What Happened at the Wuhan Lab

(WSJ) – Was the coronavirus manipulated to infect humans? If so, that will inform our response.

Celebrating 175 years of the Smithsonian Institution

(Gingrich 360) – By the end of this month, all but one of the Smithsonian’s 19 sites will be reopened after closing during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Woke Industrial Complex and a Crisis of American Identity

(Gingrich 360) – “Stakeholder capitalism” is the idea that companies should serve not only their shareholders but also other interests and society at large.

Full Osterholm: ‘The Surge Could Sustain Itself For Another 4 to 6 Weeks’

(NBC) – Michael Osterholm talks to Meet the Press about the Covid-19 delta variant and what it takes for people to stay safe now.

50 Years After Going Off Gold, the Dollar Must Go for Crypto

(Bloomberg) – After Richard Nixon scrapped Bretton Woods, the U.S. currency’s exorbitant privilege only grew — because the U.S. embraced innovation, not regulation.

Why Afghanistan is Collapsing

(GZERO) – Biden’s decision to withdraw was popular, but it’s now his first (self-inflicted) foreign policy crisis.

Dr. Gottlieb says offices that mandate employees be vaccinated don’t need more Covid precautions

(CNBC) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb told CNBC on Thursday that offices that require employees to be vaccinated likely don’t need to mandate additional precautions against Covid.

Pence-linked group steps up pressure on Congress in tax campaign

(The Hill) – “While we are disappointed to see that Congress has linked infrastructure to tax increases, the Coalition to Protect American Workers will continue undaunted in our mission to preserve the benefits of the 2017 tax cuts.”

What’s in a name? The term ‘breakthrough infection’ raises doubts about vaccines, but it shouldn’t

(CNN) – At this point, there is really nothing that should get in the way of getting vaccinated.

Biden admin’s fiscal policy putting ‘cart before the horse’: Former White House economist

(FOX) – Tyler Goodspeed worries fiscal policy will add to ‘inflationary pressure’

Newt Gingrich: Infrastructure bill a ‘left-wing’ gift to Schumer, NYC – so why did some GOP senators back it?

(FOX) – Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich appeared on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” on Tuesday night.

Taliban takeover embarrassing for Biden; political impact of wildfires

(GZERO) – Ian Bremmer shares his insights on the Taliban’s rapid territorial gains, the politics of climate change and two court cases gaining political attention in Canada and China.

How a Coronavirus Expert Shook Up CBS’ ‘Face The Nation’

(Variety) – “I look forward to a day when I can talk about anything other than the pandemic.”

Ex-CDC Chief Says He Was ‘Threatened’ for Believing COVID Lab Leak Theory

(Newsweek) – Redfield said there was “growing evidence” to back the claim that the disease accidentally originated from a laboratory leak.

Fully remote school year due to Covid ‘possible’ without mitigation tactics, says Dr. Scott Gottlieb

(CNBC) – “Unfortunately, it’s possible, especially if you go into this school year without the kind of mitigation that we had in place last year,” said former FDA chief Dr. Scott Gottlieb.

What I’m Reading: The Hundred-Year Marathon, Michael Pillsbury

(Notre Dame Magazine) – “Democracy is the score at the beginning of the ninth. It is an idea which hasn’t been disproved yet, a song the words of which have not gone bad.”

Trump CDC Director Robert Redfield Warns More Dangerous Variant Than Delta Coming in Fall

(Newsweek) – “The one thing that we all can do to really confront the evolution of this next variant, slow it down, is to get our population vaccinated.”

A Marshall Plan for COVID-19

(National Review) – Such a campaign would be in the U.S.’s economic and geopolitical interest.

Rosengren: Fed should slow stimulus efforts by fall

(Opelika-Auburn) – The president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston comments.

Ex-Justice Dept head described Trump’s election pressure campaign-senator

(Reuters)- Former Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen provided “invaluable” testimony during seven hours of closed-door testimony on Saturday, in which he implicated Trump in an attempt to subvert the election result, Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Dick Durbin told CNN’s “State of the Union.”

A Plan to Save America

(Gingrich 360) – While actions by politicians at the top are necessary, the real fight against CRT must take place the local level.

Will Politics Destroy the Planet?

(GZERO) – There’s consensus that humans are responsible for a rise in temperature on the planet.

Will Politics Destroy the Planet?

(GZERO) – …the partisanship and the inability of a Biden administration that cares a lot more about climate than previous administrations, but still very constrained in what they can actually do.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb: Officials should enact Covid measures based on local spread

(CNBC) – CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ team discusses the coronavirus pandemic as delta variant cases surge with Dr. Scott Gottlieb.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb says the Covid delta surge may be the ‘final wave’ in U.S.

(CNBC) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb told CNBC on Monday the current surge in Covid infections caused by the more contagious delta variant may be the last wave of the virus in the U.S.

Former CDC director Redfield: ‘Imperative’ kids return to school

(FOX) – “It’s imperative that we get the kids back to face-to-face learning and do all we can to keep them there,” Redfield says.

Former CDC director Redfield: Masking children must be grounded in data, not CDC opinion

(FOX) – “It’s imperative that we get the kids back to face-to-face learning and do all we can to keep them there,” Redfield says.

Where are they Going?

(Gingrich 360) – The flood of people crossing illegally is growing.

Transcript: Dr. Scott Gottlieb on “Face the Nation,” August 8, 2021

(CBS) – “FDA is going to make a decision on immunocompromised patients within a week and maybe make a decision on older patients, patients over the age of 65, maybe as early as September.”

Gottlieb expects COVID-19 cases to climb in northern U.S. as schools reopen

(CBS) – Schools can become sources of community transmission, especially with more transmissible strains of the coronavirus, Gottlieb said.

As media push critical race theory, Ayaan Hirsi Ali fears curriculum…

(FOX) – The media has decided ‘that what sells is divisiveness,’ Ali said.

Mike Pence: If You’re Eligible to Get a Coronavirus Vaccine, Get One

(National) – Former Vice President Mike Pence is urging everyone to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, if you haven’t already.

Universal basic income a “pilot program for socialism”: Lahren

(FOX) – Fox Nation Host Tomi Lahren discusses government handouts on ‘The Story.’

The Higher Inflation and Bigger Debt Act

(Gingrich 360) – The Democratic Party’s unity in passing a $3.5 trillion bill in the middle of growing inflation is virtually suicidal.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb says full approval of Covid vaccines unlikely to persuade hesitant Americans

(CNBC) – “The reality is these vaccines have been used in hundreds of millions of people at this point,” Gottlieb said.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Think you don’t want to get vaccinated? Think again

(CNN) – The technology behind this vaccine was actually the culmination of a couple of decades of work by some of the most brilliant minds in science and medicine.

The global trend towards legalizing marijuana

(GZERO) – The world was recently shocked when US sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson was disqualified from Tokyo 2020 after testing positive for marihuana, a banned yet non performance-enhancing substance.

Belarus human rights abuses stacking up; Beirut blast one year later

(GZERO) – Ian Bremmer shares his insights on global politics this week with a look at the deteriorating human rights situation in Belarus, Delta variant woes, and Lebanon one year after the Beirut blast.

Women’s Rights in the West are Being Compromised

(Free Thinker) – Jordan Petersons hosted Ayaan Hirsi Ali regarding her new book Prey: Immigration, Islam and the Erosion of Women’s Rights.

Tomi Lahren: ‘Woke’ Olympic athletes aren’t solving any problems

(FOX) – Tomi Lahren blasts US Olympians who had group text planning protests.

Sanjay Gupta answers viewers’ questions about the Delta variant

(CNN) – Dr. Sanjay Gupta answers viewers’ questions about the latest surge of Covid-19 and the Delta variant.

Louisiana has a higher rate of COVID-19 infections than any country in the world

(Business Insider) – Fortunately, vaccination rates have started to tick up.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb sees Covid vaccine boosters for vulnerable people in U.S. as early as September

(CNBC) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb told CNBC on Monday he believes booster shots for the coronavirus vaccine will be given to older and immunocompromised people by September or October.

The (political) power of alcohol

(GZERO) – As Winston Churchill once quipped, “I’ve taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me.”

Transcript: Dr. Scott Gottlieb on “Face the Nation,” August 1, 2021

(CBS) – “It’s still a very small percentage of people who are becoming infected after vaccination and who then are going on to spread the infection to others.”

Don’t Let Anyone Normalize January 6

(The Atlantic) – If you can shrug it off as just another incident of Trump talking too much, then you have already signed up for the next incident—and the one after that.

Voices Magnified: Melissa Stockwell

(A&E) – Melissa Stockwell is a two-time Paralympic triathlete, swimmer, and former U.S. Army officer who co-founded Dare2tri, a nonprofit organization serving youth and adults with physical disabilities to get them into the sport of triathlon. She discusses how her work helps to create a much-needed community and shows people that they can still be competitive in whatever sport they choose.

What If China Never Reopens?

(The Wire) – Keeping the borders closed may make it easier to govern China near-term, but the broader consequences would be tragic and potentially dangerous.

Biden’s Antitrust Policy Mustn’t Throw Out The Baby With The Bathwater

(Forbes) – Assessing the competitive impacts of today’s “big tech” firms is no simple matter.

Time for Covidnomics

(The Atlantic) – Government has done what it can. Now we need to use the power of free markets to fight the pandemic.

Private equity firm TPG raises $5.4 billion for climate fund

(Yahoo ! Finance) – Hank Paulson, a former U.S. Treasury Secretary, is the executive chairman of the fund.

Leana Wen Discusses Patients’ Different Priorities, Bad COVID Policies

(Medpage Today) – Now’s the time to address health disparities in the U.S., says Wen in her new book

Why do vaccinated people need to mask? See Gupta’s answer

(CNN) – Sanjay Gupta discusses the CDC’s updated guidance that recommends fully vaccinated people wear masks indoors in areas with “substantial” and “high” transmission of Covid-19.

Make the COVID vaccine mandatory

(GZERO) – Making vaccines a requirement will save tens of thousands of lives, maybe many more.

The surprising history of disaster

(GZERO) – Historian Niall Ferguson: humanity has a long history of failing to prepare for the worst.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb says U.S. delta-driven Covid spike could peak in 3 weeks, following U.K. pattern

(CNBC) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb told CNBC on Monday he believes Covid cases in the U.K. have “peaked” after a delta variant-related rise.

Dr. Michael Osterholm: ‘Imperative’ That Healthcare Workers Are Vaccinated

(MSNBC) – Dr. Michael Osterholm discusses the American Medical Association, the American Nurses Association, and other groups calling for mandatory vaccinations for all healthcare personnel.

The 2020 pandemic was hardly “unprecedented,” says historian Niall Ferguson

(GZERO) – Niall Ferguson joins Ian Bremmer to provide perspective on how the COVID crisis stacks up compared to other pandemics throughout history.

Transcript: Dr. Scott Gottlieb on “Face the Nation,” July 25, 2021

(CBS) – And so we know the vaccines are very effective at preventing hospitalization in Florida, which is really the epicenter of the epidemic, right now.

The World’s Cascade of Disasters Is Not a Coincidence

(Bloomberg) – A pandemic, fires, floods, popular unrest — it’s an intertwined pattern seen throughout history and even in the Bible.

Critical Race Theory Can Only Hurt the Military — and the Country

(Gingrich 360) – Critical race theory has now taken hold in the U.S. military.

Former FDA Commissioner Blasts CDC Delta-Variant Modeling

(National Review) – “We lack an organized infrastructure to mobilize a response to public health crisis,” lamented Gottlieb.

The Olympics’ pandemic playbook is put to the test

(CNN) – At least the athletes get to come and live out their dream, even if family and other members of their delegation have to sit out the games at home.

Podcast: How human history is shaped by disaster, according to Niall Ferguson

(GZERO) – Stanford historian Niall Ferguson joins Ian Bremmer on the GZERO World podcast to talk about the geopolitics of disaster.

Carly Fiorina: Covid Resurgence Threatens Eco Recovery

(Bloomberg) – Bloomberg’s David Westin spoke to former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina about the surge of the Delta variant and how it could impact economic recovery.

Here & Now: The Delta Variant – Now and Going Forward

(PBS) – Dr. Michael Osterholm answers questions about the pandemic’s Delta variant picking up speed, vaccinations, and the spread of misinformation.

Vaccinated America Has Had Enough

(The Atlantic) – In the United States, this pandemic could be almost over by now. The reasons it’s still going are pretty clear.

Mick Mulvaney: ‘Fundamentals are there’ for inflation across all goods, services

(FOX Business) – Biden’s tax, regulation policies are making inflation worse, the former OMB director said.

Physician Leana Wen Is a Public-Health Pragmatist

(WSJ) – A Rhodes scholar and ER veteran works to address the root causes of medical problems before they become emergencies

[Podcast] Newt’s World Episode 282: Facing America’s Greatest Threat – China

(Gingrich 360) – Newt is joined by Claire Christensen, his co-author of the New York Times best seller, Trump vs. China.

It’s Time to Balance the Budget

(Gingrich 360) – The average American is intuitively more worried about inflation than the Biden administration.

[Podcast] Newt’s World Episode 281: Where are the Big City Reformers?

(Gingrich 360) – With crime increasing, inadequate educational systems, and corruption, many American cities need reform. But where are the big city reformers today?

Back to ’70s inflation? How Biden’s spending spree will hurt your wallet

(The Hill) – Last week we learned that, in June, prices throughout the U.S. economy continued to rise at a pace we simply have not observed since the “Great Inflation” period of 1966-1982.

‘Sense of Urgency’ to Confront China Has Never Been Greater

(The Defense Post) – The era of “great power competition” is real and here to stay, and now is the time for action.

The Mind of a Writer

(Gingrich 360) – As Hunter explained to me this week on my podcast, “Newt’s World,” writing has become a part of his normal life, like brushing his teeth.

[Podcast] Newt’s World Episode 280: Stephen Hunter on The Master Sniper

(Gingrich 360) – Newt is joined by Pulitzer Prize-winning critic, essayist, and best-selling novelist, Stephen Hunter.

