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Steve Rizzo

"The Attitude Adjuster"; Top Motivation and Inspirational Speaker; Former Stand-Up Comedian and Bestselling Author

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New York
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$10,000 - $15,000

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Humor Keynote Professional Speaker Steve Rizzo


Steve Rizzo, affectionately known as the "Attitude Adjuster," provides the skills organizations need to get to a better place at work and in life. Once a national headliner with opening acts like Drew Carey, Rosie O'Donnell and Dennis Miller, this former stand-up comedian takes motivation and confidence-building to a whole new level.

Rizzo walked away from his stellar success to positively impact others, sharing his blueprint for realizing dreams, achieving personal excellence and attaining professional satisfaction. Witty, engaging and energizing, Rizzo's presentations are informative, inspirational, memorable---and absolutely hilarious!

Speech Topics

One of the biggest challenges that people in business face today is staying optimistic and motivated to be at their best for more than just a few days.

“Nothing keeps people from being productive and achieving their goals more than stress, harboring negative feelings or having a bad attitude during the process.” Steve Rizzo

In this entertaining and content-rich program, Steve engages the audience with laughter as he challenges each attendee to SHIFT their focus and way

of thinking to discover Increased Productivity, greater Enthusiasm and New Levels of Success; regardless of their circumstances.

Let Steve show your group how much power they have over every aspect of their business and lives. “When SHIFT happens your life changes!”

Steve will show your group how to…

  • SHIFT their way of thinking to get the results they want.

  • Train themselves to feel good, be resilient and stay motivated throughout the day. Every day!

  • Enjoy themselves during the process of achieving their goals.

  • Create lifelong habits for success and happiness in business and in life

  • Use Humor “The Instant Mind SHIFT” to nip negative thoughts in the bud before emotional havoc sets in.

In times of economic distress, opportunities don’t disappear; they simply manifest in new and different ways. Optimism is the key to being able to recognize these opportunities when they arise. This program examines the real power of optimism as a currency that creates storm-weathering attitudes and allows the flexibility to identify alternate routes to success, even in this severe economic climate.

Only the optimistic survive, and Steve delivers the tools necessary for tapping into the positive reserves within each of us. Prepare to dig deep, and learn why Steve is known affectionately as the Attitude Adjuster.

When you shift your focus, you change your life. – Steve Rizzo

Your attendees will experience how to:

  • Create new ways of thinking to transform these challenging times into opportunities

  • Bring out the best in self and others

  • Laugh off fears and take control of emotions

  • Enjoy the rebuilding process

  • Maintain emotional stability and eliminate stress

This highly energetic and entertaining program unlocks the secrets to the power of permanent change and a lasting positive attitude. You can be sure that your group will be feeling fantastic and walking away more productive than ever, not just for a day, but for a lifetime. Learn why Steve is known by so many as the Attitude Adjuster.

What you think is what you get?, Steve Rizzo.

In this program, you will gain the secrets of:

  • New ways of thinking that will transform obstacles into opportunities instantly

  • How to bring out the best in yourself and everyone around you

  • Learning the five steps towards your destiny

  • How to laugh off your fears and take control of your emotions

  • The number one way to achieve success and happiness

Sometimes it comes by way of choice and sometimes it is forced upon us by circumstances beyond our control. Either way, it is a part of life that is needed in order for us to grow to our full potential. Steve will show your group how to deal with one of our biggest fears in both the workplace and in our personal lives. CHANGE! Everyone will learn the skills needed to use any change to their advantage, creating greater success on all levels.

Life is about growing, learning, and becoming. You cannot grow, learn, or become if you cannot embrace the changes in your life. Steve Rizzo

In this program, you will gain the secrets of:

  • Winning ways of thinking that change obstacles into opportunities instantly

  • How to enjoy yourself during the process of change

  • Overcoming the fear associated with change

  • Using your sense of humor as a tool to grow with change

  • Seeing the brighter alternative to a potentially negative situation

Acquiring a Healthy State of Mind is essential in order to produce quality service in any industry today. Steve will show your group how they can rejuvenate their spirits so they can perform and deliver far beyond their expectations, individually, or as a team, while enjoying the process. Looking at life from the Humor Perspective is a key to achieving the Success, Happiness and Inner Peace we all want. Steve will show your group how to laugh off stress and acquire a positive attitude so they can move forward in spite of adversity.

In this entertaining program, your group will learn how to:

  • Maintain a Healthy State of Mind in Spite of Stress and Overload

  • Embrace Change in Your Industry

  • Take Control of Negative Emotions

  • Laugh Off Stress

  • Deal With Taking Problems from Work to Home and Vice Versa

  • Develop Their Humor Insight

Oh, and your group will definitely be laughing!

Helping people to succeed while enjoying the process?

Laughter is essential for a healthy and productive workplace. Whether you are in sales, service, or any other business, using humor in your process will improve morale, increase efficiency, and help you create lifelong relationships for success.

Through the guise of humor, renowned Hall of Fame speaker & trainer Steve Rizzo teaches you the methods for improving opportunities and provides the skills your group needs to get to a better place at work and in life. Never before has motivational content been delivered so effortlessly, in such an intensely entertaining, powerful and memorable way. To quote one of Steve’s clients, “Never has my group learned so much and laughed so hard in one sitting! Thanks for the ride!”

In a half or full day workshop with Steve, your group will learn how to:

  • Create new ways of thinking to transform challenging times into opportunities

  • Start everyday with an unstoppable attitude to succeed

  • Enjoy themselves during the process of achieving their goals

  • Maintain emotional stability when the pressure is on

  • Shift their focus and see the brighter alternative to a potentially negative situation

  • Use humor as a tool to be creative, productive and to eliminate stress (no really)

Each seminar includes learning exercises and audience interaction

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