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Dennis G. Smith

Managing Director, Medicaid Practice, Leavitt Partners; Former Director, Center for Medicaid and State Operations

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Dennis G. Smith is widely considered one of the most knowledgeable health care policy minds in the country. His 25 years of experience includes nearly eight years as the Director of Medicaid State Operations, service as a state Medicaid director, and staff support for both the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives. As such, Smith has played a role in the passage and implementation of nearly every significant health policy of our nation for the past two decades.

Currently, Smith is Managing Director of the Medicaid Practice at Leavitt Partners, a strategic advisory firm specializing in the areas of health care and food safety. In this capacity, Smith advises clients in ways to create greater value than the current Medicaid program provides.

Though there is much to be proud of in American health care, our society is increasingly recognizing an alarming lack of organization and alignment that pervades our health care infrastructure and delivery. Our health care system? isn’t really a system at all. Information doesn’t move with patients, quality and cost information is far from transparent, and stakeholder incentives often run contrary to achieving real value. It is not unreasonable to categorize this dysfunction and its accompanying cost escalation as the most serious economic threat facing our nation in the coming decade.

In this compelling presentation, Dennis Smith identifies for audiences the core themes, structural shifts and evolving models that characterize the changing marketplace.

The new national health reform law (Affordable Care Act) requires states that do not want a federally-run exchange to have functioning state or regional exchanges by January 1, 2014. A seasoned health policy expert, Dennis Smith offers an experienced, broad-based and knowledgeable perspective on the process, policies, politics and people necessary to design and implement a successful health insurance exchange.

The unbridled escalation of health care cost is the most serious economic threat our nation faces in the decades ahead. Without any changes in current law, Medicare and Medicaid spending will nearly double in the next 10 years to over $1.7 trillion annually. The increasing pressure on these programs demands a renewed commitment to applying innovative health care delivery solutions that improve quality at a lower cost. Greater value requires greater access and accountability than current programs provide. Technology plays a critical role in expanding access and accountability.

The modernization of Medicare and Medicaid should be a joint enterprise between the public and private sectors. Progress will require both sectors to understand and appreciate the knowledge, needs, and capability of the other. Currently, there is a gap between the public and private sectors; both sectors must work together to effect positive change. Bridges are built from both ends at the same time. We can respond to current challenges by working collaboratively to solve on of the most serious economic challenges of our time.

Committed to bridging the gaps between the public and private sectors, Dennis Smith?understands the programs, the people who run them and the needs of those who rely upon them and explains how to effectively navigate the system for the future.

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