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Nido Qubein

Noted Leadership and Change Management Expert; President, High Point University

Travels From:
North Carolina
Fee Range:
$25,000 - $40,000


Nido Qubein came to the U.S. as a teenager with no knowledge of English, no contacts, and only $50 in his pocket, yet ended up an extraordinary business entrepreneur. An active business leader, Nido lives daily with challenges that confront businesses.

As the President of High Point University since 2005, Nido has transformed it into one of the nation's premier institutions by raising more than $100 million, revitalizing the campus with more than a dozen new academic buildings and dorms, increasing enrollment by nearly 50%, and rebranding the higher education experience altogether. His role in re-culturing an organization is sparking immense interest across the nation as he translates his actions into meaningful strategies that businesses can use every day. He doesn't just talk business, he lives it.

Speech Topics

Communicating effectively with people, inside your company and beyond, is a minimum-requirement skill in our ever-changing global marketplace. This presentation is designed to help your audience develop the communication skills required and to wield them with power and effectiveness. They’ll learn not only the basics, but many of the finer points Nido Qubein has picked up during a long and successful career as a professional speaker, author, and advisor to top executives and to successful companies, including specific strategies used to “connect” for persuasion and results. To date, he has written a dozen books, delivered thousands of speeches, and showed millions the art of effective communication. Entertaining and educational. An audience favorite!

Why should people do business with you? How easily can someone else imitate what you do? Do your customers think of you first? Nido Qubein shares dynamic principles for personal and corporate achievement. It doesn’t matter how much you know or what you can do. What matters is what your customers and colleagues believe and perceive you can do for them. Do they understand and value what you are offering? Your positioning reflects other people’s confidence in your ability to do whatever you do with professional competence and expertise-how much they trust you to meet their needs. Your positioning is the way people feel about you and your work; it’s about the way you make them feel when doing business with you. Nido Qubein shows your audience how to “position” for maximum results using a practical approach and a professional strategy.

To sell effectively in today’s ever-changing, competitive world, one must master sales skills and behavioral knowledge. Nido Qubein teaches both with humor and audience involvement. He focuses on the Law of Identification (when something becomes personal, it becomes important; treat every customer as if you’re about to lose them) and teaches participants to ask penetrating questions (how must this person feel first so that this person will buy from us?). Nido Qubein emphasizes: Prospects don’t want to buy your product; they want to buy the product of your product. Remember: Your service and product must be better than your competitors and your customer must readily acknowledge that.

This presentation will show you how to prepare your employees for high productivity and your company for maximum profitability. Learn how to grow a well-trained, educated and motivated team. Nido Qubein makes an important point: Teaching people skills without giving them a vision for a better future-a vision based on common values-is only training. He goes beyond dictionary definitions to show that yesterday’s thinking looks at the tasks people perform today and asks “How can we train our future employees to do these things?” Tomorrow’s thinking looks at the kind of people needed to execute corporate strategy and finds ways to educate employees to become them.

A powerful and inspiring presentation on focus, balance, and meaning, both in business and in life. The perfect keynote address. Nido Qubein cites major differences between creativity (how can we do this differently) and innovation (how can we do this better). He distinguishes among tasks, goals and purpose humorously yet persuasively with thoughtful impact. Your audience learns that the 21st Century rewards extraordinary people whose competence and commitment directly affect their beliefs, behaviors and results.

Change is an eternal concept. In today’s competitive marketplace, organizations must be able to grasp the reigns of change to ride it to a successful future. Many people are afraid to alter their behaviors, but it often proves more threatening than challenging. Nido Qubein transports audiences on a journey through business examples from his careers as a university president, business leader, corporate executive, and public speaker. He talks about change in an enlightening and transformational way so that audiences actually want to change for the better! Whether it is re-culturing an organization or changing the mindset of an individual, this topic is as popular and timely as ever.