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The Honorable Mark V. Rosenker

Chairman, National Transportation Safety Board, 2005-2009; President, Transportation Safety Group; Analyst for CBS News Television and Radio

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District Of Columbia
Fee Range:
$15,000 - $25,000


With over three decades of distinguished leadership in both the private and public sectors, Mark Rosenker is a stalwart of transportation safety. He served as Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), widely recognized as one of the world's premier accident investigation agencies. During his tenure, Rosenker presided over inquiries into of some of the most devastating transportation events in recent history: the 2007 collapse of the I-35W bridge in Minneapolis; the cargo ship accident that nearly destroyed the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and the midair collision of two emergency medical helicopters in Flagstaff, Arizona, both in 2008; and the crash of a regional airliner near Buffalo, New York, in February 2009.

Today Rosenker serves as Member of the Board of Directors of the Sequa Corporation. Sequa Corporation is a diversified industrial company with operations in the aerospace, metal coatings and automotive industries. Sequa is a Carlyle Group Portfolio Company.  Called the “Master of Disaster,” he is currently the transportation and safety analyst for CBS news and radio. Prior to this, he was a contributor to NBC News, appearing on programs like TODAY, Nightly News with Brian Williams, and MSNBC.  He is also President of the Transportation Safety Group LLC, a specialized consulting company.  A sought-after speaker for organizations worldwide, Rosenker engages and enlightens audiences with his unparalleled expertise, astute insight and sparkling wit and style.

Speech Topics

Think your travel plans can get complicated? Try crafting a trip for the President of the United States — anywhere. Drawing from his extraordinary first-hand experience at the White House, Rosenker illuminates the devil-in-the-details and minute-by-planned-minute choreography of the preparation and execution of a Presidential trip both home and abroad.

An insider’s behind-the-scenes account of what it really takes to care for the leader of the free world. From transportation to destination Camp David, food to first aid, learn how the military supports the President in fulfilling his daily duties to lead the country effectively and efficiently.

In this compelling and eye-opening presentation, Rosenker offers a unique, in-depth and insightful review of the investigative process that reveals the root causes of the United States’s most catastrophic transportation accidents. In addition, he discusses the latest technological innovations that will help prevent these accidents from occurring in the future and what you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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