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Morgan Wright

Principal, Morgan Wright Strategies; Recognized Expert on International Cyber Security and U.S. Law Enforcement

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Morgan Wright is an internationally recognized expert on cybersecurity strategy, cyberterrorism, identity theft and privacy. His landmark testimony before Congress on Healthcare.gov changed how the government collected personally identifiable information. He has made hundreds of appearances on national news, radio, print and web, and has spoken to audiences around the world. Previously Morgan was a Senior Advisor in the US State Department Antiterrorism Assistance Program and Senior Law Enforcement Advisor for the 2012 Republican National Convention. In addition to 18 years in state and local law enforcement, Morgan has developed solutions in defense, justice and intelligence for the largest technology companies in the world.

A highly seasoned interviewer and moderator, Morgan has helped the largest companies in the world shape and change markets through effective, engaging interviews with senior executives and newsmakers in the complex world of cybersecurity and cyberterrorism. Whether it’s moderating a product launch panel discussion with the world's most famous hacker, or interviewing the CIO of the world's largest security company, Morgan delivers with compelling questions and insight honed by 30 years of expertise. This includes over 400 appearances on national news shows where he's been interviews as well by the best in the business. Discussion and interview goals are always to inspire, inform and entertain with just the right amount of humor and wit.

Speech Topics

Hackers, scammers and thieves have one mission – to separate you from your money and identity. With so much focus on staying safe online, criminals are successfully targeting you with ever evolving techniques and tactics that don’t involve your smartphone or computer. Learn how to staysafe online, offline and in the real world. Learn from real examples of how criminals are coming after you.

Three out of five cyber attacks target small to medium sized businesses. The myth of hackers only going after large companies is thoroughlydebunked in this eye-opening presentation. Morgan clearly spells out ‘why’ hackers like smaller companies, and what these companies need to do before its too late.

“Strike the soldiers…strike their police, security and intelligence members…” was the message is a video posted by ISIS on a hacked US Central Command (CENTCOM) YouTube channel. That was after hacking CENTCOM’s twitter account as well – a hack that could have been prevented with a remarkably simple tool. The growing use of propaganda spread by social media is inspiring terrorism here and abroad. From San Bernardino to Paris, terrorists are using advanced technology and social media in ways that frustrate the ability of law enforcement to monitor and prevent future attacks. This provocative presentation looks at how we’re losing the war of influence and what can be done about it.

In this fascinating presentation, Morgan draws upon his skills with behavioral analysis interviewing and shows how hackers and terrorists are going after the weakest link in any organization – you. From social engineering to spear phishing, the largest attacks and data breaches have occurred because of human weakness. From his time instructing damage assessment agents at the highly secretive NSA (agents who investigated the biggest espionage cases of all time) to the FBI, state and local law enforcement, Morgan shows how this same human weakness can actually be used to defend against new threats.

“If you want to hit a country severely you hit its power and water supplies. Cyber technology can do this without shooting a single bullet.” So said Major General Isaac Ben-Israel of the Israeli Air Force. The US critical infrastructure is highly at risk from a coordinated cyber attack against key elements of our power grid. The BlackEnergy malware attack in Ukraine on Dec. 23, 2015 that left 800,000 homes without power, was the first verified cyberattack against an electrical grid. This same malware has thoroughly infected our own systems, leaving the United States in grave danger from an extensive, and extended, cyberattack. What should be done from a policy and technology perspective is the take-away from this timely presentation.