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Dan Botkin, Ph.D

Scientist; Ecologist; Naturalist; Environmentalist; Physicist; Author

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Dan Botkin is a world-renowned and widely respected ecologist who has pioneered the study of possible effects of global warming on endangered species and on life in general. The New York Times has called him "one of the world's leading environmental researchers," who has "done much to popularize the concept of using, yet maintaining the world's natural resources." The author of 14 books and many op-ed pieces in the Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, and International Herald Tribune, he has done research on elephants in Africa, salmon in the Pacific Northwest, bowhead whales in the north Pacific, and in wildernesses from Costa Rica to Siberia. Always an independent thinker, Botkin goes right to the heart of the matter, looking beyond the rhetoric at what the facts really tell us and helping you to understand what actions we should take.

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Much of what we do to save the environment is based on ancient, pre-scientific myths, rather than modern scientific information. These myths lead us astray, causing many failures rather than successes. Unless we understand how nature actually works, rather than what you keep hearing on the media, from political pundits and politicians, we will never really save nature and save ourselves. Prof. Botkin sets the record straight, using many entertaining stories to persuade you about what he believes.

Dan Botkin was a pioneer in doing research on the possible ecological effects of global warming, With his experience, he gives a sobering discussion of what you are hearing about global warming: what is good science and you should pay attention to; what is political and ideological with little basis in fact or theory. He sets the record straight, giving an objective scientist’s perspective. Some of what he says will surprise you; some of it may upset you; but all of it you will be glad that you heard.

A Dutch company has advertised a program to start a human colony on Mars, called the Mars One project. Seeking applications by those interested in becoming one of these Marsonauts, the company published an offer in which, for $34, a person could have his/her name listed as one of the applicants. By the summer of 2013, 100,000 people had applied, demonstrating that there is great interest in the possibility of establishing a human colony on Mars. And recently, NASA just completed an experiment on the big island of Hawaii, where four people lived for four months in a simulated Mars-like small habitat, walked around in space suits, and tested various diets to see what might work for people on that planet. So there is a lot of interest today in human settlement of Mars and/or the Moon.

Dan Botkin tells you how our nation can solve its energy needs in the future. Using his scientific knowledge, experience, and skills, he has dug into the facts about each kind of energy, He tells you what is possible and practical in our energy future, what it is likely to cost, and what energy sources will be best for the environment. His talk is full of surprises about what can’t work and what can.

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  • "There are a small number of people whose work has deeply affected my thoughts and feelings about our world, and you are one of them...you [had] such a powerful and wonderful affect on us."