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Andrew Scott

Professor of Economics, London Business School; Longevity Expert; Award-winning Speaker, Author and Researcher

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Andrew Scott is Professor of Economics at London Business School, Co-founder of The Longevity Forum and an award-winning speaker, author and researcher.

Andrew is most famous for his global best seller “The 100 Year Life” which offers a compellingly different view on an ageing society and how it represents a major opportunity for us all, In general, Andrew focuses on the major trends that are currently reshaping the world around us – from longevity and technology through to political and social upheaval.

Combining deep intelligence and broad knowledge, sharp humor and clear communication he helps individuals, investors, corporations and governments understand the forces that will determine our future but also, and most importantly, provide insight into how you should respond in order to reap the dividends.

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Andrew Scott is Professor of Economics and former Deputy Dean at London Business School and a Fellow of All Souls, Oxford University. He previously held lecturing positions at Harvard University, London School of Economics and Oxford University.

His award-winning book “The 100 Year Life” is an international best-seller and is aimed at changing the narrative around ageing. It focuses on how we are living longer and healthier lives and how individuals and organizations can seize the opportunities this provides. Andrew’s work has changed lives, altered investors views of the world and changed how firms think about their workforce. It led him to launch a charity called The Longevity Forum aimed at helping people live longer, healthier and more fulfilled lives. It prompted the Japanese government to set up a commission to understand how to prepare for longer lives.

His latest work delves deeper into longevity but also at the implications of AI and Robotics for the world around us. It focuses on how we can make the most of the benefits of longer lives and better technology to enhance our lives, our work and our society.

Andrew is a winner of the Best Teacher award at London Business School and renowned for his deliver style which combines intellectual depth, accessibility, humor and clear insight on how we each need to adapt to the future.

He is also an expert on macroeconomic trends and a prize-winning researcher. He was Editor of the Royal Economic Society’s Economic Journal and Scientific Chair of the Euro Area Business Cycle Network. He has been an advisor to a range of governments and was on the board of the UK’s Financial Services Authority 2009-13.

Speech Topics

Across the world life expectancy is increasing but the phenomena is much misunderstood. We are on average living for longer and are healthier for longer. In response we are restructuring how we live our life and changing our education, employment, career paths as well as when we, retirement, marry or have children. Drawing on his global best seller “The 100 Year Life,” Andrew Scott explains what this means for you and how as an individual, corporate or investor you need to respond to seize the opportunities. It is nothing other than life changing.

Technological change, longevity and changing social relationships are bringing about a seismic change to society and the economy, a shock similar in magnitude to the Industrial Revolution. Enormous attention has been paid to the spellbinding possibilities that future technologies bring and great anxiety has been expressed about a world run by robots. What hasn’t received so much attention is what do we as individuals need to do in terms of our education, careers and life to ensure that we make the most of the tremendous advantages on offer. In this talk Andrew Scott explains the actions to take to ensure that we as humans flourish in the years to come and benefit from these changes. He provides an insight into the investment opportunities that this entails and the leadership agenda for corporations today.