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Michael Veltri

Proven CEO; Experienced Entrepreneur; Bestselling Author; Martial Arts Expert

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Michael Veltri is a battle-tested warrior, both in the boardroom and in the competitive world of martial arts. He is the founder and CEO of one of the largest martial arts academies on the east coast, serving a who's who of Washington, DC's elite. Over three decades, he has built, scaled, and sold his own companies and is now a sought-after adviser to leading executives who crave business transformation and peak performance.

Veltri's prolific bestselling book, The Mushin Way to Peak Performance, distills 5000 years of ancient wisdom into a practical field guide for the modern business executives seeking to fuel growth and sustainable success. Developed over 10 years of hands-on research in Japan, Michael's system has been adopted by top-performing organizations around the world.

In addition to his impact in the business world, Michael Veltri is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, a cancer survivor, and a proud father.

Today’s senior executives are not tasked with maintaining the status quo. On the contrary, they’re responsible for defining and driving transformational change — while simultaneously achieving growth targets, meeting performance goals, and aligning on-the-ground activities with “big picture” organizational strategy.

In this powerful keynote, Michael empowers senior leaders with the insights and approaches they need to:

  • Turn Chaos into Clarity, and Obstacles into Opportunities

  • Achieve Rapid, Measurable Results that Boost Performance & Profitability

  • Silence Internal & External Distractions

  • Learn Transformative Business Strategies Based on Proven Experience and Unique “Pillars of Excellence”

  • Complete Projects Effectively & Efficiently

Ultimately, senior executives will discover how to drive transformational change across their organization when the stakes are high, the pace is fast, and the outcomes are unclear.

Successful sales professionals are never satisfied. Yesterday’s major achievements are today’s performance standards, and surpassing quota is the expectation — not the exception. Unfortunately, this path can lead to a widespread problem that Michael has coined as being “successfully miserable”.

In this energizing keynote, Michael empowers sales professionals with the paradigms and perspectives they need to:

  • Start Delivering Sales SOLUTIONS

  • Cultivate Lasting Relationships with Decision-Makers

  • Understand What’s Truly Behind Objections — And How to Overcome Them

  • Elevate Their Performance to Unprecedented Levels

  • Create a Culture of Achievement & Excellence

Ultimately, sales professionals learn how to surpass expectations — both their own and their organization’s — without burning out, losing balance, or becoming “successfully miserable”.

Leadership clichés abound, but peak performance has become increasingly elusive. As the outdated methods continue to lose efficacy, Michael Veltri shares modern approaches from over 5000 years of wisdom. In this powerful keynote, you’ll re-think your previously held beliefs on what it means to lead. Leaders will learn to:

  • Craft a Purposeful Vision Around Work that Matters

  • Understand the Currency of Relationships, and How to Maintain a Positive Bank Balance

  • Prioritize Focus, Time, and the Deployment of Resources to Maximize Results

  • Embrace “4 Dimensional” Leadership

  • Avoid the 5 Biggest Leadership Traps

Thoughtful leadership has become more difficult than ever. Let Michael Veltri decode the complex web of competing ideas so your leadership impact can soar.

Too often, leaders focus on external factors such as products, technology, distribution, financial stability and brand recognition. Unfortunately, none of these assets are sustainable without the underlying resource of a high-performing team. Traditional cultures are giving way to fluid, modern approaches to leadership and achievement. In this important keynote, Michael Veltri helps leaders:

  • Embrace a New Framework for Peak Performance

  • Build, Motivate and Lead High-Performing Teams

  • Achieve a 38% Boost in Productivity Without Burning-Out

  • Avoid the 5 Death Traps of Complacency

  • Foster a Culture of Continuous Improvement

It’s been said that, “Your culture IS your business.” Walk away energized and refreshed with a bold new way to elevate culture and performance.

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  • “Michael Veltri unlocks the long-standing mystery of peak performance.” - John Overcast, Senior Director, Samsung

  • “Michael brings motivation, education, and inspiration to every keynote. Incredible!” - Tammie Wallace, Director, Business Development, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

  • “Always challenging his audience to achieve even greater levels of success, Michael is never content with maintaining the status quo.” - Alexander Smirnov, Ph.D., Scientist, National Institutes of Health