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Jen Psaki

Former White House Communications Director (2015 – 2017); Former State Department Spokesperson (2013-2015); Fellow at Georgetown University Institute of Politics; CNN Contributor

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Washington, DC
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$10,000 - $15,000

Lauded for her innovative work as President Obama’s final communications chief and for her poise as the face of US foreign policy at the Department of State, Jen Psaki offers a fresh and current perspective on what is happening in Washington and what to look out for in the year ahead—whether it is the emerging threats from Russia, how decisions are made in the White House, the truth behind gender barriers or the future of the Democratic Party.

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Described by The New York Times as, “the unflappable and genial point-person” to the media during the various crises of President Obama’s campaign and presidency, Psaki offers a fresh and current perspective on the state of the political system and lessons learned from her time as a Senior Advisor to President Obama and Secretary Kerry.

As the White House Communications chief, Psaki rewrote the playbook for communications strategy in the Obama Administration taking a more ambitious and creative approach to breaking through in a noisy media environment. She was one of the first people to walk in the door of the White House when the President took office, and can speak to what is happening behind the scenes in the first year of an Administration.

Prior to her return to the White House, she served as the spokesperson at the Department of State. As the public face for US foreign policy, she had a front seat to negotiations, traveling to more than fifty-five countries with Secretary of State John Kerry and firsthand knowledge of what motivates and drives the most relevant global leaders of today including Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu.

And as one of the youngest high-ranking women in the Administration and the mother of a toddler, she also offers a witty perspective on gender stereotypes and strategies for overcoming them. Psaki is currently the Vice President for Communications and Strategy at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a Senior Advisor at West Exec Advisors and an On Air CNN contributor.

As a veteran of three presidential campaigns and multiple state and national races, including both of President Obama’s successful elections, Psaki offers a fresh and witty perspective on the state of politics and current events.  She offers an insider’s view on what happened in the 2016 election including the mistakes made and what it says about not just the future of the Democratic Party, but what to expect from Congress and the new Administration in 2017.

On the heels of the Russian hacking last year, with a new Administration with close ties to Russian leaders, understanding President Putin’s motivations, and how he manipulates public opinion is key to understanding the emerging challenges we face in the United States.

As the State Department Spokesperson, Psaki spent countless hours at the negotiating table with Russian leaders and she was even the victim of a Russian propaganda campaign long before the 2016 election.

Psaki offers current analysis on the global leaders of today including a discussion of the decision-making process of the United States government and an outlook on what to look out for in the months ahead.

As the White House Communications Director, Psaki rewrote the playbook on how to break through in a modern media environment taking a more ambitious and creative approach to online and nontraditional media.  She will share lessons learned from her time as a senior advisor to the President and to the Secretary of State, and offer advice on breaking through the noise to get your message across whether you are a small tech start up or a large established company looking for a reset.

In a town where there has never been a female President and women only make up 19% of Congress, Psaki provides a first-hand perspective on what the barriers are for women in Washington and a candid assessment of stereotypes and the inaccurate assumptions about how to break the gender barrier.


Psaki was one of the highest ranking and youngest women in a senior role in the White House.  When she received a call from the President to come back to serve as Communications Director, she was five months pregnant with her first child.  Her candid and humorous presentation of the challenges facing modern working women in Washington brings a fresh and updated viewpoint to the decades old debate.

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