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Moises V. Vela, Jr.

First Hispanic and Gay American to Serve in Senior Executive Roles in Two White House Administrations; Partner, Public Policy and Regulation Group, Holland & Knight

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District Of Columbia
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$10,000 & Under


As the first Hispanic and gay American in the U.S. to serve twice in the White House in a senior executive role, an entreprenuer, an attorney and diversity expert, Moe provides a unique perspective on how government, business, the law, community-based organizations and politics all intertwine and intersect. Most recently, Moe served as Vice President Biden's Director of Management and Administration, where he was responsible for the daily operations of the Vice President's office. He played a similar role for Vice President Gore as his CFO and Senior Advisor on Hispanic Affairs.

Hispanic Business magazine named Moe one of the nation's Top 100 Hispanics and he was also selected as one of Washington DC's Top Decision Makers by the National Journal. Moe has addressed audiences across the nation on subjects ranging from the impact of the Hispanic demographic and how to better market to and communicate with the Hispanic community to creative solutions in the multifamily real estate industry. Moe enjoys sharing his insider's perspective on the Clinton and Obama White Houses and delivering inspirational remarks on how we can best come together as a nation.

Speech Topics

Whatever success Moe has achieved has been primarily due to the productive, meaningful and mutually respectful relationships he has developed throughout his career. He will share insight and perspective on how you nurture working relationships, balance personal and business relationships, leverage your network and develop an effective communication strategy within your own network.

Having been the co-founder of one of the nation’s first multifamily real estate companies to focus on the Hispanic market segment, Moe has a unique perspective and insight on this topic. His research involving Hispanic focus groups and personal interviews of over 1000 Hispanic renters have given Moe invaluable information as to how to best market to, communicate with and service the Hispanic renter or buyer in a culturally-relevant and culturally-respectful manner. Moe has a proven model called “cultural customization” that would enhance any real estate company’s efforts.

Moe delivers a passionate and inspirational presentation on self-esteem, self-confidence and respect that motivates his audience. He uses his life experiences growing up in south Texas as a gay Hispanic to illustrate and inspire through real-life stories. Moe takes his audience through a journey of what personal values, ideals and motivating factors are needed to get to serve our nation at the highest levels, start your own multi-million dollar business and to develop a global network. This presentation is about overcoming the odds to succeed.

Moe has long been recognized as an expert on diversity matters, especially those involving the Hispanic market segment. He has led company, trade association and public service efforts that have been focused on empowering the Hispanic community. Moe understands the relationship between business, government, politics and the law like few others. He will share his unique and experienced insight on why companies and organizations MUST now have efficient and productive Hispanic marketing, outreach, public relations and media relations strategies. As the largest ethnic minority in the nation with over $1 trillion in buying power, the economic, political and market share impact of the Hispanic market segment is a must to succeed in today’s and the future America.

As the first Hispanic and gay American to serve twice in a senior executive role in the White House, Moe provides a unique perspective on not only the daily functions of the Obama White House but a historic comparison between the Clinton and Obama Administrations. From the political views, constituent relations’ strategies and interpersonal relationships to policy discussions, Moe will share his thoughts and observations as only an insider could.

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