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Dr. Pippa Malmgren

Former Presidential Advisor; Best-selling, Award-winning Author

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Dr. Pippa Malmgren simplifies the complexities of the world economy, geopolitics and technology. She has advised Presidents and Prime Ministers, won awards for her work in leadership and technology and serves as a partner of a European startup accelerator, The Monaco Foundry. She has co-founded an award-winning tech firm, worked in finance and asset management, briefed NATO leaders and serves as a judge in The Queen’s Enterprise Awards competition. Forbes has called her a “Must Follow” on Twitter since 2016.

Dr. Malmgren takes a “holistic” approach to public speaking and tailors her remarks to be timely and targeted to each specific audience. She weaves her many areas of expertise together in plain English for a truly enlightening and unforgettable experience.

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Dr. Malmgren is an economist who makes sense of the world economy by writing books, by founding tech businesses, by advising leaders around the world, and by public speaking. She is the founder and CEO of IndraNet.ai, a wisdom exchange. She is a Senior Advisor to The Monaco Foundry, a start-up incubator, and a Special Advisor to Avonhurst, a legal and consulting firm in the UK specializing in deals, policy, and capital raising. She is the Chairman of Datifly, a firm that advises on the use of drones by industry and previously co-founded a drone manufacturing firm which won the Cog X Award for Autonomy and the 2020 National Technology Award. Malmgren is also Senior Associate Fellow of RUSI and an advisor to the BSA Huxley Summit.

Dr. Malmgren served President George W. Bush in the White House as Special Assistant to the President and served on The National Economic Council when Enron and 9/11 happened. She also served on the President’s Working Group on Corporate Governance and The President’s Working Group on Financial Markets. Before joining the White House, she ran the Bankers Trust Asset Management business in Asia and was then appointed as the Global Chief Currency Strategist. She was then named the Deputy Head of Global Strategy at UBS.

Dr. Malmgren's recent book, The Infinite Leader, just won the International Press Award for the Best Book on Leadership for 2021. She is a Senior Partner of The Monaco Foundry, a leading startup incubator that backs companies globally across a wide array of technologies including bio-tech, med-tech, virtual reality, property, and retail.


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