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Mia Hamm

Three-time Olympic Gold Medalist, World Cup Champion and FIFA World Player of the Year

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Mia Hamm is largely considered the best female soccer player in history. In Atlanta at the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games, she proved it by leading her team to Gold in front of 80,000 enthusiastic fans in Athens, Georgia. Never in history had so many spectators come out to watch a women's sporting event. The Games highlighted female athletes like no other time in modern history and Mia emerged as one of the true examples for people of all ages who have a dream and decide to pursue it.

In 2004, she and teammate Michelle Akers were put on FIFA's list of the 125 Greatest Living Soccer Players, the only two women and only two Americans to be named. Poised, articulate and honest, Mia is a pioneer in her sport and a role model for athletes and fans alike who believe in equal opportunity, Title IX legislation, and the love of the game.

Speech Topics

The world’s top goal scorer and three-time Olympian would not be where she is today had it not been for fierce dedication to her dream and commitment to her craft. However, it takes time, patience, combating frustration and “learning to lose gracefully” to achieve a true winner’s attitude even when events don’t go as desired. Learn from this world champion how to navigate difficult situations, face adversity and conquer it and ultimately fulfill your dreams and achieve success.

Having played with some of the best soccer players in history, not including herself, Mia Hamm knows the value of teamwork and how crucial it is to success on and off the field. In this motivating and exhilarating presentation, Hamm provides strategies and tips for maximizing your team’s value and getting the best out of each player, every day.

In this inspiring presentation, Hamm relates the transformation of her upbringing as a tiny suburban sprite into a global phenomenon with a ball and provides a guide for anyone with a dream of pursuing it to the fullest and what it takes to become a champion.