[Podcast] Newt’s World Episode 279: Newt Answers Your Questions

(Gingrich 360) – Newt is joined by members of his Inner Circle membership club and answers their questions in a town hall style meeting.

Johnny Crowder balances running a tech start up that offers mental health support and life on the road as frontman of a heavy metal band

Johnny Crowder has a day job. At least that’s what some people will say. Others will say that Johnny Crowder has a night job. The difference between the two really boils down to perspective and under what conditions you get to know Crowder. First, there’s Johnny Crowder the 28-year-old tech entrepreneur, CEO and founder of […]

Universal Masking to Prevent SARS-CoV-2 Transmission—The Time Is Now

(JAMA) – In this issue of JAMA, Wang et al present evidence that universal masking of health care workers (HCWs) and patients can help reduce transmission of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infections.

Former FDA chief: We might not need COVID-19 boosters forever

(Washington Times) – Debate on third shots unfolding amid a push to give first doses.

Pence Calls on Biden to Get Tougher on China, Virus Origins

(Bloomberg) – Former Vice President Mike Pence is calling on President Joe Biden to toughen his stance on China, including delisting Chinese companies that don’t meet U.S. accounting standards.

5 Ways to Prevent Alzheimer’s, Says Dr. Sanjay Gupta

(Yahoo!) – For Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the neurosurgeon and CNN chief medical correspondent, the fight against Alzheimer’s disease is personal.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: The importance of being vaccinated

(CNN) – We’ve all heard it said over and over again: We’re now in the phase of the pandemic when it’s a race between vaccinations and the variants.

Former FDA chief Scott Gottlieb warns of a Delta-driven virus peak at the end of September

(Business Insider) – Former FDA chief Scott Gottlieb warned of a COVID-19 peak at the end of September.

Mulvaney rips Dems’ $3.5T spending bill: There’s ‘no way’ to pay for it

(FOX Business) – Senate Democrats unveil $3.5T package pushed on party lines.

Biden and Merkel will talk China strategy; Cuban economic crisis

(GZERO) – What’s on the agenda for the upcoming meeting between Joe Biden and Angela Merkel?

Paid family leave: when will the US catch up?

(GZERO) – How does the US measure up to other countries when it comes to paid family leave and other perks?

Mike Pence to give a speech on U.S.-China relations

(Washington Post) – Former Vice President’s third major address on Indo-Pacific.

[Podcast] Newt’s World Episode 278: Jeff Shesol on Mercury Rising

(Gingrich 360) – Newt’s guest is Jeff Shesol, author of Mercury Rising: John Glenn, John Kennedy, and the New Battleground of the Cold War.

Afghanistan: Overcoming Defeat and Denial

(Gingrich 360) – We need to serious rethinking in our defense system at a level we have not seen in our lifetime.

Former CDC director: Scientists modified coronavirus before it leaked out of Wuhan lab

(Natural News) – Virologist Dr. Robert Redfield said he thinks the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) was modified by Chinese scientists before it leaked out of the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in China’s central Hubei province.

Amazing New Medical Breakthroughs Giving Cancer Patients Newfound Hope

(Gingrich 360) – The breakthroughs in cancer research and therapeutics in recent years have led to dramatically better outcomes.

[Podcast] Newt’s World Episode 277: Michael Knowles on Speechless

(Gingrich 360) – Newt’s guest is Michael Knowles, author of Speechless: Controlling Words, Controlling Minds.

Gottlieb says “prudent” to get started now on COVID vaccine booster approval

(CBS) – Former FDA commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb told “Face the Nation” that if the approval process for the COVID vaccine boosters doesn’t begin soon, “we’re not going to be in a position to have boosters available should we need it come the fall.”

Transcript: Scott Gottlieb on “Face the Nation,” July 11, 2021

(CBS) – The following is a transcript of an interview with Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner, that aired on Sunday, July 11, 2021, on “Face the Nation.”

‘Fox News Sunday’ panel on Biden’s decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan

(FOX) – Marc Short, former Chief of Staff to Vice President Pence, Julie Pace, Associated Press White House correspondent and Charles Lane, an editorial writer for The Washington Post, weigh in.

West says Trump’s backing of Abbott ‘doesn’t hurt’ his primary challenge against Texas governor

(FOX) – Burgeoning Texas GOP gubernatorial primary battle front-and-center at CPAC Dallas.

Harper urges global powers not to negotiate with incoming Iranian regime

(Canadian Press) – Governments around the world should shun Iran’s incoming president based on his long-standing record of human rights abuses, a former Canadian prime minister argued Saturday.

Harper rings the alarm bell

(The Western Producer) – Former prime minister Stephen Harper says inflation won’t be easy to stop because it is generated by monetary expansion to accommodate extraordinary government borrowing and spending.

Haiti and the Trump Illusion

(The Atlantic) – The U.S. cannot wall itself off from the troubles facing its neighbors.

Spotlight: One of Our Realcomm Community Members To Summit K2!

(Realcomm) – Among them is Olga Koroleva, a woman who truly stands out, not only as a commercial real estate technologist and entrepreneur, but also a courageous human being who is an inspiration to many.

Melissa Stockwell, Iraq War Vet Turned Paralympian, Wants to Show the World What She’s Still Capable Of

(NBC) – Paratriathlete Melissa Stockwell lost her leg while serving in the Iraq War in 2004, and it was that injury which led her to search for a new challenge.

Adam Grant on post-pandemic WFH: CEOs still don’t get it

(GZERO) – “Productivity is about the purpose and the process that you bring to your job (…) not about the place you happen to be doing it in.”

Haitian president’s killing reflects unprecedented rise in violence

(GZERO) – Haiti’s President Jovenel Moïse was assassinated after a month of unprecedented violence.

Season 4 of GZERO World with Ian Bremmer launches July 9 on US public television

(GZERO) – Season 4 of GZERO World with Ian Bremmer, GZERO’s award-winning weekly global affairs series, launches on US public television nationwide beginning Friday, July 9 (check local listings).

Will China’s tech sector be held back?

(GZERO) – Will China’s new regulations make its tech sector less competitive?

Dr. Scott Gottlieb says people who had Covid get ‘best of both worlds’ if they get vaccinated

(CNBC) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb believes people who have previously been infected with the coronavirus would still benefit from receiving Covid vaccines.

Newt Gingrich says U.S. support for Taiwan hinges on maintaining status quo

(Washington Times) – “The United States would lose and lose badly if it tried to fight China,” Mr. Gingrich said.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Taking America’s pulse on its birthday

(CNN) – Going forward the patient must do better; we must do better. Because as I keep on saying, we’re still all in this together.

Delta Variant Could Push U.S. Covid Immunity To 85%, Says Former FDA Head

(Forbes) – “I wouldn’t be declaring mission accomplished. I think this is going to be a long fight,” Gottlieb said Sunday.

Transcript: Scott Gottlieb on “Face the Nation,” July 4, 2021

(CBS) – I think we’re going to have to think differently. That also means improving air quality in workplaces.

Protecting Olympic Participants from Covid-19 — The Urgent Need for a Risk-Management Approach

(New England Journal of Medicine) – Pfizer and BioNTech have offered to donate vaccines for all Olympic athletes, but this offer does not ensure that all athletes will receive vaccines before the Olympics, since vaccine authorization and availability are lacking in more than 100 countries.

Xi Jinping, Although Not In Cornwall, Had A Profound Impact On The G7 Summit

(Forbes) – At the 2021 G7 Summit in Cornwall this June, Xi Jinping might as well have been present.

‘No doubt’ which party has stood with police and which tried to defund them: Marc Short

(FOX) – Marc Short, former Chief of Staff to VP Pence, weighs in on claims that Republicans have defunded police.

Eurasia Group’s Bremmer on the G-20 Leader’s Summit

(Bloomberg) – Ian Bremmer, Eurasia Group President and Founder, discusses what to expect in the upcoming G-20 and what investors should look for.

Hong Kong a year after the National Security Law; US-UK travel corridor

(GZERO) – Ian Bremmer shares his perspective on global politics this week.

Jill Biden on the new cover of Vogue magazine

(CNN) – It is back en vogue for the first lady to be back in Vogue.

Fannie Mae chair warns against cash-out refinancing

(Realty Biz) – ….”entering into a long-term mortgage and building equity requires care and diligence.”

(Podcast) The Exchange: Niall Ferguson on human error

(Reuters) – Ferguson joins Pete Sweeney to discuss his latest book on disasters, natural and man-made, and why so many governments got Covid-19 so wrong.

Former White House Economic Adviser Praises Biden Approach to China Through NATO

(Cheddar) – “We’re not going to lie back and not retaliate, whether it’s on cyber warfare, whether it’s on economic warfare or other kinds of risks.”

Appraisal of G7 Summit in Cornwall and Impacts on China

(Bloomberg) – “Balance of Power” radio interview of Harry Broadman on G7 Summit 2021 and China.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb: U.S. Covid cases will never fall all the way to zero

(CNBC) – The World Health Organization on Friday urged fully vaccinated people to continue to wear masks as the highly contagious delta variant of Covid-19 spreads rapidly throughout the globe.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: The secrets of a ‘Jeopardy!’ guest host

(CNN) – It made me realize that just because a show is full of facts and knowledge doesn’t mean it has been stripped of intensity and humanity. “Jeopardy!” is all those things.

The future of the Chinese Communist Party

(GZERO) – A few macro thoughts on where China is where China’s going on this 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb says daily new Covid cases in the U.S. won’t ever go to zero

(CNBC) – Daily new coronavirus cases in the U.S. are unlikely to ever drop to zero, Dr. Scott Gottlieb told CNBC on Monday.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta Says Being A Surgeon Prepared Him For ‘Jeopardy’ Guest Host Role: ‘There Is A Precision To This Show’

(CBS) – Gupta said he was “super nervous” but jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the iconic game show, stepping into the shoes of the legendary Alex Trebek.

The Delta variant will cause ‘very dense outbreaks’ in these five states, expert says

(CNN) – “It’s going to hyper-regionalized. There’s certain pockets of the country where you’re going to have very dense outbreaks.”

Critical Race Theory Is on the March — and a Winning Issue for Conservatives

(Gingrich 360) – Parents don’t want their children learning CRT — and are increasingly willing to say so publicly. 

The Tragic Truth: Organ Harvesting in China

(Gingrich 360) – The Stop Forced Organ Harvesting Act will expose the cruelties of forced organ harvesting and hold perpetrators accountable.

Transcript: Scott Gottlieb on “Face the Nation,” June 27, 2021

(CBS) – As we enter into the fall, there will be people seeking out vaccination heading into the fall as people contemplate going back to work and back to school.

Get Ready to Live With Covid’s Hassles Forever

(Bloomberg) – Just as with airline security after 9/11, many “temporary” pandemic regulations are with us to stay.

Emotional Health is Public Health: A Conversation with NYC’s Doctor and the Nation’s Doctor

(NYC Health) – Please join Dr. Vivek Murthy, United States Surgeon General, and Dr. Dave Chokshi, NYC Health Commissioner, on Friday June 24 from 3 to 4 p.m. They will discuss the impact COVID-19 has had on emotional health and how to address this public health concern as we enter the recovery phase of a once-in-a-century pandemic.

Pence contradicts Trump on January 6, calling plan to decertify 2020 election ‘un-American’

(CNN) – Former Vice President Mike Pence rebuked former President Donald Trump on Thursday night on the question of overturning the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Mother’s Pride: A Conversation with TV Host & Wine Educator Leslie Sbrocco

(SF Bay Times) – “Expressive, legs for days with buckets of personality”—but enough about the wine; let’s talk about everyone’s favorite food and wine TV personality Leslie Sbrocco. She is actually all those things and more.

Did the War on Terror make the US safer?

(GZERO) – For former US Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA), 20 years after 9/11 the War on Terror has made the US and the world safer in some ways, but less safe in others.

Will a Covid-19 vaccine booster be needed later this year?

(CNN) – Vaccine makers are preparing for a next possible phase of the Covid-19 vaccine rollout: booster doses. CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports on these booster studies.

After Iranian election, revival of nuclear deal with US is a safe bet

(GZERO) – Reviving the Iran nuclear deal is one of the safest geopolitical bets around the world today.

Sanjay Gupta Presents 76 Days with a Peabody Award

(Peabody Awards) – Dr. Sanjay Gupta presents a Peabody Award to Hao Wu and the 76 Days team for capturing one of the most intimate portraits of humanity as it responded to the worst health crisis in a century.

Health experts push for vaccinations as contagious variants gain ground

(CNBC) – Dr. Scott Gottliebdiscusses Covid vaccinations as variants gain ground in the U.S.

Mick Mulvaney on the Economy and Filibuster (Audio)

(Bloomberg) – Mick Mulvaney, former OMB Director and Founder of Exegis Capital discusses economic recovery and the future of the filibuster.

Is China Too Confident?

(GZERO) – Why isn’t China trying to split the United States from its allies?

Michael Pillsbury: White House claims China risks further isolation over COVID

(FOX) – Hudson Institute director of Chinese strategy Michael Pillsbury doubts White House threats will lead to China transparency.

Osterholm: New COVID-19 variant spreading, but nationwide surge unlikely

(ABC) – A new COVID-19 variant is spreading through areas with lower vaccination rates.

The Fight Over Canada’s Founding Prime Minister

(The Atlantic) – Attacks on symbols of nationhood are not merely symbolic actions. They strike at the nationhood the symbol represents.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb on whether the Delta Covid variant is a risk to children

(CNBC) – Delta, the highly contagious Covid-19 variant first identified in India, is becoming the dominant strain of the disease worldwide, the World Health Organization’s chief scientist said Friday.

Russia’s Leadership Is Still Trying to Revive the Soviet Union

(Gingrich 360) – Putin has called collapse of Soviet Union the “greatest geopolitical catastrophe” of the 20th century.

Gottlieb says U.S. needs new vaccine strategy as vaccination rate lags

(CBS) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb calls for a “different vaccine delivery strategy” to reach the unvaccinated going into the fall.

Transcript: Scott Gottlieb on “Face the Nation,” June 20, 2021

(CBS) – Transcript of an interview with Dr. Scott Gottlieb that aired Sunday, June 20, 2021, on “Face the Nation.”

