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Michael G. Baker

Former CIA Covert Operations Officer; Cofounder of Diligence LLC, now Portman Square Group; Host of Discovery Network's Black Files Declassified

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With over 25 years of experience as the CIA’s Operations Officer and as the President and Co-Founder of Diligence LLC (now Portman Square Group), Michael Baker specializes in counterterrorism, counternarcotics, and counterinsurgency operations.

Michael uses his experience within the CIA’s Operations Directorate to speak to audiences about how they can utilize intelligence to minimize risk and maximize opportunities globally. His first-hand examples, case studies, and experiences from both the Agency operating era and the time spent building Diligence, LLC, are shared to provide his audience with an unforgettable experience.

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During a nearly 20-year career as a CIA covert field operations officer, Mike specialized in counterterrorism, counternarcotics, and counterinsurgency operations. He worked around the globe and was recognized professionally for outstanding performance and operational achievements in hostile environments.

Following government service, Mike co-founded Diligence, a global intelligence and security firm. As a principal partner he led the company as it expanded around the world. Mike recently completed a successful buy out of his business from investors and merged the company with the crisis communications and public policy firm Portman Square Group.

Mike is a regular contributor in the media on intelligence matters, national security concerns, and geopolitical affairs. He appears regularly on a variety of networks.

In addition to being a script advisor and consultant to the television and film industry, Mike is the host of the Discovery Network’s series Black Files Declassified, currently in production for its second season.

Speech Topics

In today’s increasingly interconnected and global business community, information is your most valuable commodity. Learn what how to look at the steps, resources and mindset necessary for a company to develop an internal business intelligence unit capable of providing senior management with timely, critical information supporting the company’s strategic goals and vision. Baker explains the intelligence cycle and how it relates to the commercial world.

An examination of the threats, the perpetrators and the methodologies involved by looking at recent case studies, best practices from the commercial world and what our intel, law enforcement and military are doing to protect US interests.

An exploration of the key geopolitical issues that pose as top threats to US National Security.  A thorough walk through of current relations and concerns with China, Russia and Iran. Furthermore, what are the dangers and daily protocols to combat the War on Terrorism with insight on the latest from the Middle East and North Korea?

It’s been called the greatest transfer of wealth in history.  For the US, aggressive economic espionage by China, Russia and a host of state and non-state actors means lost intellectual property, lost jobs, lost revenues and lost investment potential to the tune of tens of billions of USD per year.  As former Operations Officer of the CIA, Mike Baker gives a true examination of the perpetrators, their methodologies and how US corporations, big and small, can protect their interests.

With more than 15 years within the CIA’s Operations Directorate, Baker takes and explains the 10 key rules gathered over the course of his career and show how they directly apply to starting, building, and growing a successful business. Using examples of case studies, stories, and personal experiences from both the Agency operating era and the time spent building Diligence, LLC, rules are shared and reinforced on how to properly lead a global intelligence and security firm.