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Brian Kelly

Expert on Global Investment Strategies, Economics and Digital Currencies; CNBC Regular; Fast Money Trader; Author, The Bitcoin Big Bang - How Alternative Currencies Are About to Change the World

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Throughout his career Mr. Kelly has specialized in trading multiple asset classes, complex cross-border investments, and risk arbitrage. A passion for investments and entrepreneurship has led Brian to start three successful investment businesses. Brian Kelly is Founder and Managing Partner of Brian Kelly Capital and his vast investment experience trading U.S. and international equities, foreign currency, options, futures, metals, and commodities has earned him enormous respect amongst his growing clientele and followers.

In addition to managing his own successful firm, Brian’s ability to address multiple asset classes has made him a valuable part of CNBC deep line-up – including Fast Money, Halftime Report, The Kudlow Report, Money in Motion, and Trading the Globe. His investment commentary is sought after by over 26,000 followers on Twitter, as well as thousands more on Yahoo! Finance and other venues. Brian’s expertise on the US Dollar, Euro, QE, Commodities and global stock markets is sought out by investors and financial news entities far and wide.

As though managing investments, providing commentary in multiple venues, and appearing regularly on CNBC’s various programs were not enough, Kelly found time to write a book, The Bitcoin Big Bang: How Alternative Currencies Are About to Change the World (Wiley, Nov. 2014), on the coming revolution of digital currency.

Mr. Kelly is a highly sought-after speaker and moderator at financial conferences around the globe, as well as for corporations, associations, universities & colleges, and other groups seeking a speaker who can shed light on, and simplify the global markets, investment strategies, central bank behaviors, and the potential of digital currencies. He is a master at connecting the dots between economic forecasts and the reality of financial markets.

Speech Topics

After preventing a complete financial meltdown the U.S. Federal Reserve must now unwind its unprecedented monetary policy. Internally, the Federal Reserve Governors are struggling with whether to take a measured approach toward normalization or wait until the recovery forces them to act. Brian Kelly draws from over 20 years of experience in the financial markets to explain why the Federal Reserve does not have the luxury of a measured approach and how the markets will react to a fast and furious Fed.

Bitcoin’s now-famous highs and lows-those wild price swings that should make any sane investor turn tail and run-are, for many, enough to revoke the title of “currency” from this latest digital fad. But if you’ve written Bitcoin off, you’re missing something essential. Digital currency expert and author, Brian Kelly, explains how digital currencies work, why they are transformative and how you can prepare for the digital currency revolution.

Investing has never been more confusing, the Wall Street sound machine is full swing and investors have been bombarded with too much information. Money manager and CNBC Contributor, Brian Kelly, reveals the few simple secrets hedge funds use to profit in up and down markets. He dispels the myth that a complex strategy is the only way to beat the market and shows how individual investors can simply position their portfolio to profit in all market cycles.

Global macro money manager and CNBC contributor, Brian Kelly, uses his 20+ years of financial market experience to weave together the message from the markets and economists. Understanding the gap between economic forecast and financial market reality has never been more important. The panel is an energetic and in depth discussion of the global outlook.

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