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Alexis Glick

Former Wall Street Executive and Media Personality; Chief Executive Officer, GENYOUth

Travels From:
New York
Fee Range:
$15,000 - $25,000


An award-winning journalist and former top finance professional, Alexis Glick is a distinguished media veteran renowned for her exceptional financial savvy, deft interview skills and straightforward, engaging style. She was Vice President of Business News at Fox Business News (FBN), responsible for overseeing all aspects of FBN's business programming as well as served as anchor of two of FBN's most popular programs: Money for Breakfast and The Opening Bell. Joining Fox News in 2006, Glick was the first employee of FBN and one of the primary contributors to its launch.

Currently, she is CEO of the Gen YOUth Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting childhood obesity, as well as a senior fellow for the Kauffman Foundation,which is dedicated to education and entrepreneurship. Prior to joining Fox News, Glick was a correspondent for NBC News'Today Show, where she co-anchored the third hour of the program. Before joining Today, she was the senior trading correspondent for CNBC and reported from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange for CNBC's morning program Squawk Box. From public policy to the private sector, athletics to entertainment, Glick's insight, intellect and enthusiasm on today's most prevalent and pressing issues provide audiences with unique perspective, practical advice and relevant solutions.

Speech Topics

Glick is a firm believer of the mantra if I can do it, you can do it too. Dreaming about starting a new career but don’t know where to begin? Enjoy taking risks? Have a bucket list? Glick discusses her own professional transformation from Wall Street to television, why she made those moves and how her family and timing impacted those decisions. She also expands on how to share those dreams with your family and enlist their support. Networking, relationship building, sharing, never quitting and looking for a challenge – these are the key building blocks to achieving your goals. Glick urges audiences not to dream with eyes shut but rather with eyes wide open to build a successful plan for the future.

For the first time in our lifetime, the financial capital of the world is Washington DC. We have not witnessed a shift in power like this in multiple decades, if not a century. Government intervention, increased regulation, uncertainty regarding taxation and deficits; what will the long-term repercussions be? How will Corporate America navigate this uncertainty? How will their choices affect you? Glick offers illuminating analysis and relevant solutions to guide audiences through these tricky, uncharted waters.

As a Wall Street veteran who traded billions daily, Glick explains and analyzes the wild, nerve-racking gyrations of the stock market. What do companies look for? Why do companies merge in the best and worst of times? Is the stock market a good investment? How do the stock and bond markets react to global and political issues? Glick’s enlightening and entertaining presentation is a fun and informative way to stay on your toes and know what your boss is looking for.

We are living in unprecedented times. Economic data teeters daily between rosy recovery and double-dip recession, with nary a steady or stable path on the horizon. Glick, a former finance executive and award-winning journalist, helps audiences navigate through the noise. Why is the U.S. economy taking time to recover? How did all this happen and how have we as a nation changed since? What will this new normal? look like? Jobs, housing, savings, retirement and education – Glick provides expert insight and practical advice to empower audiences for smart, informed decision-making now and for the future.

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