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Charlie Hurt

Preeminent Political Journalist; Opinion Editor, The Washington Times; Contributor, Fox News; Host, Politically Unstable

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Charlie Hurt’s determined, assertive approach to examining and reporting on U.S. politics is unrivaled. He is a prominent voice of American conservatism following more than two decades of reporting on politics for various top media resources. His podcast, Politically Unstable launched in 2019 and offers succinct recaps of what is going on in the government and the world to its thousands of loyal listeners. Hurt can provide thoughtful, informed political analysis to groups large or small.

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Charles Hurt is opinion editor for The Washington Times and a Fox News contributor. Hurt has covered politics in Washington for two decades, first as a beat reporter and later as a columnist and opinion writer. He is a frequent guest on Fox News and Fox Business.

Hurt is recognized as the first journalist in Washington to point out the rise of Donald Trump, identifying the political mood of the country and the potential for Trump to capitalize on it. Throughout Trump’s presidency, Hurt chronicled the media’s blind hatred and inability to cover the president with fairness, scrutiny, or accuracy. Hurt credits his clear-eyed assessment of Trump on a lifetime in newspapers, more than 20 years covering politicians, and growing up in a small, rural town working summers in construction around the very people who would become Trump’s biggest supporters.

Within his varied career, Hurt has covered Congress for The Observer, Washington Examiner, and The Washington Times. He also worked as DC Bureau Chief of The New York Post, where he served as White House correspondent and covered the national political ambitions of New York City’s own Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani and a young political upstart named Barack Obama, whom Hurt accompanied on his world tour through the Middle East, Israel, and Germany. After five years working for the greatest tabloid on earth, Hurt left The New York Post to become editor for the highly influential DRUDGE REPORT.

Today, Hurt edits the Commentary Section of The Washington Times, the lone conservative voice in the nation's capital going back 35 years. He also writes the Nuclear Option column for The Times, focusing on the current state of national politics, fiascos of media bias, and the various criminal activities of politicians and bureaucrats.