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Jim Carroll

World-Renown Futurist and Trends Expert; Top Innovation Consultant and Bestselling Author

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Rethinking Innovation!

Jim Carroll is one of the world's foremost futurist, trends & innovation experts. For over twenty years, he has been studying what makes companies relentlessly creative, and how they ride critical trends in order to achieve dramatic success. As such, Jim has established a global reputation for his cutting edge perspective into economic cycles, dynamic marketplace issues and consumer branding strategies. Business Week recently named him as one of only four sources of exceptional insight on innovation and creativity.

Jim's astute acumen in transforming slow-moving organizations into high-velocity innovation heroes has solidified him as a highly sought speaker and consultant across the globe. He has recently earned acclaim for his sessions on achieving significant growth despite deep economic challenges, providing guidance that is relevant, realistic, practical and effective. Known for his quirky sense of humor and high energy level, Jim engages audiences with powerful research, compelling experience and fascinating stories that inform, educate and entertain.

Join international futurist, trends & innovation expert Jim Carroll as he explores some of the biggest challenges facing organizations today. With the coming “end of retirement,” most companies will come to realize they’ll need a lot of telephones with big buttons for members of the 70+ folk who are still a part of their workforce, and a lot of innovative workplace practices as well. That’s but one challenge – the arrival of “Gen-Connect” (also known as “Gen-Y”), the kids who have been wired with a mouse since birth, will lead to the question of whether “good luck” will be the only possible response to the question of “Managing Gen-Y.” This workplace weirdness will only be compounded by the ongoing rapid evolution of knowledge and skills, such that most organizations will find it impossible to find the highly specialized skills needed in the economy of the future. Are we really in an economy in which there is an emerging profession of folks known as “mature managers?” You bet – and it’s all part of the unique issues that companies must begin thinking about today. Join Jim as he shares his insight into the trends that you are already faced with, and the innovative and creative ways that you can come to grips with the depth of the challenges ahead.

We live in an era of unprecedented, relentless, rapid change. That’s why leading edge organizations look to futurist, innovation and trends expert Jim Carroll for a keynote, executive briefing or workshop that clearly focuses on how to develop and engender the leadership skills of the 21st Century. As someone who has assisted hundreds of organizations in thinking about and preparing for the future, Jim has become recognized for his keen insight into the necessary leadership skills of today. He outlines the major attributes that the future-oriented leaders of today have adapted:

  • The ability to link the corporate mission of today to the major

    trends and developments that will influence the organization through the coming years

  • A leadership style that encourages a culture of agility, one that allows for a rapid response to sudden – change in products, markets, competitive challenges, and other business, technological and workplace trends

  • An organization wide trends-radar, in which all staff keep a keen eye on the trends and developments that will affect the organization in the future, and are prepared to share their insight, observations and recommendations.

  • A corporate culture in which staff are encouraged to not only deal with the unique and ongoing challenges of today, but are open and responsive to the new challenges yet to come.

  • A performance oriented focus in which people are encouraged to turn new challenges into opportunities, rather than viewing change as a threat to be feared.

Business Week recently named Jim Carroll as one of the four world’s leading sources for innovation insight. He was featured as an innovation expert on a global broadcast of the CNBC show, The Business of Innovation.

It’s no wonder – Jim has carefully studied the key strategies and leadership ideas that have permitted some organizations to achieve breakthrough innovations and absolutely compelling levels of creativity. Jim has provided industry specific keynotes and strategic planning sessions for life sciences, health care, insurance, automotive, manufacturing, agriculture, technology, education, government, consumer products, retail, banking, and countless other industries. His latest book, Ready, Set, DONE! How to Innovate When Faster is the New Fast, captures the necessity for urgent innovation in order to remain competitive in the high velocity economy.

Where will we be in 2015? 2020 or 2025? What challenges and opportunities will we face? In a world of massive globalization, what will our markets, customers, industries and organizational structures look like?

These are truly transformative times, with an alignment of political leaders, business executives, consumers, researchers and industry groups all realizing that now is the time that we need to solve complex problems with bold thinking and “big ideas.” In a highly customized presentation, Jim outlines the major trends that will impact you, and what you need to start doing now in order to respond. He will open your mind up to the opportunities of this transformative time – a new era when big ideas and bold action are proving to the the foundation for significant transformation in how we approach global challenges, problems and opportunities. In doing so, he will ensure you are well positioned for the future!

While volatility rocks global markets, there continue to be fundamental truths: your industry, products, competition, skills requirements, organizational capabilities, and ability to respond to rapid change will define your future success. Innovative organizations succeed by mastering the pace of the new high velocity economy.

Product innovations occur today at such a pace that “time to market” is now measured in weeks rather than years. A furious pace of technological innovation continues unabated, with the rapid emergence of new technologies that change entire industries. Customer mindset has become increasingly difficult to capture as we become a society with massive attention deficits. Business models are subject to upheaval due to economic turmoil, commercialization of product, and the rapid emergence of new competitors.

It’s a fast paced world – and that’s why leading edge organizations are focused on key leadership strategies that provide for a fast paced future. In this inspirational keynote, Jim Carroll will challenge you to confront the “big trends” that you need to face head on and what you should be doing RIGHT NOW.

In the face of widespread economic volatility, organizations have three essential choices: they can panic, making rash decisions on structure, markets, investments; they can freeze and do nothing; or they can respond to rapid change through innovation, particularly with respect to strategies, structure, capabilities, markets, products, and activities.

Jim Carroll, one of the world’s leading futurists, trends & innovation experts, shares his insight on the strategies that leading-edge organizations are pursuing to stay ahead of the economy. Many CEO’s and senior executives understand that in addition to managing existing challenges, now is the time to focus on trends and the future, and that they need to act quickly to establish an innovative mindset to get there intact.

Obama’s economic recovery plan includes a focus on healthcare, education, infrastructure and renewable energy. International futurist, trends & innovation expert Jim Carroll has deep insight into the key trends and opportunities in all of these areas. He’s recently keynoted the World HealthCare Innovation & Technology conference as well as several high profile education conferences on the “future of education.” He has deep insight into the emerging issues of intelligent infrastructure, which will be a key component of the upgrading of the current 20th century infrastructure, and has been speaking on the issue of renewable energy for years. Gain an understanding into the impact, challenges and opportunities with the Obama Economy from someone who has deep insight into the key trends within each specific area of concentration.

Jim Carroll has been providing insight to organizations about trends, the future, innovation and creativity for fifteen years. Since the economic meltdown began last year, he has been keynoting events worldwide, rapidly adjusting the theme to one of “how you can innovate during a recession.” He’s had the opportunity of seeing first hand quite a few very innovative strategies from CEO’s and others in a wide variety of industries as to how to stay ahead in rapidly changing circumstances. In this keynote, Jim outlines the key strategies that will take you forward into a growth oriented future!

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