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Margie Warrell

Top Authority on Leadership and Resilience; Forbes Columnist and Renowned Peak Performance Coach; Bestselling Author, Find Your Courage

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Bestselling author, Forbes columnist, and master coach, Margie Warrell challenges and empowers people globally to live and lead more courageously. Drawing on her diverse background in psychology and Fortune 500 business, Margie gets to the heart of what holds people back in their careers, and equips them with the strategies and inspiration to make the contribution they are capable of.

Lauded as "a power house of inspiration, insight and practical advice" by her client organizations, Margie brings her down to earth Aussie humor, intrepid spirit, and pragmatic approach to her work. She shares sharp insights to help people expand their vision, build resilience, manage conflict, and take the bold actions necessary to succeed in an increasingly competitive, complex and fast changing world. Margie is also a guest lecturer at Georgetown University's prestigious McDonough Business School and to MBA students at Southern Methodist University in Texas.

Speech Topics

Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.) has been proven as a stronger predictor of workplace and leadership success than I.Q. The good news is that while I.Q. is relatively fixed, E.Q. is something that can be developed and used to enhance performance over the course of life. Improve communication, grow influence, develop higher performing teams, and produce stronger bottom line results through the application of E.Q. principles.

Drawing on the pioneering work of Daniel Goleman (author of Emotional Intelligence) and the latest neuro-science into the brain, this program will provide attendees with a more thorough understanding of Emotional Intelligence, strategies for enhancing their own E.Q., and the skills to assess and develop it in others. This presentation will:

Outline the four domains of the E.Q. Matrix, highlighting how each domain relates to emotionally intelligent leadership & employee performance

Provide necessary strategies to build personal E.Q., to manage negative emotions in oneself and others, build trust and lead more effectively

Show how to apply E.Q. to workplace challenges – responding calmly to angry customers/employees, handling conflict, navigating team dynamics and motivating others to take the initiative and reach for next level of performance

Demonstrate the five steps to S.O.A.R.2 above challenges, stay calm under pressure, and be more resilient in the face of change, crisis and everyday obstacles

Enhance emotional self-awareness and regulation, to respond to challenges in the workplace and beyond with competence and confidence

Offer opportunities for interactive partner exercises to focus on current issues/challenges that are creating ?emotional burn.’

Target Audience: While this program is beneficial for people at all organizational levels, it is of particular value to managers and others in positions of leadership.

Your car runs more smoothly and requires less energy to go faster and farther when the wheels are in perfect alignment. Likewise, you perform better when your thoughts, feelings, goals, and values are in balance. What do you need to do to live in greater alignment ? at work, at home, and in every area of your life?

Get back to basics with strategies to stay centered and sane despite the load on your plate.

In this fun and highly interactive presentation, Margie shares entertaining stories of her own balancing act? as a working mother of four along with reasons why she thinks perfect balance is a myth. She will empower your busy, often overwhelmed audience members with fresh ideas and practical strategies for designing a work/life balance that will enable them to live a truly successful life?with more ease and less stress! Guaranteed to refocus, rejuvenate, and re-energize, this presentation includes:

Uncover the disempowering myths around work/life balance to stop ?shoulding’ on yourself

Learn the #1 key to avoiding overload and burnout

Set boundaries for yourself and others by saying no with more grace and less guilt

Make more powerful requests and why it’s futile to try doing it all yourself!

Three daily life enrichment strategies to reduce stress, increase energy and stay motivated

Why the super woman cape is ?so last century’ and needs to be left behind? forever! (female audiences only)

Target Audience: This program is designed for professional audiences, where attendees are juggling multiple conflicting demands on their time and resources. It is ideal for female audiences who are not only juggling busy careers, but also the demands of children, dual partner careers, volunteer commitments and the like and who often fail to make time for themselves in the midst of looking after everyone else.

Harness the power of vision, unleash inner potential and create extra-ordinary results.

For any great feat to be achieved, it must first be imagined. Drawing on the power of vision, your audience and your organization can move forward more productively and purposefully. Drawing from psychological research and contemporary examples, this program explores the steps required to harness the power of vision including:

The three key conversations that take you from complaining about ?what is’ to speculating about ?what could be’ to taking the actions required to achieve it

The power of stories and how to recognize the stories and fears that are sabotaging success

Craft a clear, compelling and achievable vision for yourself, your team or organization and then break it into S.M.A.R.T. goals

Dealing with naysayers and enlisting others in your vision

Strategies to meet personal and organizational challenges, navigate change and overcome adversity

Why taking risks is essential to success and how to assess which risks to take

Target Audience: This program is designed for people at all levels of the organization and can be tailored to address the vision of the individual as well as the vision for the team or organization. It is a great tool for newly created teams or departments which have come through periods of change and restructuring and are looking to gain alignment around a common set of goals and vision. This dynamic presentation lends itself well to both keynotes and workshops – it has been presented as a 30-minute keynote to as long as a two-day workshop.

