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Don Blohowiak

Top Executive Coach and Founder, Lead Well Institute; Award-Winning Journalist and Author

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Recognized as one of the world's top 150 business thought-leaders, Don Blohowiak is the founder of the Lead WellInstitute, a leadership development and executive coaching firm that works with senior management teams and individuals to improve their performance. He derives his exceptional insight and perspective from his years as a successful corporate executive at Fortune 500 companies, high-tech start-ups and not-for-profit organizations.

Don is also an award-winning leadership columnist for CNET Networks, and the author of six acclaimed management books including Your People are Your Product. He has published more than 200 articles in leading publications on leadership and change management. In addition, Don is a subject matter expert for the American Management Association on managerial coaching, managerial trust and mentoring as well as developing AMA management courses and serving on its faculty.

Speech Topics

Participants leave with fresh insights into today’s turbulent employment environment. In an interactive setting, attendees explore their personal career issues in depth, and receive a copy of the essay, The Ten Tenets of the New Social Contract Between Organizations and Employees. Attendees leave with no fewer than 50 proven tactics for lowering stress and increasing personal effectiveness both on the job and off, as well as having a framework for completing their personal mission statements.

Participants leave with a clear framework for making ethical decisions so they can act in accord with principled values. Even in the face of significant pressure and great temptations. Using realistic case studies, small group discussions, and an easy to follow method, managers learn how to transcend rather meaningless, and not very helpful, platitudes such as Just do the right thing.

Participants leave this highly interactive seminar ready to employ a simple but very powerful structured process for applying your organization’s principles to their everyday decisions and actions. The net result: Managers execute ethically and consistently without agonizing guesswork so they will enjoy their jobs more, and work with more pride and less stress.

Participants leave with numerous tactics for enabling themselves and their staff members to produce more High-Value/High-Impact work amid wild Change. They’ll learn how to get the best from employees, even when conditions are turbulent and resources are tight. Attendees receive helpful tools to assure that they crank-out more work-that-matters while eliminating make-work!

Managers leave this intense, interactive workshop armed with the understanding and tools to get their staff to out-think and out-work competitors while working smarter, harder and happier–even when the pressure is on. Managers receive a tremendous wealth of breakthrough thinking and tactics to help them meet the outrageous demands placed on them with extraordinary performance. A manager’s staff performs to the level of their manager. To have a better performing group of employees, give them better–more leaderful–bosses.

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