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Josh Kraushaar

Senior Political Correspondent, Axios; Former Politics Editor and Podcast Host, National Journal

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Washington, D.C.
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Josh Kraushaar’s succinct and timely political journalism has been a trusted source for the public for well over a decade, spanning four U.S. administrations and dozens of midterm elections. Of Kraushaar, Axios’ editor-in-chief said, “His sharp analysis will play a vital role in getting audiences smarter about the issues that matter.”

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With a track record of identifying election trends before they become conventional wisdom, Axios senior political correspondent Josh Kraushaar is one of Washington's leading political analysts. He reports on the latest developments on the campaign trail and is also the author of the weekly Sunday Sneak Peak newsletter, which focuses on the big-picture forces driving American politics.

While politics is often complicated and granular, Kraushaar is uniquely able to reveal the larger trends within elections to all audiences. With his holistic, big picture approach, Kraushaar expertly connects with audiences of all backgrounds, explains the issues at large that loom over Washington, and breaks down the possible consequences of those issues on everyday Americans.

Before working at Axios, Kraushaar served as editor-in-chief of the Hotline, where he authored the biweekly Against the Grain column and hosted a weekly podcast featuring the leading lawmakers, political operatives and journalists for candid interviews. He also served in 2014 as a co-author of the Almanac of American Politics, a must-have resource for political junkies.

Kraushaar frequently appears as a political analyst on television and radio. He is a political analyst for Fox News Radio, where he co-anchors coverage of major political news events and provides color commentary on election nights. He’s a regular on Fox News’ “Special Report” political panel with Bret Baier and has made appearances on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Speech Topics

This presentation is an in-depth look at the forces that are shaping the upcoming midterm/presidential elections, the issues driving voters, and a comprehensive rundown of the races that matter. After the presentation, Josh will be able to answer any questions and offer the latest intel about any of the pivotal Congressional or statewide campaigns taking place.

In the run-up to 2024, Josh will be incorporating a presidential campaign outlook into the presentation, featuring big-picture analysis on who’s most likely to run in 2024 and who’s most likely to succeed. Will we be seeing a Biden-Trump rematch, or is the smart money on fresh faces taking over the 2024 campaign?

In this presentation, Josh explains how American political allegiances are changing before our eyes: Democrats are becoming the party of the upscale suburbs that Republicans once dominated, while Republicans making noticeable inroads with working-class communities of color that recently overwhelmingly voted for Democrats.

Josh will talk about how high the stakes are: If a critical mass of Hispanic voters continues their movement towards Republicans, it would end any possibility of a Democratic long-term political advantage as the country diversifies. But if Republicans continue to pander to Trump as the face of the party, they will struggle to win back the suburbanites that are critical for them to win back power.


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    Democrats’ midterm reality check

    After Democrats’ surge in political momentum over the summer, signs indicate the midterm environment is tilting back in the GOP’s direction. Why it matters: Republicans aren’t likely to ride a historic red wave to power. But they’re well-positioned to comfortably win back the House, and are on surer footing than just weeks ago to net the […]

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    GOP’s New Mexico bet

    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ campaign stop in New Mexico on Sunday is worth watching for two reasons: The state is one of the GOP’s best opportunities to flip a Democratic governorship. And the Republican nominee has gotten this far without help from Donald Trump. Why it matters: New Mexico has the largest share of Hispanic voters […]

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    Manchin, Sinema and 2024

    By helping Democrats pass a landmark $750 billion climate, tax and health care bill, Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona have complicated their own re-election fortunes for 2024. Why it matters: While Democrats have a credible chance to hold onto a narrow Senate majority this year, they’re staring at a rough political […]

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    August election results suggest GOP’s “red wave” may be subsiding

    Three August elections that pitted Republicans against Democrats on the same ballot on Tuesday are providing fresh indications that Democrats have gained political momentum over the summer. What’s happening: In the Minnesota 1st District special election on Tuesday, Republican Brad Finstad only defeated Democrat Jeff Ettinger by four points in a district that former President Trump carried by […]

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    How big of a wave can House Republicans expect?

    (National Journal) – If Republicans net 35 seats, they’d hold their biggest House majority since 1929. If they win 29 seats, they’d match the number of seats held after the 2010 midterms.

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    Left loses momentum

    (AXIOS) – An Axios analysis shows the moderate candidate won 14 of 22 congressional primaries this year, when a progressive candidate challenged a more moderate candidate in seats Dems can win. That’s almost two-thirds of the time.

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    Celebrity candidates threaten GOP’s hopes of a Senate majority

    (AXIOS) – Inexperienced Republican candidates are threatening to cost Mitch McConnell a long-anticipated Senate majority in this year’s midterms.

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    What J.D. Vance’s decisive win says about the GOP’s evolution

    (National Journal) – Like-minded Republicans like Sen. Josh Hawley are claiming a victory in Ohio by the party’s populist faction. But they will have challenges expanding their appeal beyond reliably red states.

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    The great realignment

    (AXIOS) – Shifts in the demographics of the two parties’ supporters — taking place before our eyes — are arguably the biggest political story of our time.

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    (Podcast) Josh Kraushaar: If Only You’d Been Warned

    Arizona Republicans doubled down on the crazy, voters in very red Kansas turned out in huge numbers to protect abortion rights, and Democrats played with fire in Michigan. Josh Kraushaar joins Charlie Sykes today.

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    Axios Hires Josh Kraushaar as Senior Politics Reporter

    Kraushaar will contribute to Axios Sneak Peek newsletter 1 big thing: Axios has hired Josh Kraushaar as a senior politics reporter and contributor to the Axios Sneak Peek newsletter. Kraushaar will lead a deep-dive Sunday column for the weekly politics newsletter. Why it matters: Kraushaar’s hire will strengthen and add value to Axios’ already seasoned politics team. With midterms […]

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