Infectious Disease Expert Warns ‘We’re Not Done With This Virus At All’

(Huffington Post) – Michael Osterholm doubted there would be future national surges in COVID-19 but said “substantial” local and regional ones were a possibility.

China’s global project has a new rival

(BBC) – Ritula Shah is joined by a panel of experts.

(Podcast) Everything You Need to Know About the Medicaid Debate With Seema Verma

(Hold These Truths) – We cover everything you need to know about Medicaid, from its origins and purpose to how it’s working today.

Pippa Malmgren

Dr. Pippa Malmgren simplifies the complexities of the world economy, geopolitics and technology. She has advised Presidents and Prime Ministers, won awards for her work in leadership and technology and serves as a partner of a European startup accelerator, The Monaco Foundry. She has co-founded an award-winning tech firm, worked in finance and asset management, briefed […]

Robert Redfield: Some biolab researchers show ‘arrogance’ that ‘nothing can go wrong’

(FOX) – ‘My view is that it’s more likely that this came from the laboratory than it came from nature’

Infectious disease expert strongly encourages pregnant women to get COVID-19 vaccine

(MSN) – Osterholm said there is still lot of work to do in order to safely get vaccines in many parts of the population.

“The Patient Is Still Recovering” – Sanjay Gupta On America Getting Healthy After The Pandemic

(The Late Show with Stephen Colbert) – Watch as Dr. Gupta reflects on the last 15 months of the pandemic and what we have to look forward to in the future.

Former CDC director Redfield explains why he believes COVID-19 emerged from lab, WHO ‘compromised’

(FOX) – Redfield argued COVID-19’s efficient human-to-human spread contradicted behavior of other deadly coronaviruses with similar profiles.

On the Record: W&M alumni break news from the Wren to the White House

(William & Mary) – Starting with Hong Kong and ending with New York, Culver watches the ebb and flow of news cycles around the world.

Biden and G7 take on China

(GZERO) – The US showed leadership at the G7, with alignment to counter China’s Belt and Road.

The fight for democracy in Europe’s last dictatorship

(GZERO) – Exiled opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya expresses deep hopes and fears for Belarus.

Will sanctions work against Lukashenko?

(GZERO) – Are the European Union’s sanctions against Belarus effective?

America’s last WW2 veterans – here are their honest, inspiring and heartbreaking stories

(Gingrich 360) – This two-year mission led Biggio on a journey across the United States.

Organized religion ‘decays’ as political ideologies increasingly viewed in ‘religious light’: Niall Ferguson

(FOX) – Historian notes the increasing belief in a static ‘science’ as ‘magical thinking.’

Has Biden Convinced the G7 America Is Back? | Former US Ambassador Ivo Daalder | GZERO World

(GZERO) – Former US Ambassador to NATO Ivo Daalder weighs in on Biden’s European trip.

[Podcast] Osterholm Update COVID 19: A Year at Sea

(Osterholm Update) – Dr. Osterholm and host Chris Dall discuss the international spread of COVID, the spread of the newest variant of concern, the ongoing virus origin controversy, the debate about immune passports, and a new segment on practical advice for listeners.

Experts warn that the drop in U.S. testing will make it harder to track outbreaks.

(New York Times) – Some in the field are discussing other methods of testing to track outbreaks, including examining wastewater for signs that infections might be present in a community.

Gottlieb says coronavirus Delta variant likely to become dominant U.S. strain

(CBS) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb says there’s a risk of new outbreaks from the Delta coronavirus variant heading into the fall.

Harry Broadman Bloomberg TV Interview at Beginning of UK-Chaired G7 Summit

(Bloomberg) – Dr. Harry Broadman joins Bloomberg.

Bloomberg TV Interview at Beginning of UK-Chaired G7 Summit June 11-13, 2021

(Bloomberg) – The most important thing is the economic recovery of the global economy.

Unvaccinated NFL players could have competitive consequences

(Daily News) – Unvaccinated players are required to wear masks in team facilities. Vaccinated players no longer have to.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb says ‘more dangerous’ Covid variant unlikely a major risk to U.S. until fall

(NewsNation USA) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb told CNBC on Wednesday he believes enough Americans are fully vaccinated to delay the risk presented by the Delta Covid variant.

‘I fear we will learn the wrong lessons from Covid’

(Spiked) – Niall Ferguson on the history of human catastrophe.

Former FDA chief Dr. Scott Gottlieb on post-vaccine heart inflammation symptoms

(CNBC) – There have been a higher-than-expected number of cases of heart inflammation in 16- to 24-year-olds after receiving their second dose of Pfizer’s or Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccines.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb on two positive Covid cases on Royal Caribbean cruise ship

(CNBC) – Former FDA commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb joins ‘Closing Bell’ to discuss the two positive Covid cases on a Royal Caribbean ship.

Governor Hogan & Robert Redfield Tour Site of Future Novavax Headquarters in Gaithersburg

(Maryland.gov) – Governor Larry Hogan today toured the site of the future Novavax headquarters in Gaithersburg.

NFLPA’s DeMaurice Smith on player vaccinations: ‘No excuse not to be informed’

(The Athletic) – The NFL Players Association is encouraging union members to get vaccinated for COVID-19.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta Tells Advisors How To Build New Brain Cells

(Financial Advisor) – If you want to build new brain cells, do things in a completely different manner from normal.

Multilateral R&D investment is vital to enhance national security

(International Finance Law Review) – Berkeley Research Group’s Harry Broadman discusses the steps the G7 should take to engage collaboratively in R&D to protect their collective economic fortunes

Biden’s budget borrows money ‘forever’ and taxes the rich: Mulvaney

(FOX) – Former acting White House Chief of Staff and former OMB Director Mick Mulvaney breaks down what the Biden budget says about this administration’s priorities.

Dr. Gupta: How to assess risk when going mask-free

(CNN) – It’s been a traumatic year for us all, and some of us might take longer than others to get to where they feel safe enough to go mask-free.

Let’s learn from COVID to prevent the next pandemic

(GZERO) – “It’s time to not just move on, but rather think carefully about pre-empting future pandemics by bolstering health security.”

Dr. Gottlieb: Fully vaccinated people should feel safe this summer but fall booster may be needed

(CNBC) – Gottlieb, who led the FDA from 2017 to 2019 in the Trump administration, said more clarity on timing could arrive in the coming months.

Bolsonaro and Da Silva head for ugly standoff before Brazilian elections

(Business Day) – Despite president’s pledges economic growth remains low and unemployment high.

Chairman West’s Monday Message from June 7, 2021: Move to the Sound of the Guns

(Texas GOP) – “I now prepare to meet the constant pressure of the progressive socialist left with a resolute pressure of a constitutional conservative.”

Former Vice President Mike Pence to speak at Des Moines event this summer

(Des Moines Register) – Former Vice President Mike Pence, a frequent Iowa visitor during President Donald Trump’s term, will return to Des Moines this summer.

Dr. Michael Osterholm: Hospitalizations among teens with covid a ‘key issue’

(MSNBC) – Dr. Michael Osterholm discusses the rise in covid cases in the UK caused by the spread of the Delta variant.

Why Mike Pence’s speech was really important, and what it says about 2024

(FOX) – Latest developments, buzz, and speculation in the next race for the White House.

Transcript: Scott Gottlieb on “Face the Nation,” June 6, 2021

(CBS) – The following is a transcript of an interview with former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb that aired Sunday, June 6, 2021, on “Face the Nation.”

Gottlieb calls for “broader view” in assessment of coronavirus origin

(CBS) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb said officials need to take a “broader view” when assessing the origins of the coronavirus, and defended Dr. Anthony Fauci from criticism over his early handling of the pandemic.

Politics in the Time of Corona

(Bloomberg) – Latin American leaders on the right and left have not fared well against Covid. In other ways, too, the U.S. is increasingly resembling its neighbors to the south.

Callista and Newt Gingrich: Remembering D-Day – they risked everything in biggest gamble of World War II

(Gingrich 360) – After years of preparation, practice and training, the Allies had come to break German power in Europe.

Former CMS Administrator Seema Verma On The Biden Healthcare Agenda

(Health Leaders Media) – Seema Verma shares what drives her to work in healthcare policy, her goals while serving on the board of directors for both Lumeris and Monogram Health, her thoughts on the Biden Administration, and advice for future leaders.

Netanyahu On The Verge of Losing Power In Israel | US Spying On EU?

(GZERO) – Is Netanyahu’s time as Israel’s prime minister about to end?

Annie Leibovitz Photo Graces Memoir by Business Leader Indra Nooyi

(India West) – After decades of photographing rock stars, movie stars and heads of state, Annie Leibovitz has added a business leader to her portfolio: Former PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi.

3 Things to Do When You Turn 50 to Help You Live to 100, According to a Neurosurgeon

(Yahoo!) – While a 50th birthday party can be fun, imagine the bash you’ll have when you turn 100.

Antarctica: Life Emerging

(Yahoo!) – A Collaborative Musical and Cinematic Celebration of Antarctica’s Vulnerable Beauty

Dr. Osterholm believes ‘we’re starting to see some melting’ of vaccine hesitancy

(MSNBC) – While there are varying reasons why some Americans are hesitant to get the covid vaccine, Dr. Michael Osterholm explains why he is optimistic that more vaccine skeptics will change their minds.

Newt Gingrich lays out plan to handle China’s ‘cold war’ against US

(FOX) – Former Speaker of the House says every nation should increase their tariffs on China on Fox News Primetime.

How influencers have legitimised anti-Semitism

(UnHerd) – Instagram activists have turned false narratives into deadly fantasies.

China’s uncertain future & its new three-child policy

(GZERO) – “I want to do a quick take today on China, because you will have seen that the two-child policy has now gone the way of the one child policy.”

Pete Frates’ Mother Narrates New MLB Tribute to Lou Gehrig Ahead of Day Honoring Baseball Player

(People) – Pete Frates is credited with co-creating the viral Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness about ALS.

Dr. Gottlieb: The U.S. is in ‘very good shape right now’

(MSNBC) – Former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb joins Morning Joe to discuss where the U.S. is in the fight against the coronavirus and the seeming return of a regular summer.

Can CNN Become a Podcasting Powerhouse?

(Vulture) – After 14 months and over 300 episodes, Coronavirus: Fact vs Fiction — still said to be CNN’s best-performing podcast in terms of downloads — was converted into a new show called Chasing Life in early May.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta breaks down how mRNA vaccines work

(CNN) – CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta breaks down the technology that allowed for rapid development of safe and effective mRNA Covid-19 vaccines.

Iraq War Veteran Melissa Stockwell: ‘Faster Than I’ve Ever Been’ Ahead Of Tokyo Paralympics

(Forbes) – I wouldn’t do what I do if I didn’t love it. But I get to that starting line, I have to remember that I am there because I truly love swimming, biking and running and also the competitiveness of it.

Former FDA commissioner says lab leaks ‘happen all the time’ amid COVID-19 origin scrutiny

(FOX) – “We need to also look at public health through the lens of national security.”

Frates family to take part in first Lou Gehrig Day Wednesday

(Salem News) – The Red Sox are trying not only to raise ALS awareness, but also recognize the impact that the Frates family has had in bringing ALS to the forefront of people’s consciousness.

CJF Tribute Talk features André Picard and Dr. Sanjay Gupta

TORONTO, May 31, 2021 /CNW/ – André Picard, health reporter and columnist for The Globe and Mail, and Dr. Sanjay Gupta, chief medical correspondent for CNN, will be in back-to-back conversations in a special Tribute Talk presentation by The Canadian Journalism Foundation (CJF) on June 10 at 1 p.m. ET. The Canadian Journalism Foundation’s Tribute Talk features André Picard, health reporter and columnist for The Globe […]

Responding to CFIUS follow-up questions: A guide to building trust

(FIW) – Be complete — Do not try to parse answers to questions. Answer them fully and completely.

Responding to CFIUS follow-up questions: A guide to building trust

(Foreign Investment) – “Failure to establish trust may jeopardize successful reviews of even the most benign of transactions.”

Transcript: Scott Gottlieb on “Face the Nation,” May 30, 2021

(CBS) – “If, in fact, the blood samples show that a high prevalence of people in that lab have been exposed to this virus, that’s pretty definitive proof that this coursed through that lab.”

Climate among key areas for potential China-U.S. cooperation: Paulson

(ECNS) – Deeming the China-U.S. relationship the most important in the world, the former U.S. Treasury Secretary stressed that it is in the interests of both countries that competition should be “as healthy as possible” without unnecessary confrontation.

Could Memorial Day weekend lead to another spike in COVID-19 cases?

(The Today Show) – Former FDA commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb joins Weekend TODAY to discuss the current situation and says he thinks it’s “very unlikely we’ll see a sharp rebound in the virus.”

Mulvaney warns of ‘dangerous game’ in Biden’s $6T budget

(FOX) – Former acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney on what to expect from Biden’s proposed $6 trillion budget that Democrats claim will ‘reshape America.’

It’s Not Complacency That’s Paralyzing Democrats

(The Atlantic) – An overambitious faction of the activist left is standing in the way of voting-rights reform.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb on employers potentially requiring workers to be vaccinated

(CNBC) – Former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb joins ‘Closing Bell’ to discuss his thoughts on employers potentially requiring workers to be vaccinated under federal law.

Mick Mulvaney Breaks Down The Impasse On Infrastructure

(FOX) – The FOX News Rundown is a news-based daily morning podcast.

Trump’s Supporters Are Getting the Lab-Leak Story Backwards

(The Atlantic) – If their thesis is right, it points to a course opposite what they propose.

Gottlieb says there’s growing circumstantial evidence that Covid may have originated in a lab

(CNBC) – Evidence that Covid-19 originally leaked from a Wuhan virology lab is growing, Dr. Scott Gottlieb told CNBC on Monday.

Beat Tomorrow’s Pandemic Today

(WSJ) – This is a good time to start building up capacity to fight the next novel pathogen.

Newt Gingrich: Waging war – how a group called the Bomber Mafia changed the role of air power

(FOX) – War without casualties (or limited casualties) – an idea that still attracts military thinkers today.

