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The Second City has been performing sketch comedy in front of audiences for nearly 50 years, making it the standard by which comedy and improv in America is judged. So much talent has come from the ranks of the company's many theaters over the years, it reads like a who's who of contemporary American comedy. Some of their most well-known alumni are John Belushi, Gilda Radner, Dan Aykroyd, John Candy, Mike Myers, Chris Farley, Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch, Steve Carrell and Stephen Colbert.

Second City Communications works with corporate groups to create a fun, interactive and unconventional approach to training and entertainment. Working with groups as small as 4 and as large as 18,000, they have worked with the employees of over 400 Fortune 1000 companies.

Speech Topics

Just like the options above, our talk show supreme helps you transform what could be a series of podium speeches into an opportunity for your executives to connect with an audience. In this option, we build on the two hosts and a piano option by adding “commercial breaks” at strategic points throughout the show. These “commercials” are custom-written sketches that tee-up the topics of the day, generating hearty laughs and a great transition into discussions between our host, the guests on stage, and the audience who we involve via roving microphone (thanks, Donahue). The talk show supreme typically run 60-90 minutes and contains 3-4 custom sketches. We’re agile though, so the show can be as big or as small as the occasion calls for.

Start with the host only option and add a second co-host for double the fun! This host serves as a musical director on the piano to help enliven the mood and give the proceedings some ‘show biz’ flair.

Our talk shows are the perfect way to turn a day of speeches, an awards ceremony or any audience event into something truly memorable. Our contribution can be strictly ‘housekeeping’ duties, or we can make the event more entertaining by preparing customized material that accents the events of the day – think audience interaction, false biographies for scheduled speakers, custom-written comedy bits, etc.

Audiences loathe flat, cookie-cutter monologues posing as ‘keynote speeches’. Our improv keynotes are interactive, funny experiences that encourage your audience to “think outside the box” and become more innovative in their careers. We start with a focus on Innovation, the very element that has allowed The Second City to create award-winning productions on stage and television- then we combine presentation, demonstration, audience participation and entertainment elements in a perfect blend. Each keynote contains sharp, funny, hosting supported by hilarious videos to reinforce the learning points. Improv keynotes typically run 45-60 minutes and are perfect for filling a ‘slot’ in a conference or AGM program.

Our writers work with you to identify what’s ‘true’ about your company, your industry, or your audience, and turn that into a series of funny, smart sketches that entertain, educate and inspire. Our unique brand of comedy promotes dialogue, pops the tension bubble around difficult issues, and – of course – makes the audience laugh. We work with you to determine where to place sketches in terms of their role and objective – for example -including transitioning between speakers; open segments after breaks; embedded in a speaker’s presentation; or energy bumps to prevent audience “Death by PowerPoint.”

Some of our best actors come together for the 30-minute improvisation show, where they take suggestions from your audience to create an original set that is entirely unique and new. Because suggestions come from the audience, this show tends to form around concepts relevant to your business.

This 50-minute revue is similar to the custom show, but only incorporates the best material from our nearly 50-years of theatrical history. The revue includes hilarious sketches and improvisation based off of your audience’s suggestions.

The Second City takes a bite out of the beltway in “Second City’s Barack Stars,” an evening of political comedy straight from the land of Lincoln, Obama and Blagojevich – well, two out of three isn’t bad. Featuring sketches and songs, “Second City’s Barack Stars” provides bi-partisan hilarity ripped from the day’s headlines. From the endlessly enigmatic commander in chief to his terrifyingly tiny chief of staff – political gaffes, power plays and an insatiable media all make for the targets in this corporate-friendly revue.

Our most popular offering, custom shows are clean, one act revues (approx. 50-60 minutes) prepared and customized specifically for your company. A third of the show is made up of original scenes crafted by our writers and based on the day-to-day life of your company and business. Additionally, the revue includes equal parts “best of” Second City sketches and improvisation – all carefully chosen to fit your audience. You approve all content and we work hard to make it suitable to your organization.

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