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David Merritt

Renowned Health Reform, Policy and Communications Expert; Senior Health Policy Advisor to Presidential Campaigns; Former CEO, Center for Health Transformation

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David Merritt is a sought-after speaker, writer, and adviser.  He is currently Managing Director at Luntz Global Partners.  Founded and led by pollster Frank Luntz, the firm is one of America’s best known and most respected public opinion and strategic communication shops.  

He leads Luntz Global’s political, policy and healthcare work, helping dozens of candidates, campaigns, causes, and companies craft effective messages to persuade skeptical audiences.  Advising Senators and Speakers … polling the presidential race … writing speeches, ads, and op-eds … organizing focus groups across the country … training and advising corporate leadership … his research, writing, and counsel has made a genuine impact in American politics and across the healthcare industry.

Previously, he was Partner and Managing Director at Leavitt Partners, the healthcare consulting firm led by former HHS Secretary and Utah Governor Mike Leavitt.  He led the firm’s Washington, DC office, advising clients on a wide range of issues, including the Affordable Care Act and Washington politics.

David was the leading fundraiser and a presidential campaign adviser to former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.  He worked closely with Speaker Gingrich for more than seven years, including as CEO of the Gingrich Group.  He was also a health policy adviser to the 2008 presidential campaigns of Senator John McCain and former Senator Fred Thompson.

In addition to national radio and TV appearances, such as on the Fox News Channel, he is widely quoted in national media, including the Washington Post and POLITICO.  His writing has been widely published, including opinion columns in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Chicago Tribune.

Speech Topics

What do the latest polls really mean?  Will the latest campaign strategies really work?  Who’s most likely to win?  An advisor to three presidential campaigns, David Merritt brings an experienced insider’s view to the very latest from the 2020 elections – from the race for the White House to battleground Senate seats to the most important state elections.  Politics, polling, and policy – it’s all covered.  This is beyond just who’s up and who’s down . . . you’ll walk away with an intimate – and entertaining – understanding of the key elections, what the latest developments really mean, and how the future the political landscape may impact your organization.

We’ve seen it all before.  The personal attacks . . . the counter-punches . . . the debates . . . the ad wars.  An effective political message can change the dynamics of an election instantly – but so can an ineffective one.  Who’s the best messenger?  What are the issues that resonate the most with voters?  Which ads have made an impact?  David Merritt, an advisor to three presidential campaigns and experienced political strategist, brings an insider’s understanding to the 2016 elections and how polling, messaging, and communication are shaping the key races.

You’ve heard it all before … value, quality, patient-centered care, health IT, the ACA.  But how it all fits together is as complicated and confusing as ever.  What is the most likely future for the Affordable Care Act?  What do patients really think about accountable care?  How are providers, payers, and others driving and reacting to significant market changes?  This session will explore the intersection of policy, politics, patients, and polling – and the critical transformation from volume to value – to present a clear and compelling view of what’s on the healthcare horizon.

More than five years later, through celebrated successes and front-page controversies, the genuine impact of the Affordable Care Act is still unknown.  Will expanded coverage lead to challenges with access to care?  Will costs remain relatively stable or will they return to their more typical trends?  How will healthcare continue to shape the political landscape?  In this engaging and entertaining discussion, David Merritt explains the very latest developments in Washington and in the states so you can walk away with a clear understanding of what the future holds for the Affordable Care Act.

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