How a Brainiac and a Villain Became Covid Heroes

(Bloomberg) – Audrey Tang empowered Taiwan’s citizens. Dominic Cummings lost out to British bureaucracy.

Transcript: Scott Gottlieb on “Face the Nation,” May 23, 2021

(CBS) – “I think CDC is going to have to revise its guidance for summer camps because wearing a mask, you know, is difficult in the summertime when it’s hot.”

Post-BREXIT Antitrust Policy in a Great Britain No Longer Under to the EU’s Competition Authorities

(Global Investor) – Post-BREXIT economic activity across the “new” single market of England, Scotland, and Wales–Great Britain–is no longer subject to EU competition policy strictures enforced by the European Commission in Brussels.

Montel Williams

As an internationally recognized, award-winning media personality, it’s no surprise that Montel Williams delivers an electrifying experience to audiences. Utilizing his signature style of vulnerable storytelling, Williams captivates viewers while uncovering his life experiences as a decorated former naval officer, beloved talk show host, and best-selling author.

The Pro-Trump Culture War on American Scientists

(The Atlantic) – Some are trying to turn the lab-leak theory into a potent political weapon.

Is Paranoia the Key to Pandemic Preparedness?

(Foreign Affairs) – Hypervigilance Beats Preparation for Unpredictable Crises

Violence in Israel Is the Price of Biden’s Weakness

(National Review) – In the Middle East, he has replaced strength with weakness, moral clarity with confusion, and loyalty with betrayal.

Mike Pence: Biden’s China-first tax plan – Americans come last in president’s jobs plan

(FOX) – Trump-Pence admin proved low taxes are key to creating prosperity for all Americans.

So … When Should I Wear a Mask Now?

(New York Times) – The C.D.C.’s updated masking guidelines are adding to the confusion about who should cover up, and when.

Melissa Stockwell shares her journey to the Tokyo Paralympic games

(TODAY) – Two-time Paralympic athlete Melissa Stockwell joins TODAY 100 days out from the Tokyo Paralympic games to talk about her journey from military service to inspiring a new generation of athletes.

Julie Gerberding

Dr. Julie Gerberding analyzes health risks and their related social and economic consequences and defines the necessary strategies and steps to assure we not only have the resilience to address urgent crises, but also the investments necessary to improve our overall health and wellness.

Josh Linker on Michigan Matters: Small Business and Entrepreneurs

(CBS) – Josh Linkner, tech entrepreneur and best selling author, appears on CBS 62’s “Michigan Matters.”

Top epidemiologist Michael Osterholm urges single doses of COVID vaccine

(GruntStuff) – The potential outbreak might imply implementing powerful lockdown measures once more, Osterholm mentioned.

Moderation on Masks Might Make More Get a Shot

(WSJ) – Many unvaccinated Americans aren’t ‘antivaxxers,’ but need incentive and information.

Asian Americans deserve respect, not ‘Go back to China’ insults and worse: Elaine Chao

(USA Today) – It’s outrageous that in the 21st century, AAPI people and others live in fear because they look like their ancestors didn’t arrive on the Mayflower.

See Dr. Gupta’s reaction to the CDC’s big announcement

(CNN) – CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta discusses the CDC’s announcement that fully vaccinated people go can without masks indoors and outdoors.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta says the CDC mishandled announcement of new mask guidelines

(CNN) – Gupta said the CDC “made a critical error here in surprising basically everyone with a very significant change.”

The Chinese Communists Get American Aid

(Gingrich 360) – In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic as the United States rapidly distributed emergency loans as part of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to help struggling businesses, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) dictatorship saw an opportunity for American money and took it.

Biden’s tax and spending plans are ‘dangerous’: Mulvaney

(FOX) – ‘We’re moving into uncharted territory,’ the former acting chief of staff said.

Harry Broadman interviewed on Ottawa radio show on US waiver of IP protection for COVID vaccines

(The Rob Snow Show) – On Today’s show: Dr. Harry G. Broadman – Chair in Emerging Markets.

Tribalism has come to the West

(UnHerd) – Hostile and polarised, today’s America reminds me of my Somalian clan

Opinion: Biden should embrace a carbon tax

(Washington Post) – President Biden could help restore America’s infrastructure, fiscal strength and leadership at a time when all are sorely needed.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb: Many states could start relaxing indoor mask restrictions

(CNBC) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb joined “Squawk Box” to discuss his thoughts on the quickly-changing federal guidance on coronavirus restrictions.

The Next Global Disaster Is on Its Way, and We Aren’t Ready

(Bloomberg) – A major lesson of Covid-19 is that there is no distinction between natural and man-made catastrophes.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: The complicated calculus of mask-wearing

(CNN) – Science tells us we may go maskless more frequently and see each other’s faces again for the first time in over a year.

Patent Busting Won’t Help Vaccinate the World Faster

(WSJ) – The solution is to ease restrictions on exporting shots and build more production capacity.

Lessons from a Rancher’s Life —and How to Apply Them to Politics

(Gingrich 360) – We need more politicians to think like ranchers and business owners, not like politicians.

The China model: why is the West imitating Beijing?

(The Spectator) – If China ends up winning the Second Cold War, historians … may well conclude that its victory began when Americans decided to imitate not just OBOR and CBDC but the Cultural Revolution itself.

The Facebook Oligarchs’ Betrayal of America

(Gingrich 360) – If the Facebook oligarchs can silence someone who served as President of the United States and received nearly 75 million votes, then they can silence anyone.

David Frum on The Phoniness of Tucker Carlson

(Bulwark) – David Frum joins Bulwark podcast.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta discusses the COVID crisis in India.

(Katie Couric) – Dr. Sanjay Gupta discusses the COVID crisis in India.

By June things will feel normal, says former FDA commissioner on reopening

(CNBC) – Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner, joins ‘Closing Bell’ to discuss the coronavirus pandemic as the economic reopens and more Americans get vaccinated.

Op-Ed: Medicare needs to OK rule giving seniors access to FDA-approved medical devices

(CNBC) – Navigating public and commercial health insurance to get innovative medical products covered can be a never-ending cycle of bureaucracy.

US Army will allow female soldiers to wear ponytails in all uniforms

(CNN Newswire) – A review of the Army’s grooming policy was ordered last year by then-acting Secretary of Defense Mark Esper in an effort to address race and inequality in the military.

Big Tech faces backlash

(ABC) – Former Facebook public policy director Katie Harbath, a Green Bay native, discusses the move by some states to penalize social media companies.

Katie Harbath

Katie Harbath is a global leader at the intersection of elections, democracy, civic engagement, and technology. Her unique expertise stems from her decade-long position as a public policy director at Facebook, where she is credited with assembling and leading a global team responsible for managing elections, amongst other accomplishments. Contact WWSG to host Katie for a speaking engagement.

Paralympian Melissa Stockwell Says She Believes Tokyo Games Will ‘Bring the World Together’

(People) – Melissa Stockwell, who has partnered with Procter & Gamble on their Lead with Love campaign, tells PEOPLE the Games will be “a celebration of sport not just for the U.S. but for the entire world”

NFLPA fires back at NFL after Ja’Wuan James injury

(theScore) – The NFLPA said it will continue to support each player as they choose to stay away from team facilities for voluntary offseason work.

Think small: How companies can cultivate everyday innovation

(Irish Times) – A new book by Josh Linkner argues that it’s the little ideas that can yield big rewards.

CDC can consider lifting indoor Covid mask mandates now, former FDA chief says

(CNBC) – Gottlieb explained that the overall outlook for vaccinations in the U.S. “looks very good.”

Facebook’s former public policy director weighs in on Oversight Board’s Trump decision

(CNN) – Katie Harbath says the Oversight Board wants to give Facebook six months to review its decision on Trump to see “how the political climate continues to evolve.”

Facebook oversight board upholds Trump’s social media ban but must review the penalty

(NewsNation) – Facebook oversight board upholds Trump’s social media ban but must review the penalty

Dr. Scott Gottlieb on the global fight over Covid vaccine intellectual property

(CNBC) – The U.S., Canada and U.K. are among some of the high-income countries actively blocking a patent-waiver proposal designed to boost the global production of Covid-19 vaccines.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb: President Joe Biden’s July 4 vaccine goal is ‘probably achievable’

(CNBC) – President Joe Biden on Tuesday announced his administration’s latest goals in the fight against the coronavirus.

Hoover Institution’s Ferguson on his expectations for President Joe Biden’s tax plan

(CNBC) – Niall Ferguson joined “Squawk Box” on Wednesday to discuss the battle over taxes on Capitol Hill and how to break the gridlock.

Former Pence chief of staff is concerned Biden tax hikes would lead to job loss

(CNBC) – Marc Short, partner at the Coalition to Protect American Workers and former chief of staff to Vice President Mike Pence, joined “Squawk Box” on Tuesday.

Oversight Board decision on Trump will raise more questions than answers

(The Hill) – Facebook’s Oversight Board is set to decide whether or not former President Donald Trump should be let back on the platform after he was suspended in January.

Facebook oversight board to announce whether Trump may rejoin platforms

(ABC) – For years, Republicans have accused social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter of censoring speech by members of their party.

Supply Chains Are Our Most Critical Infrastructure

(Bloomberg)- Democrats should take heed: Trump was right to use tariffs to reduce America’s reliance on imports, improve national security and protect American jobs.

Former Vice President Mike Pence to visit New Hampshire

(Associated Press) – Former Vice President Mike Pence is scheduled to visit New Hampshire in June, his first trip to the first-in-the nation presidential primary state since the 2020 general election campaign.

Birx, Baric Headline Annual Research Festival

(USAMRDC News) – “The Spring Research Festival gives Scientists and Engineers a platform to showcase the hard work and ground-breaking research…”

Chasing Life Podcast Coming Soon

(CNN) The Chasing Life podcast from Dr. Sanjay Gupta is coming soon.

China Is a Paper Dragon

(The Atlantic) – U.S. policy makers should look to the future with a little more confidence and a lot more trust in trade, markets, and the superior potential of a free people.

Want to Go Back to the Office? Don’t Wait on the CDC

(WSJ) – Businesses should band together and formulate flexible guidance suitable to their own industries.

Transcript: Scott Gottlieb discusses coronavirus on “Face the Nation,” May 2, 2021

(CBS) – I’m hopeful that the FDA is going to authorize the Pfizer vaccine, the company I’m on the board of as applied for permission to start giving its vaccine to 12 to 15 year olds.

Tomi Lahren calls on Americans to ‘loudly and proudly show our support for law enforcement’

(FOX) – Fox Nation host says movement to defund police puts officers and communities at risk.

Eyeing 2024, Pence says he’ll push back on ‘liberal agenda’

(Westport News) – “We have the winning agenda,” Pence said. “And now it’s incumbent upon us to take that winning agenda to the American people.”

A Tale of Two Speeches

(Gingrich 360) – The depth and seriousness of the reaction to big spending, big government liberalism was captured in the strong response of Senator Tim Scott’s rebuttal immediately after the Biden speech.

How might Joe Biden’s presidency transform America?

(The Economist Podcast) – Historian Niall Ferguson tells us presidents learn the wrong lessons from those who came before them.

Pence urges ‘positive’ agenda to counter Biden in first speech since leaving office

(The Hill) – Former Vice President Pence on Thursday made his return to the public eye.

Can Democrats Avoid a Wipeout in 2022?

(The Atlantic) – Biden’s plan: Go big or go home.

Marc Short on Ingraham Angle

(FOX) – Marc Short on Ingraham Angle

Addressing Antimicrobial Resistance—The Invisible Pandemic

(Health Affairs) – Antimicrobial research continues to exhibit lengthening development timelines, declining success rates, and receding industry sponsorship.

Stirring the Melting Pot | GoodFellows: Conversations From The Hoover Institution

(Hoover Institution) – Discussing the present crisis at the southern border and what a 21st-century version of immigration reform should resemble.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb: New CDC mask guidance is a ‘step in the right direction’

(CNBC) – “The guidance that CDC put out, I think, is a step in the right direction, but it’s relatively confusing,” said Dr. Scott Gottlieb.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali vs. the Mob

(Commentary Magazine) – In defending the rights of women, the Somali-born author has incurred the wrath of liberals

Dr. Scott Gottlieb says outdoor mask requirements should be lifted

(CNBC) – Gottlieb discusses why he thinks it may be time to ease coronavirus safety restrictions as more people get vaccinated.

Doom: The Politics of Catastrophe by Niall Ferguson review

(Evening Standard) – From plagues and volcanic eruptions to the current Covid pandemic, mankind has always been faced with catastrophes.

Katie Harbath, Former Facebook Public Policy Director, on Political Media and Her New Company

(University of Wisconsin-Madison) – Katie shared her insights into the evolution of political media, and talked about her goals for her own DC-based company, Anchor Change.

Viewpoint: DeMaurice Smith on why it’s time to stop the ‘student-athlete’ madness

(The Athletic) – It is telling how every year, college athletes across all sports are the ones who reveal the built-in layers of inequality, unfairness and ethical bankruptcy…

‘100 Days to Define Post-Covid World’ – The Leadership Attitudes Needed Now

Avonhurst Senior Advisor Dr Pippa Malmgren says that the next 100 days is ‘T-time’ for business and the economy.

Time to End Outdoor Mask Edicts

(WSJ) – The CDC is moving too slowly in updating its advice to comport with the scientific evidence.

China plays Tai Chi on global climate governance issues

(VOA) – “The science and technology agreements are far less powerful and comprehensive than the agreements on investment and trade.”

Laurence Mussio

Dr. Laurence B. Mussio has spent his professional career studying and writing books about how big decision-making engines in finance, government, and technology shape and are shaped by the world around them. As CEO of his own consulting company, Signal Influence Executive Research and Communications (SIERC), he is also an active entrepreneur. The result of […]

Mick Mulvaney

Mick Mulvaney’s varied positions in Washington, D.C. over the last decade-plus have given him the ultimate insider’s insight to Capitol Hill and all it entails. With experience in both the Legislative and Executive branches, and as both an elected and Senate-confirmed Cabinet member, Mulvaney has unparalleled experience in policymaking, international relations, economic objectives, and politics. […]

Dr. Scott Gottlieb: Summer Covid risk dropping but winter could see case spike

(CNBC) – Gottlieb discusses what he expects when it comes to the spread of coronavirus as more businesses and employers are planning to reopen over the summer and into the fall.

