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Daymond John

Founder & CEO of FUBU, Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship, Star of ABC’s Shark Tank, CEO of The Shark Group

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Daymond John is the personification of the American Dream. From his humble beginning on the streets of New York, to a self-made multimillionaire with over $4 billion in global product sales, and a starring role on the ABC business reality TV show Shark Tank.

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Daymond John has come a long way from turning a $40 budget into FUBU, a $6 billion fashion game-changer. Throughout his career, Daymond has continued to be an entrepreneur in every sense of the word. He is not only a pioneer in the fashion industry, but a Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank, New York Times best-selling author, branding guru and highly sought after motivational speaker. Most recently, President Barack Obama appointed Daymond a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship, a position focused on promoting the power and importance of entrepreneurship on a global scale

With years of experience as both a successful entrepreneur and mentor, Daymond landed a co-starring role on ABC’s business show, Shark Tank. Throughout his eight seasons on the show, Daymond has given countless aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to work alongside him and his team, showing them the ins and outs of what they need to take their business to the next level. As The Peoples Shark, Daymond has made an impact on the hopeful entrepreneurs vying for an investment in the Tank, as well as the weekly viewers sitting at home, through his relatable story and journey to success that continues to both motivate and inspire. As the most watched program on Friday nights, Shark Tank has maintained an impressive average weekly viewership of over 10 million and has won multiple Emmy Awards. In early 2014, Shark Tank syndicated on CNBC, becoming the channel’s top rated show and giving the network its best primetime ratings in over 6 years.

Daymond created his brand consulting company, The Shark Group, to reveal the secrets that made FUBU a $6 billion global brand and reinvigorated the once defunct Coogi brand into the biggest fashion line in its space. Consulting for some of the top Fortune 500 companies in the world, Daymond and The Shark Group share advice and experience on branding, licensing, social media, product placement, marketing strategy and overall business consultation. As a brand consultant, Daymond and his team will examine the needs of the corporation, dissect the problems and create manageable solutions for brand growth. He will also help improve your business’ profitability by enhancing the marketing structure and strategy.

Daymond is the author of three best-selling books, including Display of Power, The Brand Within and, most recently, the New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-seller The Power of Broke. As a world-renowned marketing and branding guru, Daymond has been the recipient of numerous prestigious awards throughout his career, including Brandweek Marketer of the Year, NAACP Entrepreneur of the Year, The Essence Award, Advertising Age Marketer of the Year, Ernst & Young’s Master Entrepreneur of the Year, and Details 50 Most Influential Men.

John has also been tapped to work with President Obama on his My Brother's Keeper program, which will help create access and opportunity for underserved men of color via mentorship and education.
As a consultant, Daymond will examine the needs of your business, dissect the problems, and create manageable solutions for brand growth. He will also help improve your business' profitability by enhancing the marketing structure and strategy.

As a motivational speaker, Daymond's quintessential rags-to-riches success story of sacrifice, hard work, and perseverance as well as the unique and charismatic way he communicates it, will inspire any audience.


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    How To Succeed In Business With No Money In Your Pocket

    (Forbes) – What if I told you that you already possess the single best advantage to be successful and that you don’t need that big investment you were thinking about to accomplish your goals?

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    The 5 Habits Shark Tank’s Daymond John Wants You To Have

    (Forbes) – The humble beginnings of John’s fashion empire, FUBU, taught him that starting from zero is your greatest competitive advantage in business.

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    ‘Shark Tank’ investor Daymond John explains how he reinvented himself in his 40s

    (Cape Cod Times) – John said his 40s have proven to him that his passion is spreading a love for entrepreneurship and growing businesses the right way.

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    Business mogul Daymond John to make 2016 MLK Commemoration appearance

    (WTVM) – Daymond John, the CEO and found of FUBU and member of the panel on ABC’s Shark Tank will appear at the Jan. 16, 2016 MLK: The Dream Lives Unity Commemoration.

