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Marjory Ross

President and Publisher, Regnery Publishing; Preeminent Business Leader and Media Veteran

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Marjory Grant Ross is one of the most unusual stories in the publishing business. She has become a leader in helping cultivate a new American political and social dialogue " a dialogue that now includes unconventional, contrarian, and independent voices against the chorus of political and social correctness. In a few short years, she has become one of the most respected, visible, quoted, and copied leaders in the book business. Her advice and counsel is valued by the celebrated, the ambitious, and the powerful alike.

As President and Publisher of Regnery Publishing-- the first person outside the Regnery family to hold that title-- Ms. Ross' ultimate responsibility is to produce results. Before she joined Regnery, the company had six books on the New York Times best-sellers list in its 52-year history. In the 12 years that she has been in a leadership position, Regnery has put a remarkable 49 books on the printed New York Times best-sellers list --without increasing the average number of titles published per year. Ms. Ross's business acumen, marketing savvy, political insights and command of the powers of persuasion " not to mention her "other full time job": mother to three teenage daughters -- make her an ideal speaker to business groups, political and civic groups, fellow female professionals, and young women starting their careers.

Speech Topics

The good news for young women today: You can achieve anything — you can become president someday. The lesson: Act as if you will. In this candid and timely speech, Marji gives essential life-shaping advice to tomorrow’s leaders, offering a blend of inspiration, insight and empathy based on 25+ years of business success and 20+ years as a wife and mother.

Want to become a bestselling author? Want to build a community or readers/followers and reach people of influence and commitment? Marji knows exactly how to accomplish this – and what not to do. Entertaining and enlightening, Marji will show you precisely what you need to do to achieve world-class publishing success, and she’ll share some war stories from past publishing mishaps in the hopes that you can avoid some surprisingly common pitfalls sure to sidetrack your success.

The past 15 years have seen an explosion in conservative media, from talk radio to blogs to 24-hour cable-TV news. But what does this all mean for business leaders, civic leaders, even individual authors as they strive to communicate their message, reach their audience, and protect their brand? Marji Ross lays out how to navigate the new realities of 24-7 digital media, and how to leverage old and new media channels to achieve your goals.

With the power of the Tea Party movement and the growing conservative majority in America, business executives and leaders of all stripes must better understand what makes this market tick. Enter Marji Ross, publisher of the country’s pre-eminent conservative book publisher and frequent speaker and commentator on marketing to the conservative buyer. She shares her inside knowledge of the do’s and don’ts for connecting with conservatives.

Regnery has one of the best track-records in the business, with 52 New York Times bestsellers since Marji joined the company 12 years ago. For a company that publishes just 15 new hardcover titles per year, this is a remarkable, and much envied, feat. What’s Regnery’s secret – and what does it have to do with your future success? Marji explains the surprising approach she takes to book publishing, and how that formula can make any business a category killer in its field and any business executive a true leader.

Having worked with some of the biggest celebrities among female authors on the right side of the aisle, as well as many female executives and political leaders, Marji shares the secrets she has learned from these powerful and persuasive women, how they navigate the worlds of politics and publishing, and balance the demands of family, career and self.