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Paul Wolfowitz, Ph.D

President, World Bank Group (2005-2007); Deputy Secretary of Defense (2001-2005); Visiting Scholar, American Enterprise Institute; Chairman, U.S.-Taiwan Business Council

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District Of Columbia
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$25,000 - $40,000


A brilliant strategist, shrewd analyst and charismatic leader, Paul Wolfowitz spent more than three decades in public service and higher education, including in the administrations of seven U.S. presidents. Wolfowitz served as the 10th President of the World Bank Group, where he was a staunch advocate of impoverished nations fighting for equitable global trade agreements.

Prior to helming the World Bank, Wolfowitz was the Deputy Secretary of Defense, playing a key role in planning for the successful liberation of Kuwait, including organizing the fundraising effort that raised $50 billion in multilateral support. He also collaborated on the U.S. administration's nuclear arms reduction initiative as well as led the development of policy to respond to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Since his departure from public service, Wolfowitz has remained active in international policy circles including his appointment as Chairman of the U.S.-Taiwan Business Council and as chair of the U.S. State Department's International Security Advisory Board (ISAB), which is tasked with providing State "independent insight and advice on all aspects of arms control, disarmament, international security, and related aspects of public diplomacy."

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