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Karyn Buxman

Registered Nurse; President and Founder, HUMORx

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Karyn Buxman is a registered nurse and president and founder of HUMORx, a humor-based management and communications company. HUMORx has provided remedies to organizations seeking simple, workable, ideas to their human performance problems. Through her years of research and experience, she's determined that humor and its powerful consequences, "physiological, psychological, social and spiritual," offer benefits in the work place that can be the catalyst for change that will move groups forward and allow individuals to live more positive, productive and happier lives. She is serious about motivation and humor!

Speech Topics

Levity is an important trait for people to understand and practice. During this keynote, audiences will learn:

  • How to utilize humor even if they’re not funny

  • How to use humor to inspire and motivate

  • How humor can enhance creativity

  • How to keep humor from backfiring

Humor can be a great sales tool. This keynote focuses on the benefits of humor in the workplace. Audiences will learn how humor helps to:

  • Break down objections

  • Increase likability

  • Hold attention

  • Strengthen rapport

Survivors and Support Groups: Keynote or Breakout

You’ve got cancer. Three words that strike fear in people’s hearts and conjure up concerns of chemo, radiation, surgery, pain, nausea, stress, anxiety and fatigue — not to mention hair loss. And as (comedienne and cancer patient) Gilda Radner would say, “It’s always something.” Cancer survivors and their care givers need lots of tools in their arsenal to fight cancer — and humor is a surprisingly powerful tool. Speaker, humor researcher, nurse and cancer-survivor’s-Mom Karyn Buxman will teach you how to twist your perceptions, play with your pain, and experience the gifts of humor and laughter.

<pInspiration/Entertainment: Keynote

Happiness is not getting what you want, it is being amazed when you do happen to get what you want, and amused when you get something else. Relationships are not based on compatibility, but on the ability to be continually amazed at your partner’s positive traits, and amused by his or her shortcomings. Life is the culmination not of years, but of experiences and memories that leave you amazed and amused that you got to enjoy this thing at all. Bestselling author and observer of the human condition, Karyn Buxman, will take you on a life-changing journey of humor and hope.

Customer Service/Relationships: Breakout

Patients are what it’s all about. Without them — game over, everyone go home. Discover how to enhance patients’ relationships and satisfaction, as well as a cost-effective means of driving more money to your bottom line: through attitude and humor! Laugh and learn as Karyn Buxman reveals how the power of perspective can be translated into dollars-and-cents for your office/hospital’s success.

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