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Misty May-Treanor

Most-Winning Female Volleyball Player in History; Olympic Gold Medalist, NCAA All-American and World Champion

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Arguably one of the greatest female athletes in U.S. history, Misty May-Treanor has excelled her entire career. A volleyball All-American, World Champion and 2-time Olympic gold medalist (2004 & 2008), May-Treanor has not only competed at the highest levels of completion, but has dominated them.

Combining her incredible physical talent with sheer determination, Misty has become the best in the world at her craft. As a speaker, Misty talks candidly about topics ranging from commitment and teamwork to communication and the pursuit of excellence. Misty's national profile continues to grow with multiple high-profile opportunities in television and sports on tap for 2009 and beyond.

Speech Topics

Every person reacts to stress and adversity differently. Some get loud, some become reserved, others fly-off-the-handle. However, great leaders and teammates understand that solid, positive communication during downtimes can be the difference between success and failure. Our words and actions matter, especially under duress.

?Whether we like it or not, our fate (i.e. success or failure) is inextricably linked to the people with whom we surround ourselves. Being on a team has a great deal to do with recognizing your own strengths and weaknesses. Determining when the team needs you to lead and when the team needs you to support is a critical component of collaboration.

After performing at a high level over time, it is human nature to hit “cruise control” and let complacency begin to take hold. Understanding that it is our overall “body of work” that matters most, not a singular accomplishment, we can divide and conquer.

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