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The Honorable Robert S. Walker

U.S. Congressman, 1977-1997; Former Chief Deputy Republican Whip & Chairman of House Science Committee; NASA Distinguished Service Medal Recipient

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District Of Columbia
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$10,000 - $15,000


A dynamic, visionary and inspirational speaker, Bob Walker was known for his oratorical skill when he served ten terms in the United States Congress. Along with close ally Newt Gingrich, he is credited with helping lead Republicans to control of the Congress in 1994. Walker served as Chief Deputy Republican Whip, Chairman of the House Science Committee, Vice Chairman of the Budget Committee and Chairman of the Republican Leadership.

Walker was instrumental in creating the nation's commercial space and hydrogen programs. He co-authored the first legislation on climate change to become law and is a critic of the politicization of climate science. He was the first sitting Congressman to be awarded NASA's highest honor, the Distinguished Service Medal. Upon retiring from Congress, Walker became President of The Wexler Group (now Wexler and Walker), arguably Washington's most respected advocacy firm, and today serves as its Executive Chairman. For more than forty years, Walker has been a Washington insider and it is that experience and expertise that he is able to convey in an entertaining and informative way. His ability to translate for audiences the intersection between technology and the future makes Bob Walker a fascinating addition to any gathering.

Speech Topics

As a regular commentator on current issues for major nation television networks, a resource for national reporters and a political activist, Walker brings a unique perspective to national and foreign policy and the current state of affairs. He discusses the latest developments in the political and governmental arenas and engages audiences in a robust question and answer session.

Hydrogen holds immense promise as a clean, limitless energy resource that would supply everything from transportation to home heating. Walker was Congress’s most avid hydrogen advocate and later served as Chairman of the Department of Energy’s Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technical Advisory Committee. His 30 year background in the subject gives audiences a better understanding of how hydrogen will come into widespread usage for automobiles and power for homes and businesses. He compares the use of hydrogen to batteries and fossil fuels, shows how hydrogen can be produced in large quantities at affordable prices and describes the geopolitical and environmental benefits of moving to global hydrogen use.

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