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Mike Losey

Preeminent Authority on Leadership and Workforce Issues; Former President and CEO of the Society for Human Resource Management

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$10,000 - $15,000


Mike Losey has built a well-earned reputation as a compelling, engaging and insightful storyteller. A former corporate executive and past president and CEO of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), he draws upon and shares examples of how the lives of employees and their families have been touched by "People-Centered Leadership". Losey's presentations are not only moving and humorous but also provide audiences with insight on how to"take time out" to do the right thing for an organization's most powerful asset"its people"as well as demonstrate an understanding of what it looks like in action.

Speech Topics

From his vantage point as one of the world’s leading authorities on effective human resource management, Mike Losey explores — in down-to-earth terms– key workplace trends and how to take advantage of them. He explains other changes and trends in the workplace with facts, skill, real life experiences and humor. His never-stand-behind-the-podium style engages audiences concerned about their intellectual capital and using effective people management as a competitive advantage. Whatever their role in human resource issues from CEOs and HR leaders to managers and employees Losey sends his audiences back to work with astute insight, renewed energy and an exceptional perspective on harnessing the power of people capital.

Real organizational success is measured by more than just a good balance sheet and profit & loss statement. Successful leaders are also evaluated on how effectively they touch the individual lives of those within the organizations they lead. In his presentation, Mike Losey emphasizes how a leader’s ability to connect emotionally and responsibly with others can effectively build confidence in management.

The regrettable breaches of organizational trust and ethical violations too frequently witnessed can also be avoided. Losey gives real life examples on how leaders can connect with those within the organization who depend on their leadership. The organizational benefit is success where stakeholders, employees, families and communities all benefit. The leader’s regret is realizing his or her leadership failed and how peoples’ lives were negatively affected, for which there is no greater pain. The leader’s prize is realizing there is no greater joy than fairly and favorably touching the lives of others.