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Ben Stein

Noted Financial Expert and Economist; Columnist for The American Spectator; Popular Film and TV Star

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United Kingdom
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$40,000 - $50,000

Ben Stein is probably the closest any man comes these days to being a true Renaissance man. His financial and economics work was cited in the efforts of the Nobel Prize winner in Economics, George Akerlof. He was the host of the long-running quiz show on Comedy Central, Win Ben Stein’s Money, which won seven Emmys.

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Ben Stein is probably the closest any man comes these days to being a true Renaissance man. His financial and economics work was cited in the efforts of the Nobel Prize winner in Economics, George Akerlof. He was the host of the long-running quiz show on Comedy Central, Win Ben Stein's Money, which won seven Emmys. He has written hundreds of thousands of words about financial fraud and investment policy, but two words made him a household name: "Bueller" and "Anyone, Anyone." (from his iconic role in Ferris Bueller's Day Off).

Stein has also written novels that The New York Times describes as "stunning," and currentlypens regular columns for bothThe American Spectator and NewsMax. He worked, demonstrated and struggled for voting rights for African Americans, and was a speech writer for Richard Nixon and for Gerald Ford. He introduced the world to complex concepts of the politics of culture, but also introduced the world to Jimmy Kimmel and made possible The Man Show. Lawyer, teacher, actor, comic, economist, father, novelist, essayist, expert on finance...meet Ben Stein!


Speech Topics

Is Barbra Streisand a star? Is Bruce Springsteen a star? Is Sean Penn a star? Are any of the Hollywood players who endlessly complain about America (and make $20 million per picture) and say that America is a racist, imperialist country a star? Ben Stein doesn’t think so. He says that the men and women who wear the uniform of the United States of America and fight for our freedom while risking their lives for $1,500 a month are the real stars. He says the real stars are the ones who fight fires and fight crime and teach autistic children for modest wages. Ben’s commentary and insight on these matters will help you get your head on straight about what is important in our world today and what is nonsense. You will feel anger, joy, and sadness . . . and are sure to learn something valuable from it all.

In this humorous, tongue-firmly-in-cheek presentation about how to live well, Stein asserts that failure is often a virtual road map to success in reverse. Follow these rules and you’re guaranteed disaster. Avoid them, and you’re on the high road to achievement. Stein explains how to make yourself useless, be a slob, convince yourself you’re all that matters and act like the world owes you. If ignored, his advice is sound and realistic, and may be the perfect way to push recent grads or other impressionable folks in the right direction.

How Successful People Win is an eye-opening presentation using as its central metaphor the life of the cowboy and his behavior as he leaves his bunkhouse. Based upon a lifetime of observation of successful people and how they got that way, Stein suggests you imitate the determination, inner mobility, activity, flexibility-and the refusal to indulge in self-pity-of the cowboy in order to get what you want out of life. The idea is that if you never indulge in making excuses, refuse to let other people’s hangups get in your way, and move deliberately toward clearly thought-out goals, you will get where you want to go. Just as the cowboy refuses to allow himself to get sidetracked by trivia, so can you refuse to allow life’s inevitable challenges and distractions mar your own success and happiness. The choice is yours.

Life is not lived all at once-it’s lived in moments, days, months, years, and decades. This means that the financial plans and actions we all have to take to meet our responsibilities sensibly must be organized by years and decades. Ben Stein wrote the original guide to this subject almost a quarter century ago and his continued expertise at the forefront of the financial and economic world provides an insightful guidance and strategies on financial planning. Stein will tell you what and when to save, how much to save, what to save it in, when to spend, and when to say no to your present and yes to your future. Yes, You Can Get A Financial Life! is a timeless primer on how to organize the money side of your life for all of the decades of your life.

Life is about selling. There is simply no aspect of life that does not include selling yourself, your products, your services, your values, or your lifestyle. In this engaging presentation, Stein shows you how to do it so you can close the deal and feel good about yourself and your buyer. It is all about empathy, preparedness, and a sense of your own power and your own humility. Best of all, it works.

Based on his popular How To Ruin book series, Stein offers this entertaining, satirical presentation as he suggests surefire ways to ruin the greatest nation in the history of the human race. For instance: Trust the United Nations to protect us and our security; encourage contempt for the family and for the community; allow Hollywood to brainwash us into believing that only suckers and criminals fight for their country; and treat the military, the police, firefighters, and teachers as losers and pay them starvation wages.

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