The Matter of Xi’s Succession

(Fair Observer) – With a largely unnoticed change in legislation, President Xi Jinping has acquired the tools to eliminate any rival, especially Premier Li Keqiang and Vice-Premier Hu Chunhua.

Drug Safety Is FDA’s Job, Not CDC’s

(WSJ) – Clear lines of authority would make it easier to resolve the Johnson & Johnson complications.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb: Expect Covid cases to drop heading into May

(CNBC) – “I think we’re going to start to see the pandemic rollover in the United States in terms of the cases coming down,” said Dr. Scott Gottlieb.

To Save the U.K. Give Scottish Nationalists the Canada Treatment

(Bloomberg) – Take it from a Scot abroad: We don’t need another referendum.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb on why Covid won’t be eradicated in U.S. like smallpox, polio

(CNBC) – “We eradicate things where we have very high vaccination rates, and where the vaccine is a one-and-done vaccine where it’s fully protective for a long duration and for life,” said Dr. Scott Gottlieb.

Fmr. FDA chief Dr. Scott Gottlieb: It was ‘prudent’ to pause J&J vaccine

(CNBC) – The Pfizer CEO said a third dose is likely and there may be an annual booster.

Alex Honnold

Alex Honnold is a professional rock climber whose audacious free-solo ascents of America’s biggest cliffs have made him one of the most recognized and followed climbers in the world. The pinnacle of his career and maybe also the sport of climbing, as captured in the Academy Award winning film, Free Solo, was his 2017 rope-less climb […]

Anand Shah

Anand Shah, M.D. is a nationally recognized physician leader and health policy expert who most recently served as the Deputy Commissioner for Medical and Scientific Affairs at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Q&A: Former national security adviser Robert O’Brien says China and Russia pose biggest foreign threat

(The Salt Lake Tribune) – Adviser to former President Donald Trump on the biggest geopolitical challenges facing the United States.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta on his year of COVID reporting and tips for growing brain cells

(Katie Couric) – This past (very long) year, Dr. Sanjay Gupta has been immersed in all things COVID-19, as CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent reporting on the front lines of this novel virus.

Civic Engagement in the Age of Boycotts with Katie Harbath of Anchor Change

(Digital Politics Radio) – Anchor Change is looking to solve issues at the intersection of democracy and technology.

When COVID hit home for NYC’s health commissioner Dr. Dave Chokshi

(Market Watch) – A doctor becomes a patient, and new learning begins.

WWSG Exclusive: Ambassador Robert O’Brien

(WWSG News) – We’re proud to welcome Robert C. O’Brien as our newest exclusive speaker.

Visiting speaker Marc Short shares about his community of faith while working as Mike Pence’s chief of staff

(Liberty University) – Short also offered encouragement by noting that although President Trump and Pence did not share all the same ideas, Pence’s humble disposition and desire to serve contributed to the duo’s productivity while in office.

Robert O’Brien has bold suggestion for Biden admin on Middle East

(FOX) – Former National Security Advisor discusses pulling troops from Afghanistan, Biden’s handling of Russia and China and Iran nuclear talks.

Robert O’Brien has bold suggestion for Biden admin on Middle East

(FOX) – Former National Security Advisor discusses pulling troops from Afghanistan, Biden’s handling of Russia and China and Iran nuclear talks.

Former head of FDA’s medical and scientific affairs on Covid: ‘FDA has never been tested like this’

(Endpoints News) – FDA has to keep up with constantly evolving science, as well as the need to recruit and train people with highly specialized skills.

Republicans Are Making 4 Key Mistakes

(The Atlantic) – Misperceptions and rage are blinding Republicans—and their voter-suppression measures may backfire.

Former FDA chief Dr. Scott Gottlieb makes the case for vaccine passports

(CNBC) – “The challenge with the question around these so-called vaccine passports is that people right now don’t own the information verifying that they’ve been vaccinated.”

Former CMS administrator Seema Verma joins Monogram Health’s board

(Monogram Health) – Policy leader joins Monogram to help accelerate transformation of care for kidney disease patients.

Trump CDC director hired by Big Ass Fans, a company that claims to have COVID-killing tech

(Washington Examiner) – A former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director is joining the team at Big Ass Fans, a company that claims to have a COVID-19-killing technology.

The origins of vaccine hesitancy in US | Dr. Sanjay Gupta

(CNN) – Every year, tens of thousands of Americans get sick from diseases that could be prevented by vaccines – some people are hospitalized, some even die. Immunization is our best protection against these diseases.

Gregory Slavonic

Secretary Slavonic’s decorated military career along with his other dynamic executive positions have uniquely offered him a wide and varied range of expertise, including intelligence-related military activity and high-level leadership in both public and private sectors. Slavonic has written four books. His upcoming title “Saddam Hussein: The Beginning of The End” shares an intimate, first-hand […]

Meet NASA and SpaceX’s Crew-2 mission astronauts: Shane Kimbrough

(Florida Today) – Kimbrough was commissioned into the Army as an aviator after studying engineering at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

Former Vice President Pence signs book deal

(WLFITV) – Readers could soon add a few more books to their collection.

Former Vice President Mike Pence memoir set for 2023 release

(ABC) – Former Vice President Mike Pence has a book deal.

WWSG New Exclusive Speaker: Dr. Deborah Birx

(WWSG News) – WWSG is proud to announce Dr. Birx as our newest exclusive speaker.

EXCLUSIVE: Pence returns to MAGA world with Trump-backed political group

(Washington Examiner) – It will seek to defend the Trump-Pence administration’s record while building what aides said would be a “winning formula for a broader coalition.”

Why Pence launched advocacy group Advancing American Freedom

(FOX) – Marc Short discusses the Biden administration’s policies and Pence’s new advocacy group.

Building on the Trump administration’s victories to advance American freedom

(Washington Times) – Advancing American Freedom will help ensure that we continue to boldly forge a future of freedom for all the American people.

Dr. Dave Chokshi hoping for a COVID-19 vaccine for kids this year

(Today) – Commissioner Chokshi | United Hospital Fund Gala

Former Vice President Mike Pence to Publish His Autobiography with Simon & Schuster

(Simon and Schuster) – Former Vice President Mike Pence will publish his autobiography with Simon & Schuster.

Marc Short: US should be competing to have lowest corporate tax rate

(FOX) – Former Pence chief of staff questions why U.S. would want to compete with socialist economies’ tax rates on ‘Kudlow.’

Robert O’Brien

Ambassador Robert C. O’Brien served as the 28th United States National Security Advisor and is a highly regarded diplomat, having played an integral role in negotiating the Abraham Accords, representing the United States at the 60th UN General Assembly, and many other accomplishments.

Why young people are not safe from Covid-19 — Dr. Wen explains

(CNN) — There has been a worrisome trend emerging in recent weeks: Cases among younger people are rising.

With 2M Shots In Arms, Looking To Winter Boosters

(CT News) – Despite worries that the country was heading for a fourth wave, Gottlieb said he believed the nation had crossed an “inflection point” and he expected spikes to be more isolated than in the past.

How to protect kids from Covid while resuming activities: Dr. Scott Gottlieb

(CNBC) – CNBC’s “Squawk Box” team discusses the coronavirus pandemic and whether there’s another wave of variants with Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner.

How Dr. Scott Gottlieb protects his young kids on playdates before they can get Covid shots

(CNBC) – A person who received a Covid shot should still wear a mask around an at-risk individual who hasn’t been vaccinated.

American decline: Perception or reality?

(The Hill) – Decline is a relative term, but clearly by a preponderance of measures America is declining while China is ascending.

Covid Arsenal Needs Pills as Well as Shots

(WSJ) – A drug that could prevent severe symptoms could help those who can’t or won’t get vaccinated.

Don’t Let China Mint the Money of the Future

(Bloomberg) – U.S. policy makers need to wake up to the potential of digital currency and electronic payments and the peril of allowing China to dominate them.

Mick Mulvaney and the Reasonable Nutjobs

(The Dispatch) – Mick Mulvaney talks with Sarah and Steve about his life in politics.

My Fair Lady

(Hawaii Luxury) – Lady Carnarvon, resident of television’s beloved Downton Abbey, adds Hawaii’s Hoola Nã Pua to her fascinating repertoire.

The Strange New Doctrine of the Republican Party

(The Atlantic) – The GOP’s version of freedom puts greater priority on right-wing cultural folkways than on rights of property and ownership.

Opinion: What if the former CDC director is right about the Wuhan labs?

(Washington Post) – We have no choice but to pursue all possible theories and accept whatever truth the facts lead to.

Elaine Chao, Former Secretary of Transportation Now Speaking Exclusively with WWSG

(WWSG News) – WWSG is proud to announce Secretary Chao as our newest exclusive speaker.

Fox News’ Shannon Bream Caps ‘Difficult Year’ With Her New Best-Seller

(TheWrap) – ”I pray this book will deliver a strong dose of encouragement and hope!“ the on-air host tells TheWrap.

“How Can EAC Countries Attract More Foreign Direct Investment to Aid Recovery from COVID19?”

(CNBC Africa) – Broadman answers the question, “How Can EAC Countries Attract More Foreign Direct Investment to Aid Recovery from COVID19?”

What the Shift to Virtual Learning Could Mean for the Future of Higher Ed

(Harvard Business Review) – The coronavirus pandemic is forcing global experimentation with remote teaching. There are many indicators that this crisis is going to transform many aspects of life. Education could be one of them if remote teaching proves to be a success.

Experts Say What You Can, Can’t Do Post-Vaccine in Viral Reddit Thread

(Yahoo!) – What can you do if you’ve received the COVID-19 vaccine, but your kids haven’t?

Republicans form conservative coalition to fight Biden’s tax hikes in $3T infrastructure project

(FOX) – The Coalition to Protect American Workers officially launched its website Tuesday and is designed to fight back against proposed tax increases on businesses.

Deborah Birx

Deborah Birx’s unique experiences researching and managing programs aimed at finding successful therapeutics for HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and COVID-19 inform her powerful speeches.

Gottlieb says vaccines should provide “pretty big backstop” against new virus surge

(CBS) – Gottlieb says vaccines should provide “pretty big backstop” against new virus surge.

The Bombs That Never Went Off

(The Atlantic) – The fall of the Soviet Union left behind a grim legacy of nuclear danger. After 30 years, the last weapons-grade uranium has been eliminated.

Sheila Bair: The Fed is making the right moves to help America’s small businesses

(CNN) – Larger employers will benefit from the Fed’s decision to start buying the debt of commercial companies, including newly issued debt.

Politics and Policy: Democracy in the Digital Age

(University of Wisconsin-Madison) – There is no finish line in this work. We’ll solve some problems and new ones will always emerge as new technologies are invented.

Alex Honnold Once Took A 45-Minute Call And Ate Lunch While Scaling a Cliff

(Sports Illustrated) – While on the Pat McAfee Show, Honnold recounted a time when he was rock climbing on a “rest day” in Yosemite National Park.

How to Make Spring the Last Lost Semester

(WSJ) – With Covid precautions and eventual vaccines for children, classrooms can reopen in time for the fall.

Melissa Stockwell lost her leg in the Iraq War. Now she has her sights set on the Tokyo Paralympics.

(CBS) – While reflecting on Women’s History Month, Stockwell said if her story can help motivate someone, she’s all for it. 

New Exclusive Speaker Announcement: Former Vice President Mike Pence

(WWSG News) – WWSG is thrilled to announce former Vice President Mike Pence as their newest exclusive speaker.

Karen Pence

Karen Pence’s charismatic speeches highlight her unique experiences as the Second Lady of the United States and First Lady of Indiana. Her remarks illustrate the passion and dedication she feels towards art therapy awareness and to the sacrifices made by military service members and their families.

Mike Pence

The Honorable Michael R. Pence, 48th Vice President of the United States, is known for gracefully advancing conservative policies with respect to limited government, fiscal responsibility, economic development, educational opportunity, and upholding the fundamental virtues of the U.S. Constitution.

Young People in China Are Losing Faith in the West

(Foreign Policy) – And that spells trouble for liberal democracy and Beijing’s relations with Washington.

A Taiwan Crisis May Mark the End of the American Empire

(Bloomberg) – America is a diplomatic fox, while Beijing is a hedgehog fixated on the big idea of reunification.

Where’s the Science Behind CDC’s 6-Foot Social-Distance Decree?

(WSJ) – The new limit for schools is 3 feet. But the public is in the dark about the basis of these recommendations.

I Got My Covid Vaccine. Now Can I Hug My Mom?

(NYT) – Three experts respond to questions from readers about what they can do after getting vaccinated.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta on Reopening Too Quickly, Vaccine Fears & Transmitting COVID After the Shot

(Jimmy Kimmel Live) – Dr. Gupta talks about being a practicing neurosurgeon, the idea of growing new brain cells and regaining new function as you age…

Bloomberg Wall Street Week: Stimulus Special (Podcast)

(Bloomberg) – The conversations highlight how the $1.9 trillion injection of stimulus will affect states, education, and inflation in the United States.

[TRANSCRIPT] FOMC decision: we’re going to see a lot of volatility no matter what: Sheila Bair

(Yahoo! Finance) – Sheila Bair, Volcker Alliance Director & Former FDIC Chair, joins Yahoo Finance to discuss what to expect next from the Fed.

Biden Has a Border Problem

(The Atlantic) – Only 52 percent [of constituents] approve of the way [Biden] is handling immigration—yet the administration seems too paralyzed to act.

Joe Grogan Joins David Webb’s Podcast

(David Webb) – David speaks with Joe Grogan about Biden’s speech, covid, and healthcare.

ActivePure Technologies Names Former White House Coronavirus Coordinator as Chief Advisor

(Dallas Innovates) – Dr. Deborah Birx is ActivePure’s new chief medical and scientific advisor.

