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Susan Solovic

New York Times Bestselling Author, “It’s Your Biz”; Former small business and personal finance contributor to ABC New; Frequent guest on Fox News, Fox Business Networks, MSNBC and WSJ

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A woman of many talents, Susan Wilson Solovic is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Amazon.com top 100 and USA Today bestselling author, media personality, sought-after keynote speaker, and attorney.

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A woman of many talents, Susan Wilson Solovic is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Amazon.com top 100 and USA Today bestselling author, media personality, sought-after keynote speaker, and attorney.

An Internet pioneer, Solovic was the CEO and co-founder of one of the first video-based Internet sites, a company she grew from it’s infancy to a million dollar plus entity. In 2006, she accepted the Stevie Award (the Oscar’s of business) on behalf of the company for the Most Innovative Company under 100 employees; that same year the company was voted the Best Investment Opportunity at a Venture Forum in the Silicon Valley.

A media personality, Solovic is a former small business contributor for ABC News and hosted a syndicated radio program, It’s Your Biz. She appears regularly as a small business expert on Fox Business, Fox News, The Wall Street Journal’s “Lunch Break”, MSNBC, CNN, CNBC and many other stations across the country. She hosted her own PBS special called Reinvent Yourself Now: Become Self-Reliant in an Unpredictable World. In addition to television and radio appearances, Solovic is a featured blogger on numerous sites, including Constant Contact, Entrepreneur.com, Huffington Post, Sage Advice, AT&T Business Circle, NewsMax TV and FoxBusiness.com.

Speech Topics

Polaroid. Linens and Things. Borders. The Sharper Image. Blockbuster. Montgomery Ward. All brands that are nearly defunct today because their leaders’ fell in love with their product and business model and therefore were unable to shift direction with market changes.

It’s a malady that to happens to all businesses large and small. Leaders cling to old business practices and products that have worked in the past. They bury their heads in the sand as revenues dwindle and market share is lost. Ultimately, they are faced with the situation of change or die. Many scramble to reinvent themselves with limited or no success as competitors leave them in the dust which frequently results in bankruptcy, an acquisition or ultimate default.  The One Percent Edge is a process that will transform business operations to create an innovative and agile organization that can sustain growth and market leadership.

Susan Solovic knows better than anyone how to “lean in.”  She was one of first female executives in a male-dominated Fortune 100 company.  She also crashed through the entrepreneurial glass ceiling by building a multi-million dollar entity and raising venture capital for the enterprise.

Women-owned businesses represent the fastest growing segment of the U.S. economy.  Yet, fewer than 3 percent of these firms gross a million dollars or more in annual revenue. As a small business expert, Susan can teach you how to grow your business.

“Fear not, Susan Solovic is here, and she’s going to teach you how to grow.” –Michael E. Gerber, Founder & Chairman of E-Myth Worldwide and the World’s #1 Small Business Guru

The Recession dramatically changed the dynamics of the workforce.  Millions of people remain unemployed and even with the job market on the upswing; many don’t want to go back to a traditional career.  Therefore, people are looking for ways to build their own success.  She covers how to leverage their own special skills and talents to reinvent themselves and create a lifestyle opportunity for the future.  Susan walks you through what it takes to create your own destiny.

Getting your business positioned on television, radio, magazines, and/or newspaper increases credibility and makes you a celebrity in your industry.  No one has done this better than Susan Solovic.  Known as “THE Small Business Expert”, she has appeared on thousands of television and radio programs.  She was a small business contributor for the  ABC News Network, she was featured in her own PBS special.  Currently Susan can be seen regularly on Fox News Network and Fox Business Network.  She hosted a nationally syndicated radio show in 30 plus markets across the U.S.  She anchored for MSNBC, and has debated experts on CNN and CNBC.  She blogs for the Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, AT&T Business Circle, Constant Contact, NewsMax, Sage Advice, MasterCard, Intuit, and many, many more.  Plus her own site draws thousands of visitors every month.  Want to know how she did it.  Susan shares her secrets.