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Brandon Steiner

Founder and CEO, Steiner Sports; Professional Sports Marketer, Entrepreneur and Author

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As one of the most innovative, influential figures in the history of sports marketing and sports memorabilia, Brandon Steiner is Founder and CEO of Steiner Sports; holder of the world's largest collection of autographed memorabilia; and, a marketing representative to brand name athletes including Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Peyton Manning , and Eli Manning After identifying a need for professional athletes to have representation for corporate endorsements and appearances, he established Steiner Sports in 1987, which quickly grew to become an industry leader, representing the top sports stars in New York. His second business, which sells autographed memorabilia, formed exclusive memorabilia partnerships"a first-of-its-kind"with the New York Yankees and Notre Dame Football. In 2008, Brandon Steiner fulfilled a childhood dream when his company purchased the old Yankee Stadium to grant it a second life as an unparalleled line of collectibles.

Speech Topics

Leveraging lessons learned from his life and career, Steiner illustrates the value of a smart quitter, most notably from an instance when he successfully signed pitching legend Curt Schilling to a collectibles deal, which he later regretted. While commitment to goals and passions is crucial, it is even more important to know when to quit. For projects or ideas that become overly complicated, arduous, or taxing, Steiner shares the value in moving on sooner rather than later since the consequences become exponentially worse as time passes. The smart quitter? possesses both the foresight and judgment to realize that some goals are simply not possible and will only translate into higher loses in resources?especially time and money. Shifting focus on the next challenge will reap higher returns in the end. By discussing his experiences, Steiner will help audiences understand how to become a smart quitter.

As a quintessential entrepreneur, Steiner’s philosophy is that the surest path to success is generating a product or service that has never been offered. Examples of this philosophy within his career include when he hired celebrities to tend bars for charity in food service; when he paired athletes with unique skills and companies with unique needs for speaking engagements and appearances; and, when he had athletes not only autograph items, but also write unique inscriptions on them. Steiner shares the best methods for identifying market gaps and bringing products and services first to market.

Steiner loves watching sports blow-outs as much as razor-thin games. Why? Because that is when an athlete gives 100% of himself. If a stranger walked into your office, could he tell by your body language if you were having a good quarter, or a bad one? Could he tell if a new deal just went through, or fell flat? Steiner believes that those who play the game – and not the score, are the ones who succeed in the long run. Playing the game and not the score is the only way to be ready to capitalize on opportunities when they come around. Steiner uses examples from his career to show why consistency over time equals credibility.

Not surprisingly for a man whose business is based on people, Steiner’s philosophy is that at least 90% of any business is based on intrapersonal relationships. When those relationships are strong, success is inevitable. When weak, employees do not fulfill their potential, deals break, and the bottom line suffers. The connection between relationships and financial success is not always intuitive because day-to-day contacts do not directly impact profits and losses. Steiner draws on the odyssey of his own career to demonstrate that any person may become crucial to your success, so each relationship needs nurturing and prioritization in order to position yourself best for success.

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  • "Brandon Steiner's story...[is] delightful [and his] insightful anecdotes will inspire anyone juggling life's challenges."

  • "It takes tremendous confidence and vision to start your own business and great leadership and execution to build it into a market leader. That's exactly what Brandon has done.."

  • "Being a good entrepreneur is like being a good point guard. You have to be creative, to see into the future, and to execute the best play possible. In this book, Brandon shows you how to do all of it."