Joe Grogan Joins Wake Up America

(Newsmax) – WWSG speaker Joseph Grogan joins Wake Up America.

Op-ed: What’s Good for Women Is Good For the World

(KatieCouric.com) – Girls may be the climate heroes of the future. But first, we must empower the ones we have left behind.

China’s New Five-Year Plan Is a Disappointment

(Foreign Policy) – As domestic problems mount, Beijing’s planners are lowering expectations.

How Biden Can Make the Quad Endure

(Carnegie) – To succeed, the Quad needs to evolve from a China-focused club of four to a group of first movers on an array of specific functional challenges. The best way to do this is for the four countries to form the core of a rotating set of ad hoc problem-solving coalitions in the Indo-Pacific.

Some students may ‘never recover’ from schools closing: Fmr. domestic policy council director

(FOX) – Former Trump domestic policy council director Joe Grogan discusses the $1.9 trillion stimulus, welfare expansion and the need for schools to reopen.

America Needs Leaders Like Elaine Chao

(WSJ) – She’s an inspiration to minorities and women and is under baseless attack.

Federal response one year after the start of the pandemic

(CBS Newspath) – One year after the coronavirus was declared a pandemic, more than half a million people in the U.S. have lost their lives to the virus.

Federal response one year after the start of the pandemic

(CBS) – “A lot of control happens at the state and local level. And that’s appropriate because it allows jurisdictions to tailor what’s happening, the policies to their communities.”

Caitlin Rivers: New WWSG Exclusive Speaker

(WWSG News) – Worldwide Speakers Group welcomes Dr. Caitlin Rivers to our list of impressive exclusive speakers.

Will proposed mergers put our national defense at risk?

(Military News) – As President Biden’s team at the Department of Defense (DoD) starts settling into their new roles, one of their first priorities will be to address what the stated U.S. defense strategy will be.

March and April are critical months in stopping another Covid-19 surge

(CNN) – The next two months could determine whether the US will experience another surge in coronavirus cases, according to the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

How Standard Setting Can Help Taiwan Grow Its Global Role

(Carnegie Endowment) – Taiwan’s prowess in high-tech manufacturing and data privacy could make Taiwan firms unsung heroes of the global competition over standard setting for emerging technologies.

The Fed Doesn’t Fear Inflation. Its Critics Have Longer Memories

(Bloomberg) – “Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon in the sense that it is and can be produced only by a more rapid increase in the quantity of money than in output.”

How Standard Setting Can Help Taiwan Grow Its Global Role

(Carnegie) – Taiwan’s prowess in high-tech manufacturing and data privacy could make Taiwan firms unsung heroes of the global competition over standard setting for emerging technologies.

Caitlin Rivers

Dr. Caitlin Rivers uses outbreak science to improve public health preparedness and response, using infectious disease analytics and modeling to support public health decisions.

Pence will make his first speech since leaving office.

(NYT) – Former Vice President Mike Pence is planning to make his first public remarks since leaving office in January.

Scott Gottlieb Gives a Vaccination Update on Face the Nation

(CBS) – Scott Gottlieb gives a U.S. vaccination update on Face the Nation March 7, 2021.

Allen West: Brilliance of First Amendment Will Protect Religious Freedom from Equality Act

(Faithwire) – I am hopeful this will not come to pass, and our religious freedoms will not be stripped from us, because of that all-important First Amendment guaranteeing the free exercise of religion.

Dr. Osterholm Has A Message For Texas Gov. On Mask Mandate | MTP Daily | MSNBC

(MSNBC) – Dr. Osterholm warns that states are “opening up in a way that is just an invitation for this virus to spread.”

Former Biden COVID-19 Advisor Says ‘We Have Every Reason To Believe’ Virus Cases Will Rise

(Daily Caller) – Epidemiologist Michael Osterholm of the University of Minnesota said Thursday “we have every reason to believe” coronavirus cases will rise.

Deepening the U.S.-Taiwan Economic Partnership

(Carnegie) – A U.S.-Taiwan trade pact would be welcome, but laying the groundwork will take time, and the two sides risk losing momentum. Several other shovel-ready economic initiatives could be ready sooner and shouldn’t be delayed.

Texas, Mississippi lift Covid restrictions and mask mandates, despite CDC warnings

(CNBC) – Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced Tuesday he is rescinding the statewide mask mandate and allowing all businesses to reopen at 100% capacity.

When Will the U.S. Reach Herd Immunity? | Dr. Michael Osterholm Joins The Mehdi Hasan Show

(The Choice) – Infectious disease expert Dr. Michael Osterholm joins Mehdi Hasan to discuss President Biden’s vow to have vaccines for every adult in the U.S. by the end of May.

Election Integrity Is a National Imperative

(The Daily Signal) – Every citizen deserves the freedom to support, oppose, criticize, or promote the candidates and causes they believe in.

Former CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield joins Maryland’s coronavirus task force

(FOX) – Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced at a press conference on Tuesday that former CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield would be joining Maryland’s public health team as a senior adviser.

Former CDC director advising Maryland on COVID-19 vaccines, variants

(WBAL) – Hogan announced that the former director of CDC will join Maryland’s COVID-19 team as a senior adviser for public health.

Robert Redfield

Robert Redfield, M.D. is an American virologist and physician who has been on the cutting edge of some of the most significant scientific medical discoveries of modern history. He is widely respected for his central role in the establishment of the HIV/AIDS clinical research vaccine and subsequent development programs for therapeutic and preventative use.

Veterans call on SC Legislature to enact comprehensive medical cannabis program

(ABC) – A group of veterans joined together for a virtual press conference on Monday to call on the South Carolina Legislature to enact a comprehensive medical cannabis program in 2021.

The CIA Can Help Spot the Next Pandemic

(WSJ) – Intel agencies and public-health officials need to work together against security risks like Covid.

Everything old is new again: Repurposing drugs to treat Covid-19

(CNN) – The practice of finding new uses for old medications –– called repurposing or repositioning drugs –– is not new.

Everything old is new again: Repurposing drugs to treat Covid-19

(CNN) – The practice of finding new uses for old medications––called repurposing or repositioning drugs––is not new.

China Must Stop Hiding Its Vaccine Data

(Foreign Affairs) – Beijing Is Undermining Confidence in a Vaccine the World Desperately Needs

The 4 types of personalities leaders need in their inner circle

(Fast Company) – If you want to make smart decisions, surround yourself with these sorts of people.

Will Anything Stop Putin’s Pet Project?

(NYT) – Nord Stream 2, a direct pipeline from Russia to Germany, isn’t going away. Neither is the clamor to cancel it.

Osterholm Update COVID-19: Watchful Waiting | Episode 45

(CIDRAP) – Dr. Osterholm and host Chris Dall discuss why COVID-19 is declining in many areas of the US, where we’re at with the variants…

Seema Verma: New WWSG Exclusive Speaker

(WWSG News) – Worldwide Speakers Group welcomes Administrator Seema Verma to our list of impressive exclusive speakers.

CNN Correspondent David Culver, Producer Yong Xiong, Photojournalist Natalie Thomas Win Polk Award for Foreign Reporting

(TVNewser) – Long Island University announced the winners of the 73rd annual George Polk Awards in Journalism, honoring journalists for their reporting in 2020.

Seema Verma

Seema Verma is a national health policy expert known for her meaningful and successful implementation of new programs for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), where she served as Administrator from 2017-2021. Verma’s engaging speeches are punctuated by her admirable intellect and relevant pulse on all things healthcare-related.

Try this creative tactic to improve an idea or hone your pitch

(Fast Company) – In “Backable,” author Suneel Gupta says don’t simply ask “What do you think?” Instead, stage an exhibition match.

Suneel Gupta’s “Backable”​ shows how to get others to invest in you and your life

(LinkedIn) – Use the techniques that Suneel describes in Backable, and you’ll be well on your way to realizing your visions and having a more interesting life.

Mark Esper: New WWSG Exclusive Speaker

(WWSG News) – Worldwide Speakers Group is thrilled to announce Mark Esper as our newest exclusive speaker.

How American Free Trade Can Outdo China

(WSJ) – The Trump years left the U.S. ceding ground for its exports. Biden can regain it, with the help of allies.

Suneel Gupta on being backable: “The opposite of success is not failure. It’s boredom.”​

(Hello Monday) – This “it-factor” is an important quality for success. And yet, it can be hard to distill.

Soundbites with Commissioner Chokshi

(Columbia Public Health ) – Dave A. Chokshi, MD, MSc – Commissioner of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Transcript: Scott Gottlieb discusses coronavirus on “Face the Nation,” February 21, 2021

(CBS) – Transcript: Scott Gottlieb discusses coronavirus on “Face the Nation,” February 21, 2021

Marc Short speaks with CNN about the 2020 election

(CNN) – Marc Short explains the thought process behind the advice given to President Trump that Vice President Pence could’ve overturned election results.

Michael Osterholm | Firing Line with Margaret Hoover | PBS

(PBS) – Epidemiologist Dr. Michael Osterholm says new COVID-19 strains will likely cause cases to surge in March.

Fmr. FDA chief: It’s fair for Biden administration take credit on accelerating vaccine production

(CNBC) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner, says we will have general availability of the vaccine by April.

Marc Short, Former VP Pence’s Chief of Staff Reveals New Details About Evacuation, Deployment of Nat’l Guard During Capitol Insurrection

(Fox News) – Marc Short revealed new harrowing details about how his boss’s movements and coordination to deploy the National Guard during the Capitol insurrection.

A cofounder who sold his company for nearly $20 million on how to make investors feel like their input matters so they take a chance on you

(Business Insider) – Without asking the question, I never would have received the feedback.

How Joe Biden can help Britain modernise its role in the world

(Financial Times) – London’s course looks uncertain, but it offers opportunities to Washington.

Don’t buy Bitcoin, says former chair of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

(BizNews) – Sheila Bair was asked for her views on cryptocurrencies and told Bloomberg that it is at nose-bleed levels.

Frum: Impeachment Didn’t Prevail But Trump Still Lost | Morning Joe | MSNBC

(MSNBC) – Writer David Frum explains why Trump’s second impeachment, despite aquittal, will ‘do as a solemn and eternal public repudiation of Trump’s betrayal of his oath of office.’

What you need to know about Mike Pence since he is no longer vice president

(Indianapolis Star) – “While we don’t know what the future holds,” Pence said, “we know who holds the future.”

Why we still don’t know how deadly this new coronavirus is

(Vox) – Without the mortality rate, it’s hard to decide how to respond and prepare for a worsening outbreak.

Mark Esper

Mark Esper offers audiences an array of insights, ideas, forecasts, and strategies based on relevant experience, fostering the success of both individuals and teams.

The technological impact on real estate investing: robots vs humans: new applications for organisational and portfolio strategies

(Emerald) – The introduction of artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML), blockchain, virtual reality, tablets, cell phones, applications, 5G, etc. is putting pressure on real estate organisations to change.

What to Do When There’s a Covid-19 Vaccine Glut

(WSJ) – Supply is ramping up, but many Americans are reluctant to get the shot and need to be persuaded.

Scott Gottlieb discusses coronavirus on “Face the Nation,” February 7, 2021

(CBS) – Gottlieb says vaccines should offer “reasonable protection” against coronavirus variants.

Scott Gottlieb discusses coronavirus on “Face the Nation,” February 7, 2021

(CBS) – Transcript of an interview with former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb that aired February 7, 2021, on “Face the Nation.”

GameStop, Robinhood and the Return of the Wind Trade

(Bloomberg) – The history of economic bubbles casts doubt on the idea that the Reddit rebellion was a victory of the little guy over “the suits.”

8 questions for David Culver about what it was like to return to Wuhan, China

(CNN) – More than a year after the first cases of Covid-19 were detected in Wuhan, China, Go There travels back to the city of 11 million people to hear about the lessons learned from the pandemic.

COVID won’t be last pathogen to threaten our national security. We need to prepare better.

(USA Today) – The U.S. response to COVID-19 has been slowed by shortcomings in the data. Data and analytics need to improve to help the response.

Vice President Mike Pence Joins Heritage Foundation as Distinguished Visiting Fellow

(Heritage Foundation) – The Heritage Foundation announced today that former Vice President Mike Pence will join the organization as a distinguished visiting fellow.

Mike Pence to join Heritage Foundation to ‘lead the conservative movement into the future’

(USA Today) – Former Vice President Mike Pence is returning to the think tank world.

Why President Biden’s first 100 days matter

(GZERO) – Ian Bremmer explains how the “first 100 days” idea started 88 years ago, when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had to pull the United States out of the greatest economic crisis the modern world had ever known.

NFLPA Executive Director: No COVID-19 Scenario That Would Lead to Super Bowl LV Delay

(Sports Illustrated) – NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith said Wednesday that he “[doesn’t] see any scenario” in which the league would postpone Super Bowl LV.

It’s Time for a National Pandemic Prediction Agency

(Wired) – A federal office that collects outbreak data, models epidemics, and spreads the word to the public could keep the next Covid from being another Covid.

Former Pence chief of staff on stimulus negotiations

(CNBC) – Marc Short, former chief of staff to VP Mike Pence, joins ‘Closing Bell’ to discuss the former VP’s future and his expectations for bipartisan support for additional stimulus.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb rips U.S. Covid testing system, says don’t expect it to be fixed until fall

(CNBC) – The U.S. Covid testing system is “discontinuous” and “problematic,” Dr. Scott Gottlieb told CNBC on Tuesday.

Ian Bremmer interviews Senator Murphy on abolishing the filibuster, a Senate tool he has famously employed

(GZERO) – One of the most heated debates happening on Capitol Hill right now is whether Democrats should push to eliminate the Senate filibuster in order to overcome Republican opposition to their legislative agenda.

Marc Short: New WWSG Exclusive Speaker

(WWSG News) – Worldwide Speakers Group is thrilled to announce Marc Short as our newest exclusive speaker.

CNN’s Sanjay Gupta, M.D., Wins NPF Chairman’s Citation

(National Press Foundation) – CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta, M.D., will be recognized Feb. 18 with the National Press Foundation’s Chairman’s Citation for his tireless and distinguished coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic.

