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Dennis Snow

Distinguished Former Disney Leadership Executive; Noted Customer Service Expert; Acclaimed Author and Consultant

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Dennis Snow has a passion for service excellence and has helped hundreds of organizations around the world achieve levels of service they never thought possible. Dennis' expertise originated and developed over 20 years with The Walt Disney World Company, including leading a division of the world-famous Disney Institute. In his last year with Walt Disney World, Dennis' leadership performance was ranked in the top 3% of the company's leadership team.

A highly-sought speaker, trainer, and consultant, Dennis is now dedicated to assisting organizations achieve their goals in the areas of customer service, employee development, and leadership. He is also the author of the bestselling book, Lessons from the Mouse: A Guide for Applying Disney World's Secrets of Success to Your Organization, Your Career, and Your Life. Drawing from his remarkable two-decade career with his signature wit and engaging style, Dennis effectively demonstrates how to make service excellence "business-as-usual" for any organization.

Speech Topics

Dennis offers audiences a witty, informative and practical primer about what worked at the famed Disney parks, why it worked – and how it can work for anyone. Sharing missteps as well as successes, Lessons From the Mouse is constructed as a series of lessons because therein lies the secret to discovering Disney’s magic – understanding and applying these ideas every day in a disciplined way. Dennis lucidly explains how each lesson was taught and reinforced- and why it’s important. The lessons are then applied to various real world work situations and include inquiries and ideas for implementing the lesson in any organization.

The number one reason that customers become disenchanted with an organization is because of employees’ attitudes of indifference. This program is designed to change that. In order to motivate excellence, organizations must “engage the heart” of employees. When this happens, customers can see it, hear it and feel it in every interaction with an organization.

Attendees will discover:

  • Ways to identify employee behaviors that align with the organization’s mission

  • Employee selection, training and communication processes that reflect the organization’s values

  • Internal processes that support and engrain customer service-oriented behaviors

Employees watch to see how committed we are as leaders and take their cue directly from us. As customer expectations are at an all-time high and business competition is fierce – exemplary leadership today is critical. This presentation helps today’s leaders step into their multi-faceted role as visionary, facilitator and idea champion.

Attendees will discover:

  • The benefits of leadership that creates a culture of accountability among employees

  • How to build organizational commitment to a vision

  • Specific walk the talk leadership behaviors that reinforce organizational values

World-class customer service is not simply a matter of smiling employees who say “please” and “thank you.” Everything your customer sees, hears or touches impacts their experience. “Everything speaks.” This program highlights how delivering world-class service requires careful orchestration of the entire customer experience.

Attendees will discover:

  • The key points of contact that make or break the customer experience

  • How to elevate the customer experience from ordinary to extraordinary

  • Customer service processes that make service excellence business as usual

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