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Sam Glenn

"The Authority on Attitude"; Bestselling Author; Renowned Thought-Leader on the Culture of Engagement, Embracing Change, and Personal & Professional Development

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Sam Glenn's wisdom and stories are gleaned from his own life experiences of successes and failures. Having lost a very successful business due to fire, Sam became negative, broke, depressed, jobless, and homeless, almost overnight. It was a chance encounter, and subsequent friendship, with Zig Ziglar that eventually gave Sam a "Kick in the Attitude." It was a gift that changed his attitude, and life, for the better. Within two years, Sam went from sleeping on the floor, to achieving dreams he once thought impossible.

Sam's ability to pull positivity out of adversity, has led him to become the leading voice on the topic of attitude as it relates to being a leader, dealing with change, cultivating a culture of engagement, improving customer service, and improving your personal and professional development. Over the years, Sam Glenn has been the "go-to" resource for hundreds of organizations who value positive people, engaged in positive action. Sam's energetic, and often humorous, programs engage, equip and empower audiences with an attitude recharge that will improve performance in their professional, as well as personal, lives. His eye-opening presentations will leave your audience with practical strategies allowing them to embrace a new outlook on the way they interact with co-workers, clients, customers, family, and friends alike.

Speech Topics

Core Message: Life is a journey filled with peaks and valleys, and we have to remember that every day is a gift and that our attitude determines our path.

Core Message: Sometimes our light (attitude) gets burned out, and we need to rekindle that light so we can be at our best.

Capture the attention and hearts of your group with Sam Glenn’s Inspirational Chalk Art Performance. This is a multi-media presentation with music and lights while he draws on a large canvas using art as a metaphor for his core messages. After the chalk art reveal, Sam will share an entertaining inspirational message that relates to the picture and that ties into your theme and reinforces your message. Expect to laugh, be inspired and leave with a memorable moment.

Attitude for Lunch is an employee recognition and recharge program designed by Sam Glenn for the purpose of attitude maintenance within the workplace. The program is summed up by two analogies: a cell phone does not work unless it is charged; every 3,000 miles, we get our car serviced with an oil change, or it doesn’t run efficiently. These same concepts are applied to life and work: we need to get recharged. Attitude for Lunch provides that kick start that is often needed and is a great way of investing in your employees.

Sam highlights key attitude strategies for success. Today, we are bombarded with stress and pressure both in the personal and professional spheres. Over time, if there is not a release of this stress and pressure, our bodies, minds, and performance will suffer negative consequences. We can lose enthusiasm and the desire to care and put forth our best effort. Through humor and practical advice, Sam connects with your group and creates an experience that is positively refreshing.

Every day, we choose the face of our attitude and give it away through the experiences we create for others: customers, co-workers, strangers, associates, employees, family, and friends. This program highlights how to use your attitude to connect with others and creates a meaningful gift that makes others feel remarkable, recognized and valued. If you are in the business of creating positive experience for customers and making a difference, this presentation is all about using your attitude to make that positive impact.

Great leaders recognize that success starts with attitude. Not only does attitude fuel our ability to think creatively amidst challenges and influence positive change, but attitude also serves as the catalyst in engaging our workforce. Want to create a more positive workplace culture that trickles down to the frontline employees and even the customers they touch? It starts with you. Regardless of the change or challenges your organization may be facing, great leaders know that they still hold the opportunity to empower their employees beyond the circumstances. Leaders who model the right attitude with the right actions discover that others will duplicate those efforts in their daily lives. Sam shares simple yet practical ideas on how to build your “leadership attitude,” while using it to overcome adversity and make a positive impact in your organization.

Change is happening all around us, and we all know that change can be very difficult for people and organizations to navigate. So, how do you and your team manage change? How can you cope? In some instances, employees watch colleagues lose their jobs and are then asked to do more with less, meanwhile, they worry that more cuts lie ahead. Maintaining morale often becomes a difficult challenge.

When Sam speaks about change, he uses the analogy of being on a small sailboat in the middle of a storm. Change is tossing us around, and we need to adjust our sails to stay afloat.

Employee engagement is about harnessing potential, passion and setting it in motion to create performance. Employee engagement is not just the latest buzz, but a supportive process that moves a workforce in the direction of the organization’s goals. Without constant attention to employee engagement, apathy chips away at employee morale, forcing an organization to spend valuable time and resources to fix what could have been prevented instead of moving forward. Sam is an engagement expert who understands first-hand how to connect and tap into the potential of people to lead them to perform their best every day. Sam will share his research, knowledge and insights on how to connect, lead and inspire others to become more engaged.

Sam’s simple philosophy is that it all starts with attitude: Success, Teamwork, Customer Service, Sales, Leadership, Personal/Professional Development, Winning, and Relationships.

This program is designed to rekindle your organization’s best attitude with humor and insight. It’s not about having a positive attitude; it’s about putting it into action. We can all benefit from a positive attitude. In fact, we can all use a good “Kick in the Attitude” now and then. It is about re-charging our attitude daily to be best that we can be. While we cannot control what goes on around us, we can control our perceptions, responses and actions, which ultimately form our attitude. In this side-splitting humorous program Sam shares his seven attitude lessons that will transform your organization.