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Soren Kaplan

Best-Selling Author, 'Leapfrogging'; Writer, Fast Company; Founder of InnovationPoint; Helping Innovative Leaders Disrupt Mindsets and Markets

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He’s worked with some of the biggest companies – including Disney, PepsiCo and Visa – and his book “Leapfrogging” is an Amazon and international best seller. Hear from the leading strategist and innovator featured by Forbes, USA Today, CNBC, FastCompany, and NPR

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Soren Kaplan is the author of the award-winning and bestselling book Leapfrogging. He is a recognized thought leader in the fields of disruptive innovation and organizational change and is a regular contributor to FastCompany and other leading business media. As the Founder of InnovationPoint, he works with organizations including Disney, Kimberly-Clark, Colgate-Palmolive, Medtronic, Philips, PepsiCo, Visa, and numerous other start-ups, nonprofit and government organizations.

Soren previously led the internal strategy and innovation group at Hewlett-Packard (HP) during the roaring 1990's in Silicon Valley and was a co-founder of iCohere, one of the first web collaboration platforms for online learning. He is also an Adjunct Professor within the Imagineering Academy at NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands and sits on the advisory boards of several Silicon Valley start-ups. He has been quoted, published, and interviewed by FastCompany, Forbes, CNBC, National Public Radio, the American Management Association, USA Today, Strategy & Leadership, and The International Handbook on Innovation, among many others. He possesses a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology.

Soren believes that most leaders and organizations want breakthroughs, but many struggle with the often unspoken principles and practices required for creating them. Using his highly interactive approach, he delivers a deep dive into the ins, outs, ups and downs of what it actually takes to lead game changing innovation, both personally and organizationally.

His engaging speaking style leads his audiences through a journey of exploration and discovery to insight and practical application, ensuring that everyone walks away energized, and with a sense of actionable direction.

Speech Topics

Following many of Soren’s keynotes, he often leads workshops or applied sessions that give attendees the opportunity to identify real opportunities for themselves as leaders, and for their organizations. In this highly interactive venue that lasts anywhere from 1-3 hours, Soren creates a collaborative environment where participants work together to transform new insights into practical ideas and action plans.

Highlights the role of the customer in delivering new knowledge, insight, and unexpected surprises that are essential for the innovation process. Participants:

  • Gain an experiential understanding of how people’s limiting mindsets hide critical business threats or opportunities

  • Learn how unexpected customer comments, behaviors and data can lead to innovative ideas

  • Obtain practical tools for finding customer-driven surprises that lead to breakthrough products and services

Describes the dynamics of disruptive innovation, the demands on leaders when creating or responding to disruption, and maps out strategies for successfully driving disruptive change. Participants:

  • Gain insight into the dynamics underlying “commoditization” and the need for business model innovation

  • Learn about the emerging business models that any organization can use for innovation

  • Obtain practical tools for reinventing business models

Outlines why products and services are rapidly becoming commodities, and why competitive advantage today relies on continually creating and re-creating innovative business models. Participants:

  • Gain insight into the dynamics underlying “commoditization” and the need for business model innovation

  • Learn about the emerging business models that any organization can use for innovation

  • Obtain practical tools for reinventing business models

Based on Soren’s widely recognized viral Fast Company article, this presentation outlines what any organization can do to create an environment that encourages new ideas, experimentation, and innovation. Participants:

  • Gain insight into the role of “the soft stuff” as a critical influencer of business results

  • Learn how organizational metrics, processes, structure, leadership and storytelling shapes culture and results

  • Obtain practical tools using culture to encourage and drive greater innovation

Highlights the importance of “leapfrogging” for individuals, organizations and business functions and helps participants identify future opportunities for breakthroughs in any aspect of their business. Participants:

  • Gain personal insight into their limiting mindsets and assumptions through experiential activities

  • Learn the ingredients of great innovations, whether products, services, customer experiences or business models

  • Obtain practical tools that anyone can use to leapfrog to their next big thing

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  • "The de facto expert on Disruptive Innovation!"

  • "Kaplan is who Disney, NBC Universal, Red Bull and others go to for advice…"

  • "Soren's unique ability to tailor his message, facilitate collaboration, and push the thinking of senior executives, puts him in the top tier of speakers we work with."

  • "We initially engaged Soren to deliver a top level, executive education workshop to kickoff an event with over 300 C-Suite executives from the healthcare industry. The feedback was so outstanding we invited him back to lead another event."

  • "Soren keynoted our CEO conference and he was a huge hit with our executive audience."

  • "We liked [Soren's] collaborative and customized approach so much that we brought him back to keynote our international conference with over 700 participants. He hit another home run."