After the insurrection: will Congress find common ground?

(GZERO) – Ian Bremmer talks to two very different lawmakers from each chamber Congress: two-term Democratic Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy and freshman Republican South Carolina Representative Nancy Mace.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb on J&J vaccine trial results, Covid mutations and more

(CNBC) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb joined “Squawk Box” on Monday to discuss concerns surround vaccine efficacy against several coronavirus mutations emerging around the world.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Covid-19 antibodies from infection may not be effective against variant

(CNN) – Anderson Cooper, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Dr. Leana Wen discuss vaccines and the coronavirus variants in the US and around the world.

Gottlieb says vaccination should be a backstop to protect against virus variant

(CNBC) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb says inoculations may stem the spread of a new coronavirus variant in the coming months.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb discusses effectiveness of J&J Covid-19 vaccine

(CNBC) – Dr. Scott Gottlieb discusses effectiveness of J&J Covid-19 vaccine

The Capitol Forum: The Future of CFIUS Enforcement Under the Biden Administration

(Global Investor) – Event hosted by The Capitol Forum on how enforcement actions by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the US (CFIUS) might be different under the Biden Administration than the previous Trump Administration.

The Night of the Rubber Knives

(The Atlantic) – Republicans appear poised to flinch from reality, protect Trump, and betray the country.

Trump is coming for the Republican Party

(CNBC) – David Frum, author of “Trumpocalypse,” says Republicans have to stop thinking they can control Trump and instead get rid of him.

Biden’s Pandemic Plan Might Just Work

(New Yorker) – The coronavirus is devastating America, and getting worse—but it’s not too late for a concerted effort to save countless lives.

Biden Gives Regulators a Free and Heavy Hand

(WSJ) – His idea of ‘modernizing’ rules is to assert they have benefits that are ‘impossible to quantify.’

Quick Take: President Biden’s first week

(GZERO) – As far as Biden’s actions, the initial executive orders were pretty consistent with what we had grown to expect coming into the Paris Climate Accord…

Aqua Lung Welcomes Renowned Wildlife Photographer And Conservationist Paul Nicklen As Global Ocean Ambassador

(SGB Media) – Aqua Lung announced today that renowned wildlife photographer and conservationist Paul Nicklen is joining the brand as a global ocean ambassador.

Could these five things protect your brain from dementia?

(The Times) – A neurosurgeon claims we can reduce cerebral damage by adjusting our lifestyles.

Pfizer knew vaccine vials held six doses but filed as five to speed release: Board member

(CNBC) – Pfizer will now ship fewer vials of its coronavirus vaccine because it had previously shipped more doses than anticipated in its first traunche of distribution.

Leaders of Amazon, Mastercard, and Ford Urge Biden to Be “Climate President” in New Letter

(The Motley Fool) – Corporate titans join notables from the political and entertainment spheres to push for a greener future.

Bloomberg Wall Street Week: Hubbard, Bair, Haass (Podcast)

(Bloomberg) – This week’s Wall Street Week features former FDIC Chair Sheila Bair.

Send Out the Search Party for New Covid Strains

(WSJ) – Variants of the virus can be stopped if uncovered early—but that will require more genetic sequencing.

Scott Gottlieb discusses coronavirus, January 24, 2021

(CBS) – “We’re not sequencing a lot of strains right now in the United States. Maybe we’re sequencing a couple of thousand a week right now.”

History’s Lesson for Biden: Stuff Happens

(Bloomberg) – Presidents sworn in during crises are popular at first. But unforeseen events can soon change that.

Trump Pressed Justice Department to Go Directly to Supreme Court to Overturn Election Results

(WSJ) – The former president dropped the efforts to replace the acting attorney general after top DOJ officials agreed to resign en masse in protest if he succeeded, people familiar said

Dr. Sanjay Gupta on his new book “Keep Sharp”

(Maria Shriver) – Dr. Sanjay Gupta on his new book “Keep Sharp.”

Dr. Scott Gottlieb on Covid-19 vaccine distribution, case counts and new variants

(CNBC) – Scott Gottlieb joins ‘Closing Bell’ to talk about how to increase the limited vaccine supply.

Trump and Justice Dept. Lawyer Said to Have Plotted to Oust Acting Attorney General

(New York Times) – Trying to find another avenue to push his baseless election claims, Donald Trump considered installing a loyalist.

Stanley Tucci Dishes on His Favorite Recipes, Roles, Cheap Booze and Life in Quarantine

(Parade) – I just spilled a big cup of coffee on the floor, just as I was setting everything up,” says Stanley Tucci, who, like the rest of us, isn’t immune to the challenges of working from home.

Swamp Thing

(The Atlantic) – Trump’s pardons sent an unmistakable message, capping the corruption of his tenure in office.

Public Health and Population Health: Are They the Same Thing?

(Catalyst) – Especially important during a pandemic, health care’s common challenge is making sure how we deliver care and change the structures of society actually contributes to the health of the people we intend to serve.

NFL insider notes: Critical voices mount about lack of diversity in coach hiring, plus more on coach carousel

(CBS Sports) – The NFL continues to dangle a carrot to push coaching diversity, but it might require a stick.

Ex-C.D.C. Chief on Challenge of Serving Trump During Pandemic

(NYT) – Dr. Robert Redfield predicted the “worst is yet to come” with the coronavirus and expressed frustration with the politicization of mask-wearing and mitigation efforts.

Former FDA chief worries Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy will slow down rollout

(CNBC) – Gottlieb discusses some of the issues with the coronavirus vaccine rollout and what he expects the income Biden administration to implement.

NFLPA director ‘planning’ for another virtual offseason

(theScore) – NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith says the upcoming offseason will likely be virtual again due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta busts “lost a few brain cells” myth and reveals secrets for sharp brain function

(Radio.com) – Dr. Sanjay Gupta busts “lost a few brain cells” myth and reveals secrets for sharp brain function.

Marc Short

Marc Short most recently served as Chief of Staff to Vice President Mike Pence. Mr. Short also served as Assistant to the President and Director of Legislative Affairs at the White House for President Donald J. Trump. As the legislative affairs director, he worked to successfully pass the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and shepherd through the nomination of Justice Neil Gorsuch.

Trump Did Enormous Damage to His Reputation: Niall Ferguson

(Bloomberg) – Niall Ferguson looks at President Donald Trump’s legacy and the challenges President-elect Joe Biden is expected to face.

Value-Based Purchasing Rule For Medicaid Rx Drugs: Continuing To Shift From FFS Towards Accountability

(Health Affairs) – Recent CMS action aims to usher in a new era of value-based drug reimbursement.

Use Rule 105 to boost your performance at work

(Detroit Free Press) – Challenge yourself to add a small dose of something extra, and you’ll enjoy oversized success as a result.

Navy names ship for Muscogee (Creek) Nation

(The Oklahoman) – A new Navy vessel will be named for Oklahoma’s Muscogee (Creek) Nation.

A trove of preposterous emails raises the question: How can Republicans still be loyal to this man?

(Washington Post) – On Dec. 14, 10 days before Jeffrey Rosen took over as acting attorney general, Mr. Trump’s assistant emailed Mr. Rosen, asserting that Dominion Voting Systems machines in Michigan were intentionally fixed and pointing to a debunked analysis showing what “the machines can and did do to move votes.” The email declared, “We believe it has happened everywhere.”

CMS has made a lasting imprint on the healthcare system

(CMS.gov) – Taken in their totality, the actions CMS has taken over the last four years will revolutionize healthcare for generations to come and will transform healthcare for every American patient.

Outgoing CDC Director Warns Of Peak Pandemic: ‘We’re About To Be In The Worst Of It’

(NPR) – “This has been one of the greatest crises that this nation’s had.”

Social media platforms have too much power and nothing is being done about it: Niall Ferguson

(CNBC) – Niall Ferguson says social media companies have too much power and there’s little being done by regulators to control it.

Annie Leibovitz Photographs Naomi Osaka for January’s American Vogue

(Vogue) – Osaka posing in a slip dress during an outdoor cover shoot with photographer Annie Leibovitz.

NFLPA executive director lauds Bill Belichick’s decision to decline Trump’s invitation

(Boston.com) – “Frankly, I thought his statement was spot on,” DeMaurice Smith said.

America Will Achieve Herd Immunity to Trumpism. I Hope.

(Bloomberg) – Pandemics have always bred political lunacy, but societies develop resistance to both.

Biden’s Covid vaccine distribution plan still in flux days before inauguration

(WRAL) – “We could vaccinate everyone in this country and still have a real problem with coronavirus…”

How CMS has made progress on healthcare interoperability

(Healthcare IT News) – “As we look forward, we are confident that we have laid a solid foundation for interoperability on which future administrations can continue to build.”

Fiorina: Corporate Silence Over Trump No Longer An Option

(Bloomberg) – Carly Fiorina, founder, chair and chief executive officer at Carly Fiorina Enterprises, speaks with Bloomberg’s Vonnie Quinn about this backlash, and the response by big tech.

Cool Heads Always Prevail

(San Angelo Live) – At this tumultuous time in our American history, I must reiterate this leadership maxim: “Cool Heads Always Prevail.”

We Need to Reform America’s Elder-Care System | Opinion

(Newsweek) – COVID-19 has exposed significant deficiencies in the nation’s long-term care system that policymakers can no longer ignore.

David Frum Speaks on Capitol Hill Violence for MSNBC

(MSNBC) – The violent takeover of the U.S. Capitol by President Donald Trump’s supporters was a “secession from American democracy.”

‘We are in a race against time, and we have to get more people vaccinated’: Fmr. WH COVID-19 Task Force Member

(Yahoo!) – Joe Grogan, Former Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council and Fellow at USC Schaeffer Center joins Yahoo Finance’s Kristin Myers to discuss the latest on the Georgia Senate races, COVID-19 vaccine distribution, and more.

It’s time to re-think leadership education

Chris Lewis and Dr Pippa Malmgren, authors of The Infinite Leader, discuss how the current education system must change in order to effectively nurture leadership.

Organ Procurement Organizations

(AAKP) – Today, more than 100,000 Americans are on waiting lists to receive a lifesaving organ transplant.

We need to hold people accountable: Fmr. HP CEO Carly Fiorina

(CNBC) – Carly Fiorina discusses what is necessary to move the country forward after Wednesday’s unrest when a violent mob of Trump supporters sought to prevent the confirmation of Joe Biden’s electoral victory.

Henry Paulson Returns to Finance, to Run Climate-Focused Fund

(NYT) – The venture aims to push climate-friendly businesses into the mainstream.

What’s really on the ballot in Georgia

(CNN) – President Donald Trump spent more time addressing his election grievances than encouraging election turnout.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta Says Mask-Wearing Is Still Essential Even After Vaccination

(The Late Show with Stephen Colbert) – Dr. Sanjay Gupta, explains that the coronavirus vaccine is 95% effective at keeping people from falling ill, but vaccinated people can still become infected.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb warns that getting vaccinated doesn’t mean people can just return to pre-Covid life

(CNBC) – “Next fall and winter, if we do things right, it will look like a very bad flu season,” Dr. Scott Gottlieb, member of the boards of Pfizer and biotech company Illumina and former FDA commissioner…

The impact of the Georgia Senate results

(CBC) – David Frum and Aisha Mills talk to Adrienne Arsenault about the wider impact of the run-off.

Corporate Debt ‘Relief’ Is an Economic Dud

(WSJ) – Most companies benefiting from the Fed’s bond buys didn’t need the cash, and didn’t spend it well either.

South African Covid variant appears to ‘obviate’ antibody drugs, Dr. Scott Gottlieb says

(CNBC) – “The South Africa variant is very concerning right now because it does appear that it may obviate some of our medical countermeasures…”

Memory fades as we age. But it doesn’t have to.

(CNN) – I have to invest in my brain now to ensure that it stays sharp into ripe old age, even if my body starts to betray me.

Why New Presidency Tops List Of Global Risks For 2021 | Morning Joe | MSNBC

(MSNBC) – The Eurasia Group’s Ian Bremmer joins Morning Joe to discuss its lists of global risks for 2021.

Ian Bremmer explains the “Top Risk” of 2021: divided US domestic politics

GZERO – In a GZERO Live discussion, Ian Bremmer explained why US domestic politics were named the “top risk” for the second consecutive year…

Carolin Roth

Since joining CNBC International in 2007, Carolin Roth has covered some of the biggest economic and business stories of the past decade. Having worked and lived in Zurich, London, and Germany, she is a European expert with a truly global view.

Former FDA Chief Scott Gottlieb on the Best Strategies for Covid Vaccine Rollout

(CNBC) – “I would make [the coronavirus vaccine] generally available to them, to the extent possible, while we focus on these prioritized groups.”

Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s Prescription for Fighting Off Dementia

(CBS) – When he’s not on CNN giving updates on the coronavirus, Sanjay Gupta is at his day job, as a neurosurgeon. “I’ve had a longstanding love affair with the brain,” he said.

All 10 living former defense secretaries: Involving the military in election disputes would cross into dangerous territory

(Washington Post) – Each of us swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. We did not swear it to an individual or a party.

Trump Crosses a Bright-Red Line

(The Atlantic) – The president’s nonstop abuse of power seems determined to force a reckoning.

Scott Gottlieb discusses coronavirus on “Face the Nation,” December 27, 2020

(CBS) – “But the idea that we’re going to get to 20 million vaccines, vaccinations by the end of the year, that’s probably unrealistic at this point.”

Straight Talk with Hank Paulson Episode 23: Robert Zoellick

Robert Zoellick (11th President of the World Bank and Senior Counselor, Brunswick Group) shares insights on how the United States can lead on international trade, the importance of the World Bank in addressing pressing global issues such as climate change, what is needed for an effective US policy toward a rising China, and his recommendations for the incoming Treasury Secretary.

Brad Parscale Fell From Trump’s Favor. Now He’s Plotting a Comeback.

(NYT) – Mr. Parscale, President Trump’s former campaign manager, was angry after he was demoted last summer, and wanted out of politics. That didn’t last long. He is starting a new political data company.

