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Cat Greenleaf

Creator and Host NBC & USA Network Show, Talk Stoop

Travels From:
New York
Fee Range:
$5,000 - $15,000

The four-time Emmy Award-winning NBC/USA celebrity chat series Talk Stoop with Cat Greenleaf is shot on the steps of her Brooklyn brownstone. She reimagined her family home in upstate New York into a wedding and event space, The Catskill Mountain House, where she now works with women’s organizations hosting wellness and leadership retreats. And from the floor of her beloved vintage Airstream trailer, Cat creates & ideates a furniture and décor line she calls The Multipurpose Room.

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Cat Greenleaf is a mom, wife, pet collector, adoption advocate, urban hillbilly, owner of The Catskill Mountain House event and retreat venue in Roxbury, NY, and creator/host of the four-time Emmy Award-winning series Talk Stoop on both NBC & USA Networks. And YES, she pinches herself daily on the commute from her bedroom to her front steps where she gets to drink coffee with the world’s most interesting people, accompanied by her faithful Great Danes, Molly and Michael Jackson. Between broadcast, digital, and out-of-home platforms like taxi cabs and gas pumps, Talk Stoop is viewed over 12 million times a week.

Among those who have stopped by the stoop: Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Patrick Stewart, Don Cheadle, Woody Harrelson, Mick Jagger, Kareem Abdul-Jabaar, Arianna Huffington, Claire Danes, Dan Rather, Katie Holmes, every Kardashian possible, Selena Gomez, Wilco, the Muppets, Tony Robbins, Joel Osteen, JLO, Dick Cavett, Elliot Spitzer, Jesse Jackson, Rahm Emmanuel, Dan Ackroyd, Heather Graham, A-Rod, Mike Tyson, Kate Hudson, Martha Stewart, James Spader, Michael Strahan, Barry Manilow, Alan Cumming, Nas, Orlando Bloom and Michael J. Fox.

At the age of four, Greenleaf learned that her older sister was adopted. That’s when she told everyone she’d build her own family through adoption someday. Four sounds young to make a choice like that, but no choice was made. Cat simply knew it. Several years and four continents later, Cat ended up back in her native New York only to marry a boy from the next town over. Together, Cat and her husband Michael Rey welcomed their first son, Primo, from Lafayette, Louisiana, and then their youngest, Truman, from Oklahoma City. Although Cat maintains warm relationships with her sons’ biological families, she blanches at the term “adoptive mother”. That simply isn’t how it feels.

In 2010, Greenleaf started the LUST campaign - it sounds dirty, but don’t get too excited! LUST is an acronym for Look Up Stop Texting. LUST began in the name of traffic safety, but Cat quickly realized that cellphone and social media addiction was real, robbing people of concentration, manners, and experience. She quickly created items ranging from smartphone covers to T-shirts to baby onesies, reminding folks to Put It Down & to Stop Texting Start Living. Macy’s and Fred Segal were early adopters of LUST products, and Arianna Huffington tapped Greenleaf to spread the word through positive TV pieces on HuffPost RISE. Cellphones get shut off when Cat and Mike get home - great for family life, frustrating for their friends and colleagues. They ain’t saints, but like everything, screen time is just another road this family is learning to navigate together.

Cat’s sincere curiosity and irreverent sense of humor fuel her Talk Stoop interviews, making her a regular stop on A-List press tours. The conversations she values most, however, take place when celebs swing by the Stoop without anything to promote. Sometimes people just want to talk, even the famous ones!

Speech Topics

Cat Greenleaf shares her insider tips and techniques gleaned from over 800 interviews with A-list celebs, newsmakers, industry leaders and—her mom. Learn from a pro how to:

  • Break the ice

  • Keep the talk flowing

  • Overcome awkward pauses

  • Get across your key points

  • Elicit the info you need

  • Gracefully end the conversation

When the C-Suite wants to make a refreshing impact on employees & industry insiders, Cat Greenleaf brings out their best on her mobile stoop. Using the same effective and entertaining conversation style seen on her three-time Emmy Award winning series Talk Stoop, Cat’s Talk Stoop Live interviews add guts and glamour to corporate retreats, industry events & professional workshops.

Getting people’s attention is harder than ever – so is giving it. We’re all so distracted by our own thoughts, texts, and social feeds that it’s tough to give anyone our full attention, even ourselves. This is a major issue which can be combatted with some minor adjustments to how we communicate. Over more than 15 years conducting thousands of TV interviews, Cat Greenleaf has devised simple methods to stay focused during conversations and hear what’s actually being said in order to choose what to say and when to say it. The ROI on active listening is immeasurable.

Talk show host Cat Greenleaf did not want a wedding. She ended up with two in one week. Now, 15 years into her marriage with the man she married twice in a week to satisfy everyone else’s hopes and dreams, Greenleaf has learned about how to manage expectations on “the big day”, and more importantly, as the days grow into years.

Along with her husband Michael, Cat created a wedding venue in upstate New York where they encourage couples to be pragmatic about the event itself, and realistic about what it actually means to be married. She even became an officiant to help couples navigate the unknown. Warning: straight talk about fantasy weddings and marriages can catch some people way off guard, but honest conversation is the best insurance policy when it comes to managing matrimony. During Cat’s lively, interactive seminars, she covers:

  • pragmatic wedding spending

  • synching dreams of the dress with real life considerations

  • how to avoid bridal mama drama

  • what to expect when you go from love’s first blush to shacking up to getting hitched to feeling like roommates and then bringing it back to the beginning

  • Cinderella, Bridezilla, and you

  • tips from long standing couples on how to make it last

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