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Patrick Meyer

The CEO Futurist and Business 3.0 Expert

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$15,000 - $25,000


Patrick Meyer brings the insights of a winning CEO and c-level advisor for Fortune 500 companies coupled with the forward thinking capabilities of an active futurist building solutions in the emerging digital, mobile, social, e-commerce and generationally shifting world.

Patrick Meyer is a unique hybrid among c-level business leadership in building and re-inventing Fortune 500 brands/businesses--with both line brand marketing experience (The Coca-Cola Co., Gillette, Kraft Nabisco) and senior consulting role to the C-Suite of the world's top companies (P&G, SAB Miller, Daimler, Virgin, Pepsico, VW, Unilever etc.) plus the emerging 3.0 tech brands and ventures.

Patrick's passion for truly understanding the company and industry he is addressing, along with his expertise on business driving solutions by fusing marketing and emerging technology is unparalleled in the speaking industry. His academic pioneer role also makes him an insightful and motivational speaker at the university level. As a Steve Jobs and Tony Robbins disciple, Patrick delivers an energizing and compelling experience that is always filled with customized content, rich and fun stories, breaking videos and innovative demos.

Speech Topics

Marketing 3.0: The emergence of new personal technologies?mobile, social, coming wearable devices and resulting Big Data—is creating a massive shift to the digitally driven, 3.0 brand marketing mode. This provides an opportunity or threat to the entire business. Done right and provides a way to energize, even catapult where you go as an individual or organization. Patrick delivers the set of insights and actions to make this move.

Brand You! This began as a direction for young marketers and graduating students and rapidly became an inspirational and smart vehicle for any professional. Patrick uses his futurist and brand building abilities with c-level? to young adult mentoring experience to give prescriptive steps to building value and marketability in Brand You!?


The Executive Insight Series: A rapid download for senior to mid level professionals who want the most important strategic opportunities and threats unfolding in the Business 3.0 world and what to do in the next 12 to 36 months.

The Future Is Now! Patrick paints the world that is several years out, with insightful content and scenarios, then brings it back to what you must do now. It is a futurist’s viewpoint with a winning CEO’s tilt for action with appeal to all levels and organizations.

The Innovation 3.0 Series: Across industries and categories, there are smart new approaches to driving Innovation. Patrick uses related insights for today and tomorrow, served up in the framework of his proven I-5 Process: examples include disciplined innovation steps done for almost every Coca-Cola brand, Ford’s 10 Year Innovation Pipeline and post-bailout turnaround plan, across Apple and Google apps/platforms, today’s start-ups and 100 other businesses.

Shift Your Game: Business 3.0 Series:This is a winning approach, that starts with his futurist insights and then shifts to a series of performance Drivers? and rich case examples in the emerging 3.0 world. It includes Digital, Mobile, Social and emerging tech, applied to the everyday business world around us.

Mobile & Social Fusion: As social media is still being understood, Mobile shifts it all again. Patrick shows the fusion of these critical drivers around us and how to harness them for the future. He shows the performance impact possible across brands, innovation, retail, emerging generations, small to large businesses and beyond.

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