Meeting the Challenge in Asia

(National Interest) – To succeed in Asia, President-elect Joe Biden will need an administration that whines less, competes more, and leverages American strengths in the Asia that actually exists, not the one of its wishes, dreams, and fantasies.

White House task force kept airport Covid screeners in place despite known risk of infection, sources say

(CNBC) – “It became pretty clear relatively quickly that it was, from a public health perspective, as far as identifying people who were Covid positive, it was a failure.”

Scott Gottlieb discusses coronavirus on “Face the Nation,” December 20, 2020

(CBS) – “It does seem to be the case that we’re on track probably to peak in terms of the number of infections somewhere around the first week in January.”

5 Questions for Tyler Goodspeed

(National Review) – On the COVID-19 recession, the White House’s economic agenda, the U.S.–China trade relationship, and more.

Getting Vaccinated Against COVID-19 is Like PPE at a Molecular Level

(CNN) – Dr. Sanjay Gupta takes us behind the scenes with him as he gets the coronavirus vaccine at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta.

Veteran diplomat Evan Feigenbaum on U.S. policy in a changing Asia

(supchina) – “…the securitization of the US-China relationship, in particular the securitization of commercial flows…”

Navy Under Secretary Makes First Trip To North Africa

(OKC) – Secretary Gregory J. Slavonic, who is performing the duties of Under Secretary of the Navy, made his first visit to North Africa while serving in this capacity.

Lead vaccine developer says she wants to help rebuild trust brick by brick

(CNN) – According to the same poll, only 62% of Black respondents answered they would be willing to get a vaccine, up from 50% in September.

Advancing digital health: FDA innovation during COVID-19

(Nature.com) – The pandemic has accelerated the arrival of the digital era in many aspects of American health care.

Overdose Deaths Accelerating During COVID-19

(CDC.gov) – “The disruption to daily life due to the COVID-19 pandemic has hit those with substance use disorder hard,” said CDC Director Robert Redfield, M.D.

Gingrich among Trump loyalists named to Pentagon advisory board

(Politico) – The appointments to the panel come following a similar purge and replacement at the Defense Business Board.

CDC’s Redfield: World needs 85% COVID immunity ‘to shut this down’

(Daily Memphian) – This virus is so much more contagious, Dr. Robert Redfield expects the world is looking at 85% to 90% “to shut this down.”

How the White House Followed the Science to Enable a Quick Vaccine

(Newsweek) – As new vaccines enter the market, it is hard to think of a public program that has yielded a larger return so quickly for our country and the world than President Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed.

China Wants to Be the World’s Banker

(Wall Street Journal) – The U.S. is in danger of losing its dominant leadership position in global financial services.

Navy undersecretary: The enduring need for U.S. sea power

(The Oklahoman) – We will never lose sight of our mission, or relent in our defense of the United States of America.

If the United States were my patient: Science cannot rescue us from ourselves

(CNN) – Our human spirit has made us innovative, creative, resourceful and tenacious enough to see this dream of a vaccine bear fruit. But it’s our human behavior and biological reflexes that will dictate how deep our wounds ultimately go. No amount of science can rescue us from ourselves.

Winter Covid surge is the ‘worst event that this country will face,’ White House health advisor Birx says

(CNBC) – “This is not just the worst public health event. This is the worst event that this country will face, not just from a public health side.”

CDC director warns the next few months could be ‘the most difficult in the public health history of this nation’

(CNBC) – Redfield, speaking at an event hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, said that about 90% of hospitals in the country are in “hot zones and the red zones.”

Media Statement from CDC Director Robert R. Redfield, M.D., in Observance of World AIDS Day 2020

(CDC.gov) – The HIV community has remained resilient in the face of great challenges.

Dave Brubeck, Beyond ‘Take Five’

(WSJ) – Born 100 years ago, the pianist and composer found immense success melding musical classicism with polyrhythmic experiment.

Michael Osterholm

Hailed by CNN as “the infectious disease expert who has been warning us for a decade and a half that the world will face a pandemic,” Dr. Michael Osterholm quickly became the go-to expert on the public health impact of COVID-19. A sharp critic of the complacency that led to the current global pandemic, he […]

The Three Groups of People Biden Must Reach Out to if He Wants to End the Pandemic, According to Dr. Leana Wen

(TIME) – To get Americans on board, Wen recommends that the incoming president reach out to three groups: economists, prominent Republicans, and religious leaders.

US Navy Under Secretary Concludes Visit to Egypt

(AL Defaiya) – Slavonic expressed US support for Egypt’s efforts to monitor and secure its extensive coastline and combat smuggling, trafficking, and piracy.

There Is No Trumpism Without Trump

(The Atlantic) – The Republican Party now has two paths forward.

US Navy Under Secretary reaffirms US-Egypt military partnership

(Daily News Egypt) – Slavonic expressed US support for Egypt’s efforts to monitor and secure its extensive coastline and combat smuggling, trafficking, and piracy.

White House insider: ‘America is not red or blue anymore, it’s purple’

The close-run election of Joe Biden proves the traditional view of Democrat and Republican strongholds is changing… forever.

Biden Faces Immediate Tests in Asia

(Carnegie Endowment for International Peace) – Trump toughened America’s approach to China, but his administration was long on attitude and short on strategy. Many Asian governments want a more systematic approach from Biden.

China Is Winning the Vaccine Race

(Foreign Affairs) – How Beijing Positioned Itself as the Savior of the Developing World

Redoubling Efforts to Help Americans Quit Smoking — Federal Initiatives to Tackle the Country’s Longest-Running Epidemic

(The New England Journal of Medicine) – This epidemic is entirely preventable.

Top Investigator in Google Case Says There ‘Was Not a Rush’ to Sue

(New York Times) – Jeffrey A. Rosen, the deputy attorney general, said the Justice Department knew the company would use its many resources to fight the agency.

Strengthening US alliances and partnerships in an era of great-power competition: A conversation with US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper

(Atlantic Council) – US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper joins the Atlantic Council to discuss the importance of alliances and partnership in US national security and how to enhance and expand those relationships.

(Transcript) Strengthening US alliances and partnerships in an era of great-power competition: A conversation with US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper

(Atlantic Council) – US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper joins the Atlantic Council’s #ACFrontPage event series to discuss the importance of alliances and partnership in US national security and how to enhance and expand those relationships.

U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper Visits RAND

(RAND Corp.) – U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark T. Esper visited RAND’s Santa Monica headquarters on September 16, 2020.

A Conversation with Secretary of Defense Mark Esper on the Readiness of the U.S. Armed Forces

(Heritage) – A question and answer session with the man responsible for implementing the strategy, Secretary of Defense Dr. Mark T. Esper

Oklahoman learning quickly as No. 2 civilian in U.S. Navy

(Tulsa World) – “Our footprint is small in Oklahoma, unlike the Air Force and the Army,” said Slavonic.

Why federal student loans need new protections on debt collection

(Yahoo Finance) – We do not allow banks to extend and pretend loan obligations that are clearly unaffordable to the borrowers. We should at least ask the same of our government.

Sailors Who Risked Their Safety to Stop Corpus Christi Gunman Receive Awards

(Military.com) – This month, 11 sailors and one civilian attached to Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, Texas, were recognized with commendations and awards for stopping an armed suspect who tried to gain access to the base May 21.

US Food and Drug Administration Support for Oncology Drug Development During COVID-19

(JAMA Network) – The FDA is committed to supporting patient safety and study integrity during the pandemic.

TRANSCRIPT: Charting a Path Out of COVID Means Remembering Data and Humanity

(MedScape) – “We can always chart a better course and end up where we need to be. That’s where I keep trying to push us.”

A Craving for Normalcy Spells the End of a Populist Presidency

(Bloomberg) – There are nine reasons Trump may still win, but none seems likely.

Acting Under SECNAV honors ‘Rhode Island Nine’ Marines

(America Military News) – Acting Under Secretary of the Navy, the Honorable Gregory J. Slavonic served as the keynote speaker at the Rhode Island Nine Beirut Memorial dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony September 27 in Providence, Rhode Island.


(Marines.mil) – Acting Under Secretary of the Navy, the Honorable Gregory J. Slavonic served as the keynote speaker at the Rhode Island Nine Beirut Memorial dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony September 27 in Providence, Rhode Island.

Olga Koroleva of Capital Brain: Optimal Performance Before High Pressure Moments; How To Relieve Stress, Clear Your Head, and Prepare Yourself For High Stakes Business Encounters

(Medium) – “I would work on prototyping an Earth+ future where every human activity has a positive impact on our beautiful planet. When you look at the impact that humans have had on the planet, there is barely a single place that hasn’t been negatively impacted by our presence.”

Preventing and Responding to COVID-19 on College Campuses

(JAMA) – At the beginning of the fall of 2020, the opening of colleges and universities poses new challenges and accompanying risks for transmission on campuses and in their surrounding communities.

Under Secretary of the Navy Meets With NATO Allies

(MilitarySpot) – Acting Under Secretary of the Navy, the Honorable Gregory J. Slavonic receives honors upon arriving at the Portuguese Naval Headquarters Sept. 26, 2020.

100 Women Who Have Helped Shape America

(The Hill) – Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao is close to beating a record.

Doom Scrolling, Big Tech and Public Policy: The Long View

(The Globe and Mail) – Our technological moment offers other upgrades.

Trump Can Take Credit for Vaccine Progress but Shouldn’t Rush It

(The Wall Street Journal) – The FDA balances benefits with safety risks, and interference makes Americans nervous.

5 Common Coronavirus Misconceptions and the Science You Need to Know

(CNN) – Since the beginning of 2020, when we first started hearing about a new coronavirus, eventually dubbed SARS-CoV-2, our understanding of what it is, how it infects people, who it infects and how we can protect ourselves have all evolved as our knowledge has grown.

Ebola Response Priorities in the Time of Covid-19

(New England Journal of Medicine) – This case, and the six that followed, brought the total to 3462 cases — the second-largest Ebola outbreak in history.

Under President Trump’s leadership, CMS has delivered unparalleled medical innovation

(CMS.gov) – The Medicare program represents a solemn promise to seniors that their nation will be there for them in their golden years.

How Economics Tested Positive for COVID-19

(The Globe and Mail) – Economics as a corporate profession enjoys a strong reputation – one that it has earned by taking a disciplined approach to forecasting.

Leonard Brody

Leonard has been called “a controversial leader of the new world order.” He is an award winning entrepreneur, venture capitalist, best-selling author and a 2 time Emmy nominated media visionary.

Kaihan Krippendorff

Kaihan Krippendorff is a top strategy and innovation expert (both academically and as a practictioner), an author of 5 best selling books, a Thinkers50 recognized thinker, and the founder of Outthinker, a strategy and innovation consulting firm that has generated $2.5B in new revenue for mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies

You Can Trust the FDA’s Vaccine Process

(Wall Street Journal) – The agency can roll out a Covid shot safely, quickly and without bowing to political pressure.

VP’s chief of staff on Supreme Court announcement: ‘I don’t think it will take us long’

(CNN) – “The reality is that this is the President’s obligation to make a nomination, he’ll do so and he’ll do so in the near future.”

O’Brien: Trump Admin. Foreign Policy ‘Keeper’

(Newsmax) – President Trump should keep Robert C. O’Brien to help America and her allies stay free, safe, and prosperous for four more years.

U.S. accuses China of harboring hackers who targeted video game firms, universities and other companies

(Washington Post) – The Justice Department has charged five Chinese nationals in separate global hacking schemes targeting more than 100 video game firms, universities and other victims.

America Is Going to Decapitate Huawei

(NYT) – The United States’ technological dominance gives it an immense power. But how long will that last?

How ‘Emergency Use’ Can Help Roll Out a Covid Vaccine

(The Wall Street Journal) – The FDA can approve a promising candidate for those most at risk while continuing to collect data.

How the Pandemic is Changing Views on Financial Risk

(The Globe and Mail) – The pandemic of 2020 has appeared in many guises: the destroyer (of lives and livelihoods), or the divider (generating tension, highlighting inequality).

To fight COVID-19, a young epidemiologist bridges the gulf between science and U.S. politics

(Science Mag) – Rivers has emerged as a clear-eyed, tactful narrator of the unfolding pandemic.

What Islamists and ‘Wokeists’ Have in Common

(The Wall Street Journal) – Adherents of both pursue ideological purity, refuse to engage in debate and demand submission.

Op-ed: The coronavirus pandemic underscores the need to bring drug manufacturing back to U.S.

(CNBC) – Covid-19 is an overdue reminder for medical manufacturing to return to the United States.

Dr. Gottlieb: Vaccine For General Population Unlikely By This Year

(MSNBC) – Former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb weighs in on the suspension of a COVID-19 vaccine trial, the likelihood of a vaccine for the general public this year and what he expects from the coming flu season. 

Dr. Gupta breaks down the effects of convalescent plasma

(CNN) – The US Food and Drug Administration issued an emergency use authorization for convalescent plasma to treat Covid-19. CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta takes a deeper look at the data and explains why controlled randomized trials are still necessary to fully understand the effectiveness of convalescent plasma. 

Karen Pence on National Suicide Prevention Week: ‘We want to reduce the stigma’

(FOX) – ‘The thing we want people to know is that suicide is preventable,’ she said​

The Trump administration is committed to a safe, democratic Latin America (Opinion)

(SunSentinel) – Our hope is that the people of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua will one day live in democracies like the rest of their neighbors.

Asia’s Future Beyond U.S.-China Competition

(Carnegie Endowment for International Peace) – Beijing and Washington are competing to set Asia’s rules, norms, and standards. But other countries in the region are increasingly choosing to shape its future themselves.

‘Weimar America’? The Trump Show Is No Cabaret

(Bloomberg Opinion) – Detractors have been equating the U.S. with 1920s Germany for 85 years, and they are still wrong.

Republicans should campaign hard for votes of immigrants like me who are US citizens

(Fox News) – The Republican Party has not done enough to win a significant share of our votes

Search for coronavirus vaccine is making important progress

(Fox News) – It seems we’ll get a vaccine sometime next year at the latest