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    ‘Shark Tank’ host Daymond John shares advice at Thrive Seminar

    (Miami Herald) – Daymond John answers questions from the audience at the Thrive Seminar in Miami Beach Thursday night

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    My American Dream: Shark Tank’s Daymond John Shares the Struggles and Drive That Built His Success

    (People) – Daymond John recalls his earliest days, growing up in Hollis, Queens, fondly. 

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    I Have Failed Many Times to Know What Works for Me – Daymond John

    (All Africa) – In nine out of 10 things Daymond John tried, he failed.

    For him failure in entrepreneurship and life in general sometimes happens more often before one starts celebrating triumph.

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    3 Reasons Customer Service Trumps Everything

    Daymond John (the storied creator of FUBU who’s now so spiffily informative on Shark Tank) and I tend to cover different areas; he’s best-known for working with entrepreneurs and in mentorship, and I concentrate on customer service and the customer experience as a consultant and keynote speaker.  So I was heartened to hear Daymond’s strong feelings on the subject, on “my” subject, so to speak, when we recently spoke after his Capital One mentorship event in NYC.

    “Nothing,” Daymond told me point blank, “is more important than great customer service. To over-deliver in service to a customer is by far the most valuable thing to a business. Because, there are only two ways to improve the operations of a business: increase sales or decrease costs. In today’s environment, decreasing costs is hard. And as far as increasing sales, doing so via customer service is highly effective.”

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    Daymond John: How I Spot Winners

    This Shark Tank star has learned to spot entrepreneurial talent fast. The trick? Focus on the people, not the product.

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    The 6 Books Shark Tank’s Daymond John Wants You to Read

    (Entrepreneur) – When Daymond John was in elementary school in Queens, N.Y., he had to read books four times over to retain what they said. Now, at 46, he says he still has to reread them several times — often two to three times each — for the information to really sink in.

    The sharp-dressed Shark Tank star and veteran investor/entrepreneur doesn’t habitually reread books as a result of being too busy or distracted the first go-round. He chalks it up to being dyslexic, something he only discovered as an adult with the onset of texting and social media.

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    ‘Shark Tank’ investor shares secret sauce with New York startups

    (New York Business Journal) – For TurboPUP CEO Kirstina Guerrero, only one action plan truly matters before starting a business: “Take time to write down your entire five-year plan with everything you intend to do,” Guerro told an audience of small business owners. “And then burn it.”

    Guerrero offered her advice during an event Tuesday night at the New Museum that was sponsored by Capital One. Its purpose as to aid entrepreneurs and small business owners, as well as offer an opportunity to network and hear strategies from the featured panel.

    Daymond John, CEO of clothing line FUBU and an investor on " Shark Tank," appeared alongside Guerrero on stage. The two met when he decided to invest $100,000 in her company in exchange for 35 percent equity during a taping of the show.

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    4 Ways Husbands and Fathers Are Paving the Road For Female Leaders

    (Huffington Post) – Since Kevin O'Leary first broke the news that his woman-led companies are responsible for ALL his investment portfolio returns, I've seen a lot more information surface (or resurface) on the advantages of diversity in leadership roles.

    For example, a 2012 report by Dow Jones found that successful, venture-backed start-ups have a higher median proportion of female executives at 7.1 percent, compared to unsuccessful start-ups with just 3.1 percent. This March, Quantopian, a Boston-based trading platform ran a comparison of the performance of women-led Fortune 1000 companies vs the male-dominated S&P 500, over 12 years from 2002-14. The women-led group performed three times better. Three times!

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    Why Working At Red Lobster Was The Perfect Job For Him In His 20s

    (Business Insider) – Working as a waiter at Red Lobster might not sound like an impressive job.

    But for 'Shark Tank' investor and Fubu founder Daymond John, it was a great way to get started as an entrepreneur. 

  • Celebrity Entrepreneur to Speak in Evansville

    EVANSVILLE, Ind. – Junior Achievement of Southwestern Indiana and the University of Evansville announced a partnership today to bring celebrity entrepreneur, Daymond John, to Evansville this fall. The free public event will be held at 7:00 p.m. on October 20, 2015, at the Victory Theatre in downtown Evansville.

