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Governor Pat McCrory

Former Governor of North Carolina (2013 – 2017)

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North Carolina
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$15,000 - $25,000

As governor of our nation’s 9th most populous state, Pat’s leadership skills helped accomplish successful tax reform, transportation reform, paying off debt owed to the federal government, teacher pay raises and a bond referendum to support universities, parks and the National Guard.

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Governor Pat McCrory first gained national prominence as the seven-term mayor of Charlotte where he helped build a once sleepy southern town into a thriving metropolitan city. Often stepping on toes from both sides of the aisle, he did this by creating and implementing a vision that included mass transit, a new international airport, a new arena, the NASCAR Hall of Fame, new safe and livable public housing communities, aggressive business recruitment and low taxes.

As governor of our nation’s 9th most populous state, Pat’s leadership skills helped accomplish successful tax reform, transportation reform, paying off debt owed to the federal government, teacher pay raises and a bond referendum to support universities, parks and the National Guard. More than 300,000 new private sector jobs were created in North Carolina during his tenure, which is often referred to as the “Carolina Comeback.” Pat’s leadership was again recognized nationally by his strong and compassionate leadership handling some of the worst flooding in the state’s history during Hurricane Matthew.

As mayor and governor, Pat has worked closely with Presidents Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump in the areas of homeland security, transportation, environment and healthcare while serving on the executive boards of the National Mayors and Governors Associations. In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, Pat proudly served for President Bush as a member of the Homeland Security Commission.

Pat also has extensive private sector experience having worked for Duke Energy Company, Moore & Van Allen, and serving on corporate boards including Lending Tree, Kewaunee Scientific and Transportation Impact.

Pat has testified before Congress and continues to be a frequent expert guest on national media broadcasts, including National Public Radio, Meet the Press, ABC World News, PBS News Hour, CBS This Morning, MSNBC News, CNN, CNBC and Fox News, among others.

McCrory is regarded as a pragmatic yet visionary problem solver and leader that has taken difficult stands, as many leaders must, for what he believes is right versus just politically expedient or correct. These stands or decisions, often inter-related, bring Pat to the forefront of both thinking and debate around important U.S. issues such as the economy, societal trends, transportation, infrastructure and healthcare.

Speech Topics

Everyone talks about wanting a strong leader, but few have detailed the steps necessary for becoming a transformational leader and the many pitfalls to avoid.

As both a governor and a mayor, Pat McCrory has tackled some of the greatest challenges of our time, including 9-11, wildfires, hurricanes, riots and other natural and man-made emergencies. He has also exerted his leadership skills to help find common-sense solutions to controversial policy issues such as comprehensive tax reform, health care reform, social issues, ballot referendums, major infrastructure investments and Supreme Court challenges, all while managing massive budgets and thousands of employees. Throughout his career in public service, Pat has had the benefit of working with four presidents, top business leaders, community activists, senators and congressman, governors and mayors, and the ever-changing national media. He has experienced and seen both successes and failures.

In this series, Pat shares leadership lessons based on extensive personal experience and interaction with other great leaders of our time, including former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Presidents Obama and Trump, Michael Jordan and Billy Graham. Lessons learned on what traits work and those that do not.

As a city councilman, mayor, and governor for more than 25 years, Pat McCrory has witnessed business leaders, vendors, non-profits, lobbyists and everyday citizens trying to figure out ways to get the ear of politicians and those government employees on pressing issues. Frustrating delays, no returned calls, inaction, arrogance and rudeness are the pains many deal with when action is needed.

Pat shares strategies that actually break down the barriers of government and politics. You will save time and money getting specific tips that work from a leader who understands the fragile mind and ego of politicians at the local, state and federal levels.

Fake news, safe zones, staged protests, big money, surveillance, military police, cable news and underground organizations.

As a mayor and a governor, Pat McCrory has seen and been the target of a growing multi-million-dollar political industry that is attacking politicians, business leaders and the democratic principles on which our nation was founded.

Who is behind it? What are the methods of attack? And what can you do about it when you are the target?

Pat will give a historical, informative and personal perspective on what to look out for and the strategies for identifying and combatting such forces that will continue to impact businesses and elections in the future.

The Trump Administration will soon unveil a $1 trillion infrastructure plan to upgrade our country’s transportation, energy, broadband and water infrastructure over the next 10 years.

As a mayor and governor, no elected official has had more success over the past decade in gaining public support for infrastructure investments than Pat McCrory. From transit, roads and bridges to education, parks and water and sewer infrastructure, he has championed significant investments to improve the quality of life and boost economic prosperity of North Carolina for generations to come. These strategic infrastructure investments benefitted communities across the state and helped bridge the economic divide between small towns and large cities.

Pat will share his bold vision and strategic approaches for getting buy-in from the public to make it happen! He has achieved remarkable results in Charlotte as a mayor and North Carolina as governor. Learn from the best.

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