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John Stossel

Multiple Emmy-Award Winning Journalist and News Correspondent; Host, Fox Business News' Stossel; Featured Contributor, Fox News

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A 19-time Emmy Award winner, John Stossel has been providing brilliant reporting and insightful coverage of the world's most pressing issues and events for decades. His television specials consistently rate among the top news programs and have earned him uncommon praise: "The most consistently thought-provoking TV reporter of our time," raved the Dallas Morning News, while the Orlando Sentinel said he "has the gift for entertaining while saying something profound."

Stossel is the host of his namesake program, Stossel, on Fox Business News, where he explores various libertarian topics in the U.S. and abroad as well as an array of consumer issues. He is also a regular contributor to Fox News for various programs and specials. Energizing and enlightening, Stossel galvanizes audiences with his highly informative and provocative presentations on contemporary hot-button issues.

Speech Topics

John Stossel of ABC News’ 20/20 and author of Myth, Lies and Downright Stupidity talks about the benefits of individual freedom and free markets. In his 30 year journey from a consumer reporter to his current job as ABC’s in-house contrarian, Stossel learned that “businessmen aren’t the bad guys after all.” In fact, today’s entrepreneurs, often depicted in the media as robbers and polluters, are really “the heroes who make our lives better.”

“Liberty,” says Stossel, “is what made America great, yet little by little, Americans are giving up that liberty.” He discusses:

  • Unnecessary fear – Why are Americans rejecting the very freedom that has lifted more people out of poverty than any society anywhere, ever?

  • Safety regulations’ unintended consequences – Could they injure more people than they protect?

  • Endless media hype- Do “we” (the news media) cause unrealistic fears and how do they compare to life’s REAL risks?

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