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General John G. Coburn, U.S. Army (RET) Image

General John G. Coburn, U.S. Army (RET)

Chairman and CEO, VT Systems; Decorated Military Veteran; Former Commanding General, US Army Materiel Command

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A combat veteran with a law degree, General John G. Coburn, US Army (RET) is one of the most prominent logisticians of our time. He is the Chairman and CEO of VT Systems, a diversified engineering company providing solutions to the commercial and government sectors. General Coburn took VT Systems from a mere concept to an organization that currently consists of eight separate companies and over 5,400 employees providing outstanding support to the Department of Defense.

Prior to joining VT Systems, General Coburn served in the U.S. Army for 39 years in various logistics assignments. He has multiple military decorations including the Defense Distinguished Service Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster, the Bronze Star Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster, and the Legion of Merit. Drawing from his diverse background, General Coburn enlightens audiences on the increasingly intertwined and intersecting relationship between private industry and the U.S. military in dealing with today's toughest issues.

Speech Topics

Serving as Commanding General, U.S. Army Materiel Command, General John Coburn (RET) was directly responsible for almost 51,000 employees and activities in 42 states and more than 28 countries. Having risen through the ranks of the Army, he held various distinguished leadership roles throughout his the military career. And with his extraordinary transition to the private sector as Chairman and CEO of VT Systems, General Coburn has a proven track record of successful leadership. Drawing from this exceptional experience, General Coburn offers audiences an approachable, applicable profile of extraordinary leadership for audiences to adopt and adapt for their own needs. From character traits to trademark styles, gut instincts to lessons learned, Coburn’s inspiring presentation invigorates audiences with a solid sense of purpose and invigorating drive to succeed.

Creating value is crucial in every organization regardless of size. A prime objective of supply chain management is to create net value. As Chairman and CEO of VT Systems, General John Coburn (RET) grew the company from $61 million in revenue to over $1 billion in less than 10 years. Inherently understanding how to create value, Coburn gives audiences a context for understanding why efficient supply chain management has become a must have for organizations to compete in the global marketplace and a primer on how to effectively develop practices for business success.

Wars have been won or lost on the strength of logistics capability or lack of it. General John Coburn (RET), an expert logistician, understands the business of logistics and helps organizations recognize its value and vitality for their competitive strategy and survival. In this compelling presentation, he adroitly explains the essential role of logistics, its evolution over time, and how globalization is dramatically re-shaping the industry now and in the future.

When he departed the Army to join the private sector in 2001, General John Coburn (RET) had a wealth of experience under his belt. With many prospects available to him, he decided to take the road less traveled and joined a then relatively unknown organization called VT Systems. Since that time, Gen. Coburn has grown VT Systems from $61million in revenue to over $1 billion in less than 10 years. A combat veteran with a law degree, Coburn has triumphed in the transition from military to the private sector. Drawing on his experiences as an Army General and a savvy CEO, he demonstrates how to successfully position and grow a foreign company in the U.S. and discusses the increasing impact of globalization on various industries.

Security comes in many forms and sound security processes enable organizations to prevent security breaches as well as effectively manage one should it occur. General John Coburn (RET) discusses today’s most serious global threats and offers insight on how to counter each one. He offers practical security advice and emphasizes the need for strong partnerships to mitigate risk. Additionally, Gen. Coburn provides guidance for dealing with and succeeding in the aftermath of a devastating event, citing examples from VT Halter Marine recovery in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and from his tenure as Chairman of the Port Security Committee after 9/11.

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