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Mike Bonifer

Co-founder and CEO of GameChangers

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Mike Bonifer: Gamechangers


Mike Bonifer is the co-founder and CEO of GameChangers, which uses improvisational game design to help its clients improve their performance with its breakthrough techniques for problem solving and collaborative storytelling. He is a pioneer in applying new media to the telling and sharing of stories. His past and current clients include The Walt Disney Company, Skype, United Airlines, Allstate Insurance, and Gap Inc. Bonifer's presentations are participatory and fun. Audiences come away transformed, and energized by the possibilities offered by GameChangers' approach to communication in a complex and unpredictable world.

Speech Topics

Bonifer presents a revolutionary new model, Quantum Storytelling, for how stories live in networks. He looks at the U.S. entertainment industry’s approach to creativity and transmedia storytelling, and offers insights on what all organizations and communities can learn from it.

Leaders lead by supporting. Sellers persuade by participating. Play precedes culture. These concepts and others like them form the basis for Bonifer’s inspiring presentation about transformative leadership.

Bonifer engages and inspires audiences with accounts of how game structure, improvisation and the concept of serious play result in the “socially mediated adhocism” vital to innovation and growth in a networked business environment.

In a fast-changing global marketplace, a business strategy is only as good as its value in the present moment. In a provocative presentation he calls “The Science of Serendipity,” Bonifer looks at how organizations must shift their approach to customers and markets in order to be effective in a networked world.

Narrative and themes can help organizations find fresh meaning in large numbers, and how managers can manage by observing what has been observed. Bonifer makes a compelling case for how the stories we co-create reveal the patterns and resolve the complexities inherent in Big Data.

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