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Connie Podesta

Premier Expert on Leadership, Change and Sales Strategies; Author, How to Make a Fortune Selling to Women

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$15,000 - $25,000

Connie Podesta, an expert in the psychology of human behavior, leadership, change and sales strategies has both the experience and personality to captivate an audience. Connie delivers a powerful one-of-a-kind message using her signature no-nonsense, interactive style and provides immediate, positive results.

An internationally successful speaker, trainer and executive career/life consultant, Connie's uses her diverse talents as an entertainer, author, Organizational Therapist and radio/TV personality to help millions of people find real-life solutions and achieve the success they desire, the happiness they seek, and the personal and professional balance they deserve.

Deciding to become an entrepreneur speaks volumes about your personality type. Connie Podesta, an expert in the psychology of human behavior, sales, and leadership development, knows that those who are entrepreneurial are typically inclined to embrace new enterprises and ventures, take on some risks, and accept full responsibility for the outcome. When interviewed, most people admit they have always had a ‘secret dream’ of owning their own business, being their own boss, and doing things on their own terms. But entrepreneurs don’t just dream about it-they actually do it!? Entrepreneurs develop plans, build relationships, create strategies, and more to turn their dreams into a reality. Along the way, they also discover the many ups and downs that come along with being “totally in charge.”? Connie Podesta, an entrepreneur herself, has succeeded in creating an exceptionally successful professional speaking business… and she has lived to tell about it!? So, you are not alone – with her trademark humor, amazing insight, and no-nonsense approach, Connie will challenge you, motivate you, educate you, and surprise you with the essential secrets and strategies EVERY entrepreneur needs in order to achieve a level of success far beyond their wildest expectations. Now, that’s truly the definition of the American Dream!

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if everyone you interviewed was qualified, excited, and committed to becoming an integral part of your team? Imagine if all your employees were responsible, hard-working, honest, positive, and self-motivated. Or better yet, wouldn’t you like to learn how to communicate, inspire, and lead each individual on your team (as well as colleagues, bosses, and customers)? A good leader will inspire a team to WANT to be cooperative and productive. Connie Podesta, an expert in the psychology of human behavior and leadership development, takes you beyond the typical “six keys to leadership” training and into the minds of your employees. Gain insight into the psychology of recruiting, retaining, leading, coaching, and training your team. Connie’s invaluable expertise and entertaining no-nonsense style will dramatically improve your leadership abilities, forever changing how you relate to your staff, co-workers, and customers. So get ready to be the kind of leader that guides your team to achieving sensational results!

Would you like to develop more long-term customers, close more deals, and yes…you can admit it…make LOTS more money in sales? Do you want insight into the core differences between selling to men and to women? What about how to reach a new generation who has its own unique buying idiosyncrasies? If so, then Connie Podesta, an expert in the psychology of human behavior and sales strategies, will take you beyond the typical “needs assessment-sign the contract” sales approach and into the subconscious mind of buyers, revealing what they truly want and need from a salesperson. Understanding the psychology of the entire ‘buying and selling cycle’ and adjusting your selling techniques will quickly and dramatically impact your results, and in turn, increase your profits.? With her comedic wit and no-nonsense approach, Connie will challenge you to look at sales from a whole new perspective. So get ready to sell…as you’ve never sold before!

Contrary to popular belief, leadership is NOT about a title or a corner office. Leadership is a personal choice to live life with integrity, compassion, and respect. Connie Podesta, an expert in the psychology of human behavior and leadership development, is also a comedienne and entertainer. Her stage experience enabled her to recognize that the theater is truly a metaphor for life and leadership. As Shakespeare famously noted, “all the world’s a stage…” and everyone we know, meet and communicate with each day comprise our collective “audience.”? The choices we make, what we say, and all that we do will impact and influence the thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes of the people in our lives, whether at work or at home, in either a positive or negative way. Connie has motivated millions of people to integrate superior leadership qualities into BOTH their professional and personal lives. With her trademark humor, results-driven substance, and engaging style, Connie guides her audiences to become leaders who truly deserve a standing ovation!

