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Kent F. Moors, Ph.D

Internationally-Recognized Expert on Energy Geopolitics and Global Political/Corporate Risk Management; Founder and President, ASIDA, Inc.

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Dr. Moors is the Founder and President of ASIDA, Inc, a worldwide consulting and analytical firm providing clients with tailored intelligence and support. Over almost five decades, he has combined ongoing unique experiences from three parallel careers: globally recognized expert in political and energy risk assessment; scholar and academic; and counterintelligence officer and troubleshooter.

In addition to his responsibilities as the head of ASIDA, Dr. Moors currently provides daily advisories to individual investor subscribers and international private investment groups, while authoring the twice weekly Classified Intelligence Brief. CIB also incorporates the popular ongoing “Spy Tales” series in which he draws current lessons from his decades of counterintelligence activities. (See the archive here).

Dr. Moors began his professional intelligence career with the U.S. Department of State in combat theater during the Vietnam War and has subsequently served for over 45 years in various specialized counterintelligence operations worldwide.

He has previously been Executive Chair of the Global Energy Symposium (GES). Dr. Moors left his university positions – Professor in the Department of Political Science and the Graduate Center for Social and Public Policy at Duquesne University, where he was also Scholar in Residence at the Institute for Energy and the Environment – to head up this major international policy advising effort.

Dr. Moors has advised 31 world governments and has been a consultant to private companies, financial institutions, civic movements/organizations, and law firms in 34 countries. He has served over 2,400 times as a featured television, radio and media commentator in North America, Europe, Asia, and Russia. A prolific writer and lecturer, his over 3,600 professional/market publications and over 750 private/public sector presentations and workshops have appeared in 48 countries.

Speech Topics

Applying extensive personal experience, Dr. Moors discusses those worldwide locations threatening to destabilize a fragile balance. This presentation includes on the ground assessments from the Persian Gulf, MENA (Middle East/North Africa), the former USSR, and the South China Sea, along with today’s accelerating asymmetrical warfare.

Drawing on over four decades of public and private sector experience in energy investment, policymaking, global risk assessment, and strategic analysis, this presentation identifies the major trends affecting daily energy availability and prices worldwide.

This presentation does not require the audience have any specialized knowledge. Dr, Moors discusses his highly successful approach to navigate today’s volatile markets, integrating algorithmic-based multi-level strategies across investment sectors from energy and transport infrastructure to digital currencies and derivatives.

Based on decades of risk management advising worldwide, this presentation identifies and discusses the essential planning steps to avoid damage to corporate reputation.

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