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  • Jonathan Haidt

    Professor of Ethical Leadership, New York University – Stern School Of Business; Author of New York Time Bestseller, The Righteous Mind: Why Good Pe ...

    Named one of the top 100 Global Thinkers by Foreign Policy magazine, Jonathan Haidt is among the world’s top experts on the psychology of morality and politics. His work can help leaders and organizations improve their cultures, elevate their ethics, and engage their employees’ passions.

    fee range: $25,000 - $40,000

    Scott Hamilton

    Olympic Champion Figure Skater and Cancer Survivor

    Scott Hamilton is one of the most popular figure skating stars of all time. A former world champion and Olympic medalist, Hamilton's skating has inspired and motivated many athletes and individuals to be their best and achieve their dreams. Following his diagnosis with cancer, Hamilton became an inspiration in other ways, by battling back from his ...

    fee range: $25,000 - $40,000

    Mia Hamm

    Three-time Olympic Gold Medalist, World Cup Champion and FIFA World Player of the Year

    Mia Hamm is largely considered the best female soccer player in history. In Atlanta at the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games, she proved it by leading her team to Gold in front of 80,000 enthusiastic fans in Athens, Georgia. Never in history had so many spectators come out to watch a women's sporting event. The Games highlighted female athletes like no ...

    fee range: Inquire for Details

    Carl Hammerschlag, M.D.

    Pioneer in Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine; Faculty Member, University of Arizona Medical School

    Dr. Carl A. Hammerschlag is an expert in the study of healing, health and wellness. His expertise in psychiatry, modern medicine, and Native American wisdom allow him to create a singular approach to understanding health and wellness in today's world. He is one of the early pioneer leaders in mind-body-spirit medicine (psychoneuroimmunology) and an ...

    fee range: $10,000 - $15,000
  • Ryan Harris

    Super Bowl Champion; Award-winning television analyst; Author, Mindset for Mastery: An NFL Champion’s Guide to Reaching Your Greatness

    Ryan Harris is a 10 year veteran of the NFL. In 2015, he became a Super Bowl Champion after winning Super Bowl 50 with the Denver Broncos. He has also played for the Houston Texans, Kansas City Chiefs and Pittsburgh Steelers before retiring in 2016. He graduated from Notre Dame with two degrees, one in Economics and Policy and the other in Polit ...

    fee range: Under $15,000

    John Edward Hasse, Ph.D

    Curator of American Music, Smithsonian Institution; Acclaimed Author, Beyond Category: The Life and Genius of Duke Ellington

    Music historian, musician, award-winning author and record producer, John Edward Hasse has served as curator of American music at the Smithsonian Institution. He is the editor of Ragtime: Its History, Composers and Music, and coeditor of Discourse in Ethnomusicology.

    fee range: $10,000 - $15,000

    Jeff Havens

    Inspirational Speaker; Trainer; Comedian; Author, How to Get Fired! and Unleash Your Inner Tyrant

    A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Vanderbilt University, Jeff has quickly become one of the most in-demand presenters in North America. His truly unprecedented ability to deliver high-quality education in an undeniably entertaining way has earned him dozens of repeat clients, all of whom appreciate Jeff’s insistence that education is the only way that ...

    fee range: $15,000 - $25,000

    Sheila Heen

    CEO, Triad Consulting; Lecturer, Harvard Law School; Co-Author, Difficult Consulting and Thanks for the Feedback

    With two New York Times best sellers and through 20 years at the Harvard Negotiation Project and Triad Consulting Group, Sheila Heen shows us how to engage the conversations that are critical to learning, collaboration, innovation and sound decision-making in your organization.

  • Doc Hendley

    Founder and President of Wine To Water; 2009 CNN Hero of the Year; Humanitarian

    Doc Hendley is Founder and President of Wine To Water, a non-profit promoting clean water resources in poverty stricken countries worldwide. He has a captivating story of an ordinary bartender who is changing the world through providing clean water. He never set out to be a hero. In 2004, Hendley launched a series of wine-tasting events to raise fu ...

    fee range: $15,000 - $25,000

    Noreena Hertz, Ph.D

    Visionary Thinker and Economist; Leading Academic and Best-selling Author; Named "one of the world's most inspiring women" by Vogue; Honorary Professo ...

    An influential economist on the international stage whose career has spanned Europe, the United States, Russia, the Middle East and Africa, Professor Noreena Hertz advises some of the biggest organisations and most senior figures in the world on strategy, decision-making and data, global economic and geo-political trends, millennials/Generations Y ...

    fee range: $40,000 - $60,000

    Bill Herz

    Founder, MagiCorp Productions; Renowned Magician and Comic Entertainer

    At an age when most kids were reading comic books, Bill Herz was learning to shuffle a deck of cards with one hand. Today, he is regarded as one of the most entertaining corporate magicians in the world. Bill started Magicorp in 1987 to handle the ever-increasing demand for his performing expertise and special event know-how. Except for a brief sti ...

    fee range: $10,000 & Under

    David J. Hickton

    Director University of Pittsburgh Institute for Cyber Law, Policy, and Security; Former U.S. Attorney for Western Pennsylvania (2010-2016)

    David Hickton is a former U.S. Attorney and current director of the University of Pittsburgh Institute for Cyber Law, Policy, and Security. Hickton is also a dynamic speaker, who touches on subjects including cybersecurity and cyber threats, leadership and the virtues of servant leadership, building safer communities, enhancing community police tru ...

    fee range: $15,000 - $25,000

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