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    ‘Shark Tank’ at the White House: Daymond John named entrepreneurship ambassador

    Daymond John, an investor on the reality series “Shark Tank,” was one of nine business founders named Presidential Ambassadors for Global Entrepreneurship by the White House on Monday.

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    How Shark Tank’s Daymond John Taught Me How To Find The Right Mentor

    By: Omaid Homayun

    (Forbes) – I was about to take a leap of faith into a new career and had two offers on the table. The first company would provide invaluable work experience and the other was offering more money than I had ever seen. To help me asses this life-changing decision I reached out to my mentor who has been my sounding board for career advice over the last seven years; he was my manager and I was fortunate to have him as one of my mentors. He never told me what to do, but he helped me evaluate my options so I could make an informed decision. In the end I opted for the work experience because that opportunity also met the other essential criteria of my job search.

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    Daymond John to host ‘Shark Tank-style’ competition at Sun National Bank Center in Trenton

    TRENTON – Shark Tank star and fashion mogul Daymond John will host a competition based on the popular ABC show Dec. 9 at the Sun National Bank Center in Trenton, officials announced Wednesday.

    "An Evening with the Shark" will feature John selecting the winner of a $10,000 cash prize for one lucky entrepreneur. John will also give a motivational speech to the crowd about the creation of his international clothing brand FUBU.

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    Daymond John: 3 Things Every Shark Must Know

    By Lindsay Blakely

    (Inc.) – As far as rags-to-riches startup tales go, Fubu founder and Shark Tank star Daymond John has one of the best around. Here's how it goes, in brief: He grew up in Queens, in New York City, raised by a single mother who worked three jobs to care for him. "The only entrepreneurs we would see were the pimps and drug dealers at 3 p.m.," he told the audience at Inc.'s GrowCo conference in Nashville Wednesday. But once he discovered hip-hop culture–and more important, the business opportunities it offered–his world suddenly turned "technicolor." Starting with a mere 10 shirts, and with a few stints slinging biscuits and shrimp at Red Lobster, he eventually created a fashion empire.

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    Silicon Valley Style Investment And Startup Do’s And Don’ts

    (Nashville Business Journal) – The first of many celebrity guests headed to Nashville this spring will touch down next week, when Daymond John, one of the stars of ABC's "Shark Tank," arrives for Inc.'s GrowCo conference (its second in the city).

    In advance of his visit, I touched base with John to talk about Nashville, its investment style and what entrepreneurs should definitely not do if they want to land investors. Here's what he had to say:

  • Source

    How Daymond John of ‘Shark Tank’ Earned His Fins

    By: Graham Winfrey

    (Inc.) – Before Daymond John became a household name as a host of ABC's Shark Tank, he was just another kid with a dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

    John got his start in 1989, selling wool hats on the streets of Queens. He called his brand Fubu, short for "For Us, By Us," but Fubu was hardly a real company. John had sewn the hats himself in the basement of the house he shared with his mother. By 1992, he had run out of money three times trying to launch the brand.

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    Daymond John Explains Harsh Reality of Getting Your Product into a Major Retailer

    As the founder of clothing line FUBU and an investor on the hit reality pitch show "Shark Tank," millions of Americans see Daymond John as an entrepreneurial mentor.

Speech Topics

Daymond John has been a phenomenally successful business person for over 25 years. Along his entrepreneurial journey, through his many successes as well as failures, he has learned a few things about getting the best out of business and life. He believes the keys to his success include establishing the right mindset and following a few fundamental principles, which he calls his five “S.H.A.R.K points.”

Get ready! Daymond John is going to share his unique goal-setting and achievement strategies, which will empower audience members to make positive changes in every aspect of their lives.

The world we live in is filled with more diversity than ever before. In this speech, Daymond John suggests that business owners should create teams with members from a variety of backgrounds in order to gain competitive advantage. FUBU once sold in 62 countries and has always been filled with diverse employees, so John knows diversity better than anyone out there. He discusses diversity from a social standpoint as well as from a business perspective, in addition to sharing secrets on the importance of diversity in hiring employees, choosing vendors, manufacturers, partners and teammates.

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