Let’s admit it – sometimes people and situations can be just “slightly” challenging. Understanding how to communicate effectively during these challenging moments in life can make or break a deal, determine outcomes, and affect our ability to achieve the success we desire, the happiness we seek, and the professional and personal life we deserve. There is no one more qualified to help you understand the fascinating world of human behavior than Connie Podesta. Connie’s amazing insights and entertaining, no-nonsense style will help you learn more about yourself and about how you handle relationships with other people (including a few who “drive us crazy”). She will empower you with the knowledge you need to be wiser, healthier, happier and richer personally & professionally. Now isn’t life getting easier already?

Have you ever thought to yourself: “There just is not enough time in the day,” or, “I have to be everything to everyone,” or how about, “No matter how hard I work, I just keep getting further behind?” Well, welcome to our CRAZY 24/7 world…where nobody sleeps and everyone seems to compete as to who works more hours per week. In our busy, demanding culture, staying happy, healthy, and SANE is a balancing act at best!? An expert in the psychology of human behavior, Connie Podesta certainly knows what it takes to make life a positive, worthwhile, and exciting experience. She also understands how difficult it is to manage the daily demands of employers, colleagues, customers, friends, and family while still carving out time to take care of ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally. With her entertaining, no-nonsense style, Connie gives her audiences the confidence, tools, and encouragement necessary to gain, or to re-gain, that essential sense of balance, while maintaining the powerful edge required to succeed both personally and professionally in our highly competitive world. Now, don’t you feel less stressed already?

Statistics show that women influence 85% of all purchasing decisions. However, most sales training focuses on selling to men-even though men and women have very different expectations about their shopping and purchasing experiences. Connie Podesta, an expert in the psychology of human behavior and sales strategies, will give you a realistic and insightful view into a woman’s mind from the moment the sales relationship begins. She shares the top five deal breakers for women and how to avoid them so you can CLOSE THE DEAL every time. Connie has helped tens of thousands of salespeople attract and keep more customers plus become more successful than they thought possible. And the really good news? You’ll also learn new information about how to understand the psychology of selling to men as well!

Life is full of surprises; even in the best of times things don’t always go as planned. How we act or react to life’s trials is the key to managing these inevitable storms. Connie Podesta, an expert in the psychology of human behavior and crisis management, is renowned for her expertise and ability to empower her audiences to optimize the good times, but more importantly, to regain and maintain control of their lives during uncertain and stressful times. Combining compassion, wit, and a dose of “you can do this” attitude, Connie demonstrates that even in times of stress or crisis, you CAN re-discover a sense of purpose and empowerment in your life. She provides the tools and motivation to turn any crisis into a breakthrough instead of a breakdown. Now that’s an opportunity that should never be wasted!

YOU CAN communicate across generations and inspire people of all ages to work toward common goals. Since the very beginning, workplaces have been a conglomerate of all ages… Yet, it now seems that the expectation is to adapt strategies, work ethic and expectations depending on the age and generation of the employee. Really? When so many have fought to achieve equal rights for gender, race and culture, should age/generation be any different?

Connie Podesta gives a refreshingly candid perspective, believing that there are some basic rules of fair play and work standards that apply to everyone. Punctuality, customer service, productivity, exhibiting strong leadership qualities, courtesy, commitment to company and product/service-these aren’t age requirements-they are prerequisites to doing a job and doing it well. It’s surprising just how much the generations have in common when the stereotyping stops. Young or old, Boomers or Y’s-everyone’s in the workplace to conduct business, make money and satisfy customers. No age can cop out on that!

YOU CAN survive in a highly competitive market IF you understand that business as usual is over. The game has changed and the rules are different. Are you ready to outperform the competition? Today, the norm is for things not to trend the way the business plan predicted they would… And that’s when the true character of an organization shows up. While change has always been inevitable, these days it’s happening at the click of a mouse. Creativity is replacing complacency. Reinvention is eliminating the status quo. And resiliency and optimism are turning obstacles into opportunities.

Connie Podesta will help your organization radically transform its thinking. In an environment when dramatic change and organizational realignments are “just another day at the office,” it’s time to discover a renewed fortitude that showcases why you are the kind of person your organization absolutely must fight to keep. Get ready to be the “voice of choice and reason” in the midst of significant change. If there is anytime you need to stand out from the crowd, it is NOW!

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