A one page hand-out summarizing key points of discussion will be provided. A Think Bigger workbook is available for longer programs.

Speak up to build influence, deepen trust and build more rewarding relationships.

What’s your toughest situation? Talking with an employee about his performance? Saying no to your boss? Telling someone her behavior is inappropriate? Handling an angry employee or customer? Difficult situations have a thousand faces but one common structure. This program will show you the structure of tough conversations, how to prepare for and get them started, how to keep them focused and productive, and what to watch for so you don’t get derailed. Bring some examples, and get ready to practice!

Inability or unwillingness to engage to address the issues which undermine performance, damage relationships and limi success can be profound. In this presentation you will learn not only how to muster up the courage you need to speak up, but how to:

Strengthen your EQ, and use it to better manage negative emotions in yourself and those around you

Remove barriers to meaningful conversation (including self-limiting beliefs about your ability to handle confrontation)

How to bridge the communication gap? to avoid misunderstanding

Express anger without insult; disagree without being disagreeable

Stand firm in the face of those who seek to intimidate

Use awkward silences to enrich the conversation with greater ease

Target Audience: This program is designed for people at all levels of the organization as no matter where people are in an organization, their ability to communicate effectively is crucial to their own and their team’s success. This program is particularly helpful to employees moving into management positions as it equips them with the skills and tools they need to manage more effectively.

Nothing impacts work performance, personal health or relationships more than stress. Yet stress itself isn’t the problem, stressful thinking is. Stressful thinking that is triggered through job insecurity, economic instability, meeting the conflicting demands of work and family and rapid organizational, technological and global change. Yet, despite these challenges, some people continue to thrive, relaxed, optimistic and healthy.

These people are not blessed with a genetic covering of pscyhological Teflon, rather they have learned how to build the resilience required to bounce back from adversity, navigate uncertainty and soar above the stressors that pull others down. In this program you will learn how to recognize the causes of your stress, expand your capacity for life, and build resiliency skills that will bring life to your years and add years to your life. Drawing from the latest neuro-scientific research, age-old spiritual wisdom and her experiences as an executive coach and working mother of four, Margie shares strategies for bolstering resilience and staying strong when pressures mount and adversity strikes. With her trademark Aussie pragmatism and humor, Margie will arm attendees with the inspiration and tools to face the challenges of an increasingly complex, competitive and changing world with greater courage, resourcefulness and resilience. Margie will discuss:

Harnessing our brain’s neural plasticity to build resilience over time

Strategies to build EQ and ensure emotions don’t high-jack rational thought

The five steps to S.O.A.R.R. above crisis and stay calm under pressure

Daily rituals for managing destructive emotional impulses

Three steps to redraft sabotaging stories into ones that strengthen resolve and self-efficacy and promote self-confidence

Target Audience: While this program is valuable for both professional and non-professional audiences, it is of particular value for those who are dealing with rapid change (organizational or personal) and transitioning to new and more demanding roles. It is also excellent for emerging leaders, budding entrepreneurs and working women who feel overwhelmed on a regular basis!

How others see us begins with how we see ourselves. This powerful presentation will challenge beliefs that can undermine effectiveness and stifle leadership potential. Margie will engage audience members as she explores how even those who don’t see themselves as natural leaders? can identify and rewrite self-limiting stories, re-define the leader they are, and re-ignite the results they achieve. She will help them over-come fears and doubts, and find their courage to create a more compelling vision, confront the forces that threaten to undermine it, and take the necessary risks to change what no longer serves the best interests of their team or organization. She will empower them with powerful insights to become the kind of leader others can trust to speak the truth, stand firm in a storm, and choose the right path over the expedient one.

Your audience will leave feeling more purposeful in what they do, more passionate about why they do it, and more inspired to create positive change with greater clarity, confidence and courage. Topics covered include:

The importance of leading from a foundation of robust integrity

The 3 core elements of trust (and how to rebuild it if damaged)

Why self-awareness and EQ are critical to success – and how it’s used to expand a leader’s circle of influence

The 5 fundamental conversations in which a leader must engage – with him/herself and with others

How to apply the Ontological coaching framework to improve collaboration around goals, communication and influence within a team or across an organization.

Target Audience: This program is ideal for those in managerial roles and other positions of leadership, from mid-level managers up to senior executives. It can also be tailored to inspire the unique talents of emerging leaders in more entry-level positions. The ontological coaching material used in this program can be customized into a more in-depth half or full day workshop or ongoing coaching program for those wishing to expand their leadership competence, influence and impact.