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Paul Teller

Executive Director, Advancing American Freedom; Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Strategic Initiatives to the Vice President (2017-2021)

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Washington Post had it right when they described Paul Teller as a “veteran conservative organizer.” Teller’s decades-long work on the Hill influence his powerful speeches, which burst with the insider perspective only Paul’s extensive resume could provide. His reputation as a charismatic and results-driven conservative leader shine through his speeches to both inform and inspire audiences.

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Paul Teller is the Executive Director of Advancing American Freedom, the policy-and-action organization that Vice President Mike Pence created after departing the White House. Prior to this honor, Paul served all four years in the Trump-Pence White House: first as a Special Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs, where he operated as the White House liaison to U.S. House and Senate conservatives and to all the groups and activists of the Conservative Movement who were helping advance the President’s legislative agenda; and subsequently as Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Strategic Initiatives for the Vice President, where he served as the Vice President’s liaison to the Conservative Movement at large.

Speech Topics

In this overview, Paul Teller recounts his journey from studying for his Ph.D. at American University to serving as Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Strategic Initiatives to the Vice President in the Trump-Pence White House. Paul’s positive attitude, resilience, and goal setting laid a straight track to achieving the service positions he aimed for from a young age. Paul’s story proves the power of pursuing positive professional relationships.

In this address, Paul Teller uses his approachable speaking style to explain the nuances between Republicanism and the conservative movement. With over 20 years of experience on Capitol Hill and inside the White House, no one is better suited to address the similarities and discrepancies between these schools of thought. Paul also speaks to the direction of the conservative movement as a whole, from his perspective as the Executive Director of Vice President Mike Pence’s policy-and-action organization, Advancing American Freedom.

Paul Teller uses his experience as White House liaison to explain the human element of enacting legislation: How exactly does an idea get to legislation? How are coalitions formed? With decades of experience in both legislative and executive branches of U.S. government, Paul Teller is an expert and offers an insider’s perspective.

In these remarks, Paul Teller uses his expertise to explain current political issues on the Hill and in the White House and offers a predictive glance at the possible outcomes and ramifications. Dr. Teller approaches these issues from a sound and educated perspective after over 20 years serving in positions